Motokosa Carver GBC-052. Review, characteristics, reviews of the owners

Trimmer gasoline carver GBC-052M

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The most profitable trimmer offers gasoline carver GBC-052M

Reviews about trimmer petrol carver GBC-052M

Advantages: Power, including a hard drive, is better than Husgvarnaya

Disadvantages: a year lasted. The second season didn’t work with her. In the beginning the ratchet fell apart, then the coil stopped to leave the fishing free. A similar problem has a neighbor, but another neighbor has 3 years for a trimmer, knows no problems. She also started falling apart due to vibrations. Plastic air filter attachment elements die through the season. There is a second trimmer Husgvarn 525 that does not run in comparison. Husgvarnna is better, the price is 4-5 times more expensive.

Comment: If you take a season or two, it will come.

Disadvantages: The assembly is very bad, on the first day plastic in an air filter and starter that has melted from heating. The carburetor was not screwed, it was tortured for a long time to start. After a year, he safely measured the chopping in the CPG.

Advantages: quick start, presence of notes for repairs, electricity.

Disadvantages: fast overheating of the engine.

Comment: The CPG (Pistons+Cylinder) changed three times in the summer. The disc was an abandoned area with a small shrub from 6 acres. The failure of the CPH after 20 minutes of intensive work (the tank was not fully produced). What is the mistake: high speed or bad cooling – I don’t know. The mix prepared 1:50. There is experience with trimmer.

How do I start a garden?

Advantages: very powerful, very comfortable.

Disadvantages: extreme doctor. After 10 minutes of work after the first start, the starter melted. Although I did everything as it should!

Comment: Maybe I was not lucky, but I came across bad quality! Adopted under the guarantee.

Comment: I don’t recommend. The bar is short, the engine is on the hip during operation. It starts to start. Petrol eats like a horse. He immediately threw the coils.

Advantages: powerful, comfortable, office, Chinese. Simple start, the disc is amazing, the head with a slight wrapping of the fishing line. Big beautiful. Very spacious tank. A minimum of vibrations, soft ergonomic handles. All fastening elements are quite reliable.

Disadvantages: The right handle pipe was not installed in the set on 19 mm, but on 22 in the set. I didn’t like the trigger handle, it would be better to be a simple switch.

Comment: Bought in August 2016. Like checking the package. 2 boxes are easy to transport. The handle is from Husqvarna because the right native did not fit. I liked the plastic, the assembly too, nothing dangled, everything is strong and reliable. The engine starts without any problems. This is my 4th mower. The backpack belt is very good, better than that of Husqvarn. The load is almost impossible. Very practical red flag for loosening. The scythe is very powerful, the sound does not cut into the ears like my Husqvarnas (one with gearbox, the second with curved bar), the thread gets stuck in almost no grass. Nothing is wrapped. There are no vibrations at all compared to Husqvarna. It is true that the local head is not balanced, it can be felt. It is difficult to open the lid to extend the cord, to wind it up, even though I greased it several times on the inside and removed the ridge on the seams with a knife. The head of Husqvarna is great (10×1.25 left) The gear was loud at the beginning, added lubricant 2 times, the first after buying, the second at the beginning of this season. Grease champion EP0. The transmission does not get hot. The clutch is warm in the operation, the body of the mower is warm, the hand holds through. I worked as much as possible for 3 tanks without interruption, I was tired myself, rather not physically, but out of monotony. Included are a number of tools, a glass for the mixture. I didn’t like the housing, I will probably put it from Husqvarna, the native housing is bulky, an additional belt for grass, thin plastic, it is on the floor on the grass. I didn’t want to make money, but they asked convincingly, and after I spent 5 cans and earned 3500 rubles for 3 p.m., I have already cut off half of the money for the purchase. I wouldn’t put my head in with a lighter scythe. Today I took out the Husqvarna, put the knife in, mowed twice and removed it. Happy to get ready with Carver. The design is simple, there are many spare parts, I know how to repair, how to get. The fuel line began to be leaking. The pipes started to crack. Something will think. New fuel line with filter 94 rubles. I prepare the mixture with superbenzine like Ecto, G Drive and so on. Oil Stihl HP Ultra. There is practically no soot, soot, smoke and smell. Ratio 1:50.

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Petrol trimmer Carver GB C-052 – Reviews

Review of the Carver GBC-052 benzo trimmer

I bought this damn carver last year without working even 3 hours, he suddenly died; An autopsy showed that the plastic anxle manifold has been melted when it was presented to the shop, it was replaced free of charge; The installation on a scythe revived him for another couple.

Bushes cut powerfully with a bang!

U-handle, simple operation, starter is easy to start, adequate weight, circle knife, bright colors.

Nice day. At the beginning of summer, my husband and I decided to buy a petrol-powered trimmer freest cutter Carver GBC-052 for the construction site to get rid of unnecessary shrubs. The choice fell on this model because our requirements were also high.

Good trimmer. Price quality. Golden middle.

Good day! I would like to say the truth a little to defend petrol-free cutter Carver GBC-052. A good device, inexpensive, as you say so nicely – price quality and will serve for a long time and regularly when it is in good hands. Enjoyed the season, got an action.


Bought in August 2013. Petrol eats a lot, often refueling. After 6 hours of work, the vibration went along the shaft, when working with a knife, less with a fishing line. Heavy, dead handles, the clamp tightened, the tube was crumpled and dangled in the clamp.

Good and powerful assistant

Hi! I want to write about my assistant. Carver GBC-052 Benzene Trimmer gave me a birthday grandmother. It was bought for 4350 rubles compared to the “calm” This is a dime. Pleasantly surprised by the qualitatively manufactured plastic, as always.

50 to 50

A few months ago I already left my review about the Partner ET-900 Electric Trimmer. I acquired this marvel of technology specifically to process my vast personal plot about 6 years ago. He served me very briefly at the time.

I expected to be worse.

Good evening everyone. I recently bought a Trimmer-Custor Cutter Carver GBC-052. Trimmer chose for a long time, of course I wanted to buy Stihl 250, but the price is 23,000 rubles, I have a little strong that for this money it became absolutely naked.

Brait BR-68 Motoblock. Review, technical characteristics, reviews of the owners

The release of money is below! From snot!

Not reliable, not completed, small resource, stupid thing, spend more on spare parts than to fall!

I bought this Miracle Trimmer Boiler in 2014. The first season of The Hayfield worked with a bang, everything worked correctly, cut the bushes, only the dust stood. But this is only the beginning. In the second season, this miracle began to fail: she began to wedge.

good technology at its price

I am surprised that when buying equipment at such a price, someone makes it to the fullest and complains about the breakdown. For what purposes is it purchased? If for hayfields or daily displacement of weeds on waste and curbs, then no.

A masochist’s dream

Carba suction is impractical. The carburetor has only one adjustment screw. There is no balance in a hanging position or the motor on the U to hang by the ass.

At home there is already a braid of Shtil FS55, which has plowed six seasons without complaints on a plot of 45 hectares and adjacent meadow areas. For a tall, thick grass, a more powerful apparatus was needed. Out of greed, i. H. Price Performance Considerations.

Great trimmer for your money

A powerful and cheap braid, a knife with winning attacks + double belt (the charge on the back is evenly distributed)

Nice day! This summer, the question arose of buying a trimmer for a summer cottage. Were in this.

Just an animal

I do not understand where people grow up, or the quality has decreased? I bought Carver GBC-052 in April 2014. During this time, a little over 200 hectares of light weed vegetation slowed down, COPES with tasks, grass and even shots.

Great so far

I bought it in February 2017. Previously, I later had nothing to do first, and each bolt twisted the thread with a thread with a lock. Just so I guess it’s not going to be a scary vibration. The bolts on the engine and the assembly of the tank were twisted weakly.

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I do not recommend!

I bought this marvel in 2015 and worked just over 2 TOTs, died hard and showed an autopsy fixing a bolt of gasoline that flew into the impeller with disastrous consequences, didn’t want to repair for a long time under warranty. see.

powerful but ugly product

I haven’t even gone a run. The starter broke. The puck flew, the tel was rubbed with everything at the end of the video on which the starter cord is wounded. Service Center gave an answer in a week! that the starter is consumable. AND THE

A good trimmer.

I bought in 2015. I crochet the plot, hundreds of sectors a year. There wasn’t a single collapse. Noisy, uneconomical, but inexpensive and unpretentious. Twice cheaper than brand cutters. For such monetary norms. Device. I advise you

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