Motokos Echo SRM-350 ES. Review, characteristics of the ratings of the owners

Reviews Echo SRM-350es

Enough in power, the price is reasonable, it is not quite cheap, but it is worth punishing the shares because the model is worthy, we have taken at the full price for almost 29,000 rubles.

In general, there were no problems with this scythe. It always starts, but generally only a little to touch the start handle.

Bought for reviews. Kosit. Although I doubted, my echo drank badly. I am satisfied with the purchase. I bought a brand fishing on the advice in the ratings, the fishing line is really much better than usual. I didn’t use the hard drive, I think it’s easier to cut off the thick branches with a knot. Comfortable backpack.

This is my first network that was selected according to reviews. The main thing is the reliability and use r-friendliness. As the owner of the chainsaw of the same brand, the question was only in the model. I chose it and never regretted it! I distorted 17 hundreds of herbs that never kicked in summer in places higher than in themselves and have great pleasure in the process. The impression and immediately bought an Ekhov Orange, Type Star. I also ordered the Ekhov Titan Square, but it was not available, so I will try it otherwise. The 17 acres took 4 Vena and a 4-liter of the fuel mixture. I accidentally poured 1 liter, pulling the tank neck cover at the time of the network to clean the wire. The fuel went into the ground. Many people write about the inconvenience to impress the network to the headset was ready for it, but in practice he had no difficulties, he was adapted almost immediately, did everything with weight and started only for tanking. The coil is strong, flown on the stones several times, a bunch of wire wrapped that was in the grass, once even a barbed wire and nothing, just scratches. I have read that someone managed to almost make a tree with a vein, but to chop 5 cm, I will not lie – neither the instinct of the pirch nor Bergaschen, you cannot take it on the fishing line if you At least 5 mm are thick shoots on a coil and the process must be interrupted. I immediately bought a helmet with the headphones from Shil Profi G500. This thing deserves a separate recommendation, review and praise! It is very expensive in my concepts, but it’s worth it – you cannot buy health! THING!

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This device was bought to replace a weaker and less comfortable device. I was very pleased to mow the grass now! This trimmer is good for large areas (I have a plot of 20 acres). Thanks to a comfortable backpack, the weight cannot be felt that you can at least mow all day. I chose a long time between him and the Shtil 250s, I stopped the choice for Echo because the brand has already been checked. Highly recommended.

Short wire and gas cable, which it did not work on to fit the handles for yourself, benzinkonsum

I use this apparatus of about 5 seasons. I chose for a long time and read the ratings on the Internet for all Braids huts that were streets. Nobody heard anything about the echo and said that I couldn’t. There were only reviews of the chainsaws that did not come onto the market. The ratings for saws were flattering, praises practically. The Japanese assembly ended the election. The model chose with maximum cubature. More about “EM-Both motorosus. Everything is simple. Of course it increases weight, but the well-thought-out wiring harness does not allow you to think about weight while operating. I have a large area. About 50 x 50 meters minus the house, construction , Garden. Everything is alike. The grass grows and for some reason it turns out when it has already grown out, that is, a pretty rough and thick bushes pretty well. Dishe doesn’t like to work, it cuts off and it falls On the disc. In addition. The remains of building materials, many of which are available on the premises. Whether it is a fishing line, it becomes fine in a lazy, contact with hard surfaces. In some forums, the wear To reduce the fishing line and it is recommended to suck it out. I didn’t try it. And in my opinion. I, comfortably and easy. I went on the floor and everything during work. The fishing line is w the necessary length. The braid is loud, the recommendation to use the protection of the ears is not superfluous. And the protection of the eyes is also a necessary thing. There were no rejections for 5 seasons. I didn’t even change the candle. NZHK is like. This year, when they bought a second network in the business in the shame, the consultants recalled that the gearbox should sometimes be lubricated)))) I worked over 5 seasons for preservation. Now the syringe of the gear 2007 (8) -2016 is normal!)

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Of course, it is very impractical to wear a carabiner, but it is easy to remove. In a way, spring was lost in an unknown way, which was responsible for the element of fishing. It turned out that it was bought separately. Only the head assembly is the price of the question 1200. The native fishing line is not suitable for throwing it immediately, will sleep in the head.

The model was very good, I selected myself between him and the Shalit 250, according to the sales, the calm – Chinese and the echo is a clean Japanese, forged shaft, a knife set (no satellite) and a satchel – just perfect you It probably doesn’t come up with Stilevsky straps for 25 thousand – just laugh. I bought in May 2016 for 23,000 rubles. The force is enough. After he was tortured with his home fishing (blue), he lay a proprietary, tw o-component 3-mm section of the square, the matter was faster. Then the usual fishing line turned 2.7 mm on the arm, it turned out that it cut even better, even though it ends quickly). It is very easy to mow with a knife, no fuel consumption is not at all because the tank ends. In general, the network is worthy, made with a great strength after taking Huska 128 in my hands, it only seems toy.

I use this contraption from about 5 seasons. I chose for a long time, read the reviews on the Internet for all braids-huts that were streets. No one heard the echo at all and said I couldn’t take it anymore. There were only reviews about the chainsaw noni that hit the market earlier than KOSD. Reviews for saws were flattering, praises practical. The Japanese assembly ended the election. The model chose with maximum cubature. More about “Em-Both motoros. Everything is simple. Of course, it increases weight, but the well-designed wiring harness does not allow you to think about weight during operation. I have a large area. About 50×50 meters minus the house, building, Garden. Anyway, there’s still a lot. The grass all grows and for some reason it turns out pretty good with small bushes. Infidels don’t like to work, it cuts off the grass and falls on the disk. In addition. Tree or the remains of building materials, of which there are many on the site.Whether the case is a fishing line, he is fine into a rotten, contact with hard surfaces is not afraid.In some forums, to reduce wear and tear of the fishing line and the Stiffness, it is recommended to suck them off. In tea I have not tried it. And so enough my opinion will understand me, comfortable and easy. During work I put on the bottom and in syo. The fishing line is again the necessary length. The braid is noisy, the recommendation to use ear protection is not superfluous. And protecting the eyes is also a necessary thing. There were no rejections for 5 seasons. I didn’t even change the candle. NZHK stands like. That year, when in shame they bought a second braid in the store, the consultants reminded that sometimes the gearbox should be lubricated))))) I worked more than 5 seasons for the receipt. Now regularly the syringe of the gear node.))

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Easy to start, even small trees (1-2 cm) Mush a disk, it comfortably hangs on the belt, does not outweigh, the weight is not felt, it is a pleasure to mow overall.

A braid to the shoulder strap against the background of other operations (which it is called, as they say, and the child) is really a non-trivial task, there are not enough hands – you need to hold a braid and A clip ring, and at the same time the lock on the belt draw. I don’t know as in other braids, but here’s the only thing I can complain about.

Unfortunately, there was nothing to compare, this is the first braid, but the impressions from Profan’s point of view are positive. By the way, the assembly is Japanese. Multiple seasons are used, no complaints so far, everything is like a clock. I had to dry mow a 2 year old with 20 hundred parts – the mesh was completely managed even when obliterating a sheave over brick.

Motokos Echo SRM-350 ES. Review, characteristics of the ratings of the owners

The Echo SRM-350 ES Motokos is a representative of the semi-professional class as it is equipped with a two-stroke petrol engine with a capacity of 1.9 hp. This model is equipped with a light launch system that does not cause reverse shock. It can be used both on home lawns and in a personal plot with dense thickets. As a tool, a spool with a fishing line for mowing small grass or a knife is used to cope with tall and dense vegetation.

Motokosa Echo SRM-350es

The tank content is 0.84 liters, but thanks to the economical fuel consumption, the lawn mower Echo 350 does not often have to be refueled. The weight of the device is only 6.78 kg, and when using a thre e-point belt, the operation becomes even easier. This design of the shoulder strap can reduce the strain of the arms and shoulders and distribute the weight of the trimmer evenly. The handle of the model is u-shaped and adjustable so that you can adapt the control to individual needs.

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Advantages of the gasoline lawn mower Echo SRM-350 ES:
  • Lighter access to the air filter;
  • Maneuverability;
  • Easy start system;
  • Areas near fences, trees etc. can be easily trimmed with a trimmer;
  • The tw o-stroke engine uses economically fuel and does not load the structure.
Disadvantages of the Echo SRM-350 es petrol model:
  • Noisy;
  • On e-piece rod;
  • Buses the environment with emissions;
  • Requires a more thorough maintenance than an electrical scythe.
Basic equipment of the lawn mower Echo SRM-350 ES

Belt protective cover three-blade blade


Type of the engine petrol
Performance, KW / PS 1.1/1.5
Engine volume, cm3 34.3
Engine cycle 2,0
Cutting element Fishing cord, knife
Tank content, L: 0.84
Weight (KG 6.78

User Guide

According to the operating instructions, a mixture of commercially available quality gasoline and special oil for tw o-stroke engines must be filled in the echo lawn mower. It is advisable to fill in lea d-free gasoline with an octane number of at least 89.

Scheme of the main elements of the trimmer

Do not fill in gasoline that contains methyl alcohol or its alcohol concentration exceeds 10 %. The recommended gasoline: oil ratio is 50: 1.

Important! Always check the fuel system before work. After filling fuel, make sure that there are no leaks.

When working with fuel fluid, note the following rules:

  • Do not mix the ingredients directly in the tank.
  • Avoid spasting fuel mixture.
  • Keep petrol carefully because there is an inflammation.
  • Store fuel in a special container.
  • Do not harvest liquid in large quantities because their properties are lost.
  • Do not fill in fuel fluid while the engine is hot or runs.
  • Pour in the fuel according to the prescribed filling height, do not overflow.
  • Do not fill in an oil for 4-stroke engines.

To learn more about operation and maintenance, please read the instructions: Your browser does not support frames. Download the Echo SRM-350es and SRM-330es Trimmer user manual

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Video review

The lawn mower Echo SRM-350 ES at a glance

Owner reviews

Numerous reviews of the owners testify to the reliability and easy operation of the Echo mower. Sparing fuel consumption and compact dimensions make the device very popular. At the same time, the model presented is produced in Japan.


“I have been using the Echo 350 MotorSense for 9 seasons and have only recently exchanged the thread coil. It is a pleasure to mow on it because it can be easily and quickly finished with dense grass and dry weeds. Absolutely unpretentious in maintenance, you just have to keep the right ratio of oil and gasoline.

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