Motokos Echo GT-22 Ges. Review, characteristics of the evaluations of the owners

Echo GT-22GES

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Reviews of Echo GT-22GES

Advantages: simple start, economical, pretty quiet, reliable.

Comment: In operation, the 3rd season, this year has already cleared the entire garden 5 times and everything behind the fence. I pulled twice and started the suction, did not stand up, removed the damper and forward. To be honest, I’ve never turned a candle, twice in spring I saw the filter and that was it. I fight with vibrations, I pull double threads, the hands do not in them and after 2 troops for mowing. In my impressions I took the same chainsaw, satisfied as an elephant.

Advantages: comfortable, ergonomics well, not too loud

Disadvantages: Young trees didn’t want to mow immediately

Comment: I think that this model is better suited for maintaining a good area, not very problematic. When the website was okay, it became easier to work with this trimmer. It starts easily, smooth and carefully. We buy a local knife, sharp, without complaints. This is probably the most popular and simplest model engine from Echo. The trimmer is good for newcomers when we came up.

Advantages: Chic – nettles, small branches, bushes, grass in dust, with high grass there are problems (it is about the cutter braided when they work carelessly), but they can adapt. I don’t know anything about the economy – there is enough full tanks for 6 acres (of course you don’t have a jungle there). It starts with half a round (if the petrol is fresh), the noise is less – less (the chainsaws roar much louder). The assembly is excellent (nothing dangles, nothing falls off).

Disadvantages: vibration is worried, at first they don’t seem to make attention, but after a few hours the gas presses, they start to whine. Sensitive to gasoline.

Comment: purchase for 6t. r. We use the third year. The only complaint is gasoline, either the mower is too sensitive, or the petrol occurs – not everything has spent, left it in the gas tank – next time it hardly turns or does not start until they fill fresh gasoline. To reduce the vibration, I adjusted the belt over my shoulder, it seems to be normal. What else. I recommend mowing or even drizzling in cool weather – the grass cuts the grass like a hot knife oil and the engine does not overheat, you can mow it for a watch. The main thing is not to press the gas.


Comment: They chose the GT22GE model for both reviews and advice from consultants. The trimmer at work is simple, and above all the nerves are easy to start and are not spent. I tried to work with the tool, I can mow part of the website, but you have to wear glasses and gloves so that there are no open areas on the body. The trimmer is without much effort with a light grass. They used a knife a few times, but more often just a fishing.

Advantages: It starts easily, budget, a guarantee period of five years

Disadvantages: moderate performance, may not be able to handle complex thickets in the location and grass for two meters

Comment: Trimmer was bought for a summer residence to cut the website quickly. There is an old gas carrier, but the husband often uses a trimmer, he says that he is more comfortable and faster. The trimmer starts easily, I personally have no problems, we have been using it since August. For a summer residence, a trimmer approached our 10 hectares a more powerful tool and is not necessary, GT-22GE is quite finished. We only use fishing.

Overview of the petrol-and-axle tractor foreman GT 710 SK. Video of work, properties, reviews

Advantages: really easy start. It also mows well and under the root. In general, I liked it. During the evening he distorted the whole garden. Raspberry bushes also cut in.

Disadvantages: I haven’t found yet.

Comment: I bought petrol for 6100 + 82 oil rubles + 111 rubles 5 l. Mowed and happy. I recommend.

Advantages: easy to handle

Disadvantages: You have to get used to vibrations. I didn’t see anymore.

Advantages: July 2010 acquired for production. The development is used well over a hundred car vehicles to clean the blame of herbs with steep breakdowns. The operating conditions are very strict. Other trimers died per season. Bravo Echo.

Disadvantages: You have written on the fishing line 0.3. In fact, I use 0.3 to the engine to clean the eyes. Two squibs bought in a Zbor. The starter handle managed to break the throttle valve of the question in Sarov 400 R. Thanks to the 56th law on government purchases, it was necessary to summon. Compared to two manual models, the back becomes tired

Comment: I will buy the same thing for myself.

Disadvantages: strength, no normal knife

Comment: After reading the reviews, I bought it to tear the lawn, the weeds mowed, but I had to shave the grass of the grass and the knife (Maxi) already tested me on an wee d-free cherry and stepped. For this reason, he couldn’t normally shake. Power is often not enough to fill this weed. As always, I want more, but the quality always sweeps the sins pair times and everything will be. P/s needs a normal knife.

Advantages: – easy engine start – unpretentious – economic (low fuel consumption) – reliable/high materials and assemblies – mobile (I translate in the car with a folded seat)

Disadvantages: There is no shoulder strap in the kit (

Comment: I use the second year. I am very satisfied with the scythe, it starts easily (the son of 5 years begins without difficulty), the partner’s chainsaw 350 and the hand tears out. It mowed perfectly, but you don’t have to overestimate it, I had to mow the weed with a thick (6 hundred) in my finge r-whisper with a bang. It is not suitable for mowing an old weed, because it only mows with an angle line not to set a hard drive. Many thanks to Echo. I will buy a chainsaw of the same company

Advantages: Benzocosa is quite light and agile. Bought for the garden and perfect. A fuel tank (330 ml) is enough for an hour and a half. He mows everything perfectly, but also no longer takes the thinnest branches with you, although the fishing line is not designed for it. Excellent assembly, “Made in Japan” stands on many details, a shame that the assembly is in China, as with most trimmers of this level. Runs without any problems all summer.

Disadvantages: Loud, like all lawnmowers, rather short, apparently designed for underweight people. The cladding of the trimmer head fell, the mother was loose and lost together with the screw. Repaired in 5 minutes, but a new nut without petals, but more reliable. During the mowing, the air filter cover dropped off and accordingly the filter itself fell out. I hardly found it, attached the lid with adhesive tape and standards, it is possible with sel f-tapping screws, but the lid is too weak.

Comment: Justifies its costs fully, the quality is excellent, the defects are not significant. I have read a lot of reviews about this brand, generally positive. That’s why I decided to do it and never regret it.

Overview of the Caiman Vario 70S plow TWK + single-axle tractor. Specifications, reviews

Advantages: + light + nimble + sufficiently strong + high quality.

Disadvantages: -Kein bel t-not foldable bracket for transport.

Comment: I chose gasoline – stronger and more mobile. Even after the winter, start well (just don’t let the fuel – vapors serve as a lubricant). Although the Japanese was born in China, he stays a samurai – he mows everything! From Schäle and Klee to old raspberries, climbing, cow pastinake and other large weeds of up to 2 cm in diameter. Owner of more than 600. – Select with a belt and a U-shaped handle.

Disadvantages: not enough performance for thick grass. The clutch housing camp must be lubricated

Comment: The warehouse has flown due to the lack of lubrication, the plastic housing melted – clutch housing must be changed~2 thousand on the current course advice – smear, maybe it will last a long time!

Advantages: great model, very easy to start and low weight. We have been using it since the second year, six hectares even master large grass in three hours. Basically, the woman mows and she likes how she works.

Disadvantages: no serious, loud, but not very loud, slight galvanization, vibrations are minimal.

Comment: Before that, there was electric trimmers, the third caught fire in his wife’s hands, and this, like a small samurai, the whole grass was too dust and didn’t even sweat. A good model, I recommend for small areas. 9 years old and everything is fine.

Advantages: The trimmer is great. The seller on Leninsky 140 is well done everything will say everything will show.

Disadvantages: none, only crooked hands.

Comment: It is necessary to take over a small property.

Advantages: simple start, weight, versatility when mowing slopes and little things, assembly, economy.

Disadvantages: The engine is rather weak, I will regulate the ignition, it does not get going immediately.

Comment: The model is for 40 cm grass, higher, if you have overslept the hay, it mowed long and hard. I bought late and did not mow a height of 70 cm 7 hectares for 2 days for 6 hours. Surprised by the low fuel consumption. Vibrations in the arms and fatigue in the back can be felt.

Advantages: very easy to start, low fuel consumption, thicker (3mm) turned thread also cuts fresh raspberry rods and the like.

Disadvantages: If you mow high lush grass, it regularly wraps between the cutting head and the protective cover and slow down the rotation of the head. You have to park the engine and remove the grass rank.

Comment: I worked 3 seasons, but the general “mileage” is only 12 hours. Kosh is irregular, two or three times a season. Often they have to mow quite high grass and if they take it under the root, problems arise (see above). The reason, including the low performance of the engine. Conclusion: You either have to mow regularly without bringing a high grass or mowing up in several tricks. Everything in the ratings note a very simple engine start. It really is like that. Especially in comparison to my previous Braid Ryobi 700r (bought in 2001), which had no centrifugal coupling at all. This is only heaven and earth.

Advantages: simple start. Small company consumption.

Disadvantages: Too bad that the shoulder strap has no shoulder.

Comment: Copes with thickets of all kinds, up to the raspberry. When processing four acres, consumption was extended: fuel – 1100 ml, 3 mm to three clicks. A qualitatively manufactured, solid tool. It starts – just a song.

Advantages: light start, immediately begins, light.

Comment: 6 years without complaints, somehow forgotten, released petrol for the winter – in spring I started immediately and rang as it should! On the occasion: Of course you have to lubricate the drive, the filter, etc. rinse and change, etc., otherwise I read in previous comments that “somehow died”, but it turned out that it was just about me take care of! During use I changed the air filter, the lower shell with storage and the head of the head after 5 years. I didn’t change the candle :)) The place is a house (6 acres), the mothe r-law has its own house (20 acres).

HAMMER chainsaws: Description, properties and work rules

Comment: Summer has come and it’s time to buy a good lawnmower. For a long time we could not find a suitable option. But accidentally accidentally stumbled onto their website and I immediately found what I needed. I made an order, the manager called back, we discussed the details, agreed to a specific date and after a while they brought me my order. I was very pleased. Thanks very much!

Advantages: I worked for faith and truth more than six years. It is better suited for mediu m-sized grass. The coil wraps in the high grass.

Disadvantages: bankruptcy. When it begins, it starts to stand during work, I existed the repair that was waiting for the sentence.

Comment: If the mower is sentenced to knife.

Advantages: the start is actually easy. You are not afraid to drown out again. Very convenient for working under restricted conditions (under trees, between shrubs, on rough terrain). Poster both lawn grass and weeds. Light in the mass and easy to wait. Economically. Quiet enough if this can be said about a benzooka. In any case, we can do without headphones. Compact. In length – as the main garden inventory. The trunk is placed without any problems.

Disadvantages: The shoulder strap is not intended for the supply of the shoulder strap, although there is a bracket for the spit itself.

Comment: For the garden site – optimal. For large open areas, it is better to take something more powerful. P. S. accidentally met this review. It turns out that six years have passed! He only wrote with the purchase of this product in July 2010 and now July 2016. How time is flying! My opinion about the braid changed braid) – a network of it works just as reliably. In the past time, I only had to spend on fuel and lubricant and no repairs were required on the fishing line.

Pros: light, powerful enough, good quality.

Cons: non-collapsible pole for transport.

Comment: Based on numerous tips and positive reviews, I chose gasoline ones – they are more powerful and mobile. Although the Japanese was born in China, he remains a samurai – he mows everything! from loaches and clover up to 30cm to old raspberries, burdocks, cow parsnips and other large weeds up to 1m. Very powerful, no knife required. suitable for everyone except the owners of one hectare – for one hectare choose with a U-shaped handle.

Cons: Unreliable, expensive repairs

Comment: I mow the dacha 3-4 times in the summer for an average of half an hour. The clutch died a year later. After two, when adding gas at high speeds, it stalled. And that with an operating time of approx. 10-12 hours. At the shop’s workshop, they said this was a carburetor that would not be repaired. They replaced it with a supposedly cheap Chinese one for almost half the price of a mower. When communicating with the service people, I noticed that the entire workshop was almost 95% filled with echoes. As a result – when I bought it, I was led in vain to a manager divorce over supposedly Japanese reliability.

Pros: easy to start, crawl everywhere, fit into the VAZ 2110 through a tunnel from the trunk to the passenger compartment without getting in the way.

Cons: There are practically none. What they write, they say, there is no belt, that’s not a problem, I took the belt out of a gym bag :-)

Minor Series MTZ SNO W-BUTS: Description, characteristics and reviews

Comment: Bones and tall grass take some getting used to and a stroke of luck, especially for lawn care. For a relatively low price, the quality is excellent.

Pros: Light, agile Good for climbing in hard-to-reach spots Easy and always starts.

Cons: No belt included.

Comment: Great braid! I plowed on two plots of 10 and 10 hectares for five years and did not always go full throttle as prescribed. I mowed a lot at low speeds, mainly to trim the lawn. Tall grass is of course difficult to mow, only in two or three steps, but it is quite doable. Dead wood did not dare to mow. In general, such a baby has enough stupidity. Last summer it started to stall at high speeds. I didn’t figure it out myself, I sent it in for repair. It turned out that the fuel filter needed to be replaced. We also changed the diaphragm in the carburetor, sometimes the change button gets stuck. All this crap (spare parts) is on the Internet, there is nothing complicated there. I’m going to take it with a knife now, and of course this brand. I am happy. Of course, marriage is everywhere, here, what luck.

Pros: Lightweight, convenient, no knife

Cons: the tank is small, you have to refuel, low fuel consumption, you can see how much is left in the tank, there is a shock absorber, vibration is small

Comment: I got some kind of twist of fate with this scythe, I bought my wife, and I bought the cat myself. I do not understand all the nuances, my husband showed me how to start a braid, I act according to his instructions and do not go into other nuances. The handle is small but comfortable, especially when mowing between trees.

Pros: build quality. Easy start (I have no more than 3 handles for cold, warm from the 1st time). Easy. Not very loud. Sturdy fishing line included, enough for a long time. Low fuel consumption. 2 year guarantee. Includes goggles.

Disadvantages: For me, the engine is still rather weak, clearly what you take with 22cm3. It is difficult for her to mow a tall grass, moreover, it winds on a wave. The protective cover is too small, the grass flies in the face, on clothes, and the trimmer itself is very dirty, I wash it after each use. There is no shoulder strap in the kit, I took it from a burnt electric trimmer.

Comment: In general I am satisfied, the trimmer is doing its job. It does not cause problems in the technical part. After purchase, he coasted by developing a fuel tank, although the seller said running was not required. For Herbal, it is still better to take something more powerful or mow more often, which does not allow tall grass.

Advantages: light weight, simplicity of work. Reliability. I bought myself today (previously mowed at work)

Disadvantages: not yet recognized

Comment: I bought it for 5700 for the action they still gave 1l of oil and 15m of fishing)))

Advantages: Good start, low fuel consumption. Not much loud

Disadvantages: hands are very tired. vibration makes itself felt, lo w-force,

Comment: mowed by friends, steamed, the site was just bought. 10 mornings, and also the scythe, first, then it becomes heavy for them under the roots, it is meant for lawns, and their knife is not bad. P.S does not have to save buying a gas station. “Functionality”, take advantage of it when a knife can come in handy.

Motokos Echo GT-22 Ges. Review, characteristics of the evaluations of the owners

The Echo GT-22 GES Motokos is a compact device that allows you to mow the lawn on a personal property in a park or garden area. The power of the two lifting motors is 0.9 hp, which allows the operator to dig even the young shoots of the bush. A fishing line is used as a cutting tool. The engine starts quickly and easily with a manual starter. According to the owner, even with a cold engine, the start is carried out for the first time.

Trimmer Maxcut MS 158. Review, characteristics, reviews

For ease of operation, the rod is made with a small bend at the end. This is done to simplify mowing inaccessible places and improve maneuverability between landscape design elements. The weight of the Echo GT-22 GES motorcycles is only 3.5 kg, so holding it in your hands is not difficult. The D-shaped handle offers the best grip with your hand. The fuel tank capacity is small, only 0.44 liters, but this is enough for long-term operation, since the engine has low consumption.

Advantages of the Motokos Echo GT-22 GES petrol model:
  • access to the air filter;
  • Mobility;
  • Reinforced gearbox;
  • The trimmer is easy to work near the fence, wood, etc.;
  • The two-stroke engine economically consumes fuel and does not weight the structure.
Disadvantages of the Motokos Echo GT-22 GES petrol model:
  • Noisy;
  • Inexhaustible Bar;
  • Pollutes the environment with exhaust gas;
  • It requires more careful maintenance than an electric COS.
Basic devices Motoko’s Echo GT-22 GES

Because of the structural use


engine type petrol
Power, KW/ L.S. 0.67/0.91
Engine Volume, CM3 21.2
motor devices 2,0
cutting element field, knife
Fuel tank capacity, L: 0.44
weight (kg 3,8

User Guide

Benzoko’s Echo works on a mixture of standard grade gasoline and adapted oil for two stroke gasoline engines. It is advisable to use gas that does not contain lead and has an octane rating of at least 89.

Scheme of the main elements of the trimmer

You cannot flash gasoline that contains methyl alcohol or when the alcohol concentration exceeds 10%. The recommended ratio is 50:1.

Observe the following rules when working with fuel liquid:

  • Do not mix the ingredients directly in the tank.
  • Do not spill the fuel mixture. If you have not worked carefully, the spilled should be wiped up immediately.
  • Care carefully with gasoline, since there is a possibility of ignition.
  • Store fuel in a special container.
  • Do not mix the liquid in large quantities, as its properties will be lost.
  • Do not add fuel liquid while the engine is hot or running.
  • It is necessary to pour as much fuel as indicated in the instructions, namely, do not overflow.
  • Do not fill in oil for 4-stroke engines.

To learn more about operation and maintenance, please read the instructions: Your browser does not support frames. Download the Echo GT-22GES Trimmer User Manual

Video review

The Echo GT-22 GES lawnmower at a glance

owner reviews

Numerous owner reviews indicate that using a lawn mower is easy and convenient. There are no startup issues and you don’t have to spend a lot of time on maintenance.


“There are no problems with the Echo GT 22ges Sense. Lightweight, comfortable, easy to use and quick to start. It’s a pity that the pole can’t be folded up, but that doesn’t bother when transporting it. No belt is included, but the weight is light. I adapted a strap from a gym bag. It can handle tall grass, but you have to adapt, but mowing the lawn has no problems.”


“I have been using the lawnmower for 5 years and have not encountered any serious problems. There is enough power for my lawn which is about 5 acres. When the grass starts and grows tall and thickens in the stalk, it becomes difficult to mow because it winds up the stalks on a spool. I like that it is light and compact. The engine is economical, so fuel costs are low.

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