Motoculture Neva MK-200. Review of modifications, properties

Motokultur Neva M k-200 – instructions, technical specifications, reviews

Neva Mk-200 Engin e-Cultivato r-Features, Instructions, Video

The NEVA Power Motor Cultivator mk-200 involves some other agricultural operations.

The manufacturer of NEVA Motor Cultivators is the Krasn y-October plant of the city of St. Petersburg. This is a specialized company for the production of moto-selkhoz equipment. The first Neva tractor was released in 1984.

Official website of the manufacturer of the Anbumde Neva –

If you decide to buy a motor cultitor, the best place for this is the company’s corporate store, where you can buy any models at the manufacturer’s price. The store is located in St. Petersburg, ST. Polytechnic, d. 13-15 Tel: (812) 297-77-11, 297-12-37

The electric motor cultivator is distinguished by a powerful transmission in an aluminum body, a reliable engine and a large number of technical solutions that make work easier, convenient and effective. MK-200 has been specially selected for different types of work 2 and 1 back. For ease of work, the speed switch is located on the steering wheel. The gear shift mechanism has an original design with a spring “narrower”.

Only on the cultivators from NEVA (model MK-200) there is a separation of one of the drive shafts, which allows you to turn easily even with 6 grinders.

A feature of this design is gear shifting during mandatory shutters. With the wheel in front, you can easily move the cultivator Neva through the personal plot, as well as part of the original design of the parking position for easy installation of grinding and saving storage places.

On the MK as a power plant, a cylinder 4-stroke engine is used, which runs on clean automotive gasoline with an octane number of at least 92 and on the corresponding brands of motor oils.

Use of gasoline and engine oil that do not meet the recommendations set forth in the engine owner’s manual can damage and disable engine components.

The MK gear box uses the gear oils of the brands and analogues specified in the operation manual of the NEVA MK200 with the GX 160 Honda engine

Oil in gear transmission oil SAE85W-90 API GL-5 (it is allowed to use TM-5 GOST 17479.2-85 oil). The volume of refueling l., 1.15.

Engine Oil – Use engine oil designed for a 4-stroke engine or equivalent, high oil that meets the US automotive industry’s SG classifications. The oil class is indicated in the packaging. The 10W-30 grade oil is recommended for use over a wide temperature range. If you want to use “single viscosity” (coefficient of viscosity) oil, select oil with an appropriate coefficient of viscosity based on the average temperature in your area.

In more detail about what oil to fill the cultivation engine, you will learn on the relevant page of our website.

Belt – A44 13x1120li 1150LD

The use of gear oils of other brands or inadequate filling leads to an accelerated wear of the gear parts.

The first 20 operating hours of a new MK are considered a entry time. During this time, do not use the engine at high speeds and MK for a long time with difficult work.

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At the end of the entrance time, the optimal engine type should be selected, which corresponds to the burden for any kind of work.

The Motor cultivator MK-200 is equipped with high-quality and reliable engines that ensure long-term operation of your product. Try not to work with the MK with inappropriately high speeds that shorten the lifespan of the engine, especially if this is not the case.

Technical main characteristics of the Neva MK-200 motor pudding engine

Total dimensions: length, width, height, mm no longer 1610 x 960 x 1120
Diameter of the cutting grubber, mm 320
Number of knives up to 24
Milling depth, cm, nothing less than 16
Capen width when milling (4/6 cut), mm 650/960
Weight, dry (4/6 cut), kg, no longer 65/70
The speed of the gear output shaft, with engine speeds of 3600 rpm (max. Engine power), U/min First gear 30; Second gear 120; Backwards 30
Ambient temperature limits, с0 From minus 15 to plus 35
Angle of static cross stability, degree, no less than 15
coupling Permanently switched off, rear derailleur – clamping roller for V-belts
Reducer Mechanical, gear chain
Belt А44 13х1120li 1150LD
Number of gears Two forward gears, a reverse gear
Steering gear Stage, with the possibility of intermediate installations of the steering wheel in vertical and horizontal levels
engine 4-stroke, carburetor, gasoline, single cylinder, air-cooled, manual start
Fuel and oils, fill quantities:
engine Brands of fuel, engine oil and filling quantities – according to the motor manual
Reducer Gear oil SAE85W-90 API GL-5 (TM-5 oil GOST 17479.2-85 can be used). Fill volume l., 1.15.

The Motorgrubber NEVA MK-200 is equipped with the following engines from the world’s leading manufacturers. Red October Neva only installs Japanese and American engines and generally does not use Chinese.

Brand and type of engine

EY15 by Robin Subaru (4-stroke, single cylinder, air-cooled)

EY20 by Robin Subaru (4-stroke, single cylinder, air-cooled)

EX13 by Robin Subaru (4-stroke, single cylinder, air-cooled)

Ex17 by Robin Subaru (4-stroke, single cylinder, air-cooled)

Honda GC160 (4-stroke, single cylinder, air-cooled)

GX120 from Honda (4-stroke, single cylinder, air-cooled)

Briggs & Stratton 750 series (4-stroke, single cylinder, air-cooled)

ATTENTION! Enterprise – Manufacturer CJSC “Red October – Neva” assumes no responsibility and warranty if the engine not specified in the table is installed on the product.

Motor Grubber NEVA MK-200 with operating instructions for download

Catalogs are helpful when ordering spare parts in online shops: MK200 – 2013 catalog; Download catalog MK200 – 2015

The cultivator Neva MK-200 with the GX 160 Honda engine can be modernized into a full-fledged tractor with a walkable path. In order for the cultivator of the gasoline Neva MK-200 to turn into an engine block based on NEVA MB-2, you can buy a special pulley with an additional roller for selecting power and a front pin for fastening clutch wheels.

When installing the above nodes, the cultivator turns into a tractor for walks and can be equipped with a full list of hitches from the NEV A-M B-2 engine bloc k-a mower, a snowball player (with a ride from an additional belt stream ). Without making any improvements, the cultivator can work with the entire list of abandoned implements on the ground (plough, cigns, potato trailers).

Pruning orchids step by step

The forums are questioned that all attachments of NEVA MB-2 are suitable for MK-200. The Cultivator Neva M k-200 is the first Power Motor cultivator specially developed taking into account the characteristics of Russian soils and designed for intensive and multifunctional use in all seasons.

Neva Neva MK-200 mounted equipment

We give a list of widely used attachments. This is associated with automobile vehicles, but is no less successfully used with motorized tree cultivators. The list is more detailed on the official website of the manufacturer of the NEVA MK-200 Motor Worfers.

Capture width, MM: 880

Performance, HA/hour: 0.2

Angle of rotation, degrees: 24

Snowman for the Neva MK-200 cultivator

Capture width, MM: 640

The height of the removed snow, MM: 250

Snow outlet, M: 5

Potato beginner for the cultivator Neva MK-200

An additional pulley is needed to work with the MK-200 cultivator.

TPM-M cart for the Neva MK-200 cultivator

Load capacity, kg: 150

Body dimensions, MM: 1140x825x300

To work with the MK-200 cultivator, a two-armed pulley is required.

For ease of work, we recommend using it with an adapter.

Capture width, MM: 1000

Angle of rotation, degrees: 30

The presence of a rotary handle depends on the supplier.

Pump water NMC

To work with the MK-200 cultivator, a two-armed pulley is required.

Transport wheels for the cultivator Neva MK-200. size 8′

In the kit of the hub and fasteners.

Transport of the Neva Mk 200 cultivator in a car. On one of the forums I borrowed such pictures.

As you can see, transportation in a collected position is quite problematic, and a disassembled state of the motor cultivator looks quite compact.

Motoculture Neva MK-200. Verification of changes, operation

Neva Grubber at work

Since 2002, a well-known aircraft manufacturer in St. Petersburg has been organizing a new production of household appliances CJSC Krasny October-Neva. Motoblocks and cultivators Neva produced by the plant have an impeccable reputation of inexpensive and reliable equipment. NEVA power tool is sold all over the country and abroad, 160 are served by the established factory and service centers.


The NEVA Motor-Cultivator MK200-B5.0RS is a household device for processing the soil and performing various agricultural operations with the soil. Recommended for working on small and medium area floors. It can carry out the maintenance of summer cottages, gardens.

Motochanter MK200-B5.0RS


  • American petrol engine Briggs & Stratton with a capacity of 5 hp;
  • Easy maneuvering, easy control;
  • gearbox with a switch on the steering wheel;
  • patented option to set the cultivator “parking position” (Russian patent);
  • the possibility of productive processing of complex soils thanks to an improved engine version;
  • the ability to combine with many types of binding devices;
  • A mild change in grinding plants is done manually.

They can be located on the NEVA cultivators MK200-B5.0Rs: Plow, Soil Spaces, Hillion, Potato Cutter, Potato Adler, Harvest Brush.

A distinctive feature of the model

The detachable thinning wheel that allows the cultivator to be easily moved along the piece of land covered by the yard. This wheel serves as a support point while cultivating the soil.

The motor cultivator is successfully used at any time of the year: in summer for work on the ground, in winter – for cleaning the site from snow.


The brand of the engine Briggs & Stratton (USA)
engine RS750
Power, L.S. (KW) 5.0 (3.7)
mass, kg 65
number of programs 2+1
Working volume, CM3 163
type of fuel Pure gasoline AI – 92, AI – 95
transmission Oil-filled gear box in an aluminum housing
The width of cultivation, cm 65-100
The number of revolutions of the shaft 28-40 (1 gear) 90-130 (2 gear)
Processing depth, CM 16
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Technical skills of the Neva mini cultivator

Grubber neva mini

The Gasoline Farmer is the most in demand in Dachas. The tool even increases the aim but easy to manage so you can collaborate with them too. Min cultivators are a separate line of low powered machines.

The NEVA mini cultivator is a separate class of machines equipped with a Subaru engine with a capacity of 4.5 liters. With. The unit is designed for deep treatment of soils of various densities.

But it is this cultivator who is the smallest. This is facilitated by installing an engine with the upper location of the valves, the design of Robin-Subaru EX-13. The remaining nodes are used in the same way as on a more powerful MK-200. The mini-mechanism can easily be upgraded to a walk-in tractor by craftsmen, and the severity for MB-2 is suitable for this.

Without changing any structural elements in the initial configuration, it performs operations:

  • soil cultivation with a plow;
  • dig potatoes;
  • Lucky is a retirement pole or two;
  • It can work with a disk rod.

Technical data “Baby”:

  • The width of the processed strip is 96 cm;
  • Number of speeds – 2 without reverse;
  • The handlebar is regulated in 2 positions;
  • processing depth – 30 cm;
  • clutch – belt;
  • drive chain:
  • three-stage gearbox, gearbox shop code;
  • Weight – 55 kg.

Mk 200-N5.0

The NEVA Motor-Cultivator MK 200-N5.0 is an agrotechnical device that performs agricultural work on complex soils. It can be used to process soil and clay soil.

Thanks to a powerful Honda engine with reduced fuel consumption, the cultivator works for a long time even in intensive mode.

Motoculture Neva Mk 200-N5.0


  • Transmission with three gears (front 1, 2 forward);
  • Honda petrol engine with a capacity of 4.9 hp;
  • a steering wheel that can be adjusted to the growth of the operator;
  • patented option to set the cultivator “parking position” (Russian patent);
  • High gear ratio, thanks to which the care buys with soils that are difficult to process;
  • Streamed transmission that increases ergonomic crossing along the floor;
  • The coupling device is similar to that installed on the Loss of Wandering tracts;
  • the capability of the chain even with such trailer equipment attached to the areas of migratory loss;
  • Double carrier wheel – the key to maneuverability and easy transport of a motor cultivator; It also minimizes soil failure when plowing.

The bleenes on the Neva Mk 200-N5.0 can easily be changed to floor spaces manually.


The brand of the engine Honda (Japan)
engine GP 160
Power, L.S. (KW) 4.9 (3.6)
Fuel tank, L 3.1
mass, kg 65
number of programs 2+1
Working volume, CM3 163
type of fuel Pure gasoline AI – 92, AI – 95
transmission Oil-filled gear box in an aluminum housing
The width of cultivation, cm 65-100
The number of revolutions of the shaft 28-40 (1 gear) 90-130 (2 gear)
Processing depth, CM 16
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Unmounted equipment

There are a variety of units and devices among the NEVA devices. The standard is defined in accordance with the management manual and the instructions of the trailer.

Important! The devices used in the form of additional devices must correspond to the power of the model, i.e. professional or tractor devices are not connected to units with low performance, since there may not be enough power and performance in this option.

The list of devices can contain this type of units and devices:

  • Shovel with a dump;
  • different plows;
  • Wizard;
  • Potat o-capt.;
  • pneumatic elements and floors;
  • Set of mills;
  • A seat with an adapter;
  • Pigtails;
  • Pendant or small car;
  • Water pump;
  • Snow distance units.

It should be borne in mind that only cutters are included in the standard. All other elements must be bought. NEVA produces almost all types of attachments, but thanks to the adapter and universal coupling, you can use all options. This is interesting: Champion GC252 Motor cultivator.

MK 200-C6.0

The NEVA Motor cultivator MK 200-C6.0 is an agrotechnical device with which the treatment of all kinds of soil is carried out: by virgin lands until before. The cultivator is equipped with a powerful Subaru engine, which differs in a quick start and a long service life.

Motoculture NEVA MK 200-C6.0


  • a powerful gearbox, reinforced by stiffeners that are enclosed in an aluminum corps;
  • Subaru quickly started the engine with a capacity of 5.7 hp – starts without any problems even at low air temperatures.
  • A steering wheel that is adjustable in height with a variable angle of rotation;
  • patented option to set the cultivator “parking position” (Russian patent);
  • The optimal weight of the cultivator – the aluminum gear weighs less than the steel. Therefore, the device can easily manage people with low stature and low weight.
  • Manövability, ease of control.

With the Motor cultivator MK 200-C6.0 you can carry out the entire area of ​​agricultural operations: direct cultivation, plowing soil, digging potatoes, hilling, loosening of the earth.

The support of the cultivator on the front wheel stabilizes the device – the car goes evenly onto the loose ground without lending in the layer. In order to quickly replace the milling cutters with floors, it is sufficient to move the cultivator into the parking position.


>The brand of the engine Subaru (Japan)
engine EX 17
Power, L.S. (KW) 5.7 (4.2)
Fuel tank, L 3.6
mass, kg 65
number of programs 2+1
Working volume, CM3 169
type of fuel Pure gasoline AI – 92, AI – 95
transmission Oil-filled gear box in an aluminum housing
The width of cultivation, cm 65-100
The number of revolutions of the shaft 28-40 (1 gear) 90-130 (2 gear)
Processing depth, CM 16
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Operating rules

  • The manufacturer’s recommendation for the cultivating NEVA MK-200 for fuel: petrol AI92, 95 high quality;
  • Type of gear oil that was poured into the gearbox: SAE85W-90 API GL-5 or TM-5-Ölgost 17479.2-85);
  • Motor oil type (for all modifications): Motor oil for a 4-stroke engine or every high-gone oil that corresponds to the US automotive industrial standards according to SG, SF classifications. Recommended oil variety SAE 10W-30.
The engine of the Neva MK-200 Grubber is launched according to the following rules:
  1. The device is on a flat surface;
  2. Fuel and oil level are normal;
  3. All fortifications have been checked, the cultivator is ready to work;
  4. Then the throttle is turned, the engine must be started at ½ of the top speed;
  5. Transition to the necessary gait;
  6. You can start from one place by pressing the clutch.

Scheme of the NEVA MK-200

To stop you have to loosen the clutch, reduce the engine speed, place the gear lever on neutral and then bring the gas stick into the position “O” and close the fuel tap.

The NEVA MK-200 motor pitchers also has a tooth chain gear. The gearbox is made of aluminum.

The main differences between a cultivator and a han d-led tractor

compact bird

The work produces mugber and han d-led tractors. I would like to determine the difference between this technology especially using the example of the Neva brand. The main purpose of the cultivists is to work with the earth. With the help of an additional selective wave, the han d-led tractor can do work with assembled tools – remove snow, calculate hay and carry out other work that requires the engine power to bring the engine power to an additional wave.

With regard to the performance, the han d-led tractor is stronger, it has a reduction gear, a large processing area. The cultivation are smaller, use a snail and chain gears, have medium to light weight and cover smaller areas.

Another important point, a modern Neva-Grubber with Subaru engine can do a lot if you use the corresponding attachments. For a summer resident, a cultivator is considered a practical tool. The country residents add a seat, a car and attachments to the han d-led tractor, and it is in operation all year round. If you choose between a han d-led tractor and a cultivator, you have to know these differences so that the device meets expectations.

The NEVA-Grubber enjoys a good reputation, supposedly models from the same manufacturer appeared, but under different names. The company warns that it only produces its cultivation under the Neva brand.

Neva Grubber are considered professional devices. The production location distinguishes the technology- only your own production with a subaru, Honda or Briggs engine. Models are suitable for use in addition to milling, other tools for soil processing. But only milling cutters in the configuration of the cultivation. An additional tool is a Hiller, a weedsman is bought separately. The strongest Grubber NEVA MK 200 uses attachments that match the han d-led tractor. Power supply with an output power of 6 liters. With. Allows you to increase the load and the design of the roofing has been modernized.

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