Motobogloks Ugra NMB-1N7. Review, characteristics, equipment

Motoblock UGRA – technical specifications, operating instructions

Motoblock UGRA NMB 1- technical features, operating instructions

The manufacturer of the NM B-1 UGR A-OJSC Kaluga engine, (Kadwi) Kaluga, Ul. Moskovskaya, 247

Today Kaluga Engine OJSC is a modern multidisciplinary company that is highly mechanized and automated and is equipped with unique technological devices. More than 37 years of production experience is a guarantee of quality and high reliability of products. Production in the company is developed in several areas. First of all, this is the production of complex and high capacity products.

The history of the company began in 1966, when one of the workshops of the Kaluga turbine facility and the Kaluga branch of the research automobile and the automotive institute were create d-the Kalug a-experienced power plant.

Official website of the manufacturer of the NMB-1 UGRA Motorblock

The NMB-1 motor block is a powerful, reliable, safe machine. Confirmation of the best quality is a tw o-year guarantee. In a complex with stored tools, it carries out a variety of work: processes the floor, mowing, spraying, water, excavations and plants potatoes, transported and removed snow. Two Power selection waves make the hiking tractor universal and enables you to easily connect a wide range of additional hinge tools such as a water pump.

The gearbox and the gear are equipment, gripping cermetic discs, which significantly increased the reliability of the work. These structural elements are inherent in professional technology. The lack of drive vending straps completely excluded the associated problems: slip, jump, collapse. The gearbox has 3 speeds back and 1, which optimizes the work with followed and weakened tools.

Optimization of the speed modes

transmission Speed ​​km/hour Soil and hinge devices
1 Up to 3.61 Work on heavy floors, potato adhesive, a trailer with a load, an adapter.
2 Until 5.88 Work on light floors, cultivators on heavy soils
3 Up to 8.52 Cultivating on light soils, traffic with a trailer on the streets
The back Up to 2.28 Rotor mower, snowman.
Autumn haircut of the hedge. How and what to cut a hedge in the fall?

The steering column is easily adjustable in vertical and horizontal levels, has a vibration protection. The steering wheel in the horizontal level enables you to avoid the “trample” of the soil when cultivating it. UGRA is the only Russian motblock that was produced in accordance with the European security standards. The control system (the red handle of the motor stop (left handle) is a black backward coupling lever (the right handle) enables you to stop the device in an emergency and to stop safely in an emergency.

Two power selection waves on the gearbox enable stationary work on a variety of hinge guns: circular saws, feed, water pump, earthen drill and others.

With a minimal disassembly, the motblock can be easily placed in the trunk of a passenger car, which makes transport much easier.

Technical features of the NMB-1 UGRA engine block

The parameter of the technical properties The value of the parameter
Masses are structural (with a cultivation/pneumatic fire), KG 85/84
The mass is explosive (with a cultivator/pneumatic fire), kg. 91/90
The mass is transport, kg. 61
Pinomatic bikes traction, KGF (KN) 100 (0.98)
Type force with metal wheels, KGF (KN) 130 (0.98)
Transport route, adjustable, mm. 405, 695
Road freedom with wheels, mm. 170
Full mass of the towed car, kg. 350
Cycling tire 4.0×10
Gap between the electrodes of the spark plug, mm 0.5 … 0.7
The course of the engine control lever on the tax and regulatory authority Full. The lever should be on the focus of the extreme positions when you turn the gas lever
Free hub of the clutch lever, mm 3…5
CG S-ready print/cm² 2
Maximum speed (pneumatic oven/primrose), km/h.
1 transmission 3.61/3.5
2 program 5.88/5.7
3 program 8.52/8.25
Turning back 2.28/2.2

Experienced gardeners find that the road sharing is up to 170 mm and a low center of gravity excludes high stability and the damage to the plants during operation. The ergonomic control system and the variety of adjustments make the operator conveniently and minimize harmful effects on the operator, the floor and the plants.

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Varieties of engine blocks NMB-1 UGRA

model engine Power L.S.
UGRA NMB-1N2 Honda GX200 6.0 PS
UGRA NMB-1N5 Briggs & Stratton 6.0 PS
UGRA NMB-1N9 Robin Subaru Ex 17 Premium 6.0 PS
UGRA NMB-111 Kadwi 168f – 2a 6.5 hp
UGRA NMB-1N3 Vanguard 6.5 hp 6.5 hp
UGRA NMB-1N7 Lifan 168f-2a 6.5 hp
UGRA NMB-1N10 Robin Subaru Ex 21 Premium 7.0 PS
UGRA NMB-1N12 Greenfield 6.5 hp

We give an extract from the user’s administration, which indicates the changes depending on the installed engine.

The most popular motoblocks with Subaru and Lifan engines.

The difference between the modifications of UGRA NM B-1N and NB M-1M – Container (corner transmission) – gear ratio – 12.73 – for NM B-1 (m). The transmission number – 25.46 – for NM B-1 (h).

Oil in the gear-TSN-10 GOST 23652-79 or another gear oil that corresponds to SAE: 80 … 85W API: GL3 … GL4

The tank building – 1.7 liters for modifications NM B-1 (h); 1.5 L-for modifications NMB-1 (m)

Replacement frequency – the first replacement after 30 hours, add up during maintenance, check the level every 10 hours, exchange – every 100 hours of work.

Hinge devices for the NMB-1 UGRA engine block

Instructions for the UGRA NMB-1 Walk-Hinge tractor

Motoblock user manual – download

Motoblock Ugra NM B-1 and its modifications – Catalog of spare parts for repair – download

Finally, we decided to show the work of the UGRA engine block, a video from the official website.

Motobogloks Ugra NMB-1N7. Review, characteristics, operating instructions

Motoblock UGRA NMB-1N7 is the development of Kaluga motorized journey from Kadwa, a device for the class of heavy devices. With the help of this unit you can carry out many agricultural manipulations in a summer house or garden, including plowing, irrigation and mowing grass.

Motoblock Ugra NMB-1N7

With this unit you can easily remove the area of ​​the area of ​​snow or fallen leaves with this unit. Therefore, the operation of UGRA NMB-1N7 is possible all year round.

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UGRA NMB-1N7 is equipped with an elevator engine, the power of which is 6.5 hp (4.8 kW). A metallic fuel tank with a capacity of 3.6 liters is installed on the device.

The productivity of the device is designed for the cultivation of a large country with an area of ​​up to 4,000 m².

Advantages of UGRA NMB-1N7

Let us consider the main advantages of this model in more detail:

  • Reliability and durability confirmed by good ratings from the owners;
  • The presence of two power selection waves (with this function you can connect different fastening devices with the tractor of the walk behavior, including a rarely used feeder, a pump, hay production).
  • A powerful Chinese factory engine (Lifan 168f-2a, 6.5 hp);
  • moderate noise;
  • Light starts from a place;
  • Immediate shutdown function when covering into the “stop” mode;
  • Reduce gear;
  • Gearbox;
  • Compliance with this model and the entire model line of the UGRA with European security standards;
  • Motobobes “UGRA” work with a variety of additional devices that are both followed and planned. It can install foreign adhesive devices if they match the size of the brackets and the availability of the required collections.

Snowman rotor car carpet potato-tank-lapate-ottal

Motoblock Ugra NMB-1N7

The NMB-1N7 UGRA motor block can work in the speed range from 3.5 km/h to 8.52 km/h. In the back, the speed of the machine is 2.2 km/h. The maximum weight for the transport of freight by the engine unit taking into account the full charge of the car is 350 kg.

If it is necessary to transport the UGRA engine system NMB-1N7, you can disassemble and transport a car into the trunk. The cost of the factory model of this unit is 39,600 rubles in accordance with the location of the Kalug a-motorized car. The relevance of the prices can call from representatives of the Kadwa Company Stores or by the manufacturer.

The NMB-1N7 UGRA Motoblock is delivered with two grinding cutters, two pneumatic bikes, a coupling, a voucher and a bracket.

Overview of the UGRA-NMB-1N7 Motoboblock with adPater:

User Guide

For the purpose of the lon g-lasting operation of the tractor of the walk behavior, the operating instructions do not describe independent disassembly of the gear. The repair of this component of the machine should be carried out in a specialized service center. The steering column is manually regulated by the operator before the start of work. The stop lever for an emergency stop of the car is on the left hand of the steering column.

It is forbidden to run a walk tractor with a cultivating one without upper body! The cutting edge of the grinding cutter should always be directed forward in the movement movement of the unit.

With the help of a trailer coupling contained in the standard equipment, you can attach a Soshnik and various hinge elements to the UGB-1N7 walking tractor. The Bunner holder is connected to the gangway by connecting the Shkvorni to the hook and then attached with screws. With the help of these bolts you can also set the inclination angle of the basion.

Stop leverage universal coupling

Oblyps and wings are attached with screws. Outgoers are attached to the wings, and this in turn on the side of the gear body. Before starting the company, the tractor of walking must be reached, which is checked by the fuel tank and the oil level.

The inhibition process can be carried out in two ways: the brakes of the car or pressing the clutch. The emergency braking with a complete stop of the machine is carried out immediately after the stop lever has been pressed.

Reducer oil: TSN-10 GOST 23652-79 or SAE: 80-85W API: GL3-GL4.
Engine oil: TAD-17i, TAP-15V or other according to GOST 23652-79 as well as every half-synthetic oil of high quality for machine engines.
Fuel: Petrol AI 95, AI 92.

Planned for UGRA NMB-1N7 are carried out:

  • After entering;
  • Every 50, 100, 200 or more working hours.

On the planned oil, the oil level is checked for the standard if necessary.

Video check of the UGRA-NMB-1N 7NA engine block:


Иван, Пермь: «Мотоблок покупать не планировал, но друг переубедил взять «Угру». Подкупило то, что производитель отечественный, да и отзывы в интернете были в большинстве положительные. Двигатель китайский сначала немного смущал, но после начала работы вопросов не возникало вообще. Летний сезон отработал, осенью использовал мотоблок как уборщик: свозил на тележке мусор и листья с участка. Сейчас впереди зима — посмотрим, как себя покажет с уборщиком снега!» Юрий, Калуга: «Наш калужский мотоблок вся страна знает, и скажу, что не зря их хвалят. Есть конечно моменты с весом, как по мне, то тяжеловат он, но если земля несколько лет простаивает, то только такой машиной ее и можно взять. Бензина ест не много, мои опасения не оправдались. Расход топлива средний, работает действительно бесшумно. Большой плюс, что нет ремней, не нужно возиться с ними и менять. Аварийным стопом правда ни разу не пользовался, но функция хорошая, вообще довольно безопасный агрегат от Кадви, рекомендую».>

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