Motobobloks Forz Mk 80 F. Characteristics of application, properties

Motoblocks Forz Mk 80 F. Review, characteristics, reviews of the owners

Modern agricultural units such as a tractor or cultivator of walks are an integral part of every household, agricultural or agricultural industrial production. They considerably make the work of a person considerable and accelerate the process of cultivating the soil, cleaning the territory, herbs and snow and transport of goods.

Motoblocks appeared on the market 10 years ago and established themselves from the best side among buyers and users. Of course, the production technologies have been improved every year. It is important that the affordable price of the devices of this brand is one of the most popular.


The technical features of the Forza engine blocks leave their competitors back

Technical characteristics

Manufacturer FZ03.02.33f.001
Number of speeds 2 forward, before 1 before 1
Type of liability Brishmous equipment
Engine type Forza 170f
transmission Chain equipment
Starter Manual
Engine power, L.S. 7.0 PS
The volume of the fuel tank 6.0 l.
Engine power, WT 5.1 KW
Weight (KG 80 kg
Dimensions (DHSHHV), mm 1550x900x910mm

Motoblocks “Forza” “FZ” series

“Forza” FZ-01-6.5 F.

Motoblocks (Forza) Forza FZ-01-6.5 F

The basis for the design of this cultivator is the petro l-singl e-cylinder engine FZ 168 F2 of its own production. This is sufficient to dig soil processing before suction, digging root plants, hills of beds or the transport of 300 kg weights. It is also important that thanks to a universal framework, you can install “Briggs & Stratton”, “Subaru-Robin” or “Lifan” that imported options instead of a standard engine.


  • Extended gear that withstands overload;
  • the ability to block the steering rod;
  • A control of the steering column;
  • Improved coupling mechanism;
  • Reliable cuneiform, resistant to wear;
  • 4-speed transmission, including 2 rear speeds;
  • Large processing width of 120 cm;
  • Pneumati wheels with 4 × 10 s.

Technical characteristics:

  • Cylinder volume – 196 cm3;
  • Petrol consumption – 1.4 l/h;
  • Fuel tank – 3.6 l;
  • Weight – 100 kg.

“Forza” FZ-01-8.0 F.

One of the optimal models for mediu m-sized land (from 10 morning to 1 ha). Together with the fastening equipment, he buys the tasks of relaxing, visual and hilling of beds, spent hay and cleaned the area from the snow. It does not require special care, which is important for inexperienced gardeners and summer residents.


  • Chain speed of revolutions from the gear;
  • 4 movement speeds – two front and back;
  • Frame and gearbox compatible with different motor systems;
  • the ability to stop the engine through the rudder;
  • Ergonomic arrangement of government bodies;
  • Security due to metal signs that protect the operator’s legs when working with rotating mechanisms;
  • Maintenance – spare parts for the Forza Motoblock are interchangeable and affordable with other motlocks.
  • Spacious life support blocks.

Working parameters:

  • Strength – 8 HP;
  • Ride-wide 72-1.2 m;
  • Plowing depth – 30 cm;
  • The mass is 110 kg.


The Forza MK 80 F Motor cultivator has a wedg e-shaped gear. It is equipped with a Forza 170 F petrol engine with a capacity of 7 hp.

You can easily adjust the width and depth of the penetration of attachments depending on the upcoming work and the needs of the operator.

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Here is a video overview of the building of the Motorogue Forz MK 80 F:

The gearbox is designed for 3 positions: 2 forward and a back.

The optimal weight of the walk overza MK 80 is 73 kg.

Motoblock “Forza” FZ-01-9.0fe

The most powerful change in the device in question. Developed for daily operation. According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, the cultivator shows the best indicators in areas with an area of ​​up to 4 hectares. Adapted to save parts in front of cultivating “cascade” and “Oka”.


  • Binopourian position the steering rod;
  • a list of the clutch, which was supplemented by expansion strips for simple adaptation;
  • Steering rod that carries control of the controls that keeps mechanical damage;
  • with the first of 4 speeds, the change of a toothbler between the steering handles;
  • the possibility to change the device with a stronger engine;
  • Protection against injuries caused by grinding;
  • electrical starter;
  • Farah for the company in the evening.

Operating characteristics:

  • Traction – 6.6 kW;
  • Width/cultivation depth – 1.2/0.3 m;
  • Dimensions – 1.5 x 0.61 x 1.15 m;
  • The mass is 115 kg.


Behind the Wal k-deflected, MK 80 F forces, so carefully that the device has a long period of time. Here are the basic rules:

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  • Before the start of the work, check the motor cultivator visually for violations of the integrity of parts.
  • Remove the remains of grass, leaves, lubricants and soot from the surface of the engine so that there is no accidental fire.
  • Keep the tailors clean so that your blowers do not appear.
  • Motoblock is sensitive to water. Avoid your contact. Clean the remaining floor out of the car after work;

The time of the prophylactic work is given on the 9th side of the operating instructions.

Description of the Forsza brand

Motoblocks from the Forsz brand have been a product of a Russian company and have existed on the market for agricultural machines since 2010. During the existence of the Perm brand, the Forza engine blocks managed to earn popularity due to their features, the presence of a large number of attachments and a fairly wide model range.

The forz manufacturer produces motoblock with petrol and diesel engines.

The installation is shown by motoblocks of various capacities and by petrol engine cultivators that are intended exclusively for working with soil, prepare the soil for sowing, fertilizer, loosening and weeds.

Strong Perm Motblocks of the Forz series can perform other operations such as freight transports, plowing, plowing, refreshing and also with devices set up as a mowing or snow removal prefix.

Forza Heavy Motor Blocks can also be adjusted in such a way that you work with a raupillar prefix if, for example, the device requires heavy work, the soil function and the tractor function.

In addition to the options described, the side hole can carry out irrigation, harvest with brushes or shovels, various transport processes, for example the transport of a harvest on the trailer.

When connecting the adapter, the Forza Motoblock can transport a passenger – a walk tractor operator.

The cost of overza engine blocks with a capacity of 9 hp

In the official online shop of the “Forza Market”, the following retail prices for walking are given with 9 strong engines: MBE FZ-01-9.0 FE-37.873 RUBEL. MBE FZ-02-9.0 FE-40 157 rubles. MBN FZ-01-9.0 FE-39 144 ruble. MBN FZ-02-9.0 FE-40 663 rubles. MB ECO LD 105 9.0 – 43 805 rubles. (with wheels 4*10); 45 001 rub. (with wheels 5*10); Grate 46 002. (with wheels 5*12); 46,428 rubles. (With wheels 19*7*8). MB Forza 105m 9.0 – 32 864 rub. (with wheels 4*10); 33 715 rub. (With wheels 19*7*8). MB ECO 105 9.0 – 32 791 rubles. (with wheels 4*10); 34 342 rub. (with wheels 19*7*8); 33 713 rub. (with wheels 5*10); 34 421 rub. (With wheels 5*12). MBD ECO 105 9.0 – 43.489 Rubel. (with wheels 4*10); 51 053 rub. (with wheels 4*10 and an electric starter); 52 249 rub. (with wheels 5*10 and an electric starter); 53 251 rubles. (with wheels 5*12 and an electric starter); 46 112 rub. (with wheels 19*7*8); 53 676 rub. (with wheels 19*7*8 and an electric starter).

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In general, Overz a-Motoblocks are affordable in price, reliability, progressive design, high quality and simplicity of the company. An extensive selection of fastening devices helps to transform the brands of Walk behavior of this Forza brand into multifunctional agricultural stress.

Motoblock Forz MB 80: Review and reviews of the owners

Aut o-mechanic, specializing in agricultural technology

Modern agricultural units such as a tractor or cultivator of walks are an integral part of every household, agricultural or agricultural industrial production. They considerably make the work of a person considerable and accelerate the process of cultivating the soil, cleaning the territory, herbs and snow and transport of goods.

Motoblocks appeared on the market 10 years ago and established themselves from the best side among buyers and users. Of course, the production technologies have been improved every year. It is important that the affordable price of the devices of this brand is one of the most popular.

User Guide

The instructions for the Forza Motor Block are an important document that contains a description of the assembly, the start and execution of the machine as well as the data, which are poured into the oil in the motor gear and the crankcase. Keep the instructions during the entire operating time of the tractor of the walk behavior and do not violate the rules for the safe handling of the device.

Oil and fuel

What kind of oil is it to pour into a gearbox for the Forz Motobobok? It is recommended to use gear oil TAD 17D, TAP15V or their analogue.

TAD-17 gear oil gear oil TAP-15 V Machine Oil Sae 10W30

Use the engine of the SAE 10 W-30 oil engine. Use synthetic oils at low temperatures to avoid freezing mineral or sem i-synthetic raw materials in summer and spring.

Instructions for the first start and runnin g-Im Forza Wal k-brewing tract

The first start of the tractor of the walk behavior takes place after assembly. Collect the device from the kit according to the instructions with fastening elements. Perform the device on a flat surface and take into account the tasks of the Walk behavior – Install the cultivations for transport or other work – bikes. Only follow the equipment if the tractor of walking is seasoned with fuel and oil. Put the gear lever in a neutral position during the start.

Preparing the lawn mower engine for the season

The hand-led Forza tractor is inserted according to the standard scheme-in the first 20 operating hours the machine adapts to the load, the engine is warm, oil is distributed in the transmission and engine and lubricates the main parts. The maximum load on the singl e-axle tractor is prohibited during the entrance time! Use about 60 % of vehicle resources. After 20 hours of operation, heavy work may be done, goods transported and worked with new territory.

Remember that the main purpose of the han d-led tractor of this manufacturer is:

  • Cut the furrows, form beds;
  • Plow;
  • Digrate chop fruits;
  • Plants of minced fruits;
  • Hilling and cultivation.

Forza handled tractor maintenance

If you operate the device according to the instructions, carry out primary soil processing at low speed, take into account the type of soil when processing. The country should be freed from stones, branches and any rubble before working with a han d-led tractor. Clean the air filter regularly (dry paper filters every 10 operating hours of the device, wet filters every 20 hours).

Main disorders

What kind of malfunctions can the owner of a hand-led Forza tractor come across? See the data in the following table.

Malfunction Possible reason How to eliminate?
1. The engine does not start Polluted fuel filter / water in fuel / defective spark plug Filter cleaning/fuel metabolism/spark plug change
2. Overheating of the engine Low oil level or low silencer of poor quality/clogged silencer Change oil/clean exhaust
3. The han d-led tractor moves hard on the floor Too dry/wet/dense earth/wrong throttle valve position Use the crowd to set the plow depth / set the flap position
4. Messers of milling “jump” on the floor The cutting of the knives are dull Change of blade or sharpening required

About the Motor Forza FZ 177 FD

The Chinese petrol engine Forza FZ 177 FD is an air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engine with hanging valves and a work volume of 270 cm³. Its total dimensions are: Length: 515 mm × width 420 mm × height 470 mm. This is an engine with a third-party horizontal crankshaft, with a transistor magic termination system and with a mechanical speed controller. 9 HP is its maximum output at 3600 rpm. The maximum torque is achieved at 3000 rpm.

About the Forza FZ 177 FD engine

The cylinder diameter is 77 mm. The piston stroke is 58 mm. Shaft diameter: 25 mm. Ignition: magnetic, electronic. Compression: 8.2: 1. The engine can be started both by hand and electrical stars. The minimum consumption is 374 g of petrol/kWh. The actual fuel consumption in the company is 2.5 to 2.9 liters of gasoline per hour. The weight of the Forza FZ 177 FD engine is 26.5 kilograms. The engine is lubricated with motor oil qualities SAE 10W-30, 20W, 30W. The noise level during engine operation is 80 dB (A). Forza FZ 177 FD engines are also used for motor pumps, culprit, lawnmowers and generators. From a constructive point of view, this engine is an exact copy of another Chinese engine for han d-led tractors – Lifan 177 FD, a fairly reliable and proven option for compact petrol vehicles.

Motoblocks Farmer - Reviews of Models, Description, Reviews The Owner

Owner reviews

Nikolaj, Smolensk:

“I chose a walk-behind tractor based on reviews from the forums, looked at the reviews, asked the neighbors, but everyone advises different things. Some Russians, some Chinese. The general impression on the floor is that forza has a very wide range, the models are similar, the higher the performance and power, the larger the tires. MK 80 is a good choice for a plot of 10 hectares, well, up to a maximum of 30. This machine is not suitable for large fields, although everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Pros: power, good engine layout, balanced center of gravity, moderate noise.

Cons: No reverse gear. It is not very good.

In terms of functionality, this is still not a walk-behind tractor, but a cultivator, albeit a fairly powerful one.

Description of the Forza MK 80 walk-behind tractor. Engine type, model features, purpose

Forza MK 80 is a representative of a medium-duty class motoblock, ideal for work on small plots, in gardens, in home gardens, in greenhouses and summer cottages. It can cope with many tasks, it is used by landowners for domestic use.

Motoblock petrol Forza Mk 80 Eco

Denotes devices with a moderate noise level that can be operated in densely populated areas, e.g. B. Housing developments for mowing grass on lawns.

Purpose of the Forza MK 80 model:
  • All-weather cleaning work, cleaning of snow, garbage, leaves;
  • farms – mounds, ploughs, tillage, tedding;
  • Irrigation;
  • mowing grass, weeds, hay making, lawn care;
  • Transportation of goods, dug up root crops, building materials, etc.;
  • When connecting the adapter, it can serve as a carrier for a passenger – the operator of the walking tractor.

Forza MK 80 Engine characteristics: Single-cylinder engine with electronic ignition, four-stroke, top-of-cylinder valves. The engine power is 7 HP (updated model, older models are equipped with a 6.5 HP motor).

Forza Motor Cultivator MK-80F 7.0L.C.

This device is characterized by moderate fuel consumption and a physiological noise level. Engine power is due to the presence of a reinforced piston group. The neck of the connecting rod is reinforced for higher engine performance.

The average fuel consumption of the Forza MK 80 walk behind tractor is 2-3 liters per hour. At maximum load – 3.5 liters per hour. Video from the owner of the Forza walk behind tractor on operating the unit with a snow plow:

Specifications Forza MK 80

The main technical characteristics of the Forza MK 80 walk-behind tractor:

  • Unit weight 90 kg. (excluding fuel and oil);
  • field depth – 28 cm;
  • cultivation width – 80 cm;
  • there is no PTO;
  • landing axes – hexagonal;
  • Engine brand Forza 170F, displacement 212 cc;
  • manual transmission;
  • number of gears – 2/1;
  • chain drive, belt clutch;
  • emitted noise equal to 96 dB;
  • the warranty period is 12 months.
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application features

The basic package of the Forza MK 80 walk behind tractor includes the following items:

  • two wheels, dimensions 4×10, the outer diameter of the wheels is 50 cm;
  • six-row cutters that allow the crop strip to be expanded up to 90 cm;
  • engine instructions;
  • Instructions for the walk behind tractor;
  • set of fasteners;
  • walk-behind tractor 1 pc.

Motoblock Forz Mk 80 GF

The features of the Forza MK 80 model are as follows:
  • the gear of the device is encased in a cast-iron case, reinforced and resistant to stress;
  • Gears are made of durable alloy;
  • the input shaft is hexagonal and securely fixes the wheel hubs;
  • Motoblock bearings have a longer service life, wear out less under high loads;
  • The Motblock chain has a traction force of 180 kgf;
  • There is a reverse gear;
  • Gear lever lever of a comfortable shape;
  • A large number of attachment devices are suitable for the Forsz 80 Walk behavior tractor.
  • There is a front hitch for the front seats;
  • The steering wheel is regulated;
  • The frame of the Walker tractor is reinforced and withstands the weight of the load along with the weight of the operator when connecting a trolley, adapter or trailer.
  • Motoblocks are easily controlled and operated in temperature mode down to minus 40 degrees Celsius.
Motobobe maintenance is carried out according to the standard scheme:
  • After the first start of the new tractor for walking injuries, walking occurs within 20 or 25 hours.
  • After running, the oil changes;
  • In the future, the oil is changed every 50-100 hours (depending on the load level and the degree of air dust on the spot).
  • Oil for the gearbox: TAD – 17D, slippers – 15V or analogues.
  • Engine oil: SAE 10W-30.

It is not advisable to use cheap, low-quality oils to fill the tank, as they can contribute to the rapid wear of the engine and gearbox, can increase the degree of clogging of the fuel filter, therefore, the walking behavior of the tractor faster.

Video review of the work of the Motobobok Forz Mk 80

Overview of the updated Forz Mk 80 model

Owner reviews

Nikolaj, Smolensk:

“I chose a tractor for a walk according to the reviews from the forums, seen the reviews and asked the neighbors, but everyone is guessing different things it would be. Someone has Russian, someone has Chinese. By the general impression on the trading platform – Forza has a very wide range. The models are similar, the higher the power and performance, the larger the tire. Mk 80 is a good choice for a section of hundredths of 10, up to a maximum of 30. This does not apply to large fields, although everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Pros: Power, good arrangement of power units, balanced center of gravity, moderately difficult.

Cons: No rear gear. It is not very good.

In terms of functionality, this is still not a motoblock, but a cultivator, albeit quite powerful. “

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