Motobobes Zubble HT-105 B. Review, characteristics, reviews

Motobobes Zubble HT-105 B. Review, characteristics, reviews of the owner

Motoblock petrol bison HT-105 B (Z-16) is one of the heaviest agricultural devices from the Chinese manufacturer Zubr. This motorized device is intended for mediu m-sized country diagrams with a total area of ​​up to 1 hectare.

Motoblock petrol bison ht-105 b

Ideal for min i-arms and private farms. Due to the solid weight of 90 kg, the wal k-in tractor plunges slightly into the ground and ensures the cultivation depth of up to 30 cm. This model is a variety of petrol of diesel engine blocks of the Bolzen-HT-105.

The multifunctional device of the HT-105 B (Z-16) model can carry out the following agricultural work:

  • Cultivation of all types of soils;
  • Cut the furrows of planting plants;
  • Plant plants;
  • Automated weed from weeds;
  • renew;
  • Irrigation from the pump;
  • Fumer harvest for cattle;
  • Harvest;
  • Transport of bulk goods and general goods, fertilizers to the destination, etc.

In order to use all useful functions of the tractor of the walk behavior, it is recommended to buy a suitable trailer and attachments to:

  • revolutionary plow;
  • Cultivating (soil and active, active with the device);
  • Pollen;
  • Hiller;
  • Mower of the Rotor type;
  • Pump;
  • Snowman;
  • Equipment for planting and digging potatoes;
  • Practice trolley etc.

We recommend that you see a small video check of the work of the tractor of the walk behavior with a potato dweller:


The bison HT-105 B is equipped with a four-stroke petrol engine with a cylinder with a capacity of 9 hp. The air protection against overheating the engine is provided so that you can increase the time with the device.

The engine is inserted manually with a spring handle. The weight of a functioning tractor reaches 90 kg, while the floor depth is up to 30 cm.

The torque of the engine to rotors and gear is transmitted by cuneiform and gears. A special form of teeth enables you to minimize the sound during the work of the tractor of the walk behavior.

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The gearbox has three speeds:

  • Backwards – 1;
  • Front – 2.

It is recommended to use unhealthy gasoline as a fuel, the octane number of which is not lower than the value of 92. The operator is made available to the operator at the height and width of the handle.

Technical characteristics

The following table shows all existing properties of the motorized device of the ZUBYR HT-105 BZ model.

The width of the cultivation (mm): 1050
The depth of cultivation (mm): 300
Type of transmission: Gear, 2 + backwards
Drive unit: Especially through a mult i-disc level
Engine: 177f 4-stroke 1 cylinder
Maximum performance (L.S. (KW) at about/min): 6.6 kW / 9.0 hp
Fuel: petrol
Work volume (see cubic knife): 270
Compression ratio: 20
Starter: Handbook, feather starter
Fuel tank (L): 3,6
Fuel consumption (l/h): 1,8
The capacity of the oil system in the motor crank (L): 1,1
The speed of the range of performance mechanism, speed: 3000
Cycling size: 4.00-10
Weight with a rotating cultivator (kg): 90

User Guide

After making the purchase of a motorized Benzingeräts Zubble HT-105 B, don’t hurry to start work. You must examine the operating instructions in detail in order to operate the device.

Another performance of the device and the service life of the device depends on the correctness of the discontinued process. You will also find in the instructions:

  1. The device of the device (diagrams, descriptions).
  2. Its technical properties.
  3. The procedure for carrying out the running device.
  4. Maintenance (oil change, maintenance for the winter period, etc.).
  5. The list of information that can occur and such reasons for their appearance and their elimination methods.

In order to increase the resource of the work of your walk, this is necessary to carry out the following simple actions:

  • Monitor the oil level in the crankcase and in the fuel in the fuel tank if necessary.
  • Use only high quality and cleaned fuel and oil;
  • Before the start of the work, always check the reliability of fastening elements if necessary.
  • After working with the hiking tractor – clean the device of dust and dirt, wash it and dry it, grease the friction parts with oil.
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In the forums you will find reviews of the owners above the bosom of the Zubble HT-105 B. You are mainly satisfied with your unit, note management.

Sergey Dmitrievich, 48 years old:

The unit is powerful, at first it hardly held in his hands, I thought – I couldn’t handle it, but he sat down. Of course, the speeds are not enough, and difficulties in management, but there is still a opposite. I learned to maneuver for three days, so I have no problems with management now. Good car.

Oleg, 35 years old:

The Chinese mounting machine was initially alarming, but as a result I was satisfied with the purchase. The first year has paid its costs. I build potatoes, beets, onions for sale. The car is perfect for my property of 85 acres. It was, I had to buy all the necessary awnings, but it’s worth it.

Sergey, 42 years:

This hiking loss is my breadwinner! I earn money from April and end in October. To whom plowing, to whom plants, buried, collect. At the same time, I process my website – use duplicate. Management is simple, a starting manual. Only one belt and candles changed for four years of hard operation. The bikes are still the first, but I see that they have to replace them next season.

Motoblock bison NT 105

Zubrov NT 105 is a heavy tractor of the class that is widespread in Russia and in the entire Pos t-Sevjetian region. The technology is produced in China, but still corresponds to all international standards. Like other models of the company, the bison of NT 105 is not inferior to its competitors in the properties and at the same time much cheaper. In this case, in view of the low service and spare parts, it can be seen as an unconditional guide. A high maintainability of the device enables him to serve independently of each other and not to use the services of expensive service centers.

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General information, purposes and design features

The bison of NT 105 has proven itself to carry out tasks related to soil and virgin processing. We find that the model considered is one of the most popular motibs in the Zadry family. Impressive technical and endurance guarantee high reliability and quality of Chinese products. The bison of NT 105 belongs to a series of motoblocks “Zubble”, which are equipped with a 6 hp engine. This is sufficient with a edge to treat 1 hectare area. Small dimensions and mass have a positive effect on the convenience of control and transportation of a motor block over large distances. To compensate for the lack of small bodies that enable effective plowing of the floor at a greater depth.

The design of the hiking wet tractor bison 6 liters. With. – Simple and reliable and almost does not differ from models with a classic layout. Consider the main features of the NT 105 model:

  • A gear that turns a walk tractor into a universal device with a certain fastening device
  • Strong frame design
  • A thre e-stage gear that contains two front speeds and one – the back. According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, it is advisable to use the first speed when working with a plow, and the second transmission is suitable for the cultivation and transport of goods.
  • Cup – Mult i-Disc, wet type, in an oil bathroom
  • Wide wheels with a deep profile are already included in the basic configuration
  • Starter type – Depending on the version is mechanical or electrical
  • Cheap and affordable spare parts, thanks to which you can quickly find the desired part at a low price. Even a cheap analogue is suitable because the original in quality is not better
  • Low fuel consumption – it enables not to recharge your batteries for a long time. A petrol station is usually sufficient for several hours
  • The lack of need to pull the belt regularly, since the technology is equipped with a proven coupling and a gear
  • Simple maneuverability and good smoothness of the course enable you to overcome obstacles without touching them
  • The engine can work both with severe loads and under conditions of temperature changes.
Overview of potato rolls and potato leafers for MTZ engine blocks

Unmounted equipment

The functionality of the technology can be increased due to additional options. Consider the most common of you:

  • The hip is disc or in the form of an arrow. Is used to a series of weeds and the production of coat of arms on the beds of vegetable plants
  • Adapter – enables you to improve the indicators for maneuverability and dynamics of the tractor of the walk behavior despite its relatively large dimensions. To install this device, you need a clutch. The list of devices of the adapter includes a driver’s seat, a stand and a bridge with wheels, a steering wheel and a control lever.
  • A mower is a segment and Rotary. Allows you to mow small shrubs and grass effectively
  • A Gydery is a popular type of adhesion that has proven in a compact and light technology that requires weights. The heating is excavated in the ground and thereby increases stability.
  • Potato residents/potato river. The design of this equipment includes a bunker with a furroower, a magician and a feed mechanism. This device is suitable for planting and digging root plants as well as working with other similar vegetable plants.
  • Dare – increases the loa d-bearing capacity of the walk and turns it into a kind of truck.

Running of runnin g-in

Bison 6 l. With. – Reliable technology that requires proper care. In order to save and increase the reliability of the product, the manufacturer recommends that it are used. This procedure lasts 8-10 hours, and after completion, you can continue with the full operation of the tractor for a walk-in action. Pay attention to several simple steps – check and fill liquids (oil, fuel) to the maximum level, the first start of the engine and check its component units (including the control point), the operation of the engine unit by 50% of the declared maximum load. In the end, it is necessary to burden oil and fuel again and carry out inspection.

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Technical characteristics

The singing of the bison NT 105 turned out to be very compact against the background of the competitors. The length of his case is 1430 mm and the width and height is 520 or 820 mm. The technology weighs a strand of 120 kg. The unit is designed so that it cultivates the earth up to a depth of 80 to 300 mm and a width of up to 1050 mm.


The model considered are offered with the only engine. A single-cylinder 4-stroke diesel diesel with KM178F marking is produced in China. It is equipped with air cooling and direct injection. The engine has proven well with generators, power plants and other garden and building systems. The motorcycle tours reach 5,000 mothers. The power plant is well optimized for Russian climatic conditions. With a volume of 0.3 liters, the engine power is 0.3 liters.

Fuel consumption

The bison of NT 105 consumes an average of 1.2 liters per hour, making this walk tractor one of the most economical in its class. The tank capacity is 3.5 liters.

Prices in Russia

On the domestic market, the average costs of the Bison NT 105 engine note in the basic configuration are 33,000 rubles. The supported copy in good condition costs 20-25,000 rubles.

Under the closest competitors of the 6-PS model of the “bison”, you can distinguish the Patriot Boston 6d, Herz DPT1G-105E and CrossSer CR-M6.

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