Motobobes technical industry. Checking the list, characteristics, reviews

Motobobes technical industry. Review of the list, properties, attachments, instructions

Motoblocks have gained great popularity among residents of rural areas because they can automate a variety of work. Technical industrial devices are presented in a mediu m-sized industry.

Let us live more detail in every model.

Motoblock technology MZR 800

This device is equipped with a petrol engine of four stroke with a capacity of 8 hp. It is driven with a hand starter.

Motoblock technology MZR 800

  • The gearbox is designed for 3 steps: 2 forward and a back.
  • The width of the working cutter can be set from 800 to 1000 mm.
  • The steering can be adjusted for each owner.
  • The mass of MZR 800 is 78 kg.

All attachments from the cascades and virgin countries of the walk behavior are suitable for this device.

Technical units of the technical industry MZR 800 are designed for use in areas of small and medium sizes with any kind.

Motoblock technology MZR 820

This device has an improved gearbox transmission compared to the technical industry of the MZR 800. Thanks to this, the motoblock will take a long period of time.

Motoblock technology MZR 820

The volume of the fuel tank also rose to 5.6 liters. For this reason, the weight of the technical industry MZR 820 rose to 80 kg.

Motoblock technology MZR 830

This device is equipped with an improved petrol engine with a capacity of 8.3 hp, which is able to work in medium areas with any kind of floor, including a virgin.

Motoblock technology MZR 830

The number of programs remained the same.

The weight of the technical 830 engine block is 118 kg.

Unmounted equipment

Motoblocks of the MZR technical industry gained due to the fact that they are analogue of Min i-Actractors, but only more economically, maneuverable and cheaper. This effect is achieved thanks to a wide range of adhesive devices.


The technologists of the technical industry contain a number of cutters that are a basic trailer coupling. They are used to mix the upper layer of soil that increases the fertility of the soil.

The processing width can be set by installing additional mills. It can be between 80 cm and 100 cm in the technical industry.

The process of compilation of grinding cutters is shown in the operating instructions. They are connected to screws and installed instead of standard pneumatism wheels.

Plants were used before the occurrence of professional mills to mix the upper layer of the floor. This simpler attachment equipment is now used with the technologists of the MZR technical industry.

Plow plow doubl e-hand

There are two types of plowing: simple and rotating.

Simple plows increase the lower layer of soil on the surface.

Diamonds have a special shape of the limestone, so that the floor turns around several times, blocks are broken and only then stays on the surface.

The correct plowing occurs as follows: the flat first lane is made, then a wheel is placed in it, the depth depth of the plow is built and plowing continues.


Technical locks in the technical industry can help harvest with mowers with the harvest of hay for winter.

The most common are rotary mowers. They are used not only in agriculture, but also in public utilities. Rotary mowers cut grass thanks to rotating blades. Under the action of centrifugal force, they unwind and cut the weeds. This type of mower can remove medium-sized grass and small weeds.

November in the garden: a calendar of work

Rotary mower segment mower

If it is necessary to clean a densely overgrown area, it is recommended to use segment options. Their design has two rows of knives that alternately move in a horizontal plane.

However, segment mowers have one major disadvantage. They cannot work on uneven surfaces.

Potato diggers and potato planters

The potato is a widespread agricultural crop. However, working with him involves significant physical exertion. This can be facilitated by modern TekhProm MZR walk-behind tractors with the help of special attachments.

Potato planters are designed for planting potatoes. Usually their design has the following structure: the front plow makes a ditch, then potatoes are fed from the tank (using a conveyor belt with baskets) and planted in a ditch, and then two hillers dig in the resulting rut.

Potato harvester Potato planter Potato harvester KM-1

The potato digger is designed to quickly dig potatoes out of the ground. Main screening options used. They work on the following principle: in front, an active knife cuts a layer of earth, then it falls on welded steel bars (during the movement they vibrate and break large heaps of earth), after which only the fruits that need to be harvested remain on the surface.

Potato diggers and potato planters are actively used by residents of rural areas, where large areas are planted with potatoes.

Snow blower and blade shovel

In winter, TekhProm’s MZR walk-behind tractors with special attachments can help clear snow.

Shovel Dump Snow Blower

Snowblowers manage a layer of snow up to 30 cm high: They pick up a layer of snow via a deflection roller and direct it to the rotor, which turns and throws it to the side through the ejection chute. The average throw distance is about 10 meters.

Instead of a snow thrower, you can also use a conventional flat shovel. It is also used for leveling sand and gravel mixtures.

adapters and trailers

When working with TekhProm MZR walk behind tractors on large areas, fatigue occurs quickly. Adapters can eliminate this. They represent a special prefix with a seat, which is additionally equipped with a handbrake.


Motoblocks TechProm MZR can help transport goods with trailers. They are equipped with high sides, thanks to which bulky cargo can be transported.


When working on wet or loamy soil, pneumatic wheels quickly get stuck in the ground and slip. Grousers can solve this problem. They are a steel rim with welded metal plates. When moving, they penetrate the ground and improve traction.

weights and couplings

Another option for improving the adhesion of TekhProm MZR walk-behind tractors to the surface is to increase the weight, since these devices are light. Weights are made in the form of pancakes and hung on the wheel axle.

Hitch universal double clutch

Installation devices are connected to the han d-led tractor Tekhprom MZR with a clutch. The factory model enables the use of attachments from Kaskad and Tselina machines.

operation and maintenance

Before using the handled tractors Tekhprom MZR, it is absolutely necessary to study the operating instructions. It enables you to familiarize yourself with the design of the device, its properties, application features and the elimination of the main errors.

This video test presents the han d-led tractor Tekhprom MZR 820:

Minitractor Rusich 184. Overview, characteristics, equipment


In order for the han d-led tractor Tekhprom MZR to last as long as possible without failures, it must be monitored properly.

The most frequently performed work is the oil change.

  • The engine oil must be changed after 25 hours of operation. For this, it is advisable to use half-synthetic models 10W-40 or 10W-40.
  • The transmission oil must be replaced every 100 operating hours of the han d-led tractor Tekhprom MZR. The most suitable options are TAP-15V or TAD-17i.
  • The control levers should be treated regularly with waterproof lubricants. This happens so that they do not rust and make it easier to switch.
  • Do not use inferior or dirty gasoline. It is necessary to use pure AI 92 fuel.

Instructions for the first start

The correct commissioning is the key to the long-term use of hand-led Tekhprom MZR tractors. How to assemble and start the handleed tractor correctly is described in the operating instructions.

Be sure to fill in engine oil and gasoline before use.

Then comes the inlet time. Hand-based MZR tractors with half maximum performance are used in this procedure.

When driving in the parts, the engines are lubricated, grated together and clearly fit into their grooves.

If you do not carry out this procedure, the engine can fail immediately.

Larger disorders and repairs

Every owner of Tekhprom MZR engine blocks should know how to repair larger breakdowns.

If the singl e-axle tractor does not start:

  • Check the presence of oil and gasoline in the corresponding subjects (add if necessary);
  • Check whether a spark comes from the spark plugs (if not available, set the corresponding distance, check the fastening of the connections or exchange the spark plugs);
  • Check the fuel system to see whether fuel reaches the carburetor (if the fuel system is clogged, clean it);
  • Perform the adjustment of the fuel mixture in the carburetor (the adjustment is made by setting the voltage of the corresponding screws);

When the Tekhprom MZR motor block vibrates heavily during operation:

  • The main reason for this failure is the looseness of the screw connections;
  • The second nuance can be unreliability when attaching attachments.


Forums are now the most important place where people share their opinions.

The owners say the following about the hand-led Tekhprom MZR tractors:


“Reliable car with your own nuances. In the beginning there were no operational problems. When delivered, the screw connections were loosely attracted, I had to follow (I didn’t expect anything else from Chinese assembly), then entered and put into operation. There is a strong vibration during the milling of the floor (although my floor is not difficult). The plow can cope with vibratio n-free, but it costs a lot of strength to work with it.

Pro: price and performance

Disadvantages: The design is not very reliable, sometimes there are problems with the starter “


“An excellent car for its price. For me just an indispensable assistant. The fuel consumption, as for a petrol model, is low (about 2.5 liters of fuel spillage in one hour of work with milling cutters). The engine power is sufficient to transport 5 bags of potatoes. It turns out that it even subscribed to the neighbors (they catch wire). It comes out cheaper than a tractor and I’ve got a pretty penny.

Fertilizer for green plants - how to use them?

Pros: Sufficient performance, wide range of problems, works like a clock

Cons: There were minor glitches: the belt and starter cable broke. However, this is a technique without replacing the consumables in any way. “

Overview of the technologists of the technical industry. Characteristics of application and operation. Reviews of the owners

Before starting an overview of the Technopom motoblocks, we inform that this agricultural equipment is assembled at the Russian-Chinese company from spare parts from the PRC. Such a production system made it possible to make this heavy equipment more accessible to the broad masses.

These motoblocks are characterized by highly wear-resistant properties, maintainability, which are accessible to components. In addition, thanks to a large number of hinged weapons, the functionality of the technical Special Institute of Technical Sciences has increased.

Motoblock technology MZR-800

The technical science “technology” of Sino-Russian technology belongs to the bourgeois class of motorized equipment. They are intended for mechanized processing of small and medium-sized areas (including soil plowing, planting and caring for plants, harvesting), both private and agricultural.

The lineup of technologists “Technology”

The Technical Special Institute mainly produces gasoline engine blocks. The lineup is represented by the following changes:

  1. Motoblock “Technology” MZR
  2. Model MZR 820 “Technology”.
  3. Modification “Technical Special Audience MZR 830”.

We will get acquainted with each modification in more detail.

Pool Motoblok “Technology” MZR 800

The weight of the walking loss tractor is 75 kg. The manufacturer equipped the device with the Chinese power installation Shiny (analogue of Honda), the power of which was 8 hp. The petrol four-stroke engine has forced-type air protection. In addition, he is equipped with a light starting system, which is relevant both in the season and during the cold period. The engine is introduced with an inertia starter.

Motoblock technology MZR-800

The transmission is mechanical, the number of speeds: 2 – fron t-line, 1 – rear movement. Torque to the working bodies is carried through a chain drive encased in a durable and lightweight aluminum body. A semi-dependent three-weapon wave (VOM). The design received an additional transport wheel.

The stretch is adjustable from 80 to 100 cm. The steering rod, which can be adjusted in several levels, the controls are placed on the steering wheel. The depth of cultivation with cutters of up to 30 cm. Excellent aggregation with weakened tools from other manufacturers: Kaskade. Neva, Oka, Virgo. Standard equipment includes:

  • cultivation mills;
  • pneumatic wheels;
  • protective discs.
Characteristics of a petrol model:
Perfomance: 8.0 hp
Engine: 4 stroke, petrol
Fuel tank capacity: 3.6L
Oil Crank Capacity: 0.6L
Starting system: Manual
Number of programs: 2 forward/1 before 1
Processing width: 800-1000mm
clutch mechanism: Belt
Steering: Bar adjustable in height
The overall dimensions of the packaging (DHSHHV): 800x550x750mm
Weight: 78kg

Motoblock “Technology” MZR 820

The mass of the motorized device is 80 kg. The petrol engine is designed for a maximum output of 8 HP. The fuel used is AI-92 petrol. Air cooling, engine start – manual. With the EASY start system you can start the hand-led Tekhprom tractor even with minus degrees. Chain gears, enclosed in a cast iron case.

Motoblock technology MZR-820

There is a tap wave with which you can aggregate various attachments from different manufacturers with a singl e-axle tractor. Manual transmission, 2 speeds forward and backwards. Chain suspension gears, track width adjustable, steering rods horizontally and adjustable in height. Mill up to a depth of 30 cm standard equipment.

Aurora 1350 Motobobes. Review, characteristics, reviews of the owners
Petrol-re-oxy tractor “Tekhprom” MZR 820, properties:
Perfomance: 8.0 hp
Engine: 4 stroke, petrol
Fuel tank capacity: 3.6L
Oil Crank Capacity: 0.6L
Starting system: Manual
Number of programs: 2 forward/1 before 1
Processing width: 800-1000mm
clutch mechanism: Belt
Steering: Altitude, altitude and horizontal adjustable
The overall dimensions of the packaging (DHSHHV): 820 x 550 x 780 mm
Weight: 80 kg

Motor block “Techprom MZR 830”

This is the heaviest han d-led tractor of the entire line, its weight is 83 kg. The performance of a single-cylinder four-stroke gasoline power plant is 8.3 hp. Based on a manual starter, a simple starting system is installed, forced cooling. A tap wave (thre e-stranded belt disk) of a hal f-dependent type is installed in the rear of the han d-led tractor.

Motoblock technology MZR-830

With its help, the hand-led Tekhprom tractor is aggregated with attachments (manufacturer Oka, Cascade, Tselina are suitable). Two gears forward + backwards, manual transmission. Steering column type, adjustable for the operator. Chain gears in cast iron sleeve. The package is standard. The trail is adjustable. The immersion depth of the milling cutters can be adjusted from 15 to 30 cm.

Characteristics of a petrol model:
Perfomance: 8.0 hp
Engine: 4 stroke, petrol
Fuel tank capacity: 3.6L
Oil Crank Capacity: 0.6L
Punch wave: at the back hal f-dependent
Starting system: Manual
Number of programs: 2 forward/1 before 1
Processing width: 800-1000mm
clutch mechanism: To reduce
Steering: Bar adjustable in height
The overall dimensions of the packaging (DHSHHV): 880 x 550 x 800 mm
Weight: 85 kg

Installation devices for Motoblocks of the Tekhprom brand

Thanks to assembled devices that are attached to Tekhprom motor blocks, the process of agricultural work can be completely or partially mechanized. With only one han d-led tractor and many attachments, you can go from now on: plowing, cultivating, egging, plants, ditching, transporting, clearing snow, mowing and much more.

We offer you to familiarize yourself with the functional attachments:

    Plow. Single and tw o-row models are intended for plowing the floor in front of the plant.

Simple plow turning plow Mühlengrubber

Adapter for a walk tractor

  • rotating;
  • Segment;
  • frontal.

Console mower KN 1.1 Sickle mower Zarya segment front mower Scout SM-1110

Chain attachment Pneumatic wheel 4.5 × 10 Grousers

Blade shovel Motoblock brush snow blower

  • Community brush – a pos t-season device that is used both for cleaning snow masses in winter and for cleaning ruins areas;
  • Tipping (shovel – al l-weather nozzle, in winter – we clear the snow, the rest of the time – we pave the floor, clean the territory);
  • Snail sneaker – the device catches snow with its shovels and throws it to the side, the throwing width can be set up to 10 m.

Potato-resident potato tank of universal potato-tailor-vibration-grunt KGR-1V

Setting of protective slices against whip

  • Cutting the furrows for plants of plants;
  • Hilling of plants;
  • The formation of the floor ridge.

Harrow Roller Radio letter Okhnik

Operating instructions for technology Motobobka

The collection of the tractor in the walk behavior necessarily contains instructions that shows and shows all information about the very motorized device, namely:

  1. The device of the technical school of technology.
  2. Technical features of the selected model.
  3. Security measures when working with the device.
  4. The first start of the engine, the period of the run.
  5. Maintenance of a motorized device.
  6. Break and their causes.

Consider some sections in more detail.

The device of the motor block technology “

The motorized device consists of the following elements:

  • hard frame;
  • Power plant;
  • Steering stick with executed government bodies;
  • Chain gears;
  • Cycling;
  • Transmission;
  • Thre e-han d-belt disc.

Start and ru n-in

Before the start of work, the tractor of the walk behavior must be prepared correctly for loads. For this:

  1. Pour fuel into the fuel tank.
  2. Pour the engine oil into the motor crank.
  3. Pour the gear oil into the gear.
  4. Tire pressure control.
  5. Check the reliability of fastening elements.
  6. We start the run.

Playing is a process in which all moving parts in the engine and the gear are made possible. For the technologists “Technopom”, the runnin g-in takes up to 10 hours. During this time, motblocks cannot be overloaded, it is impossible and drunk during idling. It is necessary to check the performance of all components and mechanisms at low loads (no more than ⅔ engine power). After 10 hours of production, the device is ready. It is necessary to switch the oil to power plant and transmission systems.

Maintenance of the technology unit “technology”

The maintenance includes several phases:

  1. Oil change:
    • Gear oils from TAD-17I brands, TAP-15V are used for the gearbox, and it should be replaced for 25 hours.
    • Motor 10W-40 or 10W-40 is replaced in the motor crank after 100 hours.
  2. Conservation for the period of downtime:
    • Oil drainage;
    • Fuel outflow;
    • Cleaning through pollution;
    • Lubrication.
  3. Daily care before and after the operation:
    • Before: review of the number of work fluids, tire pressure and reliability of fastening elements;
    • Then it is carried out: cleaning the walk behavior tractor. Wash and lubricant.
  4. Planned technical inspection.


A complete list of malfunctions is submitted to the Technical Special Institute of Technology. We only list the problems when starting the engine:

  1. The candle was a lot of fun. I have or burned.
  2. The filters clogged (fuel and air).
  3. Magneto failed.
  4. There is no fuel.
  5. The oil ended.
  6. The carburetor is not configured or failed.
  7. Lack of compression in the engine.
  8. The ignition is not issued.
  9. The timing system (gas distribution mechanism) is not shown.
  10. The cliff of the hig h-voltage cable.
  11. Low quality of fuel or oil.

Video review

We offer to get to know the video in which the petrol tractor “technology” is shown in the work:

Reviews of the owner of the Motoboblok “Technology”

Igor, 36 years old:

I bought a gasoline block block that competed its price. The assembly is weak, the starter fails regularly. During work, it vibrates strongly, the hands get tired. It can be finished with work and the grinding cutter and the plow are involved. He pulls with the trailer, but somehow uncertain.

Nikolai, 31 years old:

My technical industry has been a year now. It works correctly, although it is difficult to refer it reliably. Very loud, the vibration is strong, the screws have to be pulled from time to time. The plow hardly pulls, with cutters it works normally.

George, 47 years old:

I am not satisfied with the purchase. The oil flows, everything rattles, such an impression that it is shortly before the string. The engine did not start in winter.

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