Motobobes Profi 1900. Review, features, reviews

Selection and operation of the professional engine blocks

Many people who are actively involved in agricultural work cannot imagine their life without small equipment. The Profi Walk behavior tractor is also particularly popular. The characteristics of models 1030, 1900, 900, Jupiter and others given below only confirm their wide application.

However, it is not enough to choose the right model of this device. This is the only way to be sure that such a means of small technology is truly multifunctional, convenient and durable.


Originally, professional engine blocks were only made by German manufacturers. Today, China also offers its products on the world market under the same brand. The cost of such motblocks is slightly lower than the German devices, and the quality is practically similar. This is the main feature of this type of small agricultural machinery. In addition, such motoblocks are very resistant to temperature differences, which allows them to be used both in summer and in winter.

It is worth noting that in fact all models of Profi units belong to heavy motoblocks, therefore they are indispensable when performing a large volume of any work on large land plots.

advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of such motoblocks are as follows:

  • Total control at all stages of production – this applies to both power units issued by German manufacturers and those that left the Chinese conveyor.
  • The unique shape of the profile provides the perfect operation of the device and its ability to cross any type of soil.
  • Each Walk injury tractor is equipped with a special and patented system that delivers the operation of the unit without the slightest vibration.
  • The engine of the motoblocks has been developed using a special system that ensures quick starting in all conditions and temperatures.
  • A special differential for wheels provides the device with good cord and maneuverability, which makes it convenient to use them comfortably even on land plots in the area.

If we talk about the shortcomings, then in fact they are absent. Some buyers think it’s too high a price, but fully pays for itself. Others note that with many hours of continuous work, the role of a walk begins to vibrate a lot. However, after an hour break, the device works normally. There are no other disadvantages of these representatives of small agricultural machines.

Important! Not every manufacturer can boast of such features of the units, so they positively distinguish profi motoblocks from competitors.

characterization of models

The manufacturer offers its customers motor blocks in a wide range and different types. But there are some units that are particularly popular. It is worth considering their main features and characteristics.

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  • Profi 1030 is universal. Both amateur summer residents and real professionals take care of the same ease. The power of walking tractor is 8.5 liters. With. It has three gears and is fuel efficient. Such a unit is simply indispensable for plowing, row formation and plowing. Improved technology allows the wander loss tractor to operate for a long period of time without interruptions. It is comfortable and maneuverable in work.
  • Profi 900 is a compact, functional and medium-sized model – 7 liters. With. It is indispensable for carrying out work in the garden or in the country. Economical fuel consumption, low weight and the presence of two working speeds, combined with low cost, make such a walk for many the desired acquisition. The weight of such a walk is a little more than 57 kg, so even women can easily cope with it.

  • Profi Jupiter is a high-fuel motblock that will become an indispensable assistant for plowing and developing virgin lands, as well as with a mass harvest. It is equipped not only with two working speeds, but also with an additional reverse gear, which ensures the multifunctionality and maneuverability of the unit even with prolonged use. As an additional configuration, the manufacturer offers 6 interchangeable mills and special wheels that can be used on the trailer.
  • Profi PR1040E is a high quality and multifunctional model. It has a power of 10 liters. With. And has a special water cooling system. This device is designed for many hours of continuous work. It is realized not only with the interchangeable tools of 4 types, but also with the adapter in the kit. And also the device is equipped with headlights, large pneumatic fires, has 8 operating speeds and two modes of movement. The weight of the device is a little less than 350 kg. It can be used in any season. Such a walk will become an indispensable assistant for private farms.

  • Profi 1900-k2bp (18 hp) is a high-performance unit with a reduced gear. It is equipped with a gear drive and a 4-rent engine. The Walk behavior tractor is equipped with 4 speeds with the transfer and decompression valve, which provides the easiest and fastest starting of the device. Pneumatic wheels with a unique profile make such an aggregate indispensable for processing virgin soil and plowing a soil with its subsequent processing. In addition, the manufacturer equipped the device with two headlights and a convenient resistor for proper storage.
  • Profi 1400 is presented with a powerful engine of 14 liters. With. It has three gear speeds, equipped with a special device that allows you to additionally equip the tractor for walk behavior with hinged work tools. It is simple and multifunctional at work. The device is not only equipped with a powerful headlight, but also with the function of adjusting the height of the handle, which makes it optimal and easy to use for people of all growths and complexions. Thanks to the weight of just under 200 kg, the unit can be used even on the heaviest soils without making any serious efforts.
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  • The Profi G-192 is a heavy model weighing almost 400 kg with maximum power. It is ideal for developing virgin lands, processing large lands of the earth and many hours of continuous work. The number of speeds is 8, power – 10 liters. With. Cooling is liquid, the walk behavior tractor itself belongs to the category of diesel. It is considered one of the most modern and powerful units.

For each model of walk behind tractor described, the manufacturer gives a guarantee of 1 to 2 years. At the same time, each device is accompanied by a special manual that describes in detail the rules for caring for and operating the device.

You can buy both a walk-behind tractor with a full set of attachments, including an adapter, and these components separately. At the same time, however, all types of equipment must be compatible with the chosen model, otherwise the two-wheel tractor can quickly become unusable or the work can be performed poorly.


The most obvious thing about the quality, popularity and authenticity of the features of professional walk behind tractors is the feedback from their owners. And here the buyers, as is rather rare, actually agree. You know that the small agricultural implements of this brand are really multifunctional, practical and durable in use. Their main advantages are their high performance, economical fuel consumption and high maneuverability with large mass. Almost all owners of these walk-behind tractors agree that the high price fully corresponds to the excellent quality.

If we talk about negative reviews, then they are practically non-existent. Although some buyers say that during continuous operation there is a strong vibration of the device, which disappears on its own. If you operate these two-wheel tractors correctly according to the instructions and choose the right one depending on the work to be done and the volume, then there will be no nasty surprises.

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Motor blocks Profi 1900. Overview, characteristics, owner reviews

Recommendation: 100%



Professional 1900

Profi 1900 is an example of heavy motor vehicles whose main task is to perform various works on the land, namely plowing, cultivating, harvesting, mounding, watering, garbage collection. Such a function package for the Profi two-wheel tractor offers a large selection of additional attachments.

The manufacturer produces several modifications of this line of walk-behind tractors, slightly different in power, weight and technical capabilities. All 1900 series motoblocks can be attributed to household appliances, their technical potential allows you to cultivate land up to 25 hectares.

Motoblock modifications

Available modifications of the Profi 1900 Motoblock model:

  • Profi 1900, PTO, 14 hp, weight 155 kg;
  • Profi 1900, without PTO, 14 hp, weight 155 kg;
  • Profi 1900, without PTO, 18 hp, weight 175 kg;
  • Profi 1900, with PTO shaft, 18 hp, weight 175 kg.

A common technical feature of all Profi 1900 modifications is a lower gear. With the help of this function, the operator of the two-wheel tractor can use the device on difficult soils in the most comfortable speed mode. Ordinary walk-behind tractors without a low gear are more difficult to handle and less manoeuvrable in such conditions. With the Profi 1900 you can carry out ploughing, mounding and other tillage without undue effort – thanks to the stable power that the walk-behind tractor develops even at low speed.

Profi 1900 engine blocks are equipped with four-stroke engines, the cooling method is air. Fuel Type: AI-92, 93, 95 Gasoline.

Motoblock features

  • Engine power from 14 to 18 hp depending on the modification, it is equipped with bypass channels that disperse the combustible mixture.
  • Decompression valve – facilitates starting the engine in all weather conditions, even at low temperatures;
  • Vibration interfering system during device operating (reduces the load on the operator’s hands, reduces fatigue when working with the equipment);
  • Differentials that enable the machine to carry out turning maneuvers in a limited turning area on a loose floor;
  • Dry coupling, easy to use and wait;
  • Large standard gears with a wide profile to improve the liability of the machine on the ground, for stability and increase the maneuverability of the han d-led tractor;
  • Hotstart system for a quick start of the device (even with a cold engine);
  • Besting suitable for most of Russia attached appliances and devices from manufacturers from the CIS countries;
  • The presence of a headlight – you can also use the han d-led tractor at dusk;
  • Adaptation of the control handle to the height of the owner;
  • Support foot for convenient parking the device during storage;
  • Protective wings prevent the penetration of small stones, dirt into the drive during operation;
  • Sufficient weight of the han d-led tractor to work with a virgin floor.
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Technical characteristics

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Motoblocks Profi 1900 are equipped with a gear drive, the volume of the fuel tank is 6-6.5 liters depending on the model. The device works at three speeds (2 forward, 1 reverse gear). The width of the strip for plowing, hills and other manipulations with the floor can be set: from 80 cm to 10 cm when working with cutting plants and a plow, the immersion depth is 15 to 30 cm.

The dimensions of the wheels installed on the handleed tractor are 6.5-12. These are large bikes that are usually not replaced by others. This diameter and the width of the wheels ensure stable operation of the han d-led tractor on each floor. The tap wave is only available in some modifications to the Profi 1900 series. In models without a pfwell, the attachments are connected by a pulley. All professional 1900 models have differentials and a low gear.

Complete set Motoblock Profi 1900:

  • Wheels (2 units);
  • Coupling from the universal type;
  • disassembled tailor;
  • Instructions, guarantee card;
  • Protective wing (2 pieces);
  • A tool set (is used when assembling a han d-led tractor).

Maintenance and operation

Use the han d-led Tractor Profi 1900 according to the operating instructions:

  1. Do not start with work without getting in (entry time 8 hours, with 60 % of the maximum performance, let oil after it drives off, replace with fresh oil);
  2. Use only hig h-quality oil varieties for the engine and transmission, do not use cheap gasoline – this accelerates the wear of the filters and can contribute to the quick failure of the engine.
  3. Do not work with a han d-led tractor without protective gloves.
  4. Install tailors in fabric gloves;
  5. Attach all fastening and screw connections with the supplied or own tools;
  6. Do not work with a han d-led tractor in the rain;
  7. Do not exceed the permissible weight for a trolley or trailer (for motor blocks with a weight of 150-180 kg, the weight of the load in the trolley 500 kg should not exceed).
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The on e-axle tractor Profi in 1900 is stored according to the same rules as other motor vehicles:

  • Drain fuel and oil from all containers for lon g-term storage;
  • Do not let the singl e-axle tractor hibernate in unheated, damp, damp rooms;
  • Leave the engine idle after a standstill for 10-15 minutes;
  • Make sure that the singl e-axle tractor does not make any foreign noises and bumps and start work.

Maintenance of the Motoblock Profi 1900, maintenance conditions:

  • Filling gasoline as required;
  • daily after the end of work – control of the condition of the knives, cleaning of dirt, oil residues;
  • Every 50 hours – oil change, inspection of the machine on damage;
  • After 100 motorized hours – check the candle, clean or replace;
  • Caser adjustment, replacement of belts, with lubricants as required.


Andrey, Tomsk:

“I bought a professional 1900 in 2016. The second year, the walking tractor works without problems, spends very little petrol, I was even surprised, it seems to me with this capacity of 1.5 liters that this is very little. I only used it after I bought and run for working on the virgin countries. Then the floor was already comfortable for work. It was perfect in the virgin countries, vibration can of course still be felt, but compared to a larger motblock, this really doesn’t make that much noise and rattling. I dug potatoes with it, actually he was bought for it, they can handle 6 hectares manually, but why if there is such a technique? I also bought a hinge in another shop: a plow, a potato storm and a hip. He bought no floor – wearing – he buys well without it. I recommend this model for easy work on the website! “

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