Motobobes Profi 1800. Review, characteristics, reviews

Review of the Profi 1800 Pro series. Technical characteristics. Characteristics of application and birch

Professional 1800 is used in agriculture, garden, agricultural and community purposes. Due to the presence of from the skill you can use a variety of attachments.

The Japanese engine of the Motoboblock Profi 1800 has 18 hp. The engine volume is 0.4 liters and the fuel tank is designed for 6.5 liters. Fuel.

Motoblock Profi 1800 Pro series

This engine not only enables the fastening devices to drive, but also to transport heavy loads at a distance of up to 15 km/h.

Technical features Profi 1800

Manufacturer professional
production Germany
Type of petrol
differential Да
Motor volume, cubic knife 277
Power, KWT 13.2
Power, L.S. 18
Starting system Manual
Wheel size 6×12
Programs 2 forward, before 1 before 1
Capture width, mm 900
Processing depth, mm 150 – 300
cooling Air
Weight (KG 140
warranty 24 Months

Functions of the application

Before you start operating the Pro 1800 motor, he has to do it. This means the use of the device at 50 % maximum performance. For example, you can plow or grind at a depth of 10 cm.

Replace the oil in the engine after completing the run.

If you work with the Pro 1800 motor note, use closed shoes and glasses, this will help to protect the owner from possible health.

The Motoblock Profi 1800 works with gasoline from the AI-92 or AI-95 brand. A pure and fresh fuel should be used.

Review of the device

  • The transmission of the professional engine block has 3 steps: 2 forward and a back.
  • A halogen headlight is forward, which illuminates the processed surface.
  • The engine of the Profi 1800 Motobobok has excellent soundproofing and differs with little noise and vibration.
  • Thanks to the Hotstart system, the likelihood of the cold start is excluded and the engine is facilitated at low temperature.
  • A telescopic floor is installed at the front. You can lean the Motoblock Pro 1800 during the engine heating, stop and repair work.
Spraying fruit trees - what should you remember?

Motoblock Profi 1800 Pro series

Professional 1800 operating instructions

With the operating instructions, the owner can familiarize the owner with the compilation of the machine, maintenance and safe operation.

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Before each output, you should check the car for an unnatural position of the parts, the insulation of the electrical wiring and the reliable fixation of the fastening equipment.

During the installation of mill mills, you should make sure that your complete correction and correctness of the assembly.

Service Profi 1800

The operating instructions also contain data on the rules for the maintenance of the Motobobok Profi 1800.

After completing the work, it is essential to check and clean the car of the remains of dirt and dust. This will help prevent corrosion and to extend its lifespan considerably.

  • Motor oil block Profi 1800 per series should be replaced after 25 hours of operation. For this knot it is recommended to use the M-10G2K.
  • The gear oil should be changed after 50 hours of operation. The manufacturer recommends pouring TAP-15V.

Video evaluation Profi 1800

Till the garden with the han d-led tractor Profi 1800

Owner reviews

Below you will find some reviews of the han d-led tractors Profi 1800:


“With regard to price, quality and performance properties, it is an excellent option for a han d-led tractor for home use. I saw many negative reviews, but I have not found any special defects. He copes well with the tasks: it even rides through the swamp, planted grain, plow and mow. I can recommend everyone who is looking for a reliable assistant.

Motoblocks Profi 1800. Overview, properties, owner reviews

Recommendation: 100%



The professional 1800 was developed to carry out complex soil processing tasks: plowing, hills, eggs and other soil processing. In addition to the main functions of the soil processing, the han d-led tractor can carry out aid work, namely areas of snow, rubble, clean leaves, harvest and transport other goods.

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The han d-led Tractor Profi 1800 is equipped with a fou r-stroke engine, gasoline, which is produced in Honda.

The following modifications of the han d-led Tractor Profi 1800 are currently available:

  • Professional 1800 – 14, PS, with a tap wave, 155 kg;
  • Professional 1800 – 18 hp, with a tap wave, 175 kg.

Motoblocks Profi 1800

Obviously, the models differ in weight, volume and engine power. The external design of the han d-led tractors of this line is similar, there are no significant differences. There is a small price difference due to more power in a model.

The basic equipment is also the same for both modifications of the professional 1800:

  • Miss for cultivation,
  • Protective fenders for assembly over the wheels,
  • Universal coupling,
  • handleed tractor,
  • Assembly tool set
  • Guarantee and operating instructions.

If you want, you can buy a number of attachments immediately: Hiller, plow and tunnels. Added parts of engine blocks “Kascad”, “Oka”, “Shtenli”, “Farmer” and other heavy motor devices are suitable for “professional” engine blocks.

Motoblock functions

  • Impressive weight, therefore comfortable work without any symptoms;
  • Uniform distribution of the combustible mixture in the engine through the valve system;
  • Vibration suppression system, more progressive than in the models of the first professional generations;
  • Differentials for turning also in the smallest space;
  • Large stable wheels;
  • Dry coupling + manual control;
  • Simple start-hot start system, single-axle tractors can also be started when the engine is cold;
  • Universal bracket, combined with any attachment;
  • Front certificate for optimal performance in dusk or early morning;
  • Adaptation of the control handle to the body size of the operator;
  • Foldable feed frame for storing the device when switched off;
  • Optimal external design – you buy an attractive han d-led tractor that is in no way inferior to the design of European counterparts;
  • the presence of a pfwell (the device can be used to work with attachments with movable components – a mower, a snow blower, a rotating brush);
  • Protective wing;
  • Schar for easy immersion in the ground when plowing with a plow;
  • Warranty period 24 months.
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Technical characteristics

All modifications to the han d-led tractors Profi 1800 have similar technical properties, for example a manual starting system, three work trips, including a reverse gear. The professional impeller size of this model is 6-12. These are large bikes that offer excellent maneuverability on any kind of soil, even on rai n-washed earth or clay.

Profi 1800

Work width – adjustable of 80 to 120 cm, immersion depth into the floor when working with a cutting unit or plow – from 15 to 30 cm dry clutch, easy to use and wait. When operating this model, professionals often do not use any symptoms, since the weight of the device is sufficient to carry out all the necessary actions with the soil. Discussion gear. Some online shops and normal shops sell handmade tractors with a gear that has already been filled with oil. This oil is drained off after the entrance is completed.

operation and maintenance

Professional 1800 application:
  • Operation on all types of floors, virgin soil is permitted;
  • Snow removal, garbage disposal;
  • Transport of crops or other goods over short distances (using an adapter);
  • Irrigation with an engine pump.
Basic rules for the operation of the professional 1800:
  • try not to force the singl e-axle tractor violently, effortlessly steer the device when working on the construction site;
  • Use switching mechanisms, clutch and gas levers carefully;
  • Follow the user’s instructions for assembling and switching on the singl e-axle tractor for the first time;
  • Do not work with the device if the tendency of the soil exceeds 15 degrees;
  • Use earplugs to minimize noise and antivibration gloves to protect yourself from machine vibrations.
Professional 1800 maintenance recommendations:
  • Monitor the external state of the body of the han d-led tractor, regularly clean earth residues, dirt and lubricant from the surface of the device, milling, wings and wheels.
  • Change the oil in the transmission and engine every 50 hours;
  • Key objects for control and maintenance – carburetor, clutch cable, oil filter, fuel filter, fastening elements, oil level in the engine, gear;
  • Recommended engine oil – Sae10 W40;
  • For the gear – gear oil 75 W-90.
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Igor, permanent wave:

“Motoblock is good and reliable. I have a modification of 14 horses plus pfwelle. Without you, I don’t see any sense in buying a han d-led tractor, I need functionality and not just a unit for plowing. I have a number of weights from different companies, I don’t even know some, but they are all domestic, that’s certain. Since 206 he has been using a han d-led tractor with Hiller, a plow and a potato rotor. Everything is fine and without problems. Easy Start is not a advertising work that really starts on the way as it should. Differentials help in curves. I plan to buy another adapter for it, I will go in the village shop and carry potatoes from the field into the basement.

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