Motobobes Profi 1400. Review, characteristics, reviews

Motobobes Profi 1400. Review, characteristics, evaluations of the owners

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Professional 1400 is designed in such a way that it is supposed to perform up to 30 hectares of land in areas: plowing floor, cultivating, shaking, shaking, hilling, plants and ditching from root plants. Thanks to the engine power of 14 HP, the motorcycle block can perform all functions of the mini drive, namely the transport of goods, cleaning snow, fallen leaves, branches from the location. The type of engine on the Profi 1400 Walk behavior is petrol, fou r-stroke, air cooling.

This professional walk behavio r-tractor is tight in the parameters of the Pro series engine blocks from the manufacturer of the Stenlo. This model is equipped with a power selection shaft. Therefore, it can be used with a large number of attachments, the most popular of the snowman. The snow cleaning work with professionals excludes the need to buy separate equipment, a professional 1400 can be used in every season.

Features of the Walk behavior tractor

  1. uniform distribution of petrol during the operation of the unit;
  2. The presence of differentials (enabling maneuverability, mobility enable you to quickly expand the car);
  3. Decompression valve;
  4. Gas output in the safest position for the operator;
  5. Vibration extinguishing system;
  6. An inverter with which you can quickly change the trajectory of driving.
  7. Large bikes for better plants on any kind of soil;
  8. Dry coupling – comfortably easy maintenance and manual control;
  9. Simple starting system Hotstart;
  10. Attachment for all types of hinge tools of domestic production (Profi 1400 can work with a hinge from “Cascade”, “Neva”, “Oka” and other walk violations);
  11. Establishment of the amount of the control temperature on the growth of the operator;
  12. Storage stand in no n-editing position;
  13. Glove compartment for saving small objects (on the handle);
  14. Two front headlights for optimal work with poor lighting;
  15. Weight 175 kg (heavy unit for a variety of tasks);
  16. Professional producer-Germany.
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Technical characteristics

The performance of the fuel tank in the professional 1400 is 6.6 liters. This is one of the “most spacious” motifs in the amount of fuel. Petrol consumption per hour – depending on the intensity of the engine consumption of 1 to 2 liters. The type of drive is equipment, the number of transmissions is 3 (there is vice versa). The engine power in KW is 10, 4.

Professional 1400

The width of the work can be adjusted from 80 cm to 110 cm, the depth of the immersion of hinge gun (plow, cigns, grinding cutter) in the soil is 15 cm to 30 cm – the standard for all devices of a similar type and for all devices of a similar type and the way weight category. The dimensions of the bikes of the basic configuration: 6.5-12. As the experience and ratings of the owners of such models show, standard gears are sufficient to carry out every work with a tractor for a walk, including the transport of goods with a weight of up to 400 kg.

Professional 1400 Motoboboga.

  • Moto block in a disassembled form (the handle and the wheels are attached after opening the packaging);
  • Frase knife (assembly is required);
  • Tools to assemble a tractor for walks;
  • two wheels;
  • Installation shields over the wheels;
  • universal type coupling;
  • Instructions, guarantee voucher.

Functions of the application

Where the use of Profi 1400 is manufactured for which the device is used:

  • Ton floors;
  • Virgo;
  • Previously cultivated soils of all kinds;
  • Clean the territory of the site from snow, fallen leaves, twigs, dry grass (snow offer or shovel liner for snow, other manipulations or trolley, rotor brush for cleaning);
  • transport of goods;
  • Watering the site (when using a motorcycle).

Recommendations for operating the Profi 1400 Motor Block:

  • Avoid tilting the walk-on tractor in one direction, control the device without making excessive efforts.
  • Gently turn on the clutch mechanism and perform the launch according to the user’s instructions.
  • When working with Profi on sloping ground (more than 15 degrees), you can instruct the walk behavior tractor diagonally.
  • The device is controlled in protective mittens (this reduces the harmful effects of vibration on the hand).
Type: October 25 - October 31st

Professional maintenance recommendations:

  • Follow the cleanliness of the touring tractor, regularly remove from the body and grilles of the starter, as well as from the cutter, the remnants of grass or lubricants;
  • replace lubricant every 50 hours;
  • Control the condition: spark plugs, carburetors, clutch cables, gasoline and oil filters;
  • Use SAE30 or SAE10 W40 oil for the engine; For the gearbox: 80W-90, 75W-90 gear oil.

Video review

The proposed video review contains information about the Sternley walk-behind tractor, similar to the Profi 1400 Motor Block (a more expensive analogue of the Pro, similar in functionality and a number of technical characteristics with the described model).

If you are the owner of the Profi 1400 Walk Behavior tractor, add a link to the video of your motorcycle operation in a comment on this article. Also, leave your reviews about this model in the article – they will be useful to those who have not yet decided on the choice of a walk.


Ilya, Magnitogorsk:

“Obviously, I bought this model because of power. 14 horses, plus considerable weight, received a wonderful walk-tractor for a moderate cost. The owners of the earth will evaluate the acquisition. It is unrealistic to manually process the acts of more than six acres, all summer through spring only in the garden need to be done. With a wal k-tractor a hundred times easier. Prof 1400 I like it! I can only say that he spends more than a liter. But I’m not complaining – other features are pretty happy with: The earth with mills will work into a dusty state. Don’t listen to those who say you have to weight a walk tractor. My works fine, and the wildland plows and chernozems have been tested by time, I’ve had it for 3 years. “

Review of the Profi 1400 Pro series. Technical characteristics. Features of application and birch

This motblock refers to a range of professional machines. It is equipped with a gasoline four-stroke engine, which can carry out work for a long period of time without stopping. The Motoblock Profi 1400 Pro series allows not only to process virgin and frozen lands, but also to transport heavy loads with a trailer.

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Motoblock Profi 1400 Pro series

Due to the presence of differential, you can use the car in a small plot.

Country manufacturer of the Profi 1400 Pro series – Germany.

Technical features Profi 1400 Pro series

Manufacturer professional
power, kwt 10.4
Motor volume, cubes/cm 420
The volume of the fuel tank, l 6,5
engine type 4-stroke petrol
drive unit gear
Forward/Reverse Programs 2/1
Fuel consumption, l/h 1,5
Processing width, mm 800-1100
Processing depth, mm 150-300
wheel size 6.50-12
From the There is
differentials There is
weight (kg 178
warranty, month 24

Features of the application

Before you start the ful l-fledged operation of the new han d-led tractor Profi 1400, it is necessary to run the engine. To do this, it is necessary to fill fuel and oil into the engine and let the car work in a gentle mode for about 6 hours. Be sure to change the engine oil at the end of the entrance time.

Motoblock Profi 1400 Pro series

The correct aggregation of the systems must be checked before each departure. Improperly coupling can cause the clutch to fly out of the connection during operation and lead to damage to health.

Product overview Profi 1400 per series

  • The Motoblock Profi 1400 Pro series is equipped with powerful halogen headlights that offer an excellent view in the evening.
  • 6.5 × 12 borders with an aggressive profile of the type SD ensure excellent flotation on any kind of floor.
  • Thanks to the tap wave, a variety of attachments can be used.
  • The new anti-vibration system of the hand-led tractor of the Profi 1400 Pro series can significantly reduce the transfer of vibrations to the steering rod. However, the disadvantage is that this system does not dampen all vibrations.

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User Guide

Before commissioning the han d-led tractor of the Profi 1400 Pro series, it is necessary to subject the machine of a visual inspection to oil leaks, good electrical cabling and no deformations.

Motoblock Saljut 5x 6.0 Honda GC 190 Ohv. Overview, properties

The manufacturer’s operating instructions provide an overview of the basic rules for the safe handling of the device, its advantages and disadvantages.


The operating instructions also contain information on the rules for the maintenance of the han d-led tractor Profi 1400.

After completing the work, the machine must be checked and cleaned of dirt and dust brims. This prevents corrosion and the lifespan is significantly extended.

Motor oil M-10G2K gear oil TAP-15V

  • The motor oil of the han d-led tractor of the Profi 1400 Pro series must be changed after 25 hours of operation. The use of M-10G2K is recommended for this knot.
  • The gear oil should be changed after 50 hours of operation. The manufacturer recommends pouring TAP-15V.

Owner reviews

Below you will find some reviews of the han d-led tractors Profi 1400:


“With regard to price, quality and performance properties, it is an excellent option for a han d-led tractor for home use. I saw many negative reviews, but I have not found any special defects. He copes well with the tasks: it even rides through the swamp, planted grain, plow and mow. I can recommend everyone who is looking for a reliable assistant.

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