Motobobes bison GN-2. Review, characteristics, reviews

Motobobes bison GN-2. Review, characteristics, reviews of the owners

Motoblock petrol bison GN-2 (6.5 hp) is a representative for heavy equipment for small farms. The most effective in open land spots with an area of ​​up to 1 ha and in greenhouses and gardens.

Motoblock Zubr GN-2

Thanks to the compact sizes and a relatively small weight (73 kg without cutter or 89 kg with a cultivating one), a motor block can be easily transported into the trunk of your own car.

The device is aggregated with strikers and trailer devices, which increases its functionality. Can be used:

  • rotating plows;
  • Discs;
  • Pollen;
  • Cigns;
  • Flatzneider;
  • Equipment for planting and digging potatoes;
  • Make hay;
  • Pumps;
  • Floors;
  • Weighting;
  • Mill;
  • A trailer (for the transport of mass and pitch goods with a weight of up to 350 kg) etc.

Motoblock Zubr GN-2 with rotary mower

The functionality of the tractor of the walk behavior with additional equipment increases, which means that the device can now manage with absolutely every task:

  • The soil of every density plowing;
  • will cut the furrows for plants of plants;
  • Plant potatoes in the ground (and other plants);
  • will carry out plants of plants;
  • will perform hig h-quality weeds;
  • will carry out automated potato ditch;
  • Together with the mowing, he will quickly prepare food for the cattle;
  • If the full irrigation of plants is made, water pumps;
  • High quality and quickly from the snack, personalities, etc.


The heavy BOG GN-2 is equipped with an air-cooled petrol engine with a capacity of 6.5 hp. The 1-cylinder fou r-stroke petrol engine is reliably protected from overheating and introduced with a spring handle in manual mode.

Model GN-2

Despite the relatively low weight, the unit can cultivate the soil up to a depth of 25 cm. In dense and virgin countries, it is recommended to use additional devices: floor rooms (to strengthen the liability of the unit with the floor) and weight (to increase weight).

The transmission of the rotary torque to the working body is carried out by equipment and wedge opponents.

The gearbox has three speeds:

As a fuel, it is recommended to use gasoline with high quality quality with an octane number of at least 92. The adjustment of the handles enables the motor operator to carry out field work with great comfort.

Technical characteristics

Motor type: 4 tact
Cooling system: Air
Drive unit: Brishmous equipment
Forward the number of programs: 2
Number of programs back: 1
The width of the cultivation: 730 mm
The depth of cultivation: 250 mm
Motor model: WM168FB
Type of fuel: petrol
Start type: Manual
The volume of the fuel tank: 3.8 l
Fuel consumption: 1.3 l/hour
Work motor volume: 196 cubic meters
Engine power: 6.5 L.S.
The size: 1700x730x900 mm
The weight: 89 kg
Warranty: 12 months
Country of Manufacture: China

User Guide

Whatever the model of the tractor of the Walk behavior you selected together with the device itself, a detailed instructions for the operation of the device are available in the configuration where it is specified:

  • The properties of the unit.
  • Device.
  • The procedure to carry out the maintenance of a motorized device.
  • Play before the company.
  • Possible breakdowns, causes of their occurrence and effective methods to fix problems.

If you want your two-wheel tractor to work flawlessly for a long time, then the machine must be broken in with all responsibility. How to properly break in a walk-behind tractor is described step-by-step in the instructions.

You will also need:

  • Periodically check the presence of fuel and oil in the fuel tank and crankcase, respectively.
  • buy only high-quality oils and gasoline;
  • Before starting work with a two-wheel tractor, check all connecting elements and tighten if necessary;
  • Clean the device regularly from dust and dirt.

All of these simple measures will significantly extend the life of the walk behind tractor.


The owners of the Zubr GN-2 walk-behind tractor are generally satisfied with their device, they value ease of use and functionality.

Eugene, 39 years old:

The walk-behind tractor is small and practical, I’ve tried it both in the field and in the greenhouse. Initially there were problems with growing new land – well, I didn’t want to dive to the desired depth. I, of course. got upset, asked Google for help and realized his mistake: it is necessary to increase the weight of the device and increase traction. I immediately ordered eyelets and weights – now any floor is enough for me. The controls are simple, convenient, manual engine start, simple design, I have no complaints about the manufacturer, quite the contrary!

Oleg, 30 years old:

I have a cottage on 32 acres. For the first year my wife and I farmed the land by hand, we appreciated all the “joys” of country life for ourselves! But they did not give up on the garden, opting for a walk-behind tractor, which, by the way, is relatively inexpensive. I bought a walk behind tractor, let it drive around as expected and the work started to boil. I’ve been using it for the third year, my wife only participates in the preparation of the canning and the potato harvest! All are happy!

Viktor Arkadyevich, 52 years old:

I live outside the city, I have a vegetable garden, an orchard, a small kopanka. I’ve been using the Zubr GN-2 Motoblock for more than a year (I’ve had it for 6 years). The device is excellent – compact and functional. During this time, I bought the necessary accessories and realized that the pump would come in handy – with its help I water my garden (I use the same kopanka as a dispenser). For six years, of course, there were breakdowns: I changed the candles, sorted out the carburetor, changed the V-belt. I like the car, I don’t regret the purchase.

Bison GN-2

bison gn-2

Bison GN-2 – walk-behind tractor, 4-stroke engine 196 cc. Lo and behold, gasoline. Delivery bison gn-2 in moscow and other cities of russia.

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Buy Bison gn-2 in Moscow:

➤ There are discounts with the promotional code sidex250: buy a promotional price for the bison gn-2 in the city of Moscow and other cities of Russia. The final cost depends on the shipping method. Delivery and collection Bison GN-2 without prepayment. Be sure to activate the promo code before purchasing! Bison GN-2: reviews, photos, review, characteristics. There is a shipment at your own expense in Moscow. The city of Moscow is set automatically, you can change it → Contacts – Moscow [+]

Telephone: 8 (800) 555-25-66


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Video review


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Overview of the model range of MTZ motor blocks. Description, properties
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