Motobobe device MTZ. Basic malfunctions, configuration, maintenance

Motoblock MTZ instructions for repair

Motobes MTZ has been used in the personal economy by owners of personal actions for many years. Vera and truth, they have been serving for decades. Instructions for instructions and user manual are lost over time. On this page of the website we provide a selection of operating instructions for the MTZ and Belarus engine blocks – 08n – 09n of old and new models. The development and development of the release of motor blocks of the MTZ was carried out in the Minsk tractor plant. In 1978, work on the company began to implement small devices for personal secondary land. The production of motor blocks MTZ-05, MTZ-06/12. The development of mass production of MTZ-05 occurred in 1990, as can be seen through information from the official website of the MINSK tractor plant.

A logical continuation of this model was the publication in 1992. Belarus-08n/09n engine note. The abbreviation of the MTZ disappeared in the usual name. The reason for this change is the gradual translation of the Minsk factory for the production of light agricultural machines in one of its branches of the SA Z-the Smorgon unit system.

The installation of the MTZ Motoblocks is shown by the following models:

The official website of the manufacturer of the motor blocks of the (Minsk Tractor Plant OJSC)

Official website of the manufacturer of motor blocks Belarus 08 n-09 n-Www.smorgo (OJSC Smorgon Agregate Plant)

Operating instructions for MTZ engine blocks

The user managers will be useful for the owners of MTZ technology for the previously installed engines.

If you are installed on the tractor for walking with the characteristics of the motor of the Belarus 08n-09n, which is installed on the tractor

Detailed information about the Honda GX 270 engine. You can find information about other motoblock engines in this link

Motoblock “MTZ” 12

The most powerful tractor of the MTZ-Belarus brand. Adapted to huge areas (over 5 hectares), all kinds of agricultural and municipal tasks. Equipped with the standard carburetor engine SK-12, the potential of which is 11 hp. It plows the virgin countries, heavy and moistur e-resistant substrates, which thanks to their impressive weight can do without without transplants and weight average. Passable in curves and during transport along the country roads, which is ensured by blocking the differential by a special lever.


  • Suitability for any kind of soil;
  • the possibility of addressing a mini actionor with an additional prefix;
  • A vibration absorbing support built into the Lenklebeben;
  • Uniform spare parts;
  • Work with a high octane fuel from the AI-92 brand;
  • The imprint of maintenance that takes place with understandable operating instructions with your own hands.

Working properties:

  • Traction – 8.1 kW;
  • Street freedom – 30 cm;
  • Max. Plowing depth – 0.3 m;
  • Dimensions – 188 x 85 x 101 cm;
  • Weight – 148 kg.


The production of Belarus engine blocks began in 1978 with the MTZ-05 model. Since then, interest in these units has not subsided because their main advantage is reliability and excellent technical properties. The ability to aggregate with any type of cultivation device makes MTZ engine blocks even more functional and sought-after in small and medium-sized agriculture. Part of the trailer coupling has to be adjusted a bit, but the owners see no problem.

The hand-led tractor MTZ-05 is attractive in appearance and simply inside and is still used and is popular on the secondary market.

Below is a diagram that clearly shows the device of the han d-led tractor and the position of all nodes

Before you continue to repair a unit or part, you have to familiarize yourself with the diagram shown. This not only helps to understand where the necessary mechanisms are located, but also to establish the relationship between them. The refinement of the han d-led tractor and its repair are carried out much faster and more efficiently.


Early models were equipped with the UD-15 and UD-25 engines produced domestically. But when the device improved and new models came onto the market, handled tractors spread with a Honda engine made in Japan. They were characterized by increased motorcycles and reliability in the company.

However, the costs for such units were also high. In order to reduce production costs, engines from the Chinese manufacturer Lifan were built into production. The quality was a bit inferior to the Japanese Honda, but in general they were considered an excellent alternative. Many owners decided to upgrade their device and have not regretted it. One can certainly say that the use of imported motors only improves the power of the device.

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The problems described below were created based on the feedback from the owners.

Difficulties starting the engine

As a rule, such a problem occurred for the following reasons:

  • Difficulties in fuel supply and consequently its lack. First check the amount of fuel in the tank. If everything is in order and fuel is present, clean air and fuel filters. Make sure the connection between the carburetor and the head is firm enough. Check the fuel pump and your performance.
  • Problems can occur with the ignition system. Check the contact of the ignition magnet with the candles. Magneto has to work and give a spark. If the integrity of the wires or the insulation of the electrodes is damaged or there is a kind of gap between them, problems arise. You can try to start the engine by stepping on the pedal quickly and vigorously. Make sure the accelerator works.

Technical properties of the han d-led tractor MTZ 06

  • Motor: gasoline 9 hp 4-stroke
  • Cooling: air
  • Number of gears: 2 forward / 1 backwards
  • Fuel tank: 6 l
  • Weight: 105 kg
  • Reducer volume: 1.7 l
  • Working width: 80 – 110 mm
  • Department of tillage: 150 – 300 mm

Motoblock MTZ 06

It is worth noting that different types of attachments can be easily attached to this han d-led tractor:

  • Plow;
  • Grubber;
  • Rototiller;
  • Mower;
  • Potato planters and more.

As for the repair of such a device, first of all it is worth understanding that the longer it will take you to maintain your equipment. Timely oil changes and constant diagnostics extend the life of your equipment much longer. In case of problems, you can refer to the repair instructions. In it you will find all the details of the settings of every detail from the engine to the carburetor.

Motoblock MTZ 06 is an excellent option for domestic units that will reduce the work on your site and please it with a quality result.

Increasing the speed of Belarus

In order to get the maximum efficiency from the acquired MTZ engine grade, many owners are interested in the possibility of increasing the speed of the unit. Experts recommend replacing the gears that are set by default with accelerated settings. The difference is in the number of teeth. There are 61 teeth in a conventional gear, and on the Penny 12. Accelerated is slightly different and has 55 teeth and 155.

The principle of operation is to increase the speed of rotation of the half-shaft and, consequently, the entire unit as a whole. In addition, the engine speeds do not change. For example, in 4 gears, after the replacement, the speed increases from 9 km/h to 15 km/h.

In a simple but effective way to increase the speed of the MTZ engine note, the wheels are replaced with a large diameter. It’s simply explained – the increased wheel range covers a large area.

Execution of the Runnin g-i n-MTZ

It is imperative after acquiring a new walk tractor to do the running before putting it into service. The meaning of the runnin g-in is the possibility of the details of the details. Since the walk-on tractor that has run off the assembly line will not be put into production, all parts may be loose suitable due to possible roughness on the surface. Therefore, during the crawling of the MTZ, do not use fastening devices, and the device is inserted only in a half-ash. Do not operate it at maximum speed.

The manufacturer recommends 10-15 hours.

The engine starts and the first time just works, then the load is gradually added. Do not use heavy trailer hitches. It is enough to connect the trailer without cargo and drive with it.

Setting up the engine block MTZ

If you want to have maximum efficiency when working with the MTZ Motornote, this must be configured before starting work. It is most advisable to set up after downtime or long-term storage. Despite the fact that the new motoblocks are set directly in production, additional verification and verification of all systems, and especially engine operation, is required after purchase.

The sequence of the engine:

  1. Perform the fuel liquid adjustment as the check screws may shift.
  2. Check the distance between the valves and recommend the recommended. This allows you to control the amount of fuel liquid in the carburetor.
  3. Perform carburetor tuning with idle running. Then on the minimum and maximum throttle.
  4. Install the same atmospheric pressure in pneumatic tires. Recommended indicator 2 atmosphere. If this is not done, then the device will have an uneven movement, it will be difficult to give in to the management and wrap to the side.
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User Guide

The tractor for Walk behavior is used simply, but to increase its service life, you should carefully monitor its condition:

  • Check the presence of malfunctions before each use, including the reliability of bolt connections;
  • After work, remove earth or snowbums to avoid rust.
  • Fuel fuel at a height of 2 centimeters to prevent dust from the bottom of the tank into the fuel system;
  • Control of the presence of oil to avoid early wear of technology.
  • Use 10W-30 oil that provides an effective work of the walk-in tractor in every season.
  • Leave the remains of the previous fuel before changing the oil, pour the rinsing and let the machine work idle.
  • Use the M-10V2 or M-10G2, M-8G2-inch winter fuel in summer;
  • Pour the full volume oil.

Implementation of the maintenance of motor blocks MTZ

Despite the fact that the MTZ motoblocks are reliable and have a strong design to get them in good technical condition, a special service must be carried out regularly. These are the following measures:

  • Clean the cleaning after the operation. It is best to wash the mud with water and a brush. This will help to avoid corrosion that is formed with moisture due to the constant contact.
  • Very often the Wal k-Fehd tractor and the Lacomal coating layer is disturbed. This is an additional factor for corrosion. If a violation of the integrity of the paint is recognized, it is necessary to restore it as soon as possible.
  • The oil level is checked immediately before operation and every time. If we let the engine work without lubrication, the parts are susceptible to intensive wear, which leads to fast failures. Use litol or solidol to avoid friction with dry gear levers.

Operating rules for MTZ

  • After the engine started, the pedal slowly rises into a horizontal position.
  • Before using attachments of devices, the reliability of the bar must be checked. This will help to avoid a sudden separation of the Hitch from the MTZ Motor note and consequently the violation of the operator. Fixing fixers have to be working and well tightened and the furnishing device ensures.
  • You cannot insert the rear gear if the car is completely stopped when moving forward.

Features of the lubricant

In order to prevent failures and premature failure of the electricity unit, it is necessary to pay special attention to the lubricant because the details work harmoniously and continuously. 0.6 cubic meters that insert in the crankcase. DM of the lubricant as the 10W-30 series is used.

In order to avoid using a bad mix, try to buy oils from proven brands that have been on the market for a long time and have proven their way.

The ÖLER set takes place in accordance with the schedule recommended in the operating instructions. As a rule, the first replacement is carried out after 25 hours after operation after the run of the MT Z-Motorn note. Stand up to the Öler Setian Plan to avoid failures.

To extract waste oil, it is necessary to heat the engine for some time. Then the lubricant becomes viscous and follows easily.

Motobobe device MTZ. Basic malfunctions, configuration, maintenance

Recommend: 67%


Motobobe device MTZ

Motoblock of the MTZ began in Soviet times. Her main advantage is simplicity and maintainability. Therefore, there are no problems dealing with the Belarus’ device. The most popular model is MTZ-05.

Motoblock MTZ-05

The following diagram shows in detail the position of the main working elements of the han d-led tractor.

Motobobok device MTZ-05

Before you start repair work, read this diagram. It will reject many questions regarding the position or name of the main parts of the device.


Based on the feedback, we can identify the main problems that occur during operation and ways to your solution.

Starting the MTZ engine is difficult
  • Lack of fuel or its care is difficult. In this case, you should check the presence of fuel in the gas tank. If there is petrol, check and clean the fuel filter. See whether the carburetor is firmly connected to the head. Assess the performance of the fuel pump.
  • Problems in the ignition system. Check the cable connections to magneties and spark plugs. Make sure that the ignition magnet works when it gives a spark. Perhaps the isolation of the electrodes in the spark plugs or the gap between them is broken. Start with faster pedal printing. Check the function of the accelerator.
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The crankshaft turns slowly or not at all
  • the starter and battery cables are securely attached;
  • Battery charge and their usability;
  • How warm is the engine;
  • whether the freewheel slips in the starter drive. If this situation occurs, the clutch must be completely replaced.
  • Condition of lubrication of drive gears and wedges;
  • Collector cleaning;
  • the condition of the brushes;
  • the condition of the anchor windings (replace the entire device in the event of an injury).
The engine starts, but starter does not go out

In this case, the starter must first be dismantled and ensured that it works. Perhaps the starter drive on the wave or the anchor of the traction relay will be jammed.

Motoblock works jerky
  • unstable operation of the ignition system;
  • The candles are sooty;
  • Dirt in the carburetor.
The MTZ engine does not bring full performance
  • Wash and dry the spark plugs and also set the distance between them;
  • Set the composition of the fuel mixture at idle;
  • Clean the carburetor;
  • Make sure the ignition is set correctly;
  • Belarus was too heavily contaminated and the accelerator pedal was opened a lot, it was put into position.
The carburetor system runs with oil during operation.
  • Remove carbon deposits and wipe off the valve;
  • The shutter pin does not set up completely;
  • The fuel pump promotes too much fuel;
  • Use more seals for the fuel pump.
Exchange of the engine

The engine is most frequently replaced at old Belarussia 05 and 09. They are equipped with factory engines UD-15 and UD-25. Your work resource has long been exhausted since the 1990s. And that’s why Honda and Lifan engines are now considered more relevant.

Honda GX270 engine

The new factory models of the MTZ-09N engine blocks are equipped with Honda GX 270 engines and are considered the most reliable for use in the garden.

Replacing an engine with a new one is a difficult task, since all systems must be clearly connected according to the corresponding diagram.

Replace the engine exactly according to the scheme. If something goes wrong during the exchange, Belarus will behave unpredictably when he received large loads.

Video check of the exchange of the engine on the hand-led MTZ tractor
How to increase the speed of the han d-led tractor MTZ

Many MTZ owners are interested in this topic because they want to get the best out of their hand-led tractor.

To do this, you can upgrade the gears and replace the standard gears with hig h-speed tooth wheels.

  • By default, the output wheel has 61 teeth and the axle shaft 12 teeth.
  • The high-speed output wheel has 55 teeth, the axle wave has 15 teeth.

The engine speed remains unchanged during the modernization, but the speed of the half axis increases significantly and therefore the entire hiking wall.

The table contains a change in speed in each course
No. Transmission The speed of the Walk behavior tractor in the factory configuration (km/h) The speed of a walking engineer with a high speed (km/h) equipped
1 2, 3,5
2 3,6 6,0
3 5,2 8,6
4 9,2 15.3

Another way to increase the speed of the Belarusian movement is to install wheels with a larger diameter.

Everything is simple here, the larger the diameter, the greater the distance in a rotation.


If you are the first owner of the MTZ Motor note, it is necessary before its full use to carry out the running.

This procedure is necessary so that the factory details are injured and can work stable.

Since you immediately put a heavy plow on it and start plowing it, the details can be legally connected due to their low roughness, and every element of the gear can easily fail.

The barrel of 10 to 12 mothers should be for the belaries. At this point, you only have to have the engine worked with small loads. For example, it can be an ordinary trailer that can be connected to a tractor and drive with a walk.

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For proper operation, it is necessary to configure the tractor of the walk behavior before the field for work leaves.

The coordination of the tractor of the walk is particularly relevant after the equipment in the garage in winter if the connections could be broken.

If you are the first owner and only bought Belarus, it should already be configured in the Smorgon plant. However, it is recommended to check all engine operating systems again.

Steps of setting up engine operation:
  1. Set the fuel mixture because it is controlled by special screws that need to be used regularly.
  2. Install the desired gap between the valves. This is necessary to obtain the required amount of the fuel mixture in the carburetor.
  3. Configure the operation of the carburetor to exhibit the required engine speeds for minimal and maximum gas.
  4. In order to check the pressure in the tire, it should be the same on the level of 2 atmospheres, otherwise it will be in one direction while operating the MTZ and the management will be difficult.

The MTZ engine block is unpretentious in maintenance. However, you should monitor his condition.

  • After the field work, it should be cleaned by the backdates of the dirt.
  • When the paint is broken, it must be corrected with a special color for the same reason.
  • It is necessary to check the oil level in special tanks. And keep it at the required level. Otherwise, the friction occurs without lubrication and the wear of the parts increases significantly. For the same reason, it is necessary to lubricate the axis of the lever of switching with a lithol or solidol.
  • After starting the engine, the pedal should slowly be raised in a horizontal position.

Important! It is forbidden to work with a fully lowered pedal.

  • The tractor of the walk behavior is useless, it works with the help of special attachments. It has to be reliably fixed by the SHKVortni until it stops! Otherwise the connection is possible and the equipment flies away from the tractor of the walk behavior. If it is behind the operator, the health of the latter can be harmed in front of the operator.
  • It is forbidden to switch on the rear gear while moving the tractor of walking forward.

Lubricating system

For a long and stable operation of the machine, it is necessary to properly lubricate it. Thanks to this, all the details of the device will work for a long time and stably.

MTZ Carter is designed for 0.6 DM 3 oils. According to the operating instructions, the 10W-30 series is considered optimal. It is recommended to take imported oil, it is more expensive, but it also works better.

Important! If you just bought a walk-through tractor, there is no oil in the crankcase. It needs to be poured there. The start of the collapse without oil is not allowed.

After the first 25 motorized working hours, it is necessary to carry out the first oil change. This must be done regularly. In the instructions for operating the tractor of Walk behavior, he is clearly presented, after which the MTZ engine note should be changed.

Before replacing, the engine warms up. Thanks to this trick, the oil becomes more liquid and easier to leave.

Oil Replacement Algorithm:
  1. The cap is removed from the neck of the oil tank.
  2. The container is replaced by the drain hole.
  3. A plug is removed.
  4. It stays in this position for 15 minutes.
  5. A drain stop is deployed.
  6. The oil is poured to the required level and its level is checked.
  7. The lid is twisted.

The choice of oil for a gearbox can mislead many. It is logical that the transmission should be flooded, but this is not so. In this case, there is no great load on the gearbox, as in cars.

If you fill in a thicker Tap-15 or TAD-17 type transmission oil, the work of the walk-on tractor will be difficult.

Motoblock with gear oil cannot output the required power. Therefore, motor oil for Soviet Gosts is also poured here: M-10v2 or M-10G2 (summer oil variants) and M-8G2 (in the winter season).

Transmission oil replacement algorithm:
  1. Replace the reservoir under the gearbox drain hole.
  2. Unscrew the drain stopper and drain the waste oil.
  3. Pour again and close the cork.
  4. Run the oil at idle on the transmission system.
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When you pour the oil over the mark, the walking tractor drives it through the system and its excesses flow out of the oil tank and the composite nodes.

clutch adjustment

Clutch is a connection between the control point and the control lever. Therefore, you need to know how to customize it.

If the clutch fails, the malfunctions are immediately visible:

  • If the clutch is fully squeezed and the tractor tore off the spot of walking, the adjusting screw was sick and should be tightened.
  • If the clutch is released and the Walk behavior tractor does not give out the required speed or stops, you should loosen the screw slightly.
Video review of clutch adjustment on MTZ-05 walk-behind tractor

If during operation a strange noise was heard from the gearbox, it is worth stopping work immediately. This is the first sign that something is wrong in the box. The gearbox can also become very hot.

  • The most common problem is a lack of oil or poor quality. It is best to use imported analogues for stuffing. In this case, you can make yourself available from bad oil. If it’s just not enough, share it. The level should be checked before starting any work.
  • If you have replaced the oil but the noise remains, the problem here is in the gears. They should be changed to new ones. It must not work with faulty gears.

If there is a problem with shifting gears, their independent turning off or jamming, there can be several reasons.

  • First adjust the clutch, once you are sure of the correct settings read on.
  • The details of the Checkpoint have worn, disassembled and replace their condition with new ones if necessary.
  • Rods of waves were deleted.

Important! If the ends of the rotating gears with dust and oil are dirty, the gear shift shifts occurs spontaneously, they cannot work with such a walk tractor.


MTZ engine blocks are sold in the standard configuration without a generator. Belarus is much more pleasant to use when modernizing the battery. This makes it possible to set an electric starter in return for the usual light and to install light. Thanks to the battery and the electric steamer, you can easily start a tractor for walks, and the light helps to work in the dark.

Video check the installation of the generator on the Motoblock Belarus

Vibration of walking behavior tractor

The MTZ is thought through so that the vibration that forms during its company maximizes. This is achieved at the expense of modern warehouse, a great weight of the structure, an improved piston and a flywheel.

Over time, vibration can increase during operation. In this case, it is necessary to check the condition of the camp with their wear, whereby the vibration increases significantly, which comes from the mechanism of the connecting staff.

The flywheel is responsible for the transmission of the rotation. Therefore, everything can be fine in the engine, but vibration is already formed when transferred to the flywheel. If it is damaged, it should be replaced by a new one.

MTZ minitor

Many MTZ owners modernize the motorcycle block to a mini contract lawyer. The easiest way to do this is to use an adapter. This allows you to perform most of the work.

There are special adapters such as Horses for Belarus. During the modernization, the motoblock does not remind itself. It turns out to be a regular tractor with a smaller size. If you install it, the speed of the Belarus changes a little, as it has to carry not only the weight of the hat, but also the horse itself. However, this loss will be insignificant, since Honda engines enable them to work with a problem with half a tone. And the weight of Hors is about 100 kg.

Adapter horse IS-2 for MTZ Motoboblok

You can try to assemble and install a min i-actractor yourself. There are a large number of different systems and drawings as possible. However, it is recommended to only do this if you are sure of your skills. Otherwise, the chances of modernization are extremely small.

With a careful attitude to work and the timely maintenance of the MTZ motor note, they last a long time.

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