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Cutter for power tiller Neva: varieties and their purpose, choice

Cutter for the tractor Neva are the most popular module and are often included in the basic set of units. The wide distribution and popularity of the devices are due to the effectiveness of their use, the simplicity of design and high availability to consumers.

Characteristics and purpose

By design, a tractor grinder for the undercarriage has several floor machining meters mounted on a rotating axis. Two types of steel are used for their production: alloyed and high-carbon steel, with the latter being processed by high-frequency current with mandatory thermal hardening. Thanks to the use of such materials, the products are very strong and durable.

The scope of the milling system is quite wide and includes all types of soil processing.

With the help of this device, the soil is loosened, weeds are removed, virgin soil is incorporated and the garden is recultivated in the spring and fall. In addition, the use of shredders is effective in the production of mineral and organic fertilizers, if deep and thorough mixing of the soil with preparations is required. Through thorough plowing, you can achieve optimum soil density, increase chemical and biological activity, as well as significantly increase the yield of agricultural plants that grow on the treated soil.

In addition to the module included in the set, additional pairs can be purchased and installed. With their help, you can improve the controllability of the device and improve the quality of tillage. However, you should not particularly overload the power tiller, this can lead to overheating of the engine and its failure. In addition, some restrictions are associated with the installation of additional attachments. For example, when plowing virgin land, it is not recommended to use additional devices. The module contained in the main offer is sufficient for such cultivation.

When regularly cultivating light soil, the installation of a few additional cutters will only benefit.


Classification of grades for a walking tractor occurs on several grounds. Thus, according to the place, it is possible to distinguish lateral and distracting. The first are installed on the waves with the drive on the wheels on both sides relative to the electric machine. In this placement, the cutters play the role of wheels and drive a walking tractor in motion. The second method of placement involves installation behind the tractor of the walking behavior and operates from the mains. This placement is most typical for most modern power tillers, including such famous brands as “Virgin Lands”, MTZ and NEVA.

Features of the grape cutting in spring

The second criterion for classifying schroots is their design. According to this criterion, there are 2 types: Sabe r-defined (active) cutter and “goose feet”.

Sable e-determined mills

They are part of the basic equipment of a recreational tractor and are the most popular among farmers. The mills have a collapsible design, which makes their installation, maintenance and transportation very convenient and p

growth. The active mill is designed as a block, which includes that

Busch-cutting mechanisms, which are arranged to each other at right angles. Blades are fastened with screws, washers and nuts, and the number of blocks on each side of the disk can be 2-3 or more pieces. Cutters are not welded during production. This is due to the special properties of carbon steel and its insensitivity to this method of connection.

The blades from which the cutter is made are quite simple and consist of steel strips bent at the edges. In addition, they are arranged in a block in such a way that the bends in one direction alternate with the bends in the other direction. Because the shape of the knives resembles a saber, active knives are often referred to as saber knives. Such a design, combined with the high hardness and strength of the material, allows this type of equipment to be used when plowing new soil and heavy soils with a high proportion of stones and roots.

It is recommended to use pen-type hardened steel of 50 hgfa quality when making the sabre milling cutters yourself.

The “Hahnenstieg” sabre cutter.

These cutters have a one-piece, non-disassembled construction that is highly durable and long-lasting. They can be used not only to effectively cultivate stony and loamy soils, but also to fight small weeds and perform deep loosening. The standard factory-installed models have fairly compact dimensions: 38 cm long, 41 wide and 38, and the weight of the structure is 16 kg.

This type owes its name to the design features of the knives, which are represented in the form of sharpened triangular plates, located on the edges of steel rods and in their shape vaguely resemble crow’s feet. The number of cutting elements may vary from 4 in factory models to 8-10 in homemade samples.

However, with an increase in the number of knives, the quality of tillage increases significantly, and the load on the engine is also much greater. Therefore, when making your own knife cutters, you need to take this fact into account and not to overdo it. The maximum speed at which a hand tractor equipped with funnel cutters can move is 5 km/h, which corresponds to the average speed of an adult. In this regard, it is quite convenient and comfortable to use such devices. Material for the manufacture of blades is low-carbon steel of medium density, so the blades are often prone to breakage and deformation when working with problematic soils.

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Selection Criteria

Before you start buying hand-held tractor cutters, you need to properly assess the operating conditions and the type of soil to be cultivated. So, if you plan to work on stony areas, it is better to buy a saber model. Such devices can easily cope with difficult floors and are easier to repair in case of breakage. Just unscrew the damaged blade and put a new one in its place.

If you want to plow virgin soil, it is better to choose a crow’s-foot cutter. It is well suited for working heavy soils and deep plowing of 30-40 cm. However, the model with a blocking jack is absolutely not suitable for work on a wet floor: around the blades – grass and long roots, and the work is often interrupted.

For such cases, it is enough to install a saber cutter.

Installation tips

To assemble and install the cutter on the walk tractor is quite simple. To do this, the unit is rested on a couch and turned at a 45-degree angle. Then the X-shaped wooden pads are made and rested on the walk tractor. Optimally, if the height of the goats is about 50 cm. Once a secure stop is provided and the device is stable enough, proceed to remove the wheels.

To do this, use a special wrench, which is usually included in the basic equipment of the tractor-walker. Then the required number of grinding notches are installed on the wheel drive shafts. For especially powerful models, their number can be up to six, for other units – six. Installation of the cutters should be made counterclockwise. This helps the knives to complete the work on their own when the plume moves and eliminates the need to do this additionally.

rules of operation

In order to ensure that the operation of the cutters is not difficult, a few simple rules should be followed.


Mothballs cutters for Neva – assembly, cultivation, review and reviews of owners

  • Cutters are the main active element in the cultivation of the soil. They exist in different variants. Each of them is suitable for processing a certain soil and at a certain speed.
  • The choice of a tiller affects
  • How high the quality of the final result of tillage will be;
  • How much effort you have to put in?
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How controllable will the tiller be during installation?

How much stress the engine will be under.

Above all, the choice of tillers should appear depending on what kind of soil will be cultivated, i.e. where, on what land it will work.

Cultivation cutters are an integral part of the tractor-plough. It is one of the first sound devices to be purchased.

However, there are situations where a standard cultivator is not fitted with the right tiller. For example, it does not match the width of the cultivated surface or does not penetrate deep enough into the soil. In this case, it is possible to buy additional tillers for the Neva Wal k-Behaviour tractor, which can perform the required amount of work.

Thus, the land is plowed by the Neva with 8 cutters:

By varying the number of cutters installed, you can optimize the entire Neva engine class in tillage, improving steerability and the end result of loosening the soil.

If you need to cultivate clay soil, you should not install more than two pairs of cultivators for cultivation. Otherwise there is a huge load on the engine. And instead of a good cultivation result, we get a faulty engine. In addition, the manufacturer does not recommend increasing the number of sprockets of mills when cultivating virgin lands, because the soil there has a large amount of stones and other organic compounds.

In addition, turning is recommended only when working with already prepared lands. In this case, growing Neva with a slot cutter will give excellent results.

How deep the tillers will penetrate the soil depends on the pre-adjustment made with the coulter. This is a steel anchor that sits vertically on the hook of the cultivator.

The greatest depth of cutting is indicated by the size of the cutter diameter.

  • Types of cultivators for the Neva
  • The first thing to ask before buying cutters, and what are they really? There are two types of cutters that are most popular right now:

Saber-type – with offset feet;

Sable e-determined mills

Sable e-definable mills.

Sable – unfortunate mills

This type is considered the standard option for cultivation. Sabre-shaped cutters have successfully stood the test of time and proven their effectiveness.

It should be noted that this type of cutters works as standard with the NEV A-Wal k-Behaviour tractor.

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They are ideally shaped.

The raw material for the sabre mills is high quality high-carbon steel. This metal itself is very strong. In order to achieve an even greater density of metal, it is additionally forged and subjected to electric shocks at high frequency. This makes the final product durable and reliable.

Sable is a broken millstone. After all, this steel is not weldable. Therefore, all connections are made with the help of screws.

This is how the Neva is handled by saber mills:

Cutter for power tiller Neva: varieties and their purpose, choice

The walking behavior of the Freize “goose-foot”

This model has gained popularity recently and is used in conjunction with “saber mills”. It is mainly used when growing on harder soils.

  • What makes it different is that this cutter bar is fixed and not collapsible. This gives it additional strength and allows you to work with virgin lands and successfully fight a lot of weeds.
  • In standard form it has the following dimensions:
  • length – 38 cm,

Width – 41 cm,

height – 38 cm.

With such dimensions, the weight of such a plough is about 16 kg. And the maximum speed of tillage – 5 km/h.

The disadvantage is the material from which the “goose feet” are made. This is ordinary carbon steel, which is not large in size. And it often breaks or bends when working with increased loads. However, on the other hand, with this strength, the plow easily falters and continues to be repaired.

Here’s how the Neva is cultivated with gooseneck cutters:

Protective disc on the tiller

A protective disc must be installed on the end of the tiller for safe operation.

It gives you great control over the u200bu200bt surface area you want to work on and prevents any plants or flowers accidentally growing in your garden or other plants.

  1. The assembly diagram of the cutter
  2. In fact, the assembly diagram is simple, let’s take a closer look:
  3. The cutter must be installed counterclockwise. As a plus, it is worth noting that they are self-releasing. Therefore, there will be no unnecessary resistance during tillage, it will only hurt them.
  4. Then you should lean the tiller on the couch and turn at a 45-degree angle.

Then you should make wooden X-shaped pads with a height of about 50 cm and install the block handle on them.

The wheels are removed and the necessary amount of sanding is installed in their place. If you have a powerful power tiller, you can install 6 or more sanders. If not, it is not recommended to take the risk and install a large number.

  • Here is a video instruction on how to properly assemble the mills for the walking tractor “Neva”:
  • How to work on a walking tractor Neva with a cultivator?
  • It is necessary to adjust the position of the handles. The main thing here is to be comfortable to stand and work. Otherwise you will get tired very quickly;
  • On the rear surface, it is necessary to install a sashnikov. It works like an anchor, and when the machine bounces on the ground, it will help make working smoother.
  • Start the Neva recreational tractor and let the engine warm up for 5 minutes.
  • Turn on the program and go to work;
  • If you are working with a plot, you should not stay in one place for a long time, you can hold the ground.
  • The main task of cultivation NEVA through a power tiller is loosening the top layer of soil, thanks to which the couch should be brought to a minimum position.
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The speed should be chosen according to the situation. If in higher gears you find that the harness slips, reduce the speed. If all goes well, you can add some speed.

  • If the speed is reduced, but the harness is still slipping, try deepening it by pushing down on the crank. In this case, the couch goes into the ground and delays the movement a bit.
  • What to do if you are still in the ground?
  • Increase your grip while walking as high as possible. This will help 90% of the time.

If you can’t get your grip up right away, try switching to the other side and then increasing again.

You can try rocking the walker from side to side. Pulling the walker out of the ground with a cutter also helps.

So growing the NEVA goes through the engine block:

What do the forums say?

There are a lot of forums on the Internet where people share their experiences of how to cultivate the Neva with a tiller with a router.


“For me as a farmer, the tiller cutter is an essential part of working with the land. It’s a necessary procedure with which you can increase your harvest. I am very familiar with the tractor, because I can’t imagine my work without it. It makes this process quick and efficient. Yes, it takes physical effort to operate a power tiller, but you can’t do without it in farming. “

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