Motobloks Patriot Pobeda: video review of the device and attachments, reviews of owners

Patriot Pobeda gasoline tractor. Features, technical characteristics, owner reviews

Motobloc Patriot Pobeda is the flagship of the entire model range and is suitable for use on small household plots. The model design has a compact size and low weight, which facilitates storage and operation of the device.

Patriot Pobeda power tiller

When developing the design features of the device the main emphasis was made on the appearance combined with technical characteristics which made Patriot Pobeda one of the most popular walking tractors in the market of modern agricultural machinery. The cost of the device, which could compete with other manufacturers, also played an important role.

Patriot Pobeda belongs to the middle class of walking tractors, because it is equipped with a 7-horsepower gasoline engine. Significant fuel savings with high performance has been achieved through the use of modern developments and technologies. Thus, the average consumption is 1.2-1.6 l/h.

Patriot Pobeda power tiller

The use of attachments is provided, which makes the Patriot Pobeda walking tractor even more functional. Its main purpose – tillage, but the Patriot can also be used for plowing, mowing grass and crops, planting and harvesting potatoes, transporting small loads.

Features of the Patriot Pobeda

MotoGP Patriot Pobeda is designed to work on soils of varying complexity, so a powerful engine, sturdy construction and reliable power unit will help the farmer to cope with the agricultural work. The transmission has 2 forward and 1 reverse gear, but the model is equipped with a downshift option, which increases the number of gears.

Patriot Pobeda power tiller

Simple operation allows to operate the tractor even those who have never had such experience. Wide pneumatic wheels ensure stability of the unit on uneven terrain, and the front bumper bead protects the power unit from impacts.

Tillage depth can vary depending on the task and difficulty of the soil. The control handles have rubberized nozzles, which makes the work comfortable and convenient.

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The functionality of the walking tractor can be increased with additional attachments, which are available in a wide range. For example: plows, ridgers, adapters, rakes, harrows, bucket dumpers, wheels with pneumatic tires, metal wheels with spikes, garbage brushes, transport platform carts, different types of cutters, mowers, towbars, weights.

Technical characteristics

engine type 4-stroke petrol
engine power 7.0 HP.
engine displacement 198 cc
fuel capacity 3.6l
working width up to 100 cm
working depth up to 32 cm
coupling Belt
gearbox chain
pneumatic wheels 4.00-8.00
number of speeds 4 forward / 2 reverse
cutter diameter 30 cm
Turning speed of cutters 156 rpm
Active towbar connection role
Weight 78 kg

Peculiarities of the petrol patriot win operation

Immediately after starting the unit, the lifting must be done correctly so that all moving parts of the engine and gearbox are injured.

The current process takes about 10 hours and starts with warming up the engine. The unit is then tested virtually unloaded at any speed, according to which the capacity is gradually increased and brought up to 3/4 of the engine power. At the end of the run it is obligatory to drain the used oil and fill with fresh oil.

Patriot Pobeda power tiller

It is recommended that the oil in the engine be changed every 50 hours every 100 hours, and the oil in the gearbox. This recreational tractor uses 92 or 95 gasoline and 10W-40 series or special SAE 5W-30 oils. Hypoid 80W85 gearbox gear oil.

Specico Sae 5W-30 oil Synergy Sae 10W40 Hypoid 80W85 oil

Regular maintenance extends the life of your paddock tractor. Therefore, in addition to daily inspections, follow the manual’s plan.

Important: A running-in period must be performed before you start operation. This will help extend the life of the power unit.

Before each use, the following work must be performed:
  • Clean off dust and dirt;
  • Check the tiller and identify possible leaks.
  • Make sure the correct amount of oil and fuel is available.
  • Check that the air filter is clean.
  • Check the tension in the drive belt;
  • Tighten all threaded connections.
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To check the unit and operational skills of the Patriot “Victory” we recommend reading the manual

Patrio t-Sieg T-Fehd Tract Operation Check Video

Below is a video demonstration by the manufacturer of the Wal k-Fehd tract.

Another video test that clearly shows the benefits of the Wal k-Fehd tractor

Owners reviews


My power tiller Patriot Pobeda is about 2 years old and I have never regretted buying it. At first, I only used the porta-potties that were included, but then I added more glueing equipment. It became more fun and faster. Planting and harvesting potatoes, watering the garden, sowing and mowing became much easier. I would like to refer to the quality of the tractor’s walking behavior, as the engine runs steadily all the time, starts up immediately and the programs are clearly engaged.

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We recommend: 100%



Patriot Victory power tiller is a multifunctional device, which is equipped with a powerful engine of 7 hp. With an increased service life.

It belongs to the class of medium-powered power tillers.

It can be used to work small and medium-sized garden plots. The walking tractor is not intended for industrial use.

The model belongs to the domestic, not professional, but the power of the device is enough for quality agricultural work.

Patriot Pobeda

Like other Patriot power tillers, the Victory belongs to the devices, the official country of which is the USA.

In recent years, the Patriot group of companies produces equipment for the Russian assembly.

In addition to motor blocks, the manufacturer produces a variety of attachments, seeders, as well as other garden and state devices (saws, motor blocks, compressors, chargers, heat generators and more), as well as accessories for agricultural machinery.


Function and quality come together in a Patriot power tiller.

  • Stable unit with pneumatic bikes (does not tumble to the side, does not slip, goes well on uneven terrain);
  • There is a reverse gear, and the steering wheel swivels;
  • The control gag is adjustable at two levels;
  • Three-arm pulley allows you to attach attachments, such as a snow blower or mower;
  • A universal traction unit allows you to use additional equipment (such as a dolly or trailer);
  • According to the manufacturer’s website, the Patriot Pobeda can be fitted with a tracked attachment (so the manually-operated tractor can move easily on snowy roads);
  • Six gears increase the maneuverability of the unit (4 forward, 2 reverse);
  • Gears are shifted by a pinion;
  • A pulley switch allows you to turn off or on;
  • Chain reducer;
  • Pneumatic wheels of medium diameter (4.00-8);
  • Tractor with manual control grabs a strip of land 90 cm wide;
  • The weight of the device is 85 kg. With such a low weight, this machine can be operated by a woman operator, which is very practical for work in small cottages. To set the machine in motion, you do not need to make a special effort: it is enough to direct the device and control its work, holding on to the handles.
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Another advantage of this model is a relatively low price. On the manufacturer’s website, it is currently just over 28,000 rubles.

Device and equipment

Components of the device:

  1. Four-stroke engine;
  2. Gears made of aluminum alloy;
  3. Gearbox;
  4. Control buttons or steering column;
  5. Install fenders over the wheels to protect the hand tractor operator from the floor and dirt (can be removed if necessary);
  6. pneumatic bikes.

The basic equipment Patriot Pobeda contains the following elements:

  • Towing device;
  • Ball;
  • Candle wrench;
  • Wheels;
  • Cat fenders for mounting over wheels;
  • Cutter;
  • Owner’s Manual.

Maintenance and first steps

You should not start working with the single axle tractor until you are familiar with the operating instructions.

You should start working with the unit after you have assembled it, installed it and checked the quality of fastening of all removable parts.

It is recommended to use any transmission oil to fill up the gearbox in the Patriot Pobeda single axle tractor, in particular, the manufacturer’s website recommends using hypoid oil.

For engine: semi-synthetic 4-stroke Expert SAE 10W-40 or Specific Sae 5W-30 or Supreme HD SAE30 4-stroke mineral engine oil.

Recommended gasoline grade for engine is AI92. Poor quality fuel will quickly clog the fuel filter and must be replaced.

Supreme 4-stroke mineral oil Specific 4-stroke semi-synthetic oil Expert 4-stroke semi-synthetic oil

Oil change recommendations

  • After the first 5 hours of operation;
  • Thereafter once a season or every 25-50 hours;
  • Fueling only when engine is cold.

Commissioning and maintenance

  • Before starting the tractor with manual control the engine must be started and warmed up for a few minutes. Then it is necessary to select the required speed mode and press the clutch lever so that the blades begin to rotate. The manufacturer recommends using the rear gear only for turning the single axle tractor.
  • During routine maintenance check the condition of the fuel filter, if necessary install the clutch and clean all surfaces of the single axle tractor from dirt and crop residues.
  • Check the condition of the spark plug every 25 hours.
  • Check the condition of the drive belt once a season and replace if necessary.
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engine power 7 PS
Working width 90 cm
transmission 4 forward / 2 in front
gearbox chain
coupling Belt
Active towbar connection role
Type of pneumatic bikes 4.00-8.00
Weight 85 kg

Video review

Owners reviews

There are many reviews on the network for this walking tractor model, mostly users note the ease of operation, maneuverability and compactness.

Valery, Tula: “I heard about the power tiller patrio. I read the reviews and decided to buy. My country neighbor also has one, but of a different version, the Chicago. I have no complaints about my walking tractor, 15 hectares is enough. Petrol consumption is moderate, stable and compact. What do you need for a small plot or vegetable garden? “

Vladimir, Gomel: “I bought the Pobeda because of the great description and attractive appearance. I was also pleased with its compactness. I carry it in the trunk a little bit, I don’t leave it at the cottage for the weekend, I hide it in the garage. My wife knows how to operate it, it’s not a heavyweight, but more for small areas of equipment. Satisfied, I recommend it to anyone with a small area. “

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