Motoblocks ZUBR HT-135. Overview, properties, reviews

Motoblocks ZUBR HT-135. Overview, specifications, owner reviews

The hand-led diesel tractor ZUBR HT-135 (9 hp) is the most powerful and heaviest device of the entire series, which is equipped with air-cooled engines. High performance, wear resistance and reliability of the han d-led tractor make it easy to edit land up to 2 hectares.

With the help of this agricultural equipment, the following agricultural field work can be carried out:

  • cultivate the soil;
  • Plants pudded it;
  • Thin out plants;
  • Fight weeds;
  • To produce automatic irrigation of plants, pump up water;
  • to prepare hay for animals;
  • Remove snow;
  • Harvest;
  • Transport the freight.

After watching the video, you will see how potatoes are harvested with this device:

In order to maximize the full performance of the hand-led diesel tractor ZUBR HT-135, you must buy the following attachments or manufacture yourself:

  • Rototiller (active, crow’s feet);
  • Turning plow;
  • Stollen;
  • Mower;
  • Hiller;
  • Hard drives;
  • Water pump;
  • Potato planters;
  • Potato rotor;
  • Snow milling;
  • Trailer car.


Motoblock Diesel ZUBR HT-135 (electrical starter) (9 hp) is equipped with a four-stroke single engine with air protection against overheating. By cooling an ongoing engine, you can significantly extend the working time with the device.


A diesel engine is significantly more economical than a petrol engine. The engine is started with an electrical starter. A fuel tank with a capacity of 5.5 liters and a crankcase with a capacity of 1.1 liters ensure that the owner of the Zubr single tractor is not distracted again by refueling the device.

Due to the solid weight of the single-axis tractor (135 kg), the soil processing can easily be dispensed with on the dodging, while the processing depth can reach 18-30 cm.

The torque transmission takes place via a reliable screw gear. The V-belt transmission transfers the torque to the gear. What in turn has:

  • two forwards;
  • One back.

Motoblock ZUBR HT-135 (9 HP) is equipped with inflatable bikes with strong treads that ensure reliable grip on the device.

In the scope of delivery of the handled tractor, are included:

  • Rototiller;
  • Trailer hitch;
  • User Guide.

Zubble HT-135 with floor cutters

An indispensable function for the operator is the adjustment of the handles. Thanks to this, the operator does not have to follow the han d-led tractor on freshly plowed land – it is enough to go side by side on still unprocessed soil.

Technical characteristics

We invite you to better familiarize yourself with all the characteristics of this agrotechnical unit:

Cooling system Air
Horsepower 6
Start type Manual start
Fuel tank volume (L) 3,6
Fuel consumption (l/h) 0,5
Type of the engine diesel
engine Km178fs
Speed ​​(rpm) 3000
Oil swamp volume (L) 1,1
Drive unit Belt
Reducer gear
Number of gears, forwards backwards 2/1
Cultivation width, mm 1050
Attachment depth, mm 300
Setting the working width Without adjustment
Clutch type Belt
Height, mm 980
Depth, mm 1740
Width (mm 1050
Weight (KG) 105
Guarantee, months 12
Country of Manufacture China
Soil lazing - when and how is it done?

User Guide

Carefully studying the operator’s manual of the HT-135 walk behind tractor, you should approach the following issues with all responsibility:

  • Device retracted. If you have spent several hours to a day on this important action, you will ensure the performance of the walk-behind tractor for many years to come. If you treat the running-in procedure negligently, be prepared to replace the engine and other important structural elements.
  • model device. Knowing what and how it is arranged and where it is installed, you can prevent the occurrence of many breakdowns and eliminate the inevitable malfunctions with your own hands.
  • It is very important to change the oil in the crankcase correctly and in a timely manner. The detailed steps of this process are also described in the guide.
  • Motoblock maintenance. This includes both the daily maintenance of the device and its preservation for the winter.
  • Problems, their causes and solutions. It is very important for the operator of the walk-behind tractor to react quickly to any problems that arise with the device. Experienced operators pay attention to the following indicators: engine noise, vibration, whistle, etc. Knowing all this, you can identify the problem in time and quickly fix it without bringing the walk-behind tractor to a more serious breakdown.

Many problems with the operation of the machine can be avoided if you follow a few rules:

  • Check the fasteners before working with the device.
  • lubricate all moving parts;
  • Keep the device perfectly clean.


What kind of feedback wanted to leave the owners of this model, we read:

Ruslan, 41 years old:

I made this purchase this spring. I made my choice and I don’t regret it – the machine is strong, under its weight the plowing depth is solid (without a canopy). Appreciated the electric start, no problems – I hit “start” and drove off. The wheels are great, the handling is great. Particularly pleased with the economical diesel engine. I recommend to friends.

Vadim, 39 years old:

I haven’t bought an Zubr yet, I’ll give myself one of these in the winter when the goods are cheaper. I want to buy the exact model HT-135, that’s it for my 1.5 hectares. I had to work with a walk-behind tractor – I visited my brother and learned this technique. Easy starting, smooth running, maneuverability and functionality. But the most important thing: Diesel! And the fuel consumption is lower and the fuel price is cheaper. My old “mole” has had its day, so I’m getting ready for a shift.

Yuri, 45 years old:

Folk Signs: September 1 - September 6 September 6

I have been working with the Bison HT-135 for several years. The device proved its reliability, as it often had to trip over obstacles – the engine is still alive. V-belts have already changed the rules. I have the entire canopy and am using the car to the fullest, starting in early spring and ending in late fall. But I don’t use a two-wheel tractor as a snow blower because there are special machines for that.

Motoblocks Zubr: The model range at a glance

Motobobes bison

Thanks to the active development of the technological field, the agrosphere is constantly updated with new useful and powerful tools that can significantly simplify the process of land management. Zubr diesel walking tractors are one of the most popular devices that help to perform many tasks, from plowing the land to mowing grass and clearing snow. Of course, representatives of the above sphere have been actively using these devices for more than a year and regularly update them, as the technical characteristics of walk-behind tractors are constantly improving.

It is worth noting that the manual tractors of the specified brand are represented in a wide variety on the modern market of agricultural machinery. Despite the fact that they gather in China, branded models are considered one of the most reliable and productive.

The availability of spare parts in specialized stores, which are almost always in stock, also contributes to significant distribution. Each motorcycl e-Bison has its own characteristics, so the cost of the unit is based on many factors.

Bison NT 105 engine block

Brush motor block H T-105 - Properties

  • Engine KM178F;
  • Multi-Disc wet clutch in a disc bath;
  • gear reducers;
  • The engine volume reaches 296 cm 3;
  • Soil cultivation depth – up to 30 cm and width – up to 105 cm;
  • The fuel tank holds 3.5L;
  • Engine power – 6 liters. With.

The specified tractor for Walk behavior is great for working with heavy soil, as it has a high-class worm gear, multi-disc cliff and is characterized by an increased motorcycle resource.

One of the most requested models is the 6 hp Bison. Its properties allow you to perform the following functions:

  • Processing of land of different density and complexity;
  • soil cultivation;
  • Cut the lawn;
  • harvest and its harvest;
  • The cultivation of land between planted crops and much more.

Motoblock Bison 6L. With. The HT-105 diesel is a fairly reliable technique, designed for daily loads. The assembly has fallen with its quality, and the use of only proven parts and components significantly extends its service life.

Due to the fact that diesel is used as a fuel, the performance of the technology has increased significantly. Therefore, a diesel engine for 6 hp is much more powerful than its gasoline analogue with the same amount of strength.

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In addition, this option is more economical, which also gives positive qualities. If you use additional devices for the tractor for Walk behavior, you can significantly expand the functionality of the device.

Bison NT 135 engine block

Motoblock bison NT 135

Technical characteristics

  • Engine KM186F;
  • Number of speeds – 2 forward/forward 1;
  • A 9 liter engine is installed. With.;
  • The fuel tank contains 6.6 liters;
  • The presence of an electric steamer greatly facilitates starting the engine;
  • The weight inspirational – 135 kg;
  • The engine volume does not exceed 406 cm 3.

The device is considered to be the most powerful device in the line that features air cooling. The engine is distinguished by the presence of a cast sleeve and excellent work even at low speeds. NT 135 bison has a reliable design and can handle about 2x earth hectares.

As for the features of using the device, each option is accompanied by instructions for its operation, so there should be no problems with management and other moments. It is worth noting that even if the instructions are lost or an unreadable appearance increases over time, the instructions can be found with us without any problems. After many have evaluated the pros and cons of current devices, many, having evaluated the pros and cons of current devices, consciously choose a Zubr motoblock and do not regret the decision made.

Motoblock Bison JR-Q78 up to 8 hp

Motoblock bison 8 hp

Motoblock Bison at 8 hp. It will be the best assistant for you and will cope with any task (even the most difficult) in farming. This model of walk behavior is the most powerful maker and has many advantages. With it you can process every area and even the heaviest soil. What is it so attractive and why it is bought – more on this.

Characteristics of the Motor Block Bison JR-Q78 up to 8 hp

Motoblock ZUBR 8 HP has a lot of weight, but it is precisely because of it and due to its remarkable strength, the processing of heavy soil takes much less time than with any other han d-led tractor. It has been manufactured in China since the end of the 20th century and is very popular due to its low costs. To find spare parts for motor block 8 HP on the market, as they are on the top of the sales. The design of this model is very reliable. The modern gearbox offers two courses to choose from, six forward and two backward passages so that you can do a lot of work in a short time. The ZUBR 8 Motoblock is suitable for processing 1-3 hectares of land.

The instruction for the use of this han d-led tractor is very simple and understandable, it comes with the purchase of the device.

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Motoblock bison 8 HP JR-Q78

The bison JR-Q78 motor block (8 hp) is very powerful and with excellent properties and is driven by a diesel engine with a cylinder from direct spray water cooling, which is mounted on a powerful and reliable frame. It has a large perseverance under load and heavy traffic in difficult areas. The buil t-in tank has a large volume, while consumption is very economical. The wheels are equipped with a Chevron profile that ensures the necessary floor treatment. The stability is guaranteed by the high weight and this machine saves you a lot of time and effort. A variation of this model is the model JR-Q78E, which differs from its predecessor only in that the set contains an electric starter.

Properties of the Motoblock Zubr JR-Q78

  • In length, this han d-led tractor belongs to the overall class and has dimensions: 2180 mm length, 890 mm – width and 1250 mm – height;
  • There is a rail next to the wheels along which the wheels move, and their length is 650-730 mm;
  • Taking into account the nominal trimming force with which the single-axle tractor works, the ZUBR models have 1510 N;
  • The chassis of the unit weighs only 155 kg;
  • Empty weight, including plow and fuel, – 186 kg;
  • a fairly good indicator of fuel consumption, since the han d-led tractor consumes only 278.8 g / kW per hour (which corresponds to about 1 liter per hour);
  • The volume of the fuel tank is 8 liters.

It is better to buy spare parts for a han d-led tractor separately, as there is a large selection on the market and you select the best part for the device. So you can select or change a plow, a potato maker, a more frequent, a pump and much more. When repairing the han d-led tractor, the bison is not picky and serves for a long time, even though it causes low costs.

Motoblock Zubr JR-Q12E

Private users particularly liked the ZUBR 12-L engine block model. With. It has a different name JR-Q12E and is considered the most powerful and reliable among all models from the aforementioned manufacturer. The specified device becomes an excellent “comrade” in the processing of large properties, since this is facilitated by an output of 12 hp, excellent technical properties, competent assembly and reliability.

It will easily plow three hectares and will not fail. The operating instructions enable you to quickly understand all the functions of use. Vibrations from work do not cause any symptoms, so that the device is convenient to use. The system uses a reliable electrical starter with which you can start the engine easily and quickly.

It is strength and endurance that are the advantages of the unit. This expensive object should not be acquired for small personalities with a soft country, since cheaper and less powerful models can be finished with the load.

Motoblocks Centaur 2080 B. Review, characteristics, reviews

Technical properties of the motor block bison JR-Q12E

The basic features of this model contain the following data:

  • The volume of the fuel tank is 8.5 l;
  • Consumption – 2.2 liters. H.;
  • Weight – approx. 300 kg;
  • Cup – hard drive;
  • Rut width (processed) – 90 cm;
  • Depth of the beetle floor – 18 cm;
  • Cooling water.

The engine of the motor block JR-Q12E

Type of Horizontal town diesel fou r-stroke R195anl engine with water cooling
Engine volume 815 cubic meters.
Maximum Performance 12 PS
rated capacity 11.4 L.S.
Nominal speed 2000 vol./Min.
Cooling system capacitor
Direction of rotation of the tank wheel Against clockwise
lubrication Spray the gear pump with a lubricating system
Start the engine Electric starter or hand starter (z – figurative handle)

The possibility of operating a motor block as a mini vector is not excluded. To do this, it is necessary to buy special attachments (an adapter with a seat) and increase the work area.

For such components in particular, there are technical holes and special brackets in the tractor body of the walk behavior, so that there are no problems with installation. An important point: In some cases it is necessary not to forget adapters to ensure the maximum performance and fortress of the adhesion of the supplementary equipment and the device itself.

Nuances of the operation of Motoblock bison

Agricultural work leads to various malfunctions. Among them is the need to set the valves. This operation can be carried out independently. The main thing is to adhere to the sequence of actions.

The gap between the valves is very important for the full operation of the tractor of the walk behavior. It is therefore necessary to carry out the following actions:

  • To get to the flywheel, you need to remove the filter oil bath.
  • Then unscrew the screws to remove the housing;
  • It is necessary to scroll the flywheel until the markings with the zero value and the cylinder collapse.
  • Next, the valve cover must remove the required screws.
  • The valve setting is carried out by tools such as a minus screwdriver, a razor blade and a 1 0-key key. It is necessary to let go of the mother while the razor blade is slightly astonished under every valve.
  • If you withdraw the nuts, you have to put everything in reverse order.
  • After you have checked the correctness of the collection, you can continue to work.

It is very important to monitor your condition for the effective and durable operation of the device. Therefore, the service should be carried out on time and with reasonable quality.

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