Motoblocks ZUBR HT-105. Overview, properties, reviews

Motoblocks ZUBR HT-105. Overview, specifications, owner reviews

Han d-based tractors from Chinese production have been on the Russian market since 1999. Consumers estimated the competitiveness of this technology compared to European manufacturers. It combines perfectly affordable price and high quality.

Motoblock Zubr is very simple and easy to use, functional and reliable. With it you can loosen the floor, fertilize, dig up the floor, remove weeds, transport small loads, clean and clear snow.

Special parameters of Motoblöcken Zubr:

  • Available spare parts. If necessary, they can simply be purchased;
  • A heavy device can edit up to 2 hectares. Depth of the plowed floor up to 30 cm;
  • The presence of a gear and disc coupling enables the tension to be monitored less frequently;
  • Sparing consumption of the fuel mixture. The han d-led tractor can work for a long time without stopping refueling;
  • Air or water cooling. The han d-led tractor does not overheat even in the operation at very high temperature conditions;
  • Electrost starter or feather starter is chosen as the owner’s wish.

The han d-led tractor lasts much longer if it is retracted beforehand. The instructions for use contains recommendations for this process. You can also protect yourself at work by following simple recommendations.

User Guide

After making a purchase and bringing the han d-led tractor home, do not hurry to start it immediately from the threshold. First of all, read the detailed operating instructions of the device, which is definitely included.

This manual deals with the most important points that help extend the lifespan of the motorized device. So what information is included in this document:

  1. The device of a certain model of a han d-led tractor with drawings, diagrams and descriptions.
  2. Drive in, first start. The most important chapter, incorrectly carried out (or not at all carried out), leads to the failure of the device in the first operating hours.
  3. The procedure for carrying out the maintenance of the device, which includes the oil change, cleaning of dirt, the storage of the han d-led tractor for a time of inactivity, etc.
  4. Description of the most common disorders, their causes and recommendations for repair.

When driving in, the han d-led tractor must first be completely filled with fuel, oil and cooling water (if water), the rubbing parts are lubricated with oil and the reliability of the fastening elements and voltage is checked belt. Then let the car run with each of the available speeds for some time and in rising order (the exact time is specified in the instructions).

During the entry process, we check the brake system, the steering, etc. After we have strictly completed the entry time according to the instructions, we continue with the maintenance.

Maintenance is:

  1. Monitoring the oil and fuel stand in the system. The fuel used is high-quality lead-free petrol A-92 or diesel for hand-guided diesel tractors.
  2. His quality control.
  3. Clean all parts of the singl e-axle tractor of dust and dirt.
  4. Lubrication of the rubbing parts of the device with suitable oils (specified in the instructions).

Which oils are used for, see table:

  1. Check and tighten for fastening elements.
  2. Preservation of unity in winter.

The instructions describe the most common problems with a singl e-axle tractor, show their causes and opportunities to solve the problem.

Here is a video for the correct start of the han d-led tractor from Zubr:

We offer you to watch a video that shows how well the hand-guided zub tractor works with a plow:

Determination of the originality of the singl e-axle tractor

Its reliability, durability and safety during operation depend on the authenticity of the equipment purchased. How can you check whether the hand-led Zubr tractor is original in front of you?

  • The presence of a volumetric glossy logo of the manufacturer on the engine or gearbox. A simple tracker indicates a fake;
  • The logo is poured out for diesel models. This is done during the manufacture of the unit;
  • There are various stickers on the devices with recommendations and tips for commissioning and use as well as other useful information;
  • The original units are red, swamp green, orange and blue.
Mtd Lawn Mowers - Overview of MTD MOWERS line of self-evaluated reviews, owners

In such a simple way, the company secured its customers from buying counterfeits. With simple instructions you purchase a really hig h-quality original device.

Classification of han d-led tractors

The zub technology is divided into several types. In order to select a suitable han d-led tractor, it is worthwhile to assume the size of the acreage and the type of soil.

Types of Zubr-Agregates:

  1. Lung. Most models in this category are operated with gasoline. They manage parcels in size from 10 to 30 hectares. Performance up to 6.5 liters. With. Machine weight up to 100 kg;
  2. Middle. Motoblocks with petrol and diesel for areas of 30 to 80 hectares. Petrol units have a capacity of around 9 liters. s. And diesel – 6 – 9 liters. With. Equipment weighs up to 120 kg;
  3. Difficult. Saxon diesel tractors of the professional type for areas from a hectare. Depending on the surface of the buil t-up field, you can stop at a device with a capacity of 9 to 15 liters. With. The mass of such units is 120 kilograms.

The company offers its customers models with various capacities and configurations, from simple compact han d-led tractors for small areas to professional units.

Motoblock Zubr NT 105

Diesel unit, processing of land up to 1.5 hectares. Local price and efficiency have made the han d-led tractor popular with farmers. Advantages of the model:

  • Air cooling system prevents overheating even at high loads;
  • The oil filter protects the engine from dust and pollution;
  • The mass of the unit enables use for the processing of heavy soils;
  • Low fuel consumption. Even with increased load, diesel is consumed in ratio of 0.5 l / h;
  • A large selection of protective roofs increases the functionality of the han d-led tractor. The tailging wave enables the use of a sickle mower;
  • With the trailer you can transport loads of up to 350 kilograms;
  • The steering wheel is horizontally and vertically, so that each operator can adjust the device individually.

Technical properties of the han d-led tractor zubr nt 105:

  • Four stroke engine KM178F with an output of 6 liters. With.;
  • Fuel tank – 3.6 liters;
  • Plow width – up to 105 cm;
  • Plow depth – up to 30 cm;
  • Gears – two forwards and a reverse gear;
  • The presence of a manual starter;
  • Weight of the unit – 120 kg.

Motoblock Zubr NT 135

A powerful device at an affordable price that is characterized by reliability and unpretentiousism in the company. Due to the simple construction features of the equipment, you can repair the han d-led tractor with your own hands. Device characteristics:

  • Air cooling system to prevent the equipment from overheating;
  • Two forward gears enable the processing of heavy soils. The floor is plowed at a low level, cultivated at a high level;
  • Comfortable vertical and horizontally adjustable handles simplify the device control;
  • Heckzapfwelle that enables the use of a variety of hoods;
  • With a trailer you can transport freight up to 420 kilograms.

Technical properties of the Zubr NT 135 model:

  • Single cylinder four-stroke diesel engine with an output of 9 liters. With.;
  • Fuel tank – 5.5 liters;
  • Plow width – up to 135 cm;
  • Plow depth – up to 30 cm;
  • Gears – two forwards and a reverse gear;
  • The presence of a manual starter;
  • Weight of the unit – 135 kg.

Motoblock Zubr JR-Q78

Heavy device for processing large areas. The air cooling system prevents overheating. Thanks to six driving speeds, you can do differently complex work quickly and effortlessly. Technical specifications:

  • Diesel engine with an output of 8 liters. With.;
  • Fuel tank – 8 liters;
  • Gears – six forward and two backward gears;
  • Plow width – up to 80 cm;
  • Plow depth – up to 30 cm;
  • The weight of the unit is 186 kilograms.
Why choose a petrol snowman?


Motoblock Diesel Zubr JR-Q78 (electrical starter) 8 HP is a representative of heavy agricultural devices that have been developed for companies and areas of medium and large size.

Motoblock Diesel Zubr JR-Q78 (electric starter) 8 hp

Not only the class of the device is difficult, but also its weight – 186 kg.

With the hand-led tractor JR-Q78 you can carry out the following agricultural work:

  • Processing of all soil types;
  • Plants of different plants;
  • Hill plants;
  • Weed control;
  • Irrigation;
  • Harvest;
  • Cut the grass;
  • Snow removal;
  • Transport of small loads.

In order to be able to use all the options that the Zub-diesel unachstractor offers its owner, you have to take care of the corresponding attachments and attachment devices, some of which can be bundled with the device (e.g. rotators) or sold separately.

Installation device for singl e-axle tractors

The functional additions are:

  • Turning plow;
  • Hiller;
  • Hard drives;
  • Stollen;
  • Mower;
  • Pump (pump);
  • Trailer;
  • Snow milling;
  • Potato rolls and potato planters.

Many craftsmen prefer to produce these equipment with their own hands.

Motoblock “Zubr” JR-Q79

The device processes heavy floors and new territory in areas up to 3 hectares. Due to the large weight, the han d-led tractor cannot have great maneuverability. But with the possibility of locking the differential, it is easy to use on site. You can use different attachments, it is easy to find the necessary spare parts and accessories. Motoblock can be repaired with your own hands.

Technical characteristics:

  • Motor with an output of 10 liters. With.;
  • Fuel tank – 6 liters;
  • Plow width – up to 90 cm;
  • Plow depth – up to 18 cm;
  • Gears – two forwards and a reverse gear;
  • Availability of mechanical and electric starter;
  • Unit weight – 260 kg.

Homemade from Motoblock

Owners of motoblöcken do not want to limit themselves to the options proposed by the manufacturer and strive to improve the device with its own hands, strengthen and perfect attachments.

Conversion of the handled tractor from Zubr into a min i-tractor

Many device owners generally prefer to produce all attachments according to their needs.

The most popular homemade products are:

  • Break of the engine block in a tractor.
  • Production of reinforced knives.
  • Snow milling.
  • Mower.
  • Pendants etc.
Video check of the change in the bison of the bison to the Mini actionor

Motoblock Zubr JR-Q12E

The technology is with areas with an area of ​​up to 6 hectares. The Walkbres s-Tressor has a good ability to cross, which is easy to use, with excellent performance. An adapter with one seat can be attached to the device that practically turns it into a mini actractor. So much work on the tractor of the walk is simplified. It is possible to assemble a cabin that protects the driver in undesirable weather.

Technical characteristics:

  • Motor with an output of 12 liters. With.;
  • Fuel tank – 5.5 liters;
  • Plow width – up to 80 cm;
  • Plow depth – up to 18 cm;
  • The presence of an electric steamer and an air cooling system;
  • The mass of the unit is 280 kg.

Motoblock of the Chinese bison was estimated by the owners of diagrams of various areas. The technology is functional, reliable, durable, easy to control and can be repaired with your own hands in the event of a collapse.

Unmounted equipment

What becomes a motoblock in a multifunctional device? This is an all kinds of followed and collected devices that are sold in a large range.

In addition, many craftsmen prefer homemade products that do not work worse than original awnings. What are these devices:

  1. Mower.
  2. Snow mining devices.
  3. Follower.
  4. Potato cap.
  5. Potato.
  6. Plow.
  7. Frases.
  8. Mass rooms.
  9. Tears.
  10. Helper.
  11. Pump and others.

Let’s take a closer look at every category of strikers and follo w-up devices.

Grape processing with copper sulfate in spring

Basically, Rotary braids are placed on the motblocks that have proven perfectly. This fastening equipment is indispensable when harvesting food for cattle.

We offer you the video of the Rotary mower “Zubr”:


There are three types of Schneepock machines for the “Zuby” engine note, where the main workers are:

  • dispose;
  • Brush;
  • Shnek with blades.

Many craftsmen demonstrate to make a snowball player with their own hands for the bison.

Shnek with blades

Exercise car

The excluded carts are designed for the transport of bulk goods and disks, which have different load capacity and capacity. With their help, it is convenient to transport fertilizers into the country and already harvested in the direction of storage.


With the help of potatoes, automated plants of potatoes are carried out in large areas. The motoblock also carries out several actions:

  1. Cut the furrow.
  2. A special mechanism lowers the potato from each other at the same distance.
  3. He burns and chops immediately.

The process is fully automated and does not accept the strength from the operator.

Potat o-cap (Shakun) for a wal k-tractor

Freight traffic

Potato cap

With the help of potato cuts, the harvest of potatoes, beets, carrots, beets, etc. The excluded equipment is immersed in the floor and pulls out the vegetables.

Revolutionary plow

The plow is used instead of the floor, can be double or single.

The floor processing width of a motor block with a double plow reaches 80 cm. This equipment processes more heavy soils.


This is the main working body of all associated Walk injuries. Floors for the cultivation of the soil are intended. You are two types:

  • active;
  • “Gänsebein”.

With your help, we receive two actions at the same time:

  1. The floor is processed.
  2. The walk behavio r-tractor moves forward.
Mas s-rooms

This equipment carries out three functions:

  1. It offers more complete liability of the unit with the soil.
  2. The car drives.
  3. He plays the role of the bikes.

If your motblock has compactness and has a low weight, weighing with plowing of countries (especially density) cannot do. They are attached to the wave near the milling system and add kilograms of the tractor of the walk behavior.


This equipment should expect potatoes and other plants to increase the harvest. Claims are carried out with a variable or solid floor abrasion width as well as panes and wings.

This equipment has a small disadvantage: part of the earth, poured onto the bed and rolling back into the glasses.


The pump device helps with watering the location and enables water from wastewater, basement, etc. to be pumped out.

Homemade equipment for the breast motor block

The trendy and trailer equipment for the walk tractor costs a lot, so many craftsmen prefer to do everything with their own hands, since the video on this topic can be found on the Internet. Which homemade are used most frequently in work?

  • Snow milling;
  • Mowing for the engine block “bison”;
  • Soiline;
  • Coupling;
  • Pendants etc.

These home devices are often the tip in the quality and wea r-resistant in front of their original objects.

Drawings of a homemade Rotary snowman

1-lateral case; 2 – Bolze n-MB and nut (12 pieces); 3 – wave of a screw (steel seamless tube); 4 – camp; 5-corp stauca; 6 – cover; 7 – asterisks from a children’s wheel with a step of 12.7 mm; 8 – bolts with a mother; 9 – the force part of the shaft; 10 – ring; 11 – stop ring; 12 – Ski disk of the screw (8 stcs.)

1 – blade; 2 – rotor disk; 3 – stiffeners; 4 – a sleeve with M4 screws and stop nuts; 5 – a glass; 6 – warehouse (2 STCS.) No. 206); 7 – cover; 8 – double skiing; 9 – rotor shaft; 10 – bolts with a mother (2 stcs.); 11 – ring; 12 – MB screws with a hidden head; 13 – A drum made of an aluminum boiler.

1 – side wall; 2 – cover; 3 – boxing tube; 4 – The frame of the electric motor (this information is necessary for those who make a completely separate snowman, not for the walk for the tractor of the walk); 5 – drum; 6-Kronshtein; 7-front wall; 8 – Scoop; 9 – Skier; 10 – Ramer Rama (for independent machines – snowball players).

Video and drawings of a Rotary mowing for a motor block “Zubble”:

There are craftsmen who produce a mini tractor from the Zuby motor block, such a process is referred to as the turning point.

Our video will tell our video about how a turning point of the Zuby car in a quarte r-fou r-wheel tractor is fully achieved:

Motoblocks ZUBR HT-105. Overview, specifications, owner reviews

Recommend: 100%



Motoblock Diesel bison HT-105 (electrical starter) (6L.S.) belongs to heavy agricultural devices that process all types of floors (clay, swamp, virgin, etc.). Thanks to the weight of the aggregate of 120 kg, soil and floors can be immersed in a depth of 30 cm into the ground.

In addition to plowing the earth, with the participation of a motor block zubble HT-105 and the corresponding fastening equipment, you can also create other agricultural work:

  • Landing;
  • Invoice;
  • Weed control;
  • Irrigation;
  • Harvest;
  • Mowing;
  • Harvest;
  • Snow cleaning.

As you can see, you only get an HT-105 tractor with an HT-105 hiking trail and get powerful functional equipment that is used all year round. The device can treat small country diagrams qualitatively, the area of ​​which does not exceed 1 ha.

Engine block Diesel Bison HT-105

The performance of a single-cylinder four-stroke engine, which is installed on the hand-led tractor HT-105, is 6 HP. Thanks to the air cooling of the engine, working hours are significantly extended. The diesel engine is started with an electric starter.

The device is very economical, the fuel consumption is only 0.47 liters per hour. The capacity of the fuel tank of 3.5 liters enables the operator of the hand-led tractor not to take care of filling up every 30-60 minutes.

The gearbox of the motorized device is equipped with three speeds:

  • 2 front;
  • 1 vice versa.

A feature of the engine of the ZUBR HT-105 model is a solid motorcycle seam (3000 hours). In addition, an automatic decompressor valve was specially installed, with which the engine can be started without the participation of an electric starter. However, if you choose an electric starter, just press a button to start the engine.

The wheels of the ZUBR NT-105 Motoblock have strong treads with 4 or 8 chevron. The gravity is improved, and the quality of work is also improved. The set also contains a pin.

The engine is transferred from the engine to the work body with the help of a snail gear that is the most reliable type of torque transmission.

The engine of the hand-led tractor ZUBR NT-105 is also protected from failures that are connected to a suddenly forced stop of the device (an obstacle on the way, etc.), a special belt drive serves as protection. Transfer of the torque from the engine to the transmission.

There is another important function – the horizontal and vertical setting of the belt. Thanks to this setting, the operator receives additional comfort – to drive and control the han d-led tractor while he walks near the device and not behind the freshly plowed field.

Technical characteristics

We invite you to study the table with the technical properties of the hand-led tractor HT-105:

Motor, general properties
Type of: Vertical single-cylinder four-stroke diesel engine with active air cooling and direct injection km178f
Cylinder diameter 78mm.
Piston hub 64mm.
Motor volume 305 ccm
rotational speed 3600 rpm
Maximum output power 4.4 kW / 6.0 l. With.
Average piston speed, m/s 7,4
Average effective pressure, KPA (KGF / cm²) 540.5 (5.52)
Fuel consumption, g/kWh H (g/hp h) ≤288.3 (212)
Engine oil consumption, g/kw ≤4.08 (3)
Fuel tank volume 3.5 l.
Lubrication oil volume, effective 0.41 l.
Lubrication oil capacity, total 1.1 l.
Right seal of the crankshaft (view from the end of the flywheel) Clockwise
Type of lubrication system Oil pump (pressure and spray)
Start type Manually (energ y-efficient)
Dry weight 34 kg.
Maximum inclination of the engine during operation 20 °
Motor, valve opening and lock cycles
Open the inlet valve Ot 18 ° 30 ’
Closing the inlet valve ABDC 45 ° 30 ′
Opening the outlet valve BBDC 55 ° 30 ’
Closing the outlet valve ATDC 8 ° 30 ′
Motor, initial fuel supply angle and valve game
Starting angle of the fuel supply 20 ± 1 °
Input valve game (cold engine) 0.10~0.15 mm
Outlet valve game (cold motor) 0.10~0.15 mm
General properties of the Motoblock ZUBR HT-105
Total dimensions, mm 1740 × 980 × 1050
Cultivation width, maximum 1050mm.
Cultivation width, minimal 750mm.
Attachment depth, maximum 300mm.
Culture depth, optimal 220mm.
transmission Gang, 2 + 1
Structural weight of the singl e-axle tractor: 120 kg.
Wheels 4.00 – 10 Chevron profile pattern
transmission Gear transmission with conical gear
The amount of oil in the gearbox: 1.7L
Type of oil in the gearbox: Transmission semi-synthetic oil for transmissions
Nominal loading weight for the trailer: up to 350 kg.

Characteristics of operation and maintenance

Before starting the engine unit for the first time, the Bison HT-105 must carefully study the operating instructions to pay special attention to the following sections:

  • Technical characteristics of a motorized device.
  • Features of the operation of the motoblock bison.
  • The device of the HT-105 model.
  • maintenance of the device.
  • Problems, their causes and methods of elimination.

We draw your attention to the need to run the device. Thanks to this action, the engine gradually enters its operating mode (without stress), offering a long period of operation without outcrops. A few hours of preparation, a gradual set of power and your device is ready for full work.

The HT-105 is used as a dunnage and trailer equipment for the “Zubyr” motoblock:

  • rotating plows;
  • all kinds of grinders;
  • cigarettes;
  • potat o-kumber;
  • potat o-resident;
  • Rotor™ Hayfield;
  • Water pump;
  • Coupling;
  • Stollen;
  • Practicing trolley etc.

Every time before you start using the device you need to check:

  • oil level (crankcase, gearbox);
  • fuel supply;
  • Reliability of fasteners (twisting if necessary), etc.

We pay special attention to the quality of the oil, its type. The instructions detail how to replace the oil and why it is needed.

We offer a detailed video on how to replace the tail oil:

Reviews of the owners

The main reviews of users, received on the network, give an idea of ​​u200bu200bthe quality and economy of this unit. For example:

Ilya Dmitrievich, 57 years old:

I am satisfied with the Chinese bolt – I use it in the field and in the garden I produce greenhouse work – wherever it helps. I run it all year round. I bought some sound equipment, others made it themselves. Today, with the help of a walk tractor, I also earn – I help friends cultivate the land. The Bison paid for itself in its first year of operation. There were no serious breakdowns, I try to clean and change everything in time (oil, solarium). Speaking of solarium, an economical option, cheaper than gasoline, and it works much more quietly.

Stepan, 39 years old:

I have nothing bad to say about the HT-105 model. The tractor for walk behavior works like an hour, it starts easily from an electric starter (press the button and left), can plow any soil. I have a swampy area, so the soil is very viscous, but there is nothing wrong with the bolt – it confidently moves forward. I appreciated the horizontal adjustment of the grip, now I go close to the firmament instead of falling into some farmland. The car is excellent. But the mills need to be tightened periodically.

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