Motoblocks Zentaur MB 2013b. Overview, properties, reviews

Motoblock Centaur 2013b. Overview, attachments, reviews

Motoblock Centaur 2013b is a sel f-driving agricultural device of a Chinese manufacturer that is designed for the management of areas up to 2 hectares. The device is perfectly adapted to our climatic conditions, it is used for all types of field work (with the corresponding attachments).

Motoblock Centaur 2013b

Features of the engine block Centaur:
  • The performance of the four-stroke engine is 13 liters. With.
  • Air cooling, the engine is equipped with an automatic oil level controller with a sensor that prevents the engine from starting if there is not enough oil in the crankcase.
  • The inertia starter ensures a simple start of the engine.
  • The package contains a foldable knife that can be opened up to 140 cm in three positions.
  • Dry zealous disc coupling. Manual transmission, 3 forward gears and 1 reverse gear.
  • Oil air filter.
  • With PTO you can aggregate various attachments.
  • The special design of the milling cutter enables the processing of floors with a grip of 87.4 cm to 140 cm, the processing depth varies from 15 to 30 cm.
  • The mass of a sel f-driving agricultural benzingen council is 132 kg.


Type of the engine petrol
Engine power 13.0 (PS)
Motor volume 389.0 (cm³)
Engine cooling system antenna
Fuel tank volume 6.5 (L)
Volume of the oil tank 1.1 (L)
Number of gears 2 forward / 1 back
Starting system Mechanical starter
transmission Reduction gears
coupling Windshield friction
Tap Да
Wheel diameter 12.0 (customs)
Minimal processing width 87.0 (cm)
Maximum processing width 140.0 (cm)
Maximum work depth 30.0 (cm)
Total dimensions, mm 870/1130/1400
The weight 132.0 (kg)


Motoblocks Centaur 2013b are equipped with a pf wave, which means that they can be freely aggregated with additional attachments. The most common attachments are a plow, a milling cutter and a large.

Universal tunnels and a plow for the han d-led Tractor Centaur 2013b are not included.

Plow and milling milling are used for soil processing. The cutting devices are included in the scope of delivery of the han d-led tractor, they are delivered inemited, but the instructions contain a description of the assembly process. The plow can be bought separately, there are many video tips for assembly and use of this attachment device on the Internet.

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The following attachments are aggregated to this model of the han d-led tractor.

Plow active milling milling grouers segment mower Semit mower Blade-dump snow blower Marist feet adapter potato rotar potato planter weighing agent

It is important to consider the solid load capacity of the device, the han d-led tractor easily pulls a trailer with a load of up to 750 kg. An adapter can be attached to this model, which increases the stability of the device and turns it into a small tractor.

User Guide

This document is included in the kit for the han d-led tractor and contains useful information for the owner of the device:

  • Device (schemes with descriptions are attached).
  • Table of properties.
  • Maintenance.
  • First commissioning and retracting the device.
  • List of aggregated attachments.
  • Common malfunctions of the Centaur 2013b.


Emphasis should be placed on the day-to-day maintenance of the tractor’s walk behavior, unit serviceability and service life.

The service of the Wal k-Behaviour tractor begins up to the field work and continues at its end.

Before the work is carried out:

  • Checking the oil level and the presence of fuel in the tank;
  • Evaluation of the reliability of all connections.

After the end of fieldwork it is necessary:

  • Clean and wash the motorcycle block and attachment;
  • wipe and dry;
  • Lubricate all nodes and mechanisms with suitable oil or Solidol.

Race and start first

Immediately after the first launch of the Centaur 2013b, it is necessary to carry out grinding of all parts of the engine in order to increase the machine’s motor resource.

Important! Immediately at the end of the run, it is necessary to drain the used oil and pour fresh. For this model oils of the SS, SA, SD and St.

The running time lasts from 5 to 10 hours, while the load gradually increases and the tractor is ready for active use. In the future, the oil substitute should be replaced regularly, focusing on the peaks in the table.

Light the garden

The main malfunctions and ways to eliminate them

We list several outcrops that may occur in the 2013b petrol model (the rest is in the instructions for use).

The motoblock does not start:

  • Check the ignition light, if burned out – replace, smoked – clean;
  • Check the filter, if cleaning did not help – replace it.
  • Check the fuel supply hoses – if they are clogged – replace them.
  • Check magneto if it’s stuck with blades on the flywheel – turn it on, burn it – replace it.
  • Check and clean the carburetor;
  • The high-voltage ignition wire on the candle is not connected – connect it;
  • The fuel ended – share it.

Mills (wheels) do not turn:

  • Check the clutch cable, if weakened – tighten or replace.
  • Check belts – if stretched – replace (all at once to achieve even tension);
  • Check the screw connections, if they are weakened, tighten.

There are no programs:

  • Check the fasteners, tighten them;
  • Check the installation spring in case of breakdown – replace.

Video review

Review of the Motor Block Centaur 2013b

Verification of verification to the owner of a motorcycle Centaur 2013b

Reviews of the owners

There are many reviews about the Centaurium motoblocks on the network. Users note their high functionality, performance, ease of management, a wide range of models and availability of components.

Dmitry, 48 years old:

“I thought for a long time and decided to stop on a petrol model. It starts perfectly, the ability to traverse is excellent, comfortable grips, vibration is practically not felt. Treens and plows were included in the kit – I work mostly with milling cutters, there are other awnings. I am happy with the purchase. “

Ruslan, 42 years old:

“For the third year, my walk went to the third year, for the first time the gearbox made strange noises, thought, hit … I checked, read the instructions, tightened the bolts and nuts and stopped the noise. After the translation, the first year faded a bit completely, in the second season I started immediately. I bought a trailer last year, loaded it – the wal k-tractor calmly pulled it (it was about 600 kg). “

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Sergey, 53 years:

“I did not get married, unsuccessfully, the belts immediately flew and replaced. Then they refused the speed, rummaged, set up. It doesn’t start right away, I checked the fuel and filters, changed the candle. Of course, he does his job, but even to tinker, to prepare for operation, it must be a lot. “

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Motoblock Centaur MB 2013b is a powerful self-driving machine with a 13 hp petrol engine. For work on large areas up to 2 hectares.

Motoblock Centaur MB 2013b

Together with a variety of attachments, he performs a wide range of work in agriculture and household: plowing, hilling, cultivating, egging, mowing, now, garbage and snow rooms.

With a trailer, it transports up to 750 kg freight.

Technical characteristics

engine Single cylinder 4 bar
Maximum engine power, kW / hp 9.56 / 13.0
Maximum crankshaft speed, U/min 3600
Fuel petrol
Engine start system manual starter
Engine cooling system forced air cooling
Engine volume, cm³ 389
Fuel tank volume, L 6,5
transmission Bowling gear
Drive unit directly through the clutch
Clutch type Multidisc in the oil bathroom
Number of gears, forward / backward 2 / 1
Transport bikes 5.00-12.00
Cultivation width, mm 1400
Attachment depth, mm 150-300
Dimensions (LXBXH), mm 1730 x 985 x 1080
Empty weight kg 132

Application functions

The ai r-cooled petrol engine has an increased resource, automatic speed control and is designed for intensive use over a long period of time. The engine oil sensor prevents starting and ensures automatic shutdown with a low oil level.

Thanks to the possibility of adjusting the cutting fields in three positions (3+1+1), different processing widths of 874/1136/1400 mm can be set. Powerful transport bikes give the Centaur a good stability and the ability to serve and recover high seedlings without damage.

The correct choice of the tunnel increases the continuousness of the han d-led tractor when working with attachments (e.g. with a plow) considerably when transporting goods on a soft surface.

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The han d-led tractor can contain a foldable cutting plant 140 cm (3+1+1), wheels (5×12). Plow, universal stollen, Eggen and Hiller are available separately.

The han d-led Tractor Centaur MB 2013b is extremely attractive due to the optimal balance of design, ergonomics and ease of use as well as the comfortable setting of individual control parameters when carrying out various work. An improved version of the Centaur 2013b-5 mini technology with improved performance was developed.


But no matter how high quality the device is, there may be failures in the operation. The most common disorders include problems with engine and gearbox. In the event of problems with the engine, a distinction must be made between situations in which the engine does not start and in which the engine does not work properly.

  • Transfer disorders can have different causes, sometimes also due to improper maintenance. For example, when using inferior oil, there may be increased noises in the gear.
  • Due to worn parts, it can be difficult to switch the corridors.
  • If the milling machine, the plow or other attachments are incorrectly mounted, the vibrations of the singl e-axle tractor can increase.

In any case, the most important measure to avoid disorders is careful handling and timely maintenance of the singl e-axle tractor according to the operating instructions.


The ratings in the network to this model are diverse: unexpectedly enthusiastic to extremely outraged. We recommend that you read some reviews of the owners and to share your personal impressions of the operation of the hand-led Centaur tractors.

Sergey, District of Volochysky:

I wanted to buy a han d-led tractor with a petrol engine. I picked up a new product MB Centaur 2013b-4. Normal work pace, not heated. It is good to hook attachments, work with a stranger, a plow, mowed grass. The loa d-bearing capacity is neat, half a ton is transported quietly over the dirt road.

Signs: September 21-30

Alexander, Obuchow:

Centaur 2013b bought. The gearbox was loud, I thought I had bought a marriage, it turned out that the fastening elements were not tight. Productivity is high, the work is satisfied.

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