Motoblocks Virgin Lands: Video Review of Models and Appendices, Owner Reviews

Functional motoblock “Virgin Lands”. A variety of models for all tasks.

The Tools Academy has been located in the city of Perm production of garden and parking equipment under the Znetina brand since 2006.

Among the proposed products are motoblocks, cultivating and various devices that are intended to expand the functionality of the devices. In addition, the attachment of additional attachments made by this company is suitable not only for products of its own production, but also for other brands.

Thus, the company has established itself on the garden product market as a supplier of reliable, compact and hig h-quality devices.

A brief description of the “virgin” models and their properties

Motoblock Virgin MB-400D is a heavyweight with a diesel engine that is easily coordinated with soil processing of every complexity. The engine power is 4 hp and the gearbox has 4 speeds, 2 of which are the rear. The fuel consumption is 0.9-1 l/h.

Motoblock Virgin Boden MB-902F 117 is a model for a professional level. It is equipped with a headlight because work is possible in the dark. The unit is intended for cultivation and treatment of soil of different complexity. By car there is a Chinese engine with a capacity of 9 hp.

Motoblock Virgin Ground MB-801 is a small but maneuvering device with a motor of 8 hp. Developed for field work, including cultivation, ditch, shaking etc. Thanks to the pneumatic wheels, the walking tractor on the floor is stable. The gearbox has 4 speeds, which increases the maneuverability of the device.

Motoblock MB-501-the performance of the petrol engine in this walk-in tractor is small and only 6.5 hp, but this is enough to work in a small area. It is possible to use additional devices that significantly expand the capabilities of the tractor of the walk behavior. The depth of soil processing is 30 cm and the width 60 cm. The gearbox has 4 speeds: 2 front and 2-conversation.

Motoblock Virgin Ground MB-601. Equipped with a 6. 5-hp petrol engine with an output of 6.5 hp. and volume of 196 cubic meters. In this case, the minimally possible noise and vibrations are reached. The wide bikes are covered with protective wings that protect the power of the unit from dirt and water.

Motoblock Virginar MB-901 is a representative of a heavy series of motoblocks with a powerful petrol engine of 9 HP. Due to its design and the considerable weight (100 kg), it is steady on every floor. When using additional devices, its functionality is significantly increased. The soil cultivation is carried out up to a depth of 30 cm, and in width the indicator varies between 70 and 110 cm. Such sizes are considered optimal for the generation of a series.

Motoblock Virginar MB-800 is designed in such a way that they process small and medium-sized properties of different densities. The tractor of the walk behavior is equipped with a petrol engine with a capacity of 8 hp. The entire management is on the steering wheel, so that the operator is very comfortable to control the machine.

Folk Signs: August 16-24

Tselina MB-600 Motoblock is used for cultivating land in parks, household plots and gardens, where there are strict requirements for the level of noise generated. 8 hp petrol engine works quietly, so it is considered the most suitable model for work near settlements. The average fuel consumption is 1.6 l/h. Motoblock Tselina MB-602 is a compact model with a 6.5 hp engine, designed for use on areas up to 80 hectares. Differs in simplicity in fuel consumption, which consumes only 1.6 l/h.

Tselina MB-802 Motoblock is a budget model with a Chinese 8 hp engine. well aggregated with additional attachments. The gearbox has 4 gears (2 forward and 2 reverse). Fuel consumption – 1.9 l / h.

Motoblock Tselina NMB-601. It has compact dimensions. Equipped with a Lifan petrol engine with a power of 6.5 hp. and manual start. Designed to work in a small area.

Motoblock Tselina NMB-603 is a small but maneuverable unit with a LIFAN engine and a working power of 6.5 hp. Well suited for the use of additional attachments. Fuel consumption is not great, it is 1.6 l / h.

Motoblock Tselina NMB-901 – adapted to Russian weather conditions, including various temperature extremes. LIFAN engine with a power of 9 hp can cope with even the most dense soil. The fuel consumption is 2.1 l/h. With the use of special equipment, it can become an excellent snow blower.

Tselina MB-900 Motoblock is the flagship of the heavyweight line equipped with Lifan engines with a capacity of 9 hp. The fuel consumption is 2.3 l/h. The gearbox has 4 gears: 2 forward and 2 reverse gears.

Motopop to NM B-601

Not all walk behind tractors are equipped with LIFAN engines made in China. Some models have Subaru or Vympel installed. In terms of technical characteristics, they are not inferior to the Chinese.

Appendix overview

  • Cutter – used for tillage. It is usually supplied as a kit and installed instead of wheels. You can change the working depth by adjusting the share. With this attachment, you can get the job done quickly.
  • Adapter – designed to facilitate operator control of the walk behind tractor
  • The trailer is necessary for the transport of goods. The trailer is connected with connecting elements and loads of up to 400 kg can be transported.

Tailor Crow’s Foot Tailor

Plow Grousers

Potato harvester Okuchnik

operational characteristics

In order for your Tselina walk-behind tractor to work for a long time and not break, you need to follow a few rules of operation.

These include: carry out regular maintenance, check the oil level before each start, check all components and fasteners.

The manufacturer recommends using only proven oils (RAVENOL) and fuels (92 petrol and diesel).


The key to long walk tractor life is operation. It must be carried out according to certain rules after purchase or after a longer standstill. In this case, an economy mode is used, which implies an average speed and operation at 60% of maximum power for the first 10 hours.

Overview of power tillers Elitech. Properties of popular models, video on operation

main disturbances

As a rule, the designs of walk-behind tractors do not differ much, so the malfunctions are similar. The most common may include the following:

  • Engine power drops
  • Complete engine shutdown
  • Idle, works intermittently
  • Possible smoke development from the walk behind tractor
  • The starter makes unusual noises
  • Belt tensioned incorrectly

If the engine does not start, then in search of malfunctions and their further elimination, the following actions should be taken to identify the reasons:

  1. Turn on the ignition
  2. Check the presence of fuel in the tank
  3. Check the carburetor air damper (when the cold engine is started, the damper should be closed).
  4. Check the fuel intake in the carburetor.

The operating instructions describe the possible ways of eliminating breaks and the addresses of service centers if the owner himself is unable to cope with the malfunction.

Video review

Below is an official video review of the company “Zeadina”

Video review of Motornote Virgin Soil MB901 work:

Video reviews of the work at the MB-600 Virgin Ground

Reviews of the owners

We invite all readers of our Internet magazine to get acquainted with existing reviews or leave our comments on the presented models. In forums devoted to garden technology, the owners of the Virgin models agreed that the engine is the main advantage of the LIFAN engine, which has great power and performance.

Michael “I thought for a long time which motblock Virgin Ground MB601 chose and bought a year ago and I couldn’t get enough of the engine. The tract starts up quickly and the performance is enough to process the website. It became easy and quick to plow. The problem appeared 2 months later when the chain in the gearbox broke. However, the repairs were carried out under warranty. A series of breakdowns spoils the overall impression – the brakes are weak, you need to tighten, the mount for the carriage was boiled twice, problems with clutch belts. “” “

Maxim “I’m working on the Jungfrau Land 601. I saw a photo of the model and characteristics and decided to take it. He performed the runnin g-in strictly according to the instructions. The operation is carried out intensively. I drive a lot on a goods truck. So it starts with half a lap and has good cross-country ability. Of the shortcomings – after 3 months the valve cover tore and the oil began to leak. Fastening screw of an electric steamer broke. “

Valery “Motoblock Virgin Boden MB-901 is an ideal solution for cleaning personal property. The engine works like a clock and starts with a half lap. A t-20 degrees, it is better to replace your domestic oil with seasonal. The profile on the wheels quickly removed, so I replaced it with Auto. For ice, he welded the chains and the motorcycle block became more stable. “

Review of the new COAT STIHL FS 56 engine. Features, video and reviews

Motoblock Virgin Grounds. Verification, attachment of devices, ratings

The technique of “Virgin Lands” is produced by the Perm manufacturer “Academy of Tools”. The company has been operating since 1997. In Perm, “Academy of Instruments”, the company is known as a manufacturer of equipment for the garden and park areas. The company has its own factory.


Under the brand “Virgin Lands” not only motoblocks are produced, but also motor breeders, as well as the attachments of devices for this technique. The advantage of the devices produced is that they can be used with other units for the garden and garden, for example, with motor blocks and cultivators Cascade, Neva, Oka, Kadvy, Eliteek and others.

Motoblock Virgin Grounds

The purpose of the produced Motboblocks and cultivators of “virgin land” is agricultural work of various complexity, including work on virgin lands, plowing, cultivation, shaking, hilling, mixing fertilizers with soil; community work, such as clearing leaves or snow; All transport tasks, both with a cart and with an adapter.

Lifan 177f petrol engine petrol Lifan 168F-2 petrol engine Lifan DBG-6.5

The model range of Tselina engine blocks comprises many models – from lo w-performance models with different engine life, the minimum performance of a motor block in this series is 4 hp, the maximum power 13 hp. Next, the most popular units are discussed in more detail.

The preparation

In the model range of Tselina engine blocks there is a division into categories:

  • Category MB;
  • Category MB R;
  • NMB category.

Celina also produces a diesel model of a han d-led tractor – M B-400D. This is one of the most popular models among farmers, since diesel fuel is more economical than gasoline according to some reviews.

Motoblock Virgin Ground MB-400D

The manufacturer is currently presenting the following models on the website in the category of MB-Nachstractors: MB-501, MB-600, MB-601, MB-602F, MB-701, MB-802F, M B-900, M B-901, MB-13301. The maximum power of motoblöcken of this type is 13 hp, the minimum power 5 hp.

Motoblock Virgin floor MB-902F

The MB R category includes the following models: MB-610R, 710R, 910R, 611R, 711R, 911R, 912FR, 812FR, 612FR. Their output is in the range of 6 to 9 hp.

Motoblock Jungfrau MB-612FR

The NMB category includes the following models of hand-led tractors: NMB 601, 901, 903. Your performance is 6 to 9 hp.

Motoblock Virgin Ground NMB-603

Special features of Tselina engine blocks:
  • Petrol engines “Lifan” (China) or “Vympel” (Russia), performance of 4 to 13 hp;
  • There are also devices with diesel engines (MB-400D);
  • Easy localization of key nodes;
  • recognizable design;
  • 3 year guarantee (models of the last years of publication);
  • Some models, for example from the MB-01 series, are equipped with a protective bump catcher on the front of the structure.
  • All han d-led tractors are equipped with a noticeable relief with air tires;
  • affordable price compared to foreign analogue;
  • A wide network of dealer and service centers across Russia, sales in neighboring countries;
  • Exchange of spare parts in different models.

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Mowing is not enough. What do you have to consider in order to take care of the condition of the lawn?


For Tselina engine blocks, the interchangeability of attachments is characteristic. This means that all additional units for Tselina mobile vehicles with motor vehicles of Russian manufacturers such as NEVA, Cascade, Oka, Salyut and others can be used.

Thanks to additional attachments, you can use a han d-led tractor:

  • Plow,
  • Grow vegetables and sow grain,
  • Transport goods on minicars,
  • Remove snow with a mini snow reference and do other tasks.


It is not difficult to absorb cutting gear for Tselina, the developers themselves recommend the use of crow’s foot cutters or a classic foldable version for 5/6/7 teeth for a han d-led tractor. The “Standard” folding knife are also suitable.

Bits burr 6 teeth bit crow’s feet

Adapter, trailer, cart

For “Tselina”, you should primarily use the following models of trailers and arable modules: field cultivation device PM-05, universal trailer models PM-01, PM-02, PM-03, PM-04. The cost of such a trailer or such a module begins at 10,000 rubles.

Procome PM-05


On request, small bikes can be replaced by larger wheels on some models. The standard radius sizes, which are equipped with handmade Tselina tractors, are 4-10, 6-12, 6-10 and others.

Pneumoles 4.00-8

Air bicycles are not presented among the manufacturer’s attachments, but they can be bought in normal markets or in online shops.


The products presented in the catalog are conventionally divided into floor surfaces for motor blocks, motor cultivators and for Hilling. They come in different types: with and without hubs, common and filling (perform the function of the weighting) and improved (twice, attached).

Mas s-rooms

The hubs can also be bought for the necessary floor bearings. The width of the floor varies between 95 mm to 200 mm.

Thanks to the use of the most popular trailer – a plug with a tractor with a walk, you can plush the site with a qualitatively qualitatively. Recommended types of plowing for the virgin area “Jungfrau Land”: with a trailer coupling and coupled trailer coupling, a single Hull standard.


Two-text plugs are rarely used due to their weight and dimensions. Most unit models have a voucher to regulate the i n-depth plow in the ground.

Snowman, dump

The garbage dump of the sno w-covered “virgin land” of type 1 and type 2 – dimensions in a width of 1 m at a height of 39 cm, sells in the usual rubberized version (rubber lining is worn on the lower edge).

Snowman brush shovel

On the Wal k-Lound, you can install the Snow Pock Consoles of the rotary or pipe type (drop) of each manufacturer. The main requirement is the presence of VON by the car.

Other equipment

Other types of fastening devices: segment and rotary mower, loose, flat tailor, potato caps, adapter, extension cable, couplings. Regardless of this, you can buy a hinge kit. Such a kit includes: Cigns, plow, adapter to connect a car, potato cutter and primrose. The sentence of sentences may differ slightly depending on the costs and number of components.

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Sushnik-Rotor Koille KR-80 Potato-Kopalka Prabet-Lobster Super-Lopat Potato Bathemer Cligwoizer Cligger Harring Handpire Exceptions.

User Guide

The instructions are also delivered to the virgin area of ​​the virgin. This document must be saved throughout life.

The virgin device is virgin

With the instructions you collect the first start of the tractor of the walk behavior. Further – more about the start and functioning of the tractor of the walk behavior.

First start and runnin g-in

The first start of the Virgin Ground “Virgin Lands” is carried out after the unit has been put together. Use a number of tools for assembly (if this is included). After assembly, the hiking tractor should season with petrol and pour oil into the gearbox and the motor crank. Turn on the tractor for the walk and let the engine work without a load. After 15 minutes you can start attaching devices.

The period of engine production from the moment of the first start is called operating room. Runnin g-In in the rule usually takes up to 20 mothers.

After entering, you can use a walk for hard work, for example to open virgin countries or transport heavy loads. Do not exceed the maximum of support for your technology model.


The manufacturer newly represents some Motoblocks models in production. Like the recommended ukzano tenol oil for petrol/diesel four stroke engines.

10W-40 Oil transmission oil 80W-90 gear oil GL-5 gear oil TAD-17i

For the gearbox: only a few TAD17 or analogue of viscosity. AI 92 or AI 95 petrol like other petrol engine blocks. Do not use cheap gasoline, such a fuel has a negative effect on the quality of the engine and increases the likelihood of collapse.


If the motoblock is not used in winter, winter memory is called “nature conservation”. We make sure that the virgin areas “Jungfrau Land” are created in accordance with the instructions for operating in temperature mode from minus 5 to plus 35 degrees.

Important! Do not use the device with heavy frost so that there are no problems with the start of the engine.

In addition, at a temperature below zero you can start a walk in a warm room in a garage and only then go to work on the street.

The main disorders and their elimination

The table shows the main misalignments of the virgins of Virgin and opportunities to eliminate these problems.

The main misalignments and their elimination on the virgin reasons

Video review

Overview of the work of the Virgin Block Virgin MB-901

Checking the motorcycle from the virgin area of ​​the virgin

Reviews of the owners


“Before the purchase, I chose and compared myself for a very long time. I wanted the best motoblock, but then it became clear that the equipment needed specific tasks. I bought a destination 601 from the NMB series, for a small money that I received a universal assistant in the garden, in the garden as well as the cleaner and the van. I rate ten out of ten, as they say. “

( No ratings yet )
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