Motoblocks Ugra – owner reviews of models, video reviews of properties

Motoblock Ugra NMB-1 – reviews

Review of the Ugra NMB-1 walk-on tractor

the price is too high, the lack of a differential, the non-repairability in the event of a breakdown, the uncomfortable steering.

I would like to share my impressions of working with the Ugra NMB-1 walk behind tractor. This is a product of the domestic manufacturer JSC “Kaluga Engine”. Various engines are installed on this model (American “BS”, Japanese “Honda”, “Subaru”, etc. or ours), in my case it was a domestic one.

Absolute disappointment!

Purchased on November 26, 2014! Complete with all mounted ploughs, hillers, potato planters and SNOW BLOOM (rotating)!! I’ll start in order and probably about the most important! VERY weak transmission. broke during the third snow removal! Warranty repair not confirmed.

We would like more power in our garden. Big amount of work!

Our Motoblock is already 4 years old. We annually plow the garden, plant and dig potatoes (30 acres each year), ram and haul cargo. Motoblock processes 50 acres of land annually. In the photo, who understands, you can see some of our innovations.

Better not take

Not suitable for plowing the garden, the gearbox is irrelevant. The manufacturer in every possible way evades warranty obligations for malfunctions of the gearbox, especially if the teeth on one of the gears of the gearbox are broken or

Very reliable motorcycle

Robust and fairly easy to use walk behind tractor, you could say best in its class. The walk-behind tractor consumes little fuel, is easy to operate, very light (I’ll explain the downside later). It comes with a cultivator. when i started

the best walk behind tractor in its class

Manual transmission, mechanical clutch, no weak link (belt drive), 2 PTO shafts for attachments

Low weight does not allow efficient use of attachments (plough, hiller) without wheel weights

I bought this walk behind tractor 3 years ago, I use it mainly for plowing the garden with a header (included in the kit). There were practically no complaints during the entire working time. The built-in engine American Vanguard 6.5 HP plows every soil up to virgin soil. Maximum.

Works well on heavy soil

Good day, dear reader! Five years have passed since I bought this device. And I want to say that in general I am satisfied with the work of this walk behind tractor. When selecting the device, I looked at it for a long time.

Everything is fine if not for the crappy transmission

Bought Yugra in February 2013. With domestic engine, engine idling, oil change just before the start of the season. It still works like a clock, the candle hasn’t been unscrewed even in 4 years. oil pure.

Expected impression of raw technology and China

1. Acquired in 2013. After 2m-tsa, the 2nd speed fell out, the 1st and the rear remained. Under warranty I took it for repair, 45 days, since we couldn’t do it ourselves we had to send it to the manufacturer. Delivery to the city.

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Capable of plowing the ground, but far from ideal

Good day, dear readers! Summer is here and it’s time to get gardening. If you have a large area of ​​land, you can dig up the earth with a shovel, it is better to use a walk-behind tractor. Our choice fell on the engine block of the domestic manufacturer “Kaluga-Motor” Ugra.

oh cool walk behind tractor

I bought a walk behind tractor and my housework became twice as easy. I bought it okatal as it says in the instructions where it just stood still for five hours for nothing then it started turning on the speed and going bit by bit.

A good community worker and cultivator if you are prepared for a short lifespan.

The main distinguishing feature of this walk-behind tractor is the presence of a power take-off (PTO) at a cost of up to 50t. (as of autumn 2017). In contrast to a belt drive, PTO transmits the torque from the engine.

checkpoint d. the rest is normal

So another season has passed. At the beginning of the season, the 3rd gear also failed. However, the cost of shipping to repair and back is 6.0 t. rub. + Due to the end of the warranty, the repair is paid for.

Good walk behind tractor

I took it not least because of the disc clutch, three-speed gearbox and PTO shafts. Worked four seasons. In the spring, harrowing, plowing 8 acres, cutting ridges for potatoes, loosening the earth for ridges – 2 acres. transportation in summer.

Reliable average. The money spent on it comes into its own.

Therefore, a rigid clutch often tears the cable, the noise of gears in the gearbox, there are no rotary differentials, low ground clearance.

In 2010 he bought a hut in the form of a house in the village. In 2012, the question of acquiring small-scale mechanization arose. The choice fell on the hand-held tractor Ugra with Briggs & Stratton INTEK I-C 6.0 PRO engine – 6.0 liters.

helper in the garden.

Motoblock Ugra NM B-1 I bought it a month ago. He made me very happy with his performance. It’s pretty powerful and easy to use. I recently bought it and haven’t had time to use all of its features yet. He.

thereby double-walled

I just bought it while walking around lightly with a trolley but the throttle cable is already broken where it clamps to the throttle, to reinsert and reattach it you have to remove the vent and its attachment on.

Great household helper.

Nice day! I decided to write a review about the Ugra NMB-1 walk behind tractor, which I have been using for 10 years. In 2009 when buying a suburban area, which, as I wrote, is quite large and has.

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It’s just one class

This device is a huge purchase to give away, it works perfectly, moreover, I bought additional nozzles on it and harvesting (potatoes) is no longer such a torment for me. In terms of service, it is very convenient, the only one , What.

The ideas laid down in the walk-behind tractor are perfect and right, but some of them are carried out “to get rid of them”.

In fairness, I will note the positive in the walk-behind tractor – the presence of a disc clutch and gears that have not yet failed.

This walk-behind tractor “Ugra” does not withstand even careful operation. The center of gravity of the walk behind tractor is high, so the walk behind tractor tends to fall to one side. You have to work really hard to survive the clutch. If the two-wheel tractor gets stuck in the garden during cultivation.

Motoblocks Ugra: modifications, characteristics of models, reviews of owners

Recommendation: 100%


model series

Kadvi, a manufacturer of motor vehicles from Kaluga, is one of the market leaders on the Russian market for engine blocks and motor cultivators. The work is not only known for the production of machines, but also for the production of a large number of spare parts, gas turbine engines and power plants, gasoline pumps and engine units as well as attachments for handmade tractors and creepers.

Such a production scope determines the high quality of all devices manufactured, their performance and reliability.


Motoblocks of the UGRA line are known in both Russia and abroad. In large and small farms, in summer houses, vegetable gardens and greenhouses – work without motor vehicles is unthinkable everywhere.

The use of these units accelerates agricultural processes, enables less time for soil processing and enables processing to previously unused areas. The manufacturer gives a guarantee of 12 to 24 months for various modifications from UGRA.

What are the Motoblocks from UGRA known for? The most important technical advantages of all models of the device series from the Kadvi plant are listed below:

  • Gear wheel drive and reduction gears, wear of the straps is excluded due to their absence;
  • Steering wheel adjustment in two levels, including height;
  • Weight of 85 to 91 kg (depending on the modification);
  • the possibility of developing the speed of movement from 2 km / h to 6 km / h;
  • Work in several gears + reverse gear;
  • A large selection of attachments for all modifications, the possibility of coupling with external growing devices or devices from other manufacturers.

In the further course of the test report, we will take a closer look at the advantages and properties of the modifications of the hand-led UGRA tractor and study the test reports of some models. In order to get a more comprehensive picture of the functioning of these devices, the video reviews presented in the article help.

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Motoblock NMB-1N2

One of the most popular modifications, the flagship of the line with a Honda engine (Honda GX200), the engine power is 6 HP, the hand-led tractor is equipped with a metal fuel tank and a reduction gear.

Motoblock NMB-1N2

The mass of the device is 90 kg, taking into account the air wheels, the mass of the device is 91 kg. Train force: 100 to 130 kgf, depending on the bike type. The device can wear a loaded trolley with a weight of up to 350 kg. For different types of work, the speed of 2.28 km / h (reverse gear) can be up to 8.52 km / h (third place).

Motoblock NMB-1N3

Motoblock NMB-1N3

This modification is almost identical to the previous one, but the NMB-1N3 is equipped with a Vanguard 6.5 hp engine with an output of 6.5 hp. The manufacturer’s guarantee for this device is 18 months. The weight of the device is 90 kg with pneumatic bikes. Can work in connection with the cart, the trailer.

Motoblock NMB-1H5

Engine block NMB-1N5

Modification “UGRA” with the American Briggs & Stratton engine, engine power is 6 HP. These machines are known for their moderate noise level, which is generated by the engine. The advantage of the quiet operation is mainly obvious for the operator of the singl e-axle tractor.

According to the documentation for motor vehicles, it is recommended to work with the device in earplugs. Briggs and Stretton engines are among the quietest, so the health of the machine operator is stable after the work has been completed. The factory guarantee for this model is 18 months.

Motoblock NMB-1N7

Like other tractors of this model series, the singl e-axis stractor 1H7 is a powerful device for the processing of any kind of land. The UGRA NMB-1N7 can be operated in any season.

Driven by a Lifan engine with an output of 6.5 hp (4.8 kW). The capacity of the pilot’s metal tank is 3.6 liters. The power of the device enables the processing of up to 4,000 square meters. m.

You can learn more about the reviews of this model, its properties and advantages by reading the corresponding rating about the hand-led UGRA tractor on our website.

Motoblock NMB-1N9

Model with Robin Subaru Ex 17 Premium Motor (Japanese production). Known as powerful, reliable helpers for summer, garden and land work. Engine power – 6 HP, factory guarantee for the device – 24 months.

Motor Robin Subaru Ex 21 Motoblock NMB-1N9

Discussion gear. The device can transport up to 350 kg in a trolley or trailer. Works with hinge elements both the “Kadvi” factory production and other foreign manufacturers.

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Motoblock NMB-1H10

A more advanced model of the previous modification. The same recognizable Robin Subaru EX 21 premium engine from the USA and increased performance – already 7 hp. The guarantee for this modification is 24 months. Like the previous models, this device can reach speeds of 2.2 km / h to 8.5 km / h in third gear.

You can use this model all year round, even in winter. The unique recognizable design of “UGRA” and the wide functionality make this device recognizable for the users, and powerful engines are not inferior to the “filling” of foreign cars.

Motoblock NMB-1H10A

Another popular modification. The Robin Subaru EX-27 engine has an output of up to 9 hp! Tank content 4 l. As with the previous models, this also has a backward function, several speed modes and the possibility of working with a trolley. Train force in the range of 100 to 130 kgfs. Factory guarantee 24 months.

Motoblock NMB-1N10A

Motoblock NMB-1H11

Model with household engine Kadvi 168f – 2A, engine power 6.5 hp, the product from the Kadvi plant is given a guarantee of 18 months.

The model is also popular because of its low price and not the slightest engine output.

Every factory equipment of the Kaluga engine plant is suitable for this model.

Motoblock NMB-1H14

Engine block NMB-1N14

Handled tractor, equipped with a Japanese Robin Subaru EX-27 engine. One of the most powerful models, like the previous one.

This han d-led tractor can easily cope with frozen, dense earth and virgin soil when it uses attachments, it is able to work on a large area in a relatively short time. The standard product guarantee is 18 months.

Motoblock NMB-115

Heavy motor vehicles with a Lifan 177F engine that works with an output of 9 hp and is equipped with an electrical start. This function takes over an electric starter.

The han d-led tractor NMB – 1N15 is used for the entire range of garden and gardening, and it can also clear snow or act as a water pump.

It is known that all modifications of the UGRA from the Kadvi plant were manufactured in accordance with European security standards. The operator who works with such a device can be sure that he uses the equipment of the highest class and quality.

Motoblock NMB-116

This model is equipped with a Lifan 178fD diesel engine. Its power is 6 HP, and the electrical start function makes the work of the device guide much easier. Factory guarantee 18 months.

Motoblock NMB-115 Motoblock NMB-116

Motoblock NMB-117

This modification of Ugra also belongs to the class of heavy motor vehicles. With the help of this walk tractor, farmers can perform many agricultural manipulations, including wresting, hilling, plowing and mowing grass.

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With articulated equipment, this equipment allows year-round operation (as a snow carrier, carrier carrier).

NMB-1N17 works with the LIFAN engine with a capacity of 7 HP.

On our site you can get acquainted with the features and advantages of the UGRA NMB-1N17 in more detail by reading the relevant review.

It is known that the production of motoblocks by the Kadvy plant began in 1966, when the motorized plant experienced with Kaluga was created. Production does not stand still, and every year the Kadwa plant works on improving the existing modifications of all lines or developing and ideas of new ones.

The Ugra brand is recognizable not only in Russia, but also beyond its borders in neighboring countries: Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Moldova. The popularity of engine blocks from Kadws is marked not only by high quality, but also by the wide coverage of service centers, shops selling engine block spare parts and shops selling this motorcycle.

Equipment not assembled

Kadwa’s factory line of cling equipment includes such units and products:

Any migratory loss of the Ugra line or other lines of automobiles from the Kaluga manufacturer can connect not only with domestic factory issues, but also with products of foreign manufacturers and work successfully. The efforts of the Umelian farmers are armed with homegrown tools that have both been rejected and pursued. To extend the life of engine blocks, the manufacturer does not recommend using homemade tools.

Reviews of the owners

Let’s see what ratings they get from Ugra

Victor, Kazan:

“I have Ugra H10, I am happy with my car and even more. We have been working on the site together with our son for the third year. Management is good although some complain about weight. Motblock and should be heavy, you want to be light – buy a motor cultivator. It’s hard to work on the ground anyway. From the flap to him I mostly catch a plow and of course cutters. The site is large, 5 hours of continuous operation of the device in the warm season is considered calm, in winter I will clean the snow in the yard, I use the factory, standard shovel. “

Igor, Krasnodar:

“For a long time he decided to buy and bowed to her news that Ugra was now available without a belt. I remember my father being tormented with these belts when he was tormented with these belts. It gets torn up all the time, then it’s time to change it. I was also pleased with the ability to choose: modifications of the sea! Honestly, it’s hard to choose right away, the seller helped – now I have a department with the Honda engine, I like everything in the walk, it’s just heavy, but that’s even a plus! “

( No ratings yet )
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