Motoblocks Titan. Review of the list, properties

Motoblocks Titan. Review of the list, properties, attachments, instructions

Motoblocks Titan are used in our country. They are essentially minitors that are only used in areas of small and medium sizes. Motoblocks Titan can carry out the following work area:

  • Grinding and plowing the floor;
  • Plant, ditch and Hilling potatoes;
  • Clean weeds and small shrubs;
  • Remove snow;
  • Transport goods.

There are a number of models of which each own properties and nuances. Let us get to know each of them.

The preparation

Titan 850 Pro

This model combines light weight and excellent performance:

  • Motor 170 F with a capacity of 7.5 hp is powered by a manual starter.
  • The ignition system has a magnetic transistor;
  • The fuel tank is designed for 4 liters.
  • The control point has 3 steps – 2 forward and one back.

This model is perfect with heavy soils. If it is necessary to treat soft floors, it should also be weighed because the speed of movement of the device with tailors is quite large. Motoblok Titan 850 is able to transport goods with a weight of up to 400 kg.

Titan 10 e

This unit is considered universal and is suitable for the execution of agricultural work. The main features of Titan 10 E are taken into account:

  • Petrol engine with a capacity of 8 HP;
  • The checkpoint has 8 steps – 6 forward and two back so that you can select the most suitable working speed.
  • The engine is launched with an electric starter, which facilitates the start of the engine at low temperatures and under conditions with high humidity.
  • A universal coupling was installed that can withstand serious loads.
  • The width of processing by grinding is up to 78 cm and the depth of its immersion is up to 19 cm.


Most of the Motitan 10 E Wal k-Breiten tractor is used in the processing of virgin countries that are not previously connected. And small dimensions help to process rowing the soil without touching agricultural plants.

Enifield Titan MK1000

With this Walk behavior tractor, a motor with a capacity of 7 hp is installed. The manufacturer recommends using AI-92 fuel.

The main characteristics of the narrow MK 100 0-Motblock include:

  • The volume of the fuel tank by 3.6 liters;
  • Manual starter;
  • Pto;
  • The weight of the device is 90 kg.

Motoblock Enifield Titan MK1000

In this way, the Enfield MK 1000 motorcycle block manifests itself in mediu m-sized areas. It enables you to process the floor deep with milling cutters (up to 35 cm).

Enfield MK 1000 gripper height can be set to the operator’s growth.

Titan 1010

This motoblock is a representative of the sem i-professional equipment. It is equipped with a petrol engine with a capacity of 9 hp. It is recommended to use AI-92 or AI-95 as fuel.

Basic features Titan 1010:

  • Three speed gears;
  • The fuel tank has a volume of 3.6 liters;
  • The weight of the motoblocktitan 1010 – 120 kg;
  • Set of meal plants in the kit;
  • Tires with a large diameter and a high profile for working on loose and moist soil.

This device is designed and loose for connecting virgin countries.

Titan 1310

This machine is only intended with dense virgin countries in which a high performance of the unit is required. The area of ​​the garden or other areas is most common.

Properties of the engine block titan 1310:

  • A petrol engine with a capacity of 13 hp, which is powered by a manual starter;
  • Motor block weight – 160 kg;
  • 8 step gears: 6 forward and two backs;
  • The flammable tank is designed for 6 liters and for oil per 1.3 liters.

Depending on the road surface and the mounted devices, the speed of the hiking trail 1310 can be between 5 and 15 km/h.

With its impressive properties, the device does not use a large amount of fuel. The average consumption for an hour of intensive use with heavy soil is 2.5 liters of fuel.

Titan 1610

This tractor for walk injuries is intended for use on heavy soils and can even drive the hardest attachments.

Motoblock Titan 1610

The characteristic properties of Titan 1610 include:

  • Petro l-Vie r-stroke engine for 16 hp;
  • Fuel tank for 6.5 l fuel;
  • Air cooling of the engine;
  • Hand starter.

Motoblock Titan 1610 is reliable and economical.

Titan 1810 Pro

This is the most powerful and most reliable motoblock from the Titan series. The engine has an output of 16 hp and enables them to transport goods with a weight of more than one ton.

In addition, this hiking trail can generate embedded floors in large areas and plant potatoes in large areas, freeze soils.

The main features of the Motoblocktitanium 1810 Pro:

  • The torque is 3600 revolutions per minute. As a result, the device can be finished by operating the tractor of the walking behavior in large areas.
  • A modernized engine cooling system enables the temperature to be maintained at the required level.
  • The fuel tank is designed for 6.5 liters of fuel.
  • The engine begins with a cable;
  • The gearbox has 3 positions: 2 forward and a back;
  • A better fuel system does not allow dirt particles in the carburetor.

Motoblock Titan 1810 shows its best properties while working with heavy attachments in large areas with heavy floors.

Unmounted equipment

Motoblocks enable the automation of most agricultural work thanks to additional prefixes.


These problems are contained in most motor blocks of the titanium and enables them to mix the upper fertile layer of soil.

During the assembly of the grinding, it is necessary to be guided by the operating instructions.

If it is necessary to carry out the plowing with an aggregate of heavier floors, it is recommended to use plows, enter them deeper into the ground and carry out plowing without any problems.

Plow is a revolutionary double-body plow PV-1

During this work, it is the main thing to create the first track, then put a bike in the graves formed and to continue plowing.


Motoblocks Titan can help residents of rural areas harvest hay for the winter time.

Rotary Braids are represented on the official website of the Titan. They process the surface at a speed of about 1.5 to 2 km per hour. It all depends on the power of walking behavior and the density of the grass.

Potato crap and potatoes

Potatoes are considered one of the most popular agricultural plants in our country. In this case, a large amount of work should be attached to sow and dig them. Titan motor blocks were created to automate most processes, including this.

Potato planter potato rotor vibrating potato rotor

Thanks to the universal coupling, potato rotoders and potato fan machines from other manufacturers can be used.

Snow milling and shovel shovel

With Motoblocks Titan you can remove snow with the help of snow blower from the area. They are used privately by the residents of rural areas and by public supply companies in the city.

Snow mills absorb a layer of snow and throw them to the side at a distance of up to 10 m. In this case, the range depends directly on the performance of the handled tractor itself.

Snow blower

If the courtyard already has a shovel sheet, you can remove the snow with it. The height of the leaf blade is usually about 20 cm.

Adapter, pendant

During the operation, the owner of the Titan-Nachstractor is under a strong load, since the devices have a solid weight, they have to be kept constantly led and pursued on foot. An adapter can be purchased to facilitate this work. It is a prefix with a seat that is connected to the han d-led tractor and enables you to control it while sitting.

Due to the high performance of the Titan Aachstractors, it is possible to transport heavy loads. The manufacturer has provided trouble-tipping options that considerably facilitate the discharge process. It is enough to lift the rear of the trailer and bulk goods just sleep out of it.

Trailer for Motoblock Plowman

Wheels, tunnels and rails

Titan singl e-axle tractors have high air bodies with a wide tread by default. This allows you to deliver the device not only to the site, but also carry out work with a wide variety of attachments.

If you have to increase the grip with the surface, it is better to use tunnels. They are equipped with additional plates that penetrate into the ground and give the titanium aerobic tractor a quiet journey.

For movement on snow, it is recommended to use rails, they enlarge the contact surface with the surface and help the device to move through dense snow.

User Guide

Before you start working, new owners should definitely read the operating instructions.

First commissioning and inlet

The key to the lon g-term use of the Titan singl e-axle tractor is the correct commissioning. It is therefore necessary to assemble the device according to the recommendations of the instructions.

Make sure to refill oil and gasoline! Because they don’t exist.

After that, a entry should be carried out, i.e. H. Use a han d-led tractor with half the maximum performance. In this mode, the device should work for 5 to 8 hours. During this time, the engine parts are thoroughly lubricated and rubbed together.

Make sure you change the oil after completing the entry time.


The regular maintenance should be carried out in accordance with the recommendations in the operating instructions.

The engine oil should be changed every 25 hours. The manufacturer recommends using half-synthetic options 10W-30.

The gear oil must be changed every 100 operating hours of the device. The operating instructions recommend using lubricants with the classification 80W-90 GL-5.

Be sure to drain waste before filling new oil.

Larger disorders and repairs

Every owner of a titanium singl e-axle tractor should know how to fix the most common disorders.

If the engine block engine does not start:
  • Check for fuel and oil;
  • Check the fuel system and check whether fuel comes to the carburetor;
  • Set the carburetor;
  • Do you inspect the ignition system, color the candle?
When the motoblock vibrates heavily:
  • Check the bolt connections on the tractor of the sidewalk, they could break;
  • Improper coupling of an engine block with a problem;
  • Problems with the belt transfer.

Video review

Here you will find a video check, such as the work of a motor titanium block with a double cigarette light and primrose:

In the next video evaluation, the owner of the Motoblock Titan has the ground:

Reviews of the owners

The owners of these devices write the following in the forums:


“This tractor for walking behavior is only associated with great strength. My property is rocky and the floor is firm. Therefore, weaker models of the load would not withstand. And this plow, mills and disappears without any problems. I have observed serious problems for two years. The main thing in time to spend in time, and I think I will give it back to my children.

Advantages: Curdes all the work without any problems.

Disadvantages: The lack of weight sometimes has an effect, they have to press. “

Alexey via Titan 10 E:

“Great car. It works like a watch. The power of 10 horses is quiet. I will transport about half a tone to you, and it is of the opinion that this is not the limit of opportunities. It breaks down clearly around the floor, If it didn’t jump, he didn’t even buy soil because I see no reason. There was the only collapse, oil from the tank flowed (something managed to cancel it and not noticed it), I had to replace it and there were no more complaints .

Advantages: Large selection of problems, great weight, electricity, electrical steel

Motoblocks Titan (Titan)

Those who plan their preference for garden transactions in the country or in a different personal property should carry out the work on the earth at least twice a year. With a shovel ditch – this has already gone into the distant past, it was replaced by an indispensable agricultural machine from various manufacturers.

The modern engine block is the machine that helps with every gardening. The cultivator can easily dig the floor, lick the floor with oxygen, contribute to the alignment of the soil and its sealing with fertilizers. A variety of models with different characteristics and technical skills are offered on the consumer market. You should find out carefully to mentally choose the model.

Modern singl e-axle tractor Titan

Titan Motoblocks

A significant difference between different models is the performance of the machine. In order to decide correctly, you have to go into for yourself for the purposes that a cultivator needs and what layer of the earth he has to process.

A thorough inclusion of the properties of the motor block titan offers a guarantee for the right choice. This depends on the time of work, the reliability and the excellent quality of the implementation of all specified tasks.

The power of the engine must be selected based on the area of ​​the location. It is limited in easier, means and heavier:

  • If the location is not more than 20 hectares, the smallest cultivating one of 3.5 hp is suitable.
  • The power of 4 to 6 hp is about 1 hectare of land. Titan motor types with a capacity of 7 to 9 liters should be attributed to the middle group. With.
  • Motoblock Titan with 9 liters. With. Refers to the most powerful group. These units are professional technology that is multitasking.
  • Motoblock Titan 13 l. s., Motoblock Titan 16 liters. With. and Motoblocktitan 18 l. With. They are designed in such a way that they work in huge sizes and for the processing of virgin countries.

The duration of the work, their reliability and the excellent quality of the execution of all tasks depend on this.

Advice! It is not advisable to buy heavy professional devices for processing a personal property of 15 hectares.

After the buyer got to know each other and decided on the capacities of the mugber, you should deal with the most popular models of the hand-led titanium tractors.

Popular models of the hand-guided titanium tractors

Motoblock Enifield Titan Mk 1000

The petrol land machine is ergonomic and will manage almost every task. Suitable for loosening and digging the soil, plants, cleaning weeds and snow from the surface of the earth. Wears loads with ease.

Motoblock Enifield Titan Mk 1000

Main features:

  • Power 7 hp;
  • The han d-led tractor Titan MK 1000 is equipped with three speeds: 2 speeds forward and one backwards;
  • The installation of additional attachments is planned;
  • Air bicycles with fishing patterns will be able to search the soil in all weather conditions.

Motoblock Titan 1810

The processing machine is part of the premium type of hand-led tractors from domestic production. This can be understood from the following specifications:

Motoblock Titan 1810

  • Has an output of 16 hp. and is intended for professional use over a long period of time;
  • can wear loads with a weight of up to 1200 kilograms;
  • Improved engine with a new cooling system is extremely reliable and wea r-resistant;
  • can move with one of 3 speeds;
  • Has a hand elevator.

Motoblock Titan TN 18 Pro

The powerful singl e-axis tractor with low gear is not only an indispensable helper, but also causes minimal costs.

  • Reliable han d-held tractor Titan belongs to the difficult category, has 18 hp. Able to solve the most difficult tasks on each floor.
  • The plow depth is up to 30 centimeters, the strip width 110 cm.
  • Can be operated with three forward speeds and a backward speed.
  • Among other things, it is designed for the transport of grain.
  • The weight of the machine is 170 kilograms.

Motoblock Titan 10

The han d-led tractor will plow up in a few hours of untouched new floor and solve the tasks that even an experienced farmer cannot manage with excellent physical skills in manual mode. Because of its mass, it can penetrate deep into the ground without weight. It has the following technical properties:

Motoblock Titan 10

  • The manufacturer ensured that the hand-led Titan tractors were equipped with the ability to work with any attachment;
  • Engine power is 8 hp;
  • Equipped with six forwards and two backwards;
  • can penetrate up to a depth of 18 cm and a width of 78 cm into the ground;
  • The volume of the tank is designed for 7 liters;
  • The weight of the han d-led tractor is 230 kilograms.

Reviews on han d-led tractors Titan. Company recommendations

Based on numerous consumer reviews, Grubber of this brand is excellent models with excellent performance and a relatively affordable price. To do this, we can add a very important factor, such as the purchase of parts. On the Titans it is pretty easy to find the necessary parts that are on offer.

Reviews of handled tractors Titan

Positive reviews on han d-led tractors and technology of Titan are based on the fact that this type of agricultural engineering can completely replace manual work. They are robust, reliable and so easy to use that women or old people can handle the machine. And even a big plus is the low fuel consumption and the high efficiency.

In order for the singl e-axle tractor to last as long as possible, you must observe simple operating rules and follow the operating instructions. Clean the air filter regularly from dirt, do not start the agricultural machine without gasoline or diesel fuel. The manufacturer advises against working on soils that are too wet. Heavy floors are best processed in several transitions with a break for the “rest” of the devices.

Taking into account the above rules, we can certainly assure that the titanium lasts singl e-axle tractors for a long time.

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