Motoblocks Stavmash. Review of the list, properties

Motoblocks Stavmash. Review of the list, properties, attachments, instructions

These devices are manufactured in the Russian work of the same name. Stavmash’s motoblocks are characterized by good operating properties, low price and high quality. Thanks to these characteristics, you will not only find in our country, but also abroad.

The Stavmash system offers several models for your walks, and let’s take a look at each of them.

Petrol models from Motoblocks

Stavmash MK-900

This tractor for walking has a petrol engine with 9 hp. The engine begins with a hand starter. The engine is cooled with air.

Motoblock Stavmash MK-900

  • The gearbox is thre e-level.
  • There is no power selection wave in this MB-900 model.
  • An engine block has an improved castle, which significantly increases the lifespan of the device.
  • The greatest depth of soil processing is 300 mm and the width can reach 1 m.
  • Weigh the Motoblock Stavmash MB-900 80 kg.

Stavmash MK-1000

This device is equipped with a fou r-stitch engine with a capacity of 7 hp. The engine starts with a manual starter.

Motoblock Stavmash MK-1000

  • A cast gear is installed.
  • The MK-1000 Stavmash is included with the walk-in tractor and sets a set of mills.
  • The processing width can be set from 80 to 110 cm.
  • The greatest depth of immersion in the ground is 300 mm.

Stavmash MK-1200

This model has a petrol engine of 7.0 hp with a capacity of 7.0 hp.

Motoblock Stavmash MK-1200

  • The cultivation depth is between 15 and 30 cm.
  • With an improved GUS S-EIR gear, you can withstand the loads even when working with heavy floors.

Stavmash BM-12

This tractor for walking behavior has a petro l-fou r-stroke engine with a capacity of 12 hp. The engine is powered by a manual starter.

Motoblock Stavmash BM-12

On the BM-12 block BM-12 there is a power shaft with which you can configure the speed of the fastening devices, and the cast iron gear increases the operating lessons of the device without repair.

  • The width of processing due to grinding is 120 cm. The floor can be processed at a depth of 30 cm.
  • The gear is designed for 3 steps.

Stavmash MB-15

This is the most powerful tractor with a petrol engine for 15 HP.

Motoblock Stavmash BM-15

  • A power shaft and a manual starter are installed on the Stavmash MB-15.
  • In order to control the oil level in the crankcase, there is a special sensor that continues the engine when a lack of lubricant lacks.
  • Cast iron gear can withstand heavy loads
  • The weight of the walk-in tractor stavmash MB-15 is 100 kg.

Diese l-Motoblocks

Stavmash DM-9

This is a diesel model with a motor of 9 hp. There is a power shaft.

Motoblock Stavmash DM-9

  • With the cast iron gear you can extend the lifespan of the diesel engine block StAVMash DM-9.
  • The size of the wheels is 4.00-8.
  • The width of processing with mills can reach 110 cm.
  • Weigh the diesel engine block Stavmash DM-9 is 100 kg.
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Stavmash DM-12E

This is a professional diesel model with a motor capacity of 12 hp. It has a sheeling coupling.

Motoblock Stavmash DM-12E

  • In order to facilitate the start of the engine in winter, the diesel engine of the stands is equipped with an electric starter.
  • The height of the steering wheel can be adjusted to the growth of each operator.
  • The weight of the walk-in engineer of the Stavmash DM-12E is 130 kg.

Unmounted equipment

Stavmash motoblocks drive a wide range of attachments. Due to this, the functionality of the devices increases. Below is a review of the main passages.


Included with most Stavmash motor blocks are a set of grinders. This is the main attachment used to cultivate the soil and mix its top layer. Sable – failed mills are now used, which are placed in place of pneumatic wheels. There is also a variant of active prefixes installed behind the tractor of the Walk behavior.

This video shows the first works of cutters of the Stavmash MK-1200 motoblock:

The assembly of the grinding cutter should be done strictly in accordance with the operating instructions. This will help prevent a quick failure of this fastening equipment.

Previously, plows were used to mix the soil and increase fertility. They are now used together with Stavmash engine blocks.

Controllact plows have a special form of lime that allows them to break up large blocks of soil.

Plow is a revolutionary double hand plough

During plowing, the main thing is to create a flat first track, then a wheel is placed in a ditch and the plough-drop falls into the ground to the required depth.

It is recommended to use plows with heavy soils because the cutters cannot step on them.


Stavmash motoblocks can help beat weeds with mowers during their vigorous growth.

The manufacturer offers rotary options that cut the grass with rotating blades. If you hit a solid rock or tubercle, the knives just spin the other way and don’t fail.

Rotor braids are commonly used by rural residents for hiring and by community businesses to keep park areas tidy.

Potato Crap and Potatoes

Potatoes are a common rural crop. However, when planting and cleaning in large areas, great physical activity occurs.

You can lighten the Stavmash motoblocks along with special attachments.

Potato trailer Potato residents

Potato planting usually occurs as follows, potatoes are spilled into a special potato tank from which they are planted into the ground over an equal time, the plow makes a ditch ahead and two cupheers dig it in the back.

After the crop has ripened, it is necessary to dig it out of the ground. There is also a very simple prefix for the Stavmash engine note. It’s a regular plow with welded steel bars. When treating the soil, the plunder lifts the main layer of soil, and the steel bars break the soil stakes, leave potato slaps on the surface.

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Snow workers and a shovel shovel

Professional snow buffaloes choose a layer of snow together with Stavmash motoblocks and throw it away with the help of a rotor. The range of release directly depends on the power of the device and the direction of the wind.

If you need to remove a small amount of snow cover, you can use the blade with a shovel. It is much cheaper and will clean the territory no worse. Usually the height of the shovel is up to 30 cm.

Wheels, soil and caterpillars

Along with the Stavmash motoblocks, a set of pneumatic wheels that allow you to deliver a tractor to the place of operation for a walk. Tires are required to work with other attachments, except cutters.

If you should increase the hitch with the surface, it is recommended to replace the wheels with the floors. Their steel plates are contained in the ground and help the Wanderloss tractor to move smoothly.

Floo r-bearing floor

In winter, the grip problem is particularly noticeable because the device is more difficult to move on loose snow and ice. In this case, you can install a caterpillar module that enlarges the contact area of ​​the hand-led stavmash tractor with the surface.

Adapter and trailer

Adapter are used for a more comfortable work with the hand-led stavmash tractor. This is an attachment with a seat with which you can operate the machine while sitting.

Pendants are used to transport goods. The manufacturer offers tipper options together with high side walls and a seat at the front.

Pendant for a walk tractor

If the singl e-axle tractor jumps during the tillage, types of symptoms can be installed that give the device more weight and make it more stable.

User Guide

Before you use stavmash axractors fully, you should read the operating instructions. It contains basic information on device assembly, inlet, correct commissioning, device properties and maintenance. By studying it, you can minimize the likelihood of damage to the device by improper handling.

First commissioning and inlet

The key to long-term use of hand-led Stavmash tractors is your correct first commissioning.

  1. First of all, assembly should be carried out in the correct order. After that, oil and gasoline have to be filled in and the engine only started!
  2. If the device is only ex works, an inlet phase is required. This is the time when the han d-led tractor with minimal performance is used. It is necessary to enter so that the engine parts are well lubricated and rubbed together.
  3. If you immediately give the han d-led tractor of Stavmash a large load, friction occurs on the parts and you simply fail. Therefore, the device must be operated with 50 % of its capacity without additional accessories.
  4. The brea k-in must take place within 8 hours. Then the engine oil must be changed.
  5. After the end of agricultural work, the singl e-axle tractor should be mothballed, and that: thoroughly cleaned by dirt, dry, wiped dry, parts lubricated, covered and dry.
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Motoblocks stavmash are devices, and so that they last longer, technical work must be carried out according to the recommendations of the operating instructions.

  • The engine oil should be changed after 25 hours of operation of the device. The use of half-synthetic 10W-40.
  • The gear oil should be changed every 100 hours. You can also use the Soviet TAP-15V or TAD-17i.

Before you fill fresh oil into the han d-led tractors from Stavmash, make the waste drop out.

All levers of the device must be regularly lubricated with waterproof lubricants.

The following video overview shows the correct oil change sequence in the hand-led stavmash tractor:

Larger disorders and repairs

Every owner of these machines should know how to fix the most important problems that can occur at any time. Let’s look at the most common breakdowns and how to solve them:

The engine will not start:
  • Lack of gasoline or oil;
  • Constituted fuel or air filter;
  • Problems with the ignition system (the poles have moved away from the spark plugs or soot has formed on it);
  • Wrong carburetor setting.
The singl e-axle tractor vibrates strongly during operation:
  • Maybe they work with too heavy soil;
  • Loose screw connections of the han d-led tractor itself;
  • The clutch is not properly attached;
  • The drive belt failed.

If there are more serious problems that you cannot solve yourself, it is better to contact special service centers.

Reviews of the owners

Here’s what those who have already come across the work of Stavmash motblocks say on the forums:

Igor relative to the BM-15 model:

“In principle, the device is good. Everyone has their own nuances, but after working with him, two seasons are more pleasant moments. Plants and mills without problems. Control is easy, power for my 20 acres is sufficient with the head. If it is necessary to work with a larger area, then it is unlikely, since it is very hot.

Pros: Maneuverability, power and wide range of different problems

Cons: Fragile material of the case and there is a lot of vibration during operation. “

Valery about MK-900:

“A worthy model, characteristics and devices correspond to the declared. I pleasantly surprised the set of mills as a gift. During operation does not make noise, easy to transport (in a disassembled state in the trunk of the station car is placed). In the country it just plows like that. Fuel consumption is relatively not large, about 2.5 liters burn in one hour of work. But so much work is done in that time that he would have done it for a week.

Motoblocks debnya. Checking the properties of the list. Video work, recommendations for the company

Advantages: maneuverability, characteristics and low price

Cons: A little weight makes itself felt, the motorcycle block needs constant pushing and straightening. “

Motoblocks Stavmash: buy MK-900 or BM-15, reviews of the owners

Many consumers are interested in the capabilities, what capabilities of the Stavmash tractor, regardless of whether it is possible to choose this machine for processing a garden or garden area. Russian manufacturers are drawing the attention of gardeners to the Stavmash motoblocks, which will help to put the country in order in a short time.

Review of the engine block Stavmash BM-15

The Stavmash BM-15 motoblock model is an indispensable tool for every farmer. This motor cultivator can perform operations of plowing, cleaning snow, weeding and cleaning.

Motoblock Stavmash BM-15

The Motobobka Stavmash BM-15 has a cast iron gearbox. This motor cultivator has the following technical characteristics:

  • The engine power is 13 hp. The average speed of the cultivator is 13-15 km/h.
  • Dimensions: length 139 cm, width 80 cm and height 107 cm.
  • The width of the plowing is approximately 110 cm, and the depth is 15-30 cm.
  • Dis fou r-Stroke.
  • Fuel used: AI-92 gasoline.
  • Drive – 2 front and 1 rear wheel. The speeds are easy to change.
  • SAE 10W-30 engine oil.
  • Air cooling of the engine.
  • Fuel capacity – 3.6 liters.
  • hand launcher.

Complete with the Walk behavior tractor are replaceable grinders and rubber wheels, operating instructions and a 12 month warranty coupon. The machine is an analogue of the Don Motor cultivator, but with a much lower cost.

For more convenient use, you can purchase special nozzles (for snow cleaning, loosening the soil and planting potatoes, for harvesting) and a small trailer.

Review of the Motoboblok Stavmash MK-900

Stavmash MK-900 is another model. This motor cultivator is equipped with an aluminum gearbox, which makes the car a little easier to drive.

Motoblock Stavmash MK-900

Technical characteristics of the Motobobok Stavmash MK-900:

  • The engine power is 9 hp.
  • The width of the processed area is 95 cm. The depth is 15 to 30 cm.
  • belt clutch.
  • Fuel Type-AI-92 Gasoline.
  • Dis fou r-Stroke.
  • air cooling
  • The dimensions of the Walk behavior tractor: 139 x 80 x 107 cm.
  • hand launcher.
  • Fuel capacity 3.6 liters.
  • Ride – 1 back and 2 front wheels.

The motor cultivating Stavmash MK-900 is also an analogue of the DON model. It is able to develop a fairly high speed (up to 22 km/h) and treat large country diagrams.

The kit includes: eight fame mills, rubber bands, product pass and operating instructions.

In addition to the model above, the farmer can buy various nozzles and trailers for it.

This tractor with walking helps cultivation and cultivation of the earth – there is nozzles for plowing for soil, snow removal, plants and ditch of potatoes. A powerful engine enables you to work for a long time. The area of ​​the location can be large.

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Motobogloks and motor breeders from Stavmash occurred not too long ago on the market for agricultural machines. They are a technique of middle classes that can process large land areas.

The weight of the machines determines them in the light class category.

Farmers and owners of land attract cheap prices and hig h-quality products.

Reviews of the owners

There are no products in the world that only earn positive or negative reviews of the owners, and the hiking injuries from the missions are no exception. Take into account the advantages and disadvantages that users write in forums, the manufacturer’s official website and on the website of the dealers’ online stores. We will analyze several models individually for comparison.

For example, in the model of the walk-in tractor, the BM-15 Stavmash, measured by the checks, the relatively fragile material of the case and the fastening elements, unpleasant vibration during operation.

Otherwise, buyers are satisfied – the car can be maneuverable, powerful, comfortable and quick. It is of course not suitable for too large properties, but it can process 30-40 hectares of land.

The ratings of the owners of the Motoboblock Stavmash BM-9 vary. The car fits completely, while others are disappointed after a short use of the purchase. The engine power of this model Stavmash is 7 hp, weight – 85 kg. These properties are sufficient for processing small summer househouses with soft soil. They also determine a low noise level during operation. Models are considered a short chain gear, lack of power selection wave and small wheels.

And many people do not like the Stavmash MK-900 model for extreme lightness. To process the floor, the farmer has to make efforts and select a certain inclination angle of the voucher. Some buyers thought it was very impractical. Nevertheless, the MK-900 motor cultivator receives positive estimates of the owners in relation to reliability, assembly quality, economy and speed when driving with a trailer body. With the help of Stavmash 9 hp. You can “increase” the virgin areas and transport different goods with a weight of up to 700 kg. This model has a modernized MK-900A collector that only distinguishes by an aluminum gear. Someone finds this a plus, and a cast iron version is preferable for other users.

In general, motoblocks are described as low, mobile and maneuvering units with which you can carry out a lot of gardening and gardening.

Another disadvantage is that motoblocks are sold to order and some regions can go for a long time. As a result, spare parts for motor varieties are also ordered via online shops, and the delivery time is also unpredictable.

However, the manufacturers are working on eliminating and promising the mistakes of the cars to release already improved models for farmers.

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