Motoblocks Shtenli G-192. Overview, properties, reviews

Overview of the han d-led tractor Shtenli G192. Technical characteristics. Device. User Guide

This is a representative of heavy diesel engine blocks of the Shtenli brand with an output of 12 hp, which is characterized by low costs and excellent performance. The development of this engine was based on a 4-stroke Honda. The advantage of a diesel engine is low fuel consumption and more power.

Engine block Shenli G192

The han d-led Stanley tractor has a great torque thanks to which it can master a variety of agricultural work. The stem is designed for continuous use with high loads, so the frame was additionally reinforced and made of hardened steel.

The scope of delivery of the han d-led Tractor Shtenli includes an active milling machine and a turning plow. This han d-led tractor is ideal for transporting goods on a trailer.

Technical data Shtenli G192

Manufacturer: Shtenli.
Country of Manufacture: Germany.
Warranty: 2 years.
The weight: 320 kilograms.
Motor type: Diesel.
Perfomance: 12 PS
Transmission: Kegel bike gear.
Coupling: Disc.
Punch wave: is (belt disk).
Number of speeds: 8 (6 forward, 2 back).
Brake: There is.
Motor start: Electric starter (with the possibility of manual start).
Fuel tank: 6 l.
Engine cooling: Liquid.
Processing depth: 30 cm
Agricultural width: 90cm
Wheels: 6.5-12.

Application features of Shtenli G192

If you are the owner of a new hand-held tractor Stanley G-192, you must assemble the device before starting work (according to the operating instructions) and drive in. You need:

  • Pour in fuel and oil;
  • Let the engine warm when idling.

Switching should be gently and effortless. Use the machine for the first time with half the maximum output. Change the oil after driving in.

A diesel engine is installed on the hand-led Shtenli tractor that requires clean and fresh fuel.

Diesel Stenley G192 device

Stanley G-192 has two waves for connecting attachments: at the front and rear, so that you can conveniently assemble the attachment and carry out the appropriate work. The halogen headlight has enough performance to illuminate the area at night.

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Engine block Shenli G192

All control lever Shtenley G-192 are located on the handlebar and enable the machine progress conveniently. The scope of delivery of this device includes an additional milling replacement, a plow and an adapter.

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Shtenli G192 operating instructions

Every new owner should study the operating instructions. It describes the functional principle of the hand-led tractor Stanley G-192, the rules for its assembly, maintenance and correct operation.

Maintenance Shtenli G192

  • In order to extend the lifespan of the hand-led diesel tractor Shtenli G-192 and to maintain its technical properties, regular maintenance should be carried out.
  • At the end of the work, remove the remaining dirt and dust from the device to prevent corrosion. Before setting off, be sure to check for fuel and lubricant, tight attachments and leaks.
  • Change the oil and clean the fuel and air filters every 25 hours. It is recommended to fill the engine with a product rated 10W-40 from leading European manufacturers.

Video review Shtenli G192

Here is a video report of tilling with a Stanley G-192 Walk Tractor:

The following video review shows the process of planting potatoes using a Shtenli G-192 diesel walk-behind tractor:

owner reviews

Here are the reviews on thematic forums regarding the operational experience of the Stanley 192 walk-behind tractor:


“My wife gave me this device. I have a 10 acre garden and there is always work to be done. For him, given the technical characteristics of this device, it is dust. Now the farm has a hiller, a tiller and a plough. Works well with all attachments. The diesel consumption is about 1.5 liters per hour. I didn’t see any damage, I just changed the oil and cleaned the filters.

I put Shtenley on preservation for the winter, after that it starts without any problems.

Motor blocks Shtenli G-192. Overview, specifications, owner reviews

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Shtenli G-192 is a heavy diesel walk-behind tractor, the main task of which is to work on soils of increased density, virgin soil, as well as previously cultivated land that has been fallow for some time. The device belongs to professional models. Its weight is 320 kg and wheel sizes are 6.5-12.

Shenli G-192

Shtenli G-192 has a power of 12 hp. The liquid-cooled diesel engine makes this model a real power pack for all work on land. The performance of the G-192 is not inferior to such equipment as a mini tractor.

For the convenience of the operator, the engine block strongman is equipped with a headlight. The headlight is powered by a battery with a capacity of 40 Ah. The battery life of a factory fitted walk behind tractor is 5 years. The headlight is halogen, which makes it possible to use the device in the evening or early in the morning at dusk.

Shenli G-192

The Shtenli engine’s water cooling system contributes to the long service life of the walk behind tractor and extends the life of the equipment. The frame of the device is covered with an anti-corrosion layer, and all moving mechanisms are protected by casings.

Model Benefits

Advantages of the Shtenli G-192 motoblock model:

  • The largest tires in the Shtenli range allow this walk behind tractor to drive on absolutely any surface, be it wet soil, clay, terrain or a grassy field.
  • Halogen spotlight provides sufficient light for working in the twilight;
  • on the control handle are: brakes, shift lever and throttle, this simplifies work with the two-wheel tractor;
  • a special stop to store the walk-behind tractor and move it to a non-working position directly on the construction site or in the garage;
  • A 6-liter fuel tank allows you to increase the equipment operating cycle and reduce the number of refuelings. This is especially useful when working with large lots (50 acres or more).
  • Number of speeds – 8 (few walk-behind tractors can boast of such a set of gears, 4 forward, 2 reverse);
  • rear, front PTO;
  • electric starter;
  • the “easy start” system is a technique for every level of technical literacy;
  • disc clutch;
  • Transmission: gear, bevel gear;
  • despite the dimensions of the walk-behind tractor, fuel consumption is 1.5 liters per hour (like lighter vehicles with less functionality);
  • can perform the function of pumping water into the reservoir, and then the site for watering the site;
  • The kit includes an additional wheel and seat for the Shenli Walk behavioral engineer;
  • When ordering maximum configuration, the farmer can also get shields on wheels, a plow and a special protective cover for the belt.
  • Like other SHENLI motor vehicles, this model is equipped with a problem that allows you to repair the Hing devices of any type, as well as towed units such as a wagon or trailer.
  • The layout of the main details of the device is classic;
  • convenient management;
  • Adding vibration suppression function;
  • The weight of the walking tractor allows a cargo to 600 kg.
Spring is the beginning of the summer season

This device is suitable for all attachments from Belarus, Neva, Cascade and a number of attachments for motor blocks similar.

Technical characteristics

The main technical characteristics of SHENLI G-192 are as follows: the depth of the land is 30 cm, the maximum width of the attack of the land strip is 90 cm, the engine volume is 630 cm3, the engine power is 8.8 kW. The manufacturer offers a warranty for devices for a period of 24 months. The bearing frame is painted with a special anti-corrosion composition.

Combined with the SHENLI MOTOBLOCK THIS ON HAYFIELD, SNIDE CLEANER, a rotary brush to clean the areas in every season, Pump the water pump, garlic shock, crushes and other auxiliary equipment.

Shenli G-192

The front additional wheel is convenient for transporting a walk tractor along the site, since its weight is above average, which is able to increase an ordinary person. Managing the Shenli motblock of this weight is fairly easy given the speeds available.

The connection of the trailer and the seat for the operator takes place in a few minutes, since you can easily get to the required place on the touring tractor. The use of soil and weight means is not required – the device performs the main work due to net working weight.

Basic setting:
  • guarantee document;
  • Cutting mills in disassembled form (4 units);
  • Plow with the possibility of turning;
  • headlights;
  • Seat;
  • front wheel drive;
  • basic assembly tools;
  • Russian user instructions.


Application of Shenli G-192 Motorcycle:

  • Used in virgin lands (plowing with subsequent land cultivation);
  • transport of heavy goods;
  • operator transport (mini-actor function);
  • tractor function;
  • irrigation of the territory;
  • cleaning the territory of garbage and leaves (the brush is used);
  • clearing snow (snowball player);
  • Any work with the soil on which crops or flowers are already growing (cultivation, loosening, potato digging, potatoes, etc.).

operation and maintenance

Type of engine oil: SAE10W40
For gears: Gear oil, high viscosity, Russian or foreign manufacturer, TNC, Lukoil, Molil, Hull and others.
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Rules of operation and maintenance of Shenli G-192 Motoblock Service:

  • Keep the walk tractor clean, brush every time at the end of operation.
  • Start work only with filled containers: fuel and oil;
  • The speed mode during the first shot is no more than 1,500-2000 per minute, about 5-10 minutes of the walk-on tractor should work, and then use it on the ground.
  • Recommended tire pressure – 1.2 kg/cm2;
  • The cargo transported in the trailer cannot be more than 600 kg. Overloading the motor unit is harmful to the engine.
  • After 50-100 mothers, clean the air and fuel filters;
  • With cultivation, it is forbidden to tilt the motorcycle block and forcefully plunge it into the ground.
  • Every 60 minutes do a job and let the engine cool down.
  • To minimize the effects of vibration, use mittens.
  • Berushi is recommended to maintain the physiological noise.
  • Approximate periods from then: 8 hours minimum, oil replacement and diesel fuel percentage – 50 motorized hours or need, replacement of filters and spark plugs – as state per year – planned engine.


Andrey, Vitebsk:

“I received this diesel cultivator as a gift from my brother. He sold the site and the equipment stayed. Our garden is 15 acres for such a machine is just a ridiculous job. I don’t use it in winter, because the yard is small, I clean it with a shovel, and the snowman isn’t a cheap treat. For plowing such a colossus is the most. I don’t even know how to try to water it down to the collapse. While I only change the oil and replace the candle once, I leave it in a warm garage for the winter, in the spring I collect again for work. I recommend a good motoblock! “

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