Motoblocks Shtenli 500. Overview, specifications, reviews

Overview of the Shtenli 500 walk behind tractor. Specifications. Device. User Guide

This is a light and maneuverable walk-behind tractor from the Stanley family. Compared to its “big brothers”, it has the smallest power, only 7 hp. However, this model has its advantages – light weight. It gives the device additional maneuverability and ease of use. Another advantage of this model is low fuel consumption.

Shenli 500 Motoblock

The Stanley 500 excels at working on small plots where you need to constantly maneuver and turn.

Specifications Shtenli 500

Engine brand: M168SE Intek OHV (Honda license)
Engine power: 7 hp
engine volume: 211cc
Transmission type: Chain
clutch type: Belt
Transfers: Forward – 2, back – 1
Start type: Manual
Fuel tank volume: 3.5L
fuel consumption: 0.7 l/h
Processing width: up to 800 – 1100 mm
Processing depth: up to 300mm
wheel size: 10×40
Dimensions: 1390x800x1070mm
The weight: 80kg

Application features of Shtenli 500

When working on heavy soils, complications can arise with this model due to its low weight, which means that the attachment cannot sink into the soil. In this case, it is necessary to use special weighting devices, which are made in the form of pancakes and hung on the wheel axle.

Stanley 900 walk behind tractors can automate a variety of different tasks: ploughing, tilling, mounding, planting and harvesting, hauling goods, etc.

Shenli 500 Motoblock

Shtenli 500 device

  • The Stanley walk-behind tractor is equipped with a decompression valve, which makes starting the engine much easier.
  • The steering shaft is mounted on shock absorbers and absorbs a large amount of outgoing vibration.
  • Shtenli 500 is equipped with an inverter that allows you to easily change direction.
  • High-quality pneumatic tires with an aggressive chevron profile improve the unit’s patency on any terrain and in any weather.

Shtenli 500 user manual

An operator’s manual is always included with a walk-behind tractor. This document contains information about the principles of assembly and operation of the machine, the function of the levers, the sequence of correct start-up, running-in, maintenance and elimination of major malfunctions.

The lawn mower is comfortable for you, safe for your lawn

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If the instruction manual is lost, you can always download and familiarize yourself with the electronic version of this document on special forums.

Shenli 500 Motoblock Shenli 500 Motoblock

Servicing Shtenli 500

The operator’s manual contains clear requirements for the maintenance schedule for Shtenli 500 walk-behind tractors. Before leaving, check the presence of fuel and lubricant, the reliability of fastening devices and the absence of leaks.

At the end of the work, remove the remaining dirt and dust from the device to prevent corrosion. Change the oil and clean the fuel and air filters every 25 hours. It is recommended to pour a quality product with a rating of 10W-40 into the engine.

Video review Shtenli 500

Below is a detailed video review of the technical characteristics of the Shtenley walk-behind tractor:

Reviews of the owners

In the following you will find several opinions from thematic forums regarding experiences in Stanley 500:


“I work on this miracle in the second season. After the purchase I didn’t start, I had to change the candle. I look at the main advantage that it has two horses with its small size and small weight. If you work on heavy soil, it sometimes breaks ahead, but the bike always supports the wheel. He will not pull the Frank Virgin floor. If you work with a plow, you cannot do without ground and weight aids.

Advantages: low costs, small dimensions, electricity, large processing width.

Shenli 500 engine blocks. Review, characteristics, reviews of the owners

Recommend: 100%



Shenli 500 is a light class engine for the execution of various agricultural tasks. This unit is suitable for cultivating and plowing soils and processing the beds, the device can also be used to work in personal areas, for example for cutting lawns, for cleaning garden paths from snow, freight transport, etc.

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Shenli 500

The Shenli 50 0-Walk tractor is equipped with a fou r-stitch engine, gasoline, with air cooling. The power of the engine is 7 HP, which is equal to the performance of the average walk. The device is universal, especially in combination with fastening equipment.

Almost every additional devices can be installed on Shenli 500 with a special trailer coupling (universal, suitable for most chopped and steered tools from local engine blocks with a similar weight).

Thanks to hardened cutters, some farmers use Shenli 500 to plure virgin countries. We draw your attention to the fact that the motoblock is not intended for the processing of large countries. Shenli 500 is a unit of domestic purpose. For large bodies, it is recommended to use heavier units – professional or hal f-professional.

Let us consider the structural features of the Stanley Motor Block 500 in detail:

  • Powerful engine, factory module, quality guarantee of the manufacturer 24 months;
  • As a result, the presence of a decompression valve is a slight start of the device.
  • The system of suppression of noise and vibrations (an increased safety level of the operator);
  • Comfortable and secure location of the gas outlet;
  • Fast angle of angles due to the presence of an inverter;
  • Chevron tires with high continuousness and deep pattern;
  • Quick start system – a developer patent;
  • Attachment of a universal type (the ability to track down, weakened devices, including plows of different types, cigns, etc.).

Technical characteristics

Stenli 500 is equipped with a 211 cm3 engine. The fuel consumption is very modest, with maximum power 0.7 – 1.00 l/hour. The volume of the gas tank is 3.5 liters.

The number of gears is 2 at the front, 1, which increases the maneuverability of the device and the level of operating comfort when working with the floor. The cultivation width is 80 cm to 100 cm, depth – from 15 cm to 30 cm.

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Shenli 500

You can easily transport the modest dimensions of the Shenli 500 motor (139 x 80 x 107 cm) and the removable control handle in small cars.

The diameter of the milling systems supplied with the hiking loss tractor is 35.6 mm. The frequency of your rotation during operation is 399 rpm. For the convenience of the operator, the device is equipped with a transport bike. In this wheel block you can insert it during storage or transport the device on the website.

Basic equipment and adhesive equipment

The basic equipment of the engine block of the Stenli 500:

  • Direct, Stanley Motoblock 500 (motor+gear+checkpoint);
  • Support wheel (1 unit);
  • Fastening elements and tools for attaching tailors, handles, wheels;
  • Disassembled mills;
  • Protective wing;
  • Instructions (which can also be downloaded in electronic form);
  • Guarantee voucher;
  • The clutch is universal.

Suitable hinge devices for Shenli 500:

  • Potato coat is common and sponsor;
  • Floors;
  • Hiller;
  • Plow;
  • Differential;
  • Follower;
  • Car;
  • Other types of devices can also be connected to the tractor of the walk behavior (for example by Neva or Salute cultivating).

Service and operation

It can use the Shenli 500 motor notes under the following conditions:
  • A sufficient amount of fuel in the tank, oils in oil containers;
  • Flat surface to start;
  • smooth gear shift;
  • Lack of inclination forward when working with milling cutters;
  • The floor should be prepared (the goal is worked out in three passes);
  • The lack of large stones or branches in the ground.
Shenli 500 follows when maintaining the engine unit:
  • Check the level of fuel, oil (type of oil synthetic, semi-synthetic, high viscosity class in the gearbox transmission for 4-stroke engines);
  • Clean the body block and the motor grill of pollution;
  • Monitor the condition of the drive belt, clutch cable, spark plugs, all filters (exchange, cleaning – if necessary);
  • Check whether the fastening elements should be checked before each start.
  • Work in gloves, use Berushi – to reduce the consequences of noise and vibration;
  • An annual implementation of motor prevention.
Checking the carving engine blocks. Characteristics, operating features, video, reviews of the owner
In such cases it is forbidden to operate an engine block:
  • If the inclination of the soil is more than 15 degrees;
  • in the rain;
  • In the event of no n-compliance with the power of walking behavior of the soil;
  • With low fuel quality or unsuitable oil.

Video review

If you have a motor block of the Shenli 500 model, you can share a video of your work with other users. A link to the video about the operation of your Stenli model (Stanley) Motor note can be left in the comments for this article.

Such a review will be interesting for other owners or those who only buy Shenli engine equipment.


Denis, izhevsk:

“I cannot compare because this is my first motblock. Collected and switched on for more than two hours. I started everything, everything is as it should. On the first day of work, he did simple work on earth and Processed about 3 acres. I made a mistake, read about it in the forum – I didn’t mow the grass on the premises and the grass was wrapped. Bought a mower separately, so I did not intend to use a tractor for a walk as a mower.

Advantages: a nimble little motoblock for little money. Ideal for 3-5 hectares, I don’t know if it is pulled. Further plus: a small size that brings in a universal car. A wide processing strip for cutter.

Disadvantages: It is impractical to fill the oil out of the tank in the gears. I had to use an irrigation box. I didn’t like that the gang shift is very tight, it did not always become neutral immediately. And my opinion is that this is not a German assembly, but China. “

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