Motoblocks Shtenli 1100. Overview, specifications, reviews

Overview of the han d-led Tractor Shtenli 1100 Pro Series. Technical characteristics. Device. User Guide

This one-axis tractor serves to process and cultivate the soil in garden and courtyard plots, gardens and farms.

Thanks to the attachments, also used for goods transport.

Motoblock Shtenli 1100 Pro series

The Walk-Hind-Tractor Stanley 1100 Pro is equipped with a 14-horsepower four-stroke petrol engine and an oil sensor that switches off the engine when the amount of lubricant is low.

Technical data Shtenli 1100 Pro

Manufacturer Shtenli
Performance, KWT 13.4
Engine volume, Cu/cm 420
Fuel tank volume, L 6,5
Type of the engine Petrol 4-stroke
Drive unit gear
Passages forward/backward 2/1
Fuel consumption, l/h 1,3
Processing width, mm 800-1100
Processing depth, mm 300
Wheel size 7.00-12
Tap There is
Differential There is
Weight (KG 179
Guarantee, month 24
Country of Manufacture Germany

Application features Shtenli 1100

If you are the owner of a new han d-held tractor Stanley 1100 Pro, you must assemble the device before starting work (according to the operating instructions) and enter:

  • Pour in fuel and oil;
  • Let the engine warm when idling;
  • Switching should be gently and effortless;
  • The machine should be operated halfway down during the first soil processing;
  • Change the oil after driving in.

Thanks to the presence of a punch shaft and a universal coupling, it is possible to carry out a variety of different work with the han d-led Tractor 1100.

Device Shtenli 1100 Pro series

6 × 12 bikes are standard, but the manufacturer has the opportunity to assemble wider and higher tires in order to facilitate working in rough terrain.

  • The han d-led Tractor Shtenli 1100 Pro has an air filter with two stages for filtering the singl e-flowing air flow.
  • Thanks to the built-in anti-vibration system, work comfort on the Stanley single-axle tractor is significantly increased.
  • The manufacturer offers two options for SHTENLI 1100 Pro with and without a tap wave.
Overview of the model range of Motoblocks Lynx. Specifications, reviews

Motoblock Shtenli 1100 Pro series

Shtenli 1100 operating instructions

Every new owner should study the operating instructions. It describes the functional principle of the handled tractor Stanley 1100 Pro, the rules for its assembly, maintenance and correct operation. Better spend a little time with studying the operating instructions rather than making expensive repairs later.

Maintenance Shtenli 1100

Motoblocks Shtenli 1100 Pro are hig h-quality devices. In order to keep it in a functional condition, it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance according to the operating instructions.

Motor oil SAE 10W-40 gear oil TAP-15V

The engine oil must be changed after 25 hours of operation. For these purposes, the operating instructions recommend using a lubricant with the classification 10W-40.

TAP-15V should be used for the transmission unit. The oil in this device should be changed twice a year: in spring and autumn.

Video rating Shtenli 1100 Pro series

Below you will find a video rating for plowing with a han d-led Tractor Stanley 1100 Pro:

And here is a video rating of the Shtenli 1100 Pro milling:

Owner reviews

Here are the reviews in Thematic forums about the experience of operating the Stanley Motoboblock 1100 Pro:


“I have an action of 10 acres and there is always work on it. Therefore, a high quality and no n-utter assistant was required. That’s why I acquired Stanley 1100. It is written that the power of 14 horses does not spend so much according to the sensations. A maximum of 9 (for comparison the neighbor has an MTZ). Heavy grinding normal, hill well. But only 2 programs are a clear side. Too fast driving speed.

Shenli 1100 engine blocks. Review, characteristics, reviews of the owners

Recommend: 100%



The Shenli Series 1100 is heavy class engine blocks for the soil processing of various types. This model area shows modifications with petrol and diesel engines. So far, the manufacturer Sschenli implemented the following models in series 1100:

  • Shenli Pro series (14 HP, petrol, presence of Vom);
  • Shenli XXL exclusive (petrol, 13 hp, presence of vom);
  • Shenli HP tractor (vom, petrol, 11 hp);
  • Shenl i-Pahar (vom, petrol, 9 hp);
  • Shenl i-Pahar (vom, petrol, 8 hp);
  • Shenl i-Pahar Diesel with large wheels 6.00-12 (from, 9 HP);
  • Shenl i-Diesel Pahar with vom, standard gear (9 hp).

Shenli 1100 XXL exclusive (from) Shenli Pro series

Sschenli 1100 are equipped with engines with a capacity of 8 to 14 hp. Motor type: M177FD, M168F, M177F, HM182F, GX390. The weight of the modifications of the 1100 series is 90 kg to 168 kg. However, all models are part of the “heavy” class to process the virgin land. The motor operator can use weight weights with a weight of more than 10 kg. This strengthens the quality of the cultivative of the soil and relieves the need to make excessive efforts. In addition, the motblock will not slide in the dense areas of the earth.

Shenli HP 1100 Tractor (from) Shenli 1100 (Plowman) 9 hp

Reviews in farm forums show that all Shenl i-Motoblocks 1100 are effective and functional. Shenli HP tractor and diesel flushing with large bikes are particularly popular. These motoblocks deserve to be in demand and to receive good reviews. They are easy to use, equipped with from and powerful engines.

Basic setting:
  • Stanley’s Wal k-Verdreher tractor in a box;
  • Assembly tools;
  • Instructions for the owner;
  • Warranty;
  • Wheels (2 units);
  • Attacks for assembly devices;
  • Mühlen (knife separately, assembly is required).

Technical characteristics

All motoblocks of the 1100 Shenli series can work with a width of 80 to 100 cm, the width is regulated by the operator. The depth of the tailor or plow is up to 30 cm, the standard for all modifications to this line of hiking injuries.

The engine volume is between 400 and 270 cm3 depending on the modification. The capacity of the fuel tank is 6 – 6.5 liters. Cycling dimensions: 6.5-12, 5.00-12, 6.00-12, 4.00-10. Type of starting all models: manual. Cup: coupling. Reducer: Equipment. There is a power shaft for all models.

Schtenli 1100


Shtesli 1100 engine blocks work with so trendy devices such as: plow, rubber, floor, rotation mows, snowball players, Harrow, potato drummer and potatoes, mills. The installation of weighting agents is allowed. Devices also work in combination with carts, supporters of different load capacity (standard of 300 to 500 kg).

If you are desired, you can use a hig h-pressure cleaner and a motorcycle by using a tractor for a walk behavior as a device to water a country.

Type of engine oil: Sae10W40
For gears: High viscous gear oil of any manufacturer (Lukoil, mobile, motul, shell and others)

Petrol 92ai and diesel of local brands are the recommended fuels for Shtenli 1100 han d-led tractors.

operation and maintenance

The basic rules for the operation of the Shtenli 1100 are as follows:

  • Keep the hand-led Shtenley tractor clean;
  • Only start when all containers are filled with the corresponding types of fuel (oil; diesel, gasoline – depending on the modification);
  • After the first start, the engine speed should be 1500-2000 rpm, the operating mode should be 5-10 minutes without using the single-axle tractor on the floor surface, then you can start working on the floor;
  • Hold tire pressure to 1.2 kg/cm2;
  • The weight load in the trailer should not exceed 500 kg, even if the weight of the handled tractor itself is large;
  • Clean the air and fuel filter from time to time;
  • Do not tip the han d-led tractor forward when cultivating;
  • Do not pour water onto the engine to cool it – the cooling should be done without the outside.
  • Take a break every 40-60 minutes if you work with a hand-led tractor.
  • Use gloves and earplugs to minimize the effects of noise and vibrations;
  • Keep the singl e-axle tractor clean, clean with the device after each work;
  • Maintenance intervals: drive in – 5-8 hours, oil change – 50 hours, filter change – as available, spark plug change – about 1 times a year, planned motor maintenance – once a year.


Alexander, Norilsk:

“Stenley is not a cheap han d-held tractor, that was the first thing I wanted to write. With a assembled plus a trailer or cart – there is already a good amount. I also read different reviews about it, but I still decided to buy. I took a 1100 per petrol, got it in immediately, the han d-led tractor behaved well when entering, it hasn’t worked in the field, I am waiting for spring, then it will be useful. I can find the following: It looks beautiful, although it is written in some places that this is not Germany but China. The quality of the parts is good, it is particularly pleased that there is a down shift. In general, every han d-led tractor still has to be adapted to itself, its location, to work on it. My evaluation of this technology is positive.

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