Motoblocks Shtenli 1030. Overview, specifications, reviews

Reviews Motoblock Shtenli 1030

A plow, a hiller is utter nonsense, impossible to work at all until we repeat. Kaleles on the two-wheel tractor fell off on the second day and the weld broke. The tailor worked fine. Rade it can be bought and how to travel to the shop in the village.

Andreas, at Anya, too, buzzes when you go to the second, and even more so to the third, it should be with the clutch one way or the other

Ask the devs, what were you thinking when you went down a gear, and the third I don’t know at all who it was invented for, it flies like crazy on it, it’s completely impossible to catch the back when he plows short sections or back and forth. was it really impossible to just make a lower and higher lever, the previous walk behind tractor was a pro 1030 2 gears on it plowed 1 to the ground throttle and on that first throttle generally just a little and the speed is the same what a lower gear is here

Nothing can be transported uphill, it slips, the clutch is generally stupid, the hand-held tractor jumps from the spot like crazy. Everything is constantly spinning. You can’t adjust the steering wheel yourself, you have to digest that. Horror in general, completely disappointed with the purchase!

The two-wheel tractor is not suitable for tilling the soil. First, very fast driving in first gear and when reversing. This is very bad and impractical when turning on short gons. Second, a very “hard” clutch. No matter how hard I tried to move smoothly, the walk-behind tractor still jumped, especially in reverse. Conclusion – only suitable for transport work.

Bought Shtenli 1800 Series Pro 3 years ago. Manual automatic translation from Chinese of a different model, but assembled. The walk behind tractor was found to have side to side play of approximately 7cm which has been eliminated. The walk-behind tractor moved only in reverse, in first and second only from a hill or from a slider. There is nothing to complain about on the engine, the fault lies with the transmission ratios and the clutch. Numb on every bump. By changing the fuel system, Syak achieved the ability to take off in first and second gear. I spent a whole year trying to make it work at least somehow. During the “operation” it turned out that the mounts for a walk-behind tractor with this power are not good. I have to keep re-tightening the fasteners, but in the end I had to make an improvement – see photo. But in the future I plan to either build a frame or even build a mini tractor with just the engine. The result of such a design was created without testing, just for a marketing ploy, an increase in power and external beauty. He cannot plow normally, not even with weights, not even on wheels, even cutting furrows with potatoes is problematic. In general, walk-behind tractors over 13 hp are not required. Sufficient for 10-15 hectares. With 18 hp on 10-15 acres, you can’t accelerate and corner yourself, but on 45 acres you need to be a big head, an athlete, to withstand such a volume of work. Honestly, it’s easier to plow with a horse than with a walk-behind tractor. Now about the Shtenli brand itself – with all the problems, I tried to contact the seller and the manufacturer. The seller disappeared as if he wasn’t there, and the manufacturer’s website was silent.

Plants that scare mosquitoes

I bought in the fall of 2015. Welding on both “differentials” and Bryshoper baptism were recorded, he stopped starting after changing the oil. The sensor was wrong. I think constructor

Unreliable, assembled, assembled crookedly, the rear gear engages poorly, the bearing scattered, the differences fell off at the seam, the stop button broke, the starter broke.

It was either unsuccessful or defective. The storage in the wheel broke down, the starter, factory problems, factory problems, factory problems and problems. In general, it’s a pity they didn’t give it out under the guarantee. Everything was eliminated with his own hands. At the moment he does not break, but this is installed after refinements and repairs. The wheels are installed by cargo, because He jumps with the trailer (when the breeder is perfectly tuned and assembled awkwardly, the fenders had to adjust themselves because they didn’t match the holes.

An excellent motoblock for this price category. We bought it in my grandmother’s village, now with all sorts of moves rakes are over. We dig up the ground about 15 hundred and copy perfectly. They gave to a neighbor to dig a garden, and then immediately bought. Highly recommended

Very different from other models. The engine power is enough. It just starts. I liked the adjustment of the handles. I’m not under a walk he conforms to me. Vibration is good good, no harm to hands after work. I advise

The guys don’t know, I bought a Stenli 1030 engine block, I’m very decently satisfied. Even the Belarusian motblocks will envy the junk, it is easy to handle, the price is scanty. I am 100% satisfied Saveutu. i.i. i.i. I. I. I. I. I. I. I. I. I. I. I. I. I. I. I. Advise you to either replace it or strengthen it. What interests you write or call help to help light.+375291708531 Velkom

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I bought in the fall. In the store they painted a very high quality motoblock of German quality. In fact, everything turned out to be sadder. Like “Differentials” hanging around as it’s not clear what. The left wheel goes eight at first. The engine of incomprehensible origin, on which I did not even find any markings, but simple investigations turned out to be 8.5 hp. There is no closure there. Judging only in the form of a crankcase, it is a maximum of 7 hp. The engine changes Honda looked at the office. Side? site. So the crankcase rear cover is like GX200. After 10 hours the light disappeared (I haven’t figured out the reason yet, but visually the wiring is normal). The wheels are big, it seems good, but even in first gear it cannot be hijacked. Do not believe the descriptions of stores and stickers

Review of the motor unit SHENLI 1030 Pro. Technical characteristics. Device. User Guide

The Stenli Motoblock is 1030 in Germany, which already indicates the high quality of the products and the latest technical characteristics.

Motoblock Shtenli 1030 Pro

This machine is equipped with a four-stitch engine with a capacity of 8.5 hp and is designed to process a medium-sized section of 5 hectares. Operating temperature is maintained by forced-type air cooling.

The engine is introduced with a manual starter. If necessary, there is the possibility of installing a battery and an electric starter.

Technical characteristics

Manufacturer shenli
production Germany
Type of petrol
differential да
Engine volume, cubic meter 277
Power, L.S. 8.5
power, kwt 6.6
launch system Manual
wheel size 6×12
programs 2 forward, before 1 before 1
Processing depth, mm 150 – 300
Capture width, MM 900
cooling Air
weight (kg 140
warranty 24 Months
importer Touchinfo Group LLC, Minsk, St. Tschischewski, 172
Service center Minsk, St. Prushinsky, 2a
Plant manufacturer Transnet Logistik GmbH, Belgische Straße 1, 15234 Frankfurt or, Germany
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Application functions

If you are the owner of a new han d-held tractor Stanley 1030, you must assemble the device before starting work (according to the operating instructions) and enter:

  • Pour in fuel and oil;
  • Let the engine warm when idling;
  • Switching should be gently and effortless;
  • The machine should be operated halfway down during the first soil processing;
  • Change the oil after driving in.

Motoblock Shtenli 1030 Pro

Shtenli 1030 per device

The motor block Shtenley 1030 is equipped with differentials, which make it easier to control the device.

Thanks to the presence of a halogen headlight, it is possible to work in the dark.

The Walk-Hind-Tractor Stanley 1030 is equipped with 6.5 × 12 air strips with a high and aggressive profile, which ensure the passage of the device even on the hardest floors.

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Optionally, 5×12, 6×12 or 7×12 wheels can be installed.

And here is a video review of the order of the correct assembly of the handled tractor:

Operating instructions Shenley 1030

Every new owner should study the operating instructions. It describes the functional principle of the han d-led tractor Shtenli 1030, the rules for its assembly, maintenance and correct operation. Better spend a little time with studying the operating instructions rather than making expensive repairs later.


In order to keep han d-guided tractors from Stanley in a read y-t o-operate state, regular maintenance should be carried out according to the operating instructions.

  • After completing the work, clean the device of dirt, dust and moisture remains. Due to its long accumulation, the on e-axle tractor can start rusting quickly.
  • The fuel and air filters must be monitored and cleaned every 5 hours, since engine operation is interrupted when it is blocked.
  • The engine oil must be changed every 25 hours. The use of 10W-30 is recommended for this.
  • Gear oil has to be changed twice a year: in autumn and spring.
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Video Ecension of the Shenley 1030 work

Here is a video rating of the han d-led tractor Shtenli 1030:

Owner reviews

The owners of the han d-led tractor Stanley 1030 write the following in thematic forums:


“I bought Shetenley for my parents. After the assembly, I found that the bike moves in an eight. You have promised to guarantee it. I took it for my property of 8 acres. Light was not Furychil at first. On the one hand, it is nice, all wires and cables dangle around and are in no way fixed. Do you say that a differential is installed, but is it okay that it is of normal quality and half of the costs of a Stanley 1030 costs? The quality may be German, but the feeling of being collected on the Russian-Chinese border does not decrease.

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