Motoblocks Rusich. Series overview, properties

Motoblocks Rusich. Overview of the model range, properties, attachments, instructions

Motoblocks Rusich are manufactured in the Russian plant Chuvashpiller Plant LLC. This device is used in small agricultural plots and in house gardens. All machines from Zavod Chuvashpiller LLC have a double strap, which enables the han d-led tractor to start the work smoothly.

The preparation

Rusch 6.5

This model has a petrol engine with an output of 6.5 hp. The engine is started with a hand starter.

The work depth of the attachments can reach 30 cm.

An improved chain gear and wheels of the size 4.00-10 are installed on the Rusich 6.5 engine block.

Rusch 7.5

This hand-led tractor has a Mitsubishi petrol engine with an output of 7.5 hp. The fuel tank is designed for 3.6 liters of fuel.

The depth of soil processing with knives can be set within 5-30 cm.

On the Rusich 7.5 Motoblock, wheels of the size 4.00-7 are installed.

Rusch 8.0

This is the most widespread and most popular model, as it represents the golden middle in terms of price and quality. In addition, the han d-led tractor Rusich 8.0 has a diesel engine. These engines consume less fuel and have a longer lifespan.

  • The diesel engine of the Rusich 8.0 Motoblock has an output of 8 hp.
  • The plow depth is adjustable and can reach a maximum of 21 cm.
  • The volume of the diesel tank is 5.5 liters.
  • The track width can be set to 500 or 750 mm as required.
  • The hand-led diesel tractor Rusich 8.0 has wheels of the size 6.00-12.


Motoblocks are very popular with agricultural workers due to a wide range of work carried out. However, they require special attachments. Below you will find an overview.


This is the basic and most frequently used attachment device in conjunction with the hand-led Rusich tractor. The milling is used to mix the upper part of the floor, planted in the plants.

The assembly order is described in the operating instructions. It should definitely be followed, otherwise they can break down and fail to a firm object in the event of an impact.

Minters are installed instead of air wheels. This process does not take longer than 10 minutes.

Completely with a han d-led diesel tractor Rusich 8.0, a set of milling cutters is included as a gift.


If there are no cutting devices in the case of a hand-led Rusich tractor, you can use a plow to standardize the top layer of soil. This is a more reliable attachment. Missing can only work with prepared land, and when processing virgin land, it is better to use a plow.

Turning plow with clutch

The rotation plow is designed in a special way. Its plu g-up has a curved shape, which broken the piles of earth first and then inclined to the side.

When plowing with a hand-guided rusich tractor, you should pull a track, then put a wheel in, lower the plow to the desired depth and continue the operation.



The manufacturer offers rotary mowers for Rusich two-wheel tractors. They are often used by country dwellers to harvest hay for the winter. Rotary mowers cut not only young grass, but also small weeds. You are not afraid of stones. On impact, the mower blades simply rotate in the opposite direction and do not break off.

The formation of hedges in spring - what should you remember?

Potato diggers and potato planters

A variant of a vibrating potato harvester is presented on the official website of the manufacturer of Motoblocks Rusich.

In front is an active knife with a width of 40 cm, which digs into the ground to a depth of 28 cm and picks up a layer of soil along with potatoes and directs it onto welded steel bars, which vibrate during movement, breaking clods of earth.

Potato planter Potato digger Potato digger KKM-1

The weight of the potato harvester is 42 kg. It can only be used with a Rusich 8.0 diesel walk-behind tractor, as the engine power must be more than 8 hp.

But before digging potatoes, they must be planted. The hand-held Rusich tractor helps with this together with a potato planter.

Snow blower and blade shovel

In our climatic zone, heavy snowfalls are observed in winter, and snow removal is a big problem. In cities, this is done by the municipal utilities. However, in rural areas, this issue will have to be solved independently. The Rusich single-axle tractor together with a snow blower can help here.

Snow mill for Motoblock Plowman

If there is a lot of snow in your area and you need to remove it regularly, it is recommended to use special snow removal equipment. They pick up a layer of snow and throw it to the side with a rotor at a distance of about 7-10 m.

Shovel sheet for the hand-led Salyut tractor

If the snow cover rarely exceeds 20 cm, a conventional shovel blade can be used to clear house surfaces. When choosing this sample, it is necessary to take into account the amount of precipitation that falls in the region. Usually the height of the shovel shovel is 20 cm.

Wheels, Tracks and Grousers

Standard rollers are used to transport the device to the place of use. The Rusich walk-behind diesel tractor with tires – 6.00-12 has the highest cross-country ability. However, when working on clay or viscous soils, the adhesion may not be sufficient. In this case, it is recommended to attach cleats.

They have metal plates welded in diameter. While driving, they penetrate the ground and help the device to move smoothly.

In winter, you can install a caterpillar module. This allows you to increase the contact area of ​​the walk-behind tractor with the surface. This is especially true when moving the device on loose snow and ice.

adapters and trailers

With the continuous operation of the Rusich two-wheel tractor, the owner is exposed to great physical stress, since the device has to move constantly while standing.

Pno-2 trailers for attachments

Because of this, fatigue occurs quickly. To facilitate this work, the manufacturer offers to purchase adapters. These are special consoles with a seat, thanks to which you can control the walk-behind tractor while sitting.

When transporting goods, trailers are used together with the Rusich walk-behind tractor. The official website presents a trolley with a maximum operating weight of 180 kg. However, only the Rusich 8.0 walk-behind diesel tractor is suitable for its implementation.

weights and couplings

A universal hitch is installed on Rusich devices, which allows the use of not only attachments from Chuvashpiller Plant LLC, but also from other manufacturers.

If there is no floor available, but it is necessary to give the device stability, you can solve this problem by increasing the weight. This helps special weights suspended from a wheel axle.

STIHL 141 C-Q: Technical data, safety and operating instructions

operation and maintenance

Before working with the Rusich Motornote, the user manual should be read. It will help to understand the design of the device, the rules of use and maintenance.

First start and running

The beginning of the application is of great importance.

First, it is necessary to assemble according to the sequence indicated in the operating instructions.

After that, add oil and fuel! If motor blocks from the plant are equipped, then this is not the case, since they simply rotate during transport.

Next you can start runnin g-in. This means using the device at low power. This is done in such a way that the details are qualitatively lubricated, apply each other and work clearly. During the running engine blocks

It is recommended that Rusich simply drive a trailer or soil processing with tiller cutters with a depth of no more than 10 cm.

After the completion of running running, be sure to pay attention to the engine oil.


To extend the timing of using Rusich motblocks, maintenance should be constantly carried out in accordance with the operation manual.

  • Engine oil should be replaced every 25 hours after the unit has been in operation. The manufacturer recommends the use of 10W-30 semi-synthetic all-season options.
  • For transmission it is recommended to use TAP-15V or TAD-17I. The replacement of oil in this node should occur after 90 hours of work of the tractor of walking behavior.
  • Transfiguration levers should be lubricated with complex multi-purpose waterproof lubricants. You can use publicly available options: Litol-24 or Solidol.
  • Rusich AI-92 fuel should be used for gasoline engine blocks. Diesel engine blocks work on the same fuel. All fuel should be fresh, clean and of good quality.

Basic malfunctions and repairs

The drive belt slides:
  • Glue oily mud (it is recommended to clean the belt);
  • weakening of belt tension (tighten them tighter);
  • There was severe wear of the belt.
The gearbox is very hot:
  • lack of low quality transmission oil or lubricant;
  • There was wear of friction bearings (in this case it is better to go to the service center for repair).
Motoblock works with idiots:
  • Different tire pressure or wear;
  • Adjustment screws aren’t true;
  • low fuel level;
  • Drive belt problems.
If the engine is hot:
  • The engine oil level fell below the minimum mark;
  • Gear deduction too small;
  • There is too little drag along the axis.

Video review

Below is a video review of a diesel engine block:

Reviews of the owners

Here’s what those who have already come across the work of the Rusich motoblocks say on the forums:

Ivan about Diesel Rusich 8:

“I got this walk for my grandchildren’s birthday. Then he slowly started buying Hing gear for it. Now there are mills, a plow and a mower. To date, there are no special complaints for work. There is enough power, there is not much fuel. Management is easy.

Advantages: lightness, maneuverability, great functionality.

Cons: Oil from the Carter regularly leaks”


“The han d-led tractor was assembled in Russia, but with a Chinese soul. I bought a 7.5 hp petrol engine. I don’t have much land, so I thought I didn’t need it anymore. Relatively low price attracted. But the quality has decreased. The drive belt cannot withstand high loads, the gearbox is not installed and constantly strikes, the profile of the tires is high, but soft, and the han d-led tractor continues to slip.

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Overview of motor blocks Rusich. Application and operating features. Owner reviews

Let’s start checking the Rusich engine blocks with information about the manufacturer. The manufacturer of this heavy equipment is the Russian company Chuvashpiller plans LLC, which assembles equipment from Chinese components. The main purpose of this technology is to carry out all types of agricultural work on small and mediu m-sized land:

  • Floor processing and plowing;
  • Eggen and weeds of weeds;
  • Sowing and planting;
  • Hills;
  • Harvest;
  • Watering plants;
  • Preparation of animal feed (mowing grass, grain);
  • Space of areas of snow and rubble;
  • Transport of goods with a weight of up to 500 kg in a certain direction, etc.

The model range of the “Rusich” brand

The company Chuvashpiller plans LLC produces both petrol and diesel models of hand-led Rusich tractors.

Motoblock “Rusich-8” is a diesel model. The following models belong to petrol units:

  1. Motoblock “Rusich-6.5”.
  2. Modification of the hand-led tractor Rusich-7.5.

Let’s take a closer look at the individual devices.

Diesel unachstractor “Rusich-8”

The device belongs to the middle class of motorized agricultural machinery. The weight of the motorized device is 250 kg. The power plant is a fluid-cooled diesel-single-zylinder four-stroke engine with an output of 8 hp. On request, the buyer can select the desired engine brand from the offers (domestic, Chinese, Japanese, American). Start manual, there is an electric starter.

Motoblock Rusich-8.0 with electric starter

The reduction gear is reinforced, the transmission is classified (2 + 1), mechanical. Cup – singl e-pane dry friction. The track width can be adjusted from 50 to 75 cm, the plow depth with milling mills is up to 21 cm, the frontalapf wave enables the connection of various attachments to the on e-axle tractor. The steering column is not adjustable. The package contains trub millions and a plow. Buil t-in halogen headlights with which you can work in the dark.

Specifications of the diesel model:
Motor (name): Liquid-cooled 4-stroke diesel
Maximum performance (PS): 8,0
Crankshaft orientation: Horizontal crankshaft
Fuel tank volume (L): 5,5
Displacement (cm3): 573
Type of fuel: diesel
Start type: Hand and electrostart 12V
Country of Manufacture : Russia-China
Guarantee (month): 12
Total dimensions (see): 209x84x80
Weight (kg.): 250.0
Applies to the type: Motoblocks with a tap wave
Number of forwards: 6
Number of speeds back (backwards): 2
Handle : coupling
Adjustable steering column: no
Reducer: gear

The price of this diesel model of a han d-led tractor varies within 62.5 thousand rubles.

Petrol model “Rusich-6.5”

The weight of this han d-led tractor is 70 kg. On the frame, a single-cylinder 168f-OHV petrol power plant with an output of 6.5 hp is mounted. The engine is started manually. Easy start system installed.

Gear-chain suspension transmission, strow clutch. The box is mechanical, two speeds forward and backwards. The width of the surface recording for milling is up to 75 cm, the processing depth is up to 30 cm. The kit for the hand-led tractor Rusich-6.5 contains a floor cutter.

Motoboglo k-Features:
Motor (name): 4-stroke 168f OHV
Maximum performance (PS): 6,5
Crankshaft orientation: Horizontal crankshaft
Fuel tank volume (L): 3,6
Displacement (cm3): 196
Type of fuel: petrol
Start type: Manual
The volume of the oil crankcase (left): 0.60
Country of Manufacture : Russia-China
Guarantee (month): 12
Weight (kg.): 70.0
Applies to the type: moto blocks
Number of forwards: 2
Number of speeds back (backwards): 1
Depth of processing (CM): up to 30
Handle : Belt
Adjustable steering column: In 2 positions
Reducer: gear

The price of equipment is in the region of 23.5 thousand rubles.

Rusich 7.5 petrol Gehund tractor

The weight of the petrol engine block is 75 kg. The OHV single cylinder carburettor engine has a capacity of 7.5 liters. With. The power plant is started using an inertial starter.

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Gear, Belt Friendship. The transmission is mechanical, 2 speeds forward and vice versa. Front VOM, ruts up to 90 cm, cutter plunges 15 to 30 cm. The handle is adjustable in height and horizontally.

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Features of the model:
Motor (name): 4-stroke OHV
Maximum performance (PS): 7,5
Crankshaft orientation: Horizontal crankshaft
Type of fuel: petrol
Start type: Manual
The volume of the oil crankcase (left): 0.60
Country of Manufacture : Russia-China
Total dimensions (see): 160x57x90
Weight (kg.): 75.0
Applies to the type: moto blocks
Number of forwards: 2
Number of speeds back (backwards): 1
The width of processing (CM): 90
Depth of processing (CM): up to 30
Handle : Belt
Adjustable steering column: In 2 positions
Reducer: gear

The cost of the Rusich-7.5 motor unit is in the region of 26.6 thousand rubles and higher.

Check the attachments of devices on the Rusich engine blocks

Functional attachments are available to the Rusich engine blocks, which allows you to fully mechanize all agricultural work on the plot. Equipment is suitable for both native and other manufacturers’ choices (we are guided by the clutch). The most common trailer hitch:

    Ground mills (cultivators). The procedure for assembling the nozzle is given in the operating instructions. Active cutters are used for the Rusich motoblocks, joining a separate design and not planting on a driveshaft as usual. Purpose – grinding and grinding a fertile layer of soil, mixing with fertilizers, aeration.


Adapter AD-1 Trailer

Pneumatic pneumatic bottoms 4.5 × 10 caterpillar prefix

Plow Revolutionary Harrow Br. 30,000.0 Double Hill

Potato cutter for a motor block KMT-1 Potato Potato Gunner Universal potato-adhesive tanker KS-12

SM-0.6 SMA SMS Opel Water Pump Motblock

RAKS Rolling Sun 2 P weigh clutch clutch rotation

Instructions for the operation of engine blocks “Rusich”

The instruction contains the following sections:

  1. The device of the engine block “Rusich”.
  2. Technical characteristics of the model.
  3. Safe operational requirements.
  4. The leadership of the first engine begins.
  5. The runway.
  6. Maintenance.
  7. malfunctions.

The runway

For the “Ruschi” the period of the runner lasts about 10 hours. It is necessary to prepare for it, according to:

  • Pour burnable into the tank;
  • Fill the appropriate containers with oils (engine and gearbox);
  • make a control tightening of screws;
  • Check tire pressure.

During the counterclaim:

  • the singl e-axle tractor does not overload, work gently, no more than ¾ of the engine output;
  • Check the function of all systems and controls (speed, coupling, etc.);
  • At the end of the entrance time, change the oil in the systems completely.
Kamaz-6460: Description and technical properties. Video reviews and reviews of drivers

When all preparatory steps are completed, you can surely pass with the full performance of the Rusich-Nachstractor for field work.

We offer you to watch a video with a driven han d-led tractor:

Technical service

In this section, several maintenance steps are described to ensure that all parts and assemblies of the motorized device are in good operating status:

  1. Timely oil change in a han d-led tractor:
  2. Motor 10W-30 every 25 working hours;
  3. Transfer TAP-15V, TAD-17i-after 90 operating hours each.

Gearing oil TAP-15V gear oil TAD-17i Motor oil SAE 10W30

  • Drain fuel and oil;
  • We clean and wash the han d-led tractor;
  • lubricate.
  • “Do” – review of the fuel and lubricating agent, tightening of screws, pumping of tires;
  • “Afterwards” – cleaning and washing the han d-led tractor, drying and lubricating components and mechanisms.

Troubleshooting Motoblock “Rusich”

We list some of the disorders that are inherent in the Rusich technology:

  1. The engine does not start, it stops:
  2. no fuel or oil;
  3. low quality of the work fluids;
  4. In petrol models, the ignition system requires attention (the candles are burned out, smoked; the ignition is not set; the hig h-voltage cable is broken; the magnet knocks, the carburetor must be checked);
  5. The filters are blocked;
  6. A diesel engine is characterized by failures of the fuel system and the injection pump.
  7. No compression in the engine etc.

  • The camp worked;
  • Lubrication oils are of poor quality or the oil level is below the normal value.
  • Oly dirt adheres to the strap, it is enough to clean it thoroughly;
  • The belt is worn out, stretched – it must be replaced;
  • The belt tension is loose and must be set.
  • Drive strap slips;
  • Tires have different pressures;
  • Lack of fuel in the tank;
  • Set screws must be readjusted.

Video review

We offer you to watch a video that shows the hand-led Rusich tractor in operation:

Reviews of the owners

Ivan, 36 years old:

I’ve had Rusich Diesel since the fourth year. There are all necessary devices. The price for a han d-led tractor and attachments is really acceptable, but the processing quality is not very good. I recommend that to increase drive belts – they quickly wear out so that it would not be a surprise later, exchanged – and driven on. Also with the gear, not everything is fine, I constantly do it. It is better to use Rusich with tunnels, otherwise the tires do not always justify themselves, although they have a large profile, but the rigidity is not sufficient, it bends under weight, it begins to slide.

Dmitri, 52 years old:

I have a diesel tractor from last year. While I worked without incident, the knives had to be reinforced, I bought a potato maker and an excavator. The control is simple, I would like to add speeds, then you crawl, then you run. There is a headlight, but not very strong, as the manufacturer writes, but there is enough light to get there and immerse yourself there. I want to buy or weld an adapter – I’m looking for suitable drawings. It is very comfortable to start with an electrical starter – faster and easier, they don’t make a lot of effort as with a manual.

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