Motoblocks Ray MB: technical specifications, device, operating instructions, ratings

Motoblocks “Ray”. Unmounted equipment. Instructions for instructions and maintenance

The motoblocks “Ray” have far from the creation to this day. First, the manufacturer of this motoblock was the company of Perm Motors OJSC, which became part of the Perm Motor Building Complex in the 90s.

Units are well made by domestic farmers and have the reputation as a powerful, productive and resistant devices with different performance. Each owner can select a model of a tractor for a walk based on the location, work volume and the purpose.

Features of the motoblock “Ray” as follows:
  • affordable price and high processing quality;
  • Suitable for hinge devices for many other domestic and Chinese models;
  • Endurance, possibility of exploitation every season;
  • the ability to work on fuel types (petrol AI-92, AI-76, AI-82 and other petrol types);
  • The almost complete absence of bad ratings about Wal k-Verdrhere r-motors (among positive reviews, many endurance, good assembly, reliability and performance of the device is mentioned).

Available “Ray” models – types of engines, power supply

The installation of the luch motoblock is shown by the following positions:

  • Ray MB-1 (Power 5 PS, Kadwi 168F-2A engine);
  • Ray MB 5040 (a series of motoblocks with DM51, 52, 53 and 54 engines had the function of the light start and an obligatory lubrication system, the power of the motoblock in this series was 5 horsepower, actually 5040 was an advanced version of M B-1);
  • Ray MB 5141 (Motor DM51, power of 5 HP, a model that has not become popular is now, mainly models used models, new motifblock in this series not produced).

Of all these representatives of a number of walk-in tracts, only the “beam” MB-1 is generated in mass consumption.

The design features of the “ray” motifbleam are generally similar, the units resemble each other, in different series the shape of the fuel tank can only change, for example the MB has over 5040 square tank and closer to the engine.

Review of the attached devices

In addition to other advantages, the popularity of all “beam” modifications is associated with a large number of appendices with their aggregation. It is also convenient for the owners that a motorcycle is distracted by other devices such as Neva, Ugra, Oka, Favorites, Viking, Patriot, Mole and others.

Almost every domestic new or old Soviet Motoblock can share you with a “jet” hinges and it will work. Next, we will examine the types of devices for the “Ray” motor notes in the review. We will get to know the video of the units.


The classic type of milling for a wal k-tractor beam is changed. The assembly and installation for the device must be carried out in fashion feasts or gloves. When installing and starting the work with cutter, the owner must ensure that he is properly installed and fixed.

You can read more about installing the milling cutter in the instructions for the tractor of the walk behavior. It can use the “goose foot” milling cutter and a partial installation to narrow down the cultivation strip.

Photo of the Luch walk behind tractor with header

Adapter, trailer

The street motoblock has sufficient power to connect a cart, a trailer and even an adapter. The adapter differs from the carriage as a seat for the owner. This is convenient for transporting goods, transporting crops, moving around the site. Recommended trolley types: TM-300, TM-500.

Luch Motornote trailers: TM-250, Salyut Trailer and others. Adapters for “Ray”: Sich Uuup-2 engine, adapter Yarilo, “but”, “Ara” and others. During the period of the run it is forbidden to adjust a carriage or trailer, gearbox and engine block engine to the load.

Motoblocks Vanguard amb-1. Review, features, equipment

Adapter Yarilo Cart-Appetian-Salute


All types of mowers can be used to connect to this device. For example, the rotary mower “Dawn” or “Neva”. Working with small mowers is allowed. According to the instructions, only people over 14 years old can work with a walk tractor, and especially with WOM equipment. The rotary mower must comply with the rules of safe operation.

Rotor Dawn mower segment

mas s-spaces

Ground spaces are used for a better grip with the ground. The device can perform tillage without soil areas. However, with this attachment equipment, the motorcycle block is much more effective on farmland. The superior can be metal or dense rubber (double rubber).


The diameter of the floors is different: 350, 400, 500, 550 mm and others. Choose this type of assistive tools based on the size of the wheels of your walking behavior.

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To plow properly, make sure the plow is properly mapped on the walking wall. Farmers’ reviews give reason to believe that high-quality plowing is impossible without a coupon (pebble stick). Use a snoker to regulate plow immersion in the ground. Recommended plows for the Luch motoblocks: PNM-1-20 Centaur, a single-wheel plow, PLN-2-25, Sich-1 motor and others.

Plow PN-1-20MB Plow PNM 1-20 Plow plug tarpan

snowman, shovel

Types of snow and shovels for the RUT engine block: Schnekovo snowman on MB with belt equipment, Volodar OM 1000 garbage dump, Intertula, Khuskvarna, Snow Line, Fort KSM-21. The dimensions of the lobes: 1 m, 90 cm, 80 cm.

Potato pies and potato dwellers

For the operation of the engine block, in the harvest season, the beam uses all the potato drummers: the technique is adapted to almost any method of fastening, both on the hitch and on bolts. Types of potatoes: “Premium”, Mastertulus, Mole, Bagger “Heart” and others. Types of potatoes: P-1, APK-3, K-1L, KMB-5, APK-TZM.

Potato Cake Conveyor KRT-1 Potato Cutter for a KKM-1 Potato Potato KSM-1

Other types of fastening devices, namely: weight means, coupling, wheels, caterpillars, etc. They can be purchased separately from the owner, if necessary. These units are sold both on the internet and in regular gardening equipment and garden equipment stores. You will often find ads for sale of used canopies in good condition.

Instruction, maintenance, major malfunctions and repairs

Instructions for the Luch Motornote is an important document in which this unit must be used, starting, running and oil replacement. If desired, you can find instructions in electronic form on the network. Let’s consider in more detail the main points of maintenance and operation of the tractor of Walk behavior.

oil and fuel

The characteristics of the work of the tractor of the walk behavior initially depend on the quality of fuel and oil. The main advantage of the “beam” is the work on every gasoline from AI-76 to AI-95. You can pour any gasoline into the gas tank. What is better to use oil and when to carry out his exchange? Depending on the load of the walk-in tractor, the ÖLER set is carried out by default over 50-100 mothers.

  • Oil type: M-12 GI, M-10 GI, TU 38.10148-85.
  • Type of candle for the engine block “Ray” -a17V or A11-1.

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First start and runnin g-in

The first start of the tractor of the walk behavior is permitted if the device is in a completely mounted state with a tanned gas tank. The tractor of the walk runs from the moment of the first inclusion up to 20 hours later. At this point, gears and engine are adapted to the load. After the exit period, you can use the devices with full power and maximum loads.

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Basic malfunctions and repairs

The main deformation of the motoblock “beam” and the methods for their elimination

Malfunction because Elimination (repair)
1. Motoblock does not switch to the desired gear Interrupted from the belt/broken Front
2. Motoblock is separated during operation Overheating of the engine If you reduce the load, check the oil level if necessary, share the oil
3. The exhaust frank is painted black/blue Oil leaf Check the crankcase, set the place of the leaks, remove them

Video check of the work of the motoblock “Ray”

Work of the engine of the engine block beam

Reviews of the owners


“I have an excellent Soviet motoblock, I have always had from the past days of the past days when they sold us a Dacha who, as they say, went to the load with a hinge. I had to dig a little in the filling, restore the good old MB-1 and earned myself like new! I use it for seasonal work, it is simply saved in winter.

Advantages: I have never had any problems after the overhaul after 8 years.

Disadvantages: New models that can now buy are expensive and a fairly decent unit that is worth it with a good story, I think it will still serve. “

Motoblock “Ray” MB-1: Technical properties

Motoblock Luch MB-1 specifications

Motoblock’s old brands that were developed and manufactured in the 1980s, including Ray MB-1, are characterized by the simplicity of the design and the elementary of all technical solutions. Of course, this is very far from the ideal, the light agricultural machines still consisted of very strong and high quality steel. And it is characterized by astonishing reliability and durability (which cannot be said about most modern motifs). “Ray MB-1” is a device on which you can process your garden for almost your whole life. Subject to proper care, the number of breakdowns and repairs is minimized.

About the manufacturer and the history of the Luch MB-1 model

The MB-1 motor block is located in the same line with several other modifications of such technologies that differ only in names, but are very similar both externally and through the design of all parts and knots. And the factory index is the same “MB-1” (there is also an absolutely identical option that differs only in the form of the fuel tank “MB-5040”).

Names for their products were chosen by manufacturers, many belonging to the military-industrial complex and the aviation industry. The manufacturer of the Luch MB-1 walk-behind tractor was the Sverdlov Perm Production Association Motor Builder (now JSC UEC Perm Motors), a manufacturer of aircraft engines.

About the manufacturer and history of the Luch MB-1 model

For this plant, the 1980s and 1990s became the time when its products “descended from heaven to earth.” The line of manufactured equipment was replenished with new models of gas turbine equipment designed to operate as part of gas compressor units of compressor stations of main gas pipelines and gas turbine power plants.

And also given the general “remodeling fashion” – consumer goods, which since 1985 included Luch MB-1. In previous years, it made no sense to produce walk-behind tractors in the Soviet Union: there was no market demand for them. Own gardens were plowed and cultivated by collective farm tractors free of charge or for a small fee. Gasoline and diesel fuel were always plentiful on the farms, and they only cost pennies. The years of destruction of the former agricultural system across the country – the second half of the 80s and the entire 90s – became the time of the spread of production and use of domestic walk-behind tractors.

Motoblocks Ugra - owner reviews of models, video reviews of properties

The main products of the plant “Perm Motors”.

Currently (more precisely, since the beginning of the 2000s), hand-held Luch tractors and other “small” equipment that is not part of the core business have been removed from the product lists of the Perm plant: it again produces only turbojet engines and industrial gas turbine mechanisms. This is also an all-Russian trend: the production of walk-behind tractors at such enterprises has ceased everywhere.

However, many of the Luch MB-1 walk behind tractors sold over the last century are not only in perfect condition, but also operate season after season without serious breakdowns. go from hand to hand, are considered familiar household helpers for families from different regions of Russia and the CIS. Not every mechanism is capable of demonstrating such durability in the field.

The design of this technique is so universal that analogues of the Luch MB-1 walk-behind tractor are still produced by the Chinese, as well as several companies in Russia that, under the guise of their own production, produce these walk-behind tractors from the same Chinese parts and components.

Brief description of the walk-behind tractor, its purpose and scope

Motoblock “Luch MB-1” is a compact, relatively lightweight device for tilling the soil in the home and garden, as well as for some other agricultural work. It is as simple as possible in design and very convenient to use. Maintenance and repair are also nothing complicated that require special knowledge or training. It is enough just to read the instruction manual. Spare parts are available and inexpensive.

Brief description of the walk-behind tractor, its purpose and scope

Initially, the Luch MB-1 walk-behind tractor was equipped only with a soil cutter-cultivator, designed to loosen and turn the soil. But together with other additional attachments that are sold separately, this walk-behind tractor can not only cultivate, but also plow light “garden” soils; Harrow; cut and clear furrows, mounds and weed rows; dig up potatoes and other root crops; mowing; transport goods.

The compatibility of the walk-in tractor with additional hinge tools is good, but if you use them with MB-1, it is of course necessary to carefully take into account the instructions set out in the operating manual for each hinge gun. A powerful and economic fou r-stedic engine enables the use of a walk tractor in various household work.

The device of the “Ray MB-1” engine block

Structurally, this motblock consists of the following main parts: engine; Adhesion mechanism; Transmission; Handles with controls; Two crops (or four cultivists). About the engine of the details – further in the text. The clutch mechanism is intended to transmit the energy of the crankshaft from the engine to the transmission and consists of two belts. Front lin e-line disk; Jumping disc; leading pulley; Gearbox, sticks; Preliminary and back levers and sources.

The transmission is designed in such a way that the gear ratio and the gearbox of the rotary energy are changed from the gearbox to wheels and work equipment. The chain gear consists of two lines of the housing; Chains; Change shaft; Change handles; Three blocks of stars and output shaft.

The line bodies on the handles are used to change the operating modes of the engine and the direction of movement. They consist of: actually from the steering wheel; Motor control lever; Transmission. The steering wheel is attached to the gear with four screws and equipped with height adjustments.

Motobobes Profi 1800. Review, characteristics, reviews

On the right handle of the steering wheel, the engine control lever is attached, which is connected by the lever and the spring is connected to the gasblas of the controller. On the left handle of the steering wheel, a front lever is installed at the top, which is connected to the front pulley by the thrust, the chain and the spring. And from below an reverse lever is installed in the same left handle, which is connected to a lever by a chain, traction and spring on which the reverse Pulley is installed. The gearbox offers work in 2 front and 2 rear gears.

The wheels on the LUCH-MB-1 engine blocks are both pneumatic and the size is 4.00 × 10 inches from the cast rubber. The outer part of the profile is most frequently produced in the form of a traditional “Christmas tree”, and if you install such bikes on a tractor for walks, they must be placed in angles. And to achieve the best results when plowing, hilling and digging root plants, it makes sense to replace rubber wheels with metal primer. Instead of wheels, a cultivator can be installed on the output shaft of the gearbox.

Motor bloc motor; Transfer and chassis

The walk-in tractor is equipped with the DM-1 brand engine. This is a 4-stroking single cylinde r-gasolin e-petrol engine of air cooling, a work volume of 316 cubic centimeters with a capacity of 5 hp (5 hp). Cologne diameter – 76 mm; The piston line is 70 mm. Motor lubrication system – spray and in an oil crank; The ignition system is not in contact, electronic, with a candle “A17V” (AII-i Gost 2043-75).

The start is carried out by a building manual starter. The rotation direction of the crankshaft is against clockwise (the view from the side of the crankshaft disc). The permissible angle of the engine is no more than eight degrees.

motoblock engine; transmission and chassis

The arrow shows a screw to supply the carburetor of the Belarusian MB-1 engine block fuel.

Modern Chinese analogues of “MB-1” are equipped with engines “Lifan”, “Lianllong”, “Wangard” and “Briggs End Stratton”. As well as the KADWI 168F-2A (“Kaluga Motor”) engine, which is produced in Kaluga from foreign components and resembles “DM-1” in terms of its technical properties. In general, DM-1 was a very progressive engine option for compact agricultural machines for its time. Many motoblocks of these years were not set four, but with a tw o-stroke engines.

The Öler set in the engine must be carried out after the first five operating hours. Next Everte 25-30 hours of work. Motor oil oil is suitable for carburetor engines for the MB-1-LUCH-MOTOR. The Öler Set when transmitting the tractor for walking is carried out every 100 hours of operation.

motoblock engine; Transmission and chassis-01

The transmission of the “beam”, like all old motlock walfur. This is the simplest option, but the most reliable and durable.

Cup on the engine block manual with drive condensation belt. The transmission of the engine to the gearbox (front and vice versa) and from the engine to gift tools – cuneiform script. Chain reduction gear: I program – 1:17, II transfer – 1: 7.

Technical properties in numbers

  • The mass of walking tractor is 100 kg.
  • The speed of movement is 3.6 to 9 km/h.
  • Dimension dimensions: length – 1.5 m; Width – 60 cm; Height – 1.15 m.
  • Street freedom – 140 mm.
  • RAM width – 570 mm; Transport route – 310 mm;
  • The minimum rotary radius is 1.1 m.
  • Type effort is at least 100 kgf.
  • The width of recording the cultivator of the device can be adjusted from 725 to 1200 mm; Diameter – 360 mm.
  • The average fuel consumption is 1.5 to 2 liters of gasoline per hour.
  • The volume of the fuel tank is 3.6 liters of fuel.
Overview of the model range of Motoblocks Salyut. Specifications, comparisons, reviews

Reviews of the owners of motor blocks “Ray MB-1”

Checks of the direct users of the Soviet Walk tractor are largely positive. People are particularly impressed with reliability, unprotitation and durability. However, this technology requires proper care.

Nothing supernatural: monitor the oil level and do not operate the motorized car if the oil level in the engine and transmission is lower than the necessary. Do not practice lengthy work at maximum speeds and with maximum load. Do not press the front and backward lever at the same time. Do not change the programs during the movement of the Walk behavior and the like.

In terms of work comfort, the MB-1 Motblock, like all similar agricultural women, is of course far from the ideal in its generation. For example, some owners finally have turned the silencer into a quieter one – a fair noise during operation and really affected “trunks”.

In general, it is noted that this hiking tractor is suitable for no n-benefiting use in small areas of the eart h-personally gardens and personal actions. Ton floors work with difficulties in complex examples; The MB-1 itself is a fairly heavy, unstable unit, so that it turns out that it represents a very exhausting business for the back and hands. In general, only one physically strong person can “turn” the Luch-MB-1 motor block. But ordinary light floors process very high quality and with minimal labor costs of the operator.

There is a positive experience in using the Luch-MB-1 engine block as a snowman, hay production, freight transporters on a car and even as a drive mechanism for a drill for digging pits. Fodrodrodiline.

The cost of the “Ray MB-1” engine block

There are no new motoblocks of this brand on the market: they stopped being produced about twenty years ago. The currently existing analogues, for example, under the name “Oka MB-1”, and others made in China, new ones cost from 27 to 32 thousand rubles.

Used Perm Luch MB-1 walk behind tractors can be bought on the secondary market at literally a bargain price. After all, they are all between 20 and 35 years old. For a working walk-behind tractor of this brand, they charge only 5-10 thousand rubles.

There are even suggestions to “put it in good hands for collection” (but these are typically non-working devices that still need a lot of work to “revive” it.

The sale for a symbolic price or even a donation usually takes place after the owners of the old two-wheel tractor (or already their children-grandchildren) have come to the conclusion that it has been sitting in a garage or barn in vain for several years: nobody will do with it work and it is unlikely that it will be.

The back of the promotional calendar for the Luch MB-1 Motoblock.

“Luch MB-1” became one of the first walk-behind tractors in the history of our country: its production was already established when there was not even such a word in the Russian language. It has successfully withstood a serious test of time: to this day, its design is the basis for a number of modern Chinese-made walk-behind tractors.

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