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Motoblocks Profi – review of the technical features of models

The company Profi offers a wide range of small mechanization devices for everyday use in every agriculture. It can be compact petrol engine with a capacity of 1 to 5 hp, which are ideal for processing small areas, gardens and fields. Or larger diesel models with a capacity of 6 to 15 HP can be, which is designed for a variety of tasks such as loading transport, operation with large tailors or deep combat authorities. The largest class of this technology with a capacity of 16 to 24 hp is also available. Such motor blocks can be classified as min i-actractors, and their use is comparable to heavy household appliances. One can certainly say that every farmer will be able to choose the right technology from the professional range provided.

Information about the manufacturer of Motoblocks Prof.

This company specializes in the production of various agricultural machines for land of all size. The main production arrays are in China, but the development and production of products itself is under the sensitive management of German specialists and engineers from Sschenli. Therefore, the manufacturer managed to maintain excellent quality, but at the same time the production process itself is greatly reduced. This made the Motoblock Pro – one of the most affordable on the modern market.

Since the production under the sensitive leadership is subject to experienced engineers, all the company’s engines are extremely reliable, even under the most difficult conditions. This means that the company’s products are excellent for all climatic conditions and also have advanced efficiency and maximum efficiency during operation.

Motoblock Profi 1900

Motoblock Profi 1900

The professional 1900 engine block is equipped with a 4-stroke engine, whereby a reduced transfer is an excellent assistant for owners of large landlopes. The kit contains a differential, thanks to which a walk tractor can be expanded by 180 or even 360 degrees. One of the advantages of this tract with the walk is the presence of IT (power selection wave), which in turn enables the use of essays in which rotation is required.

The use of a roundabout founder in the garden

Motoblock Profi 1030

Motoblock Profi 1030

Country manufacturers of the professional 1030 Motoblock – Germany. The model is equipped with a petro l-singl e-cylinder engine with gasoline with air cooling. Power – 8.5 hp. The transmission is a thre e-stage mechanics with two front and two rear movements. Starter – mechanical type.

Hinge devices for the immediate blocks of professionals

Each professional Walk injury tractor can be equipped with a large series of additional devices, which enables the use of devices in various areas of agricultural work. The main spectrum of the application:

  1. A plow of floors of any complexity.
  2. Plants and harvest.
  3. Cleaning the territory.
  4. Use as a motorcycle.
  5. Lawn haircut.
  6. Transport of goods on a trailer.
  7. Tiller.

With the right attachments, a han d-led tractor can manage the entire work and replace a number of expensive highly specialized devices.


A wide range of small mechanics, excellent processing quality, modern components, advanced technical features and low costs make the products of this manufacturer the best on the market. Professional devices become an excellent and indispensable helper in hard agricultural work. German engineering technologies are now available to every modern farmer.

Motoblock Profi 1900

The Profi 1900 is a hand-led mid-range tractor, the next generation of the model in 1800. The machine has been improved in almost all matters and is considered one of the flagships of the hand-led tractors of the professional family. In addition, it is one of the most powerful models offered on the world market. The power of the power plant in the professional 1900 PS is 18 hp, which is an excellent indicator in household vehicle vehicles. The singl e-axle tractor has extensive possible uses and is characterized by high terrain. The model is in great demand in many countries.

General information, purpose and design features

Profi 1900 is intended for professional use. The equipment is estimated by summer residents and gardeners who have large properties. The device is designed for soil processing of every complexity, including new territory. Thanks to its high performance, it is possible to work deeper without the use of earth hooks. The singl e-axis tractor processes large properties without any problems and is also suitable for transporting particularly important and heavy loads.

Pines in landscape design

The main work, for which the professional in 1900 is intended, include tillage, hills, plowing, mowing, freight transport, etc. The possibilities of equipment are almost unlimited and depend on the type of attachments used. The owner of the device can choose the options that are best suited for the field of activity.

It is noteworthy that the car is already equipped with massive “dental” wheels in the basic configuration. As a result, developers managed to achieve excellent off-road capabilities. For example, the technology on a muddy surface feels as safe as in swampy areas. In addition, the han d-led tractor moves pitches and bumps, stones and swampy areas. So the owner can always rely on this on e-axle tractor.

Under the advantages of the han d-led tractor, we emphasize the following points:

  • The device is equipped with a 4-stroke engine that offers high performance and low fuel consumption. The unit has an overlooked valve arrangement. The s o-called decompression valve is also available, which ensures easy start independently of climatic conditions. So the power plant can work in dry and warm weather. In addition, the engine is practically no strong noises and vibrations.
  • The kit contains a differential thanks to which the han d-led tractor can be turned by 180 or even 360 degrees. This means that the Profi 1900 model can be seen as a rather agile and easily controllable singl e-axle tractor. Thanks to the good maneuverability, you can use the machine under cramped conditions, for example in small areas with different obstacles – trees, large stones, bushes, etc.
  • Massive bikes have a deep profile and offer good performance on any surface
  • The two-wheel tractor is equipped with a dry single-plate clutch with manual control. Its design is simple and does not require extensive maintenance. We can say that you can service this node yourself, without using diagnostic equipment. To do this, it is enough to have a hand tool and the necessary parts.
  • The basic kit includes a headlight that provides good visibility at night.
  • Motoblock looks stylish and modern. It is much more pleasant and convenient to work with such a machine.
  • Please note that the Profi 1900 also features what is known as a BOM (Power Take Off Shaft) which allows you to install mounted options that could rotate. This feature significantly increases work efficiency while eliminating force majeure situations.
  • We would like to remind you once again that the Profi 1900 walk behind tractor is a rather heavy device, but this circumstance allows you to work on the toughest soils.
  • The Profi 1900 is equipped with wide mudguards that protect the operator from the ingress of dirt, which is very important when working long hours, especially on muddy ground. In this case, it is recommended to move at low speed.
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Get in and get started

Motoblock Profi 1900 must be run in before full operation can begin. This procedure makes it possible to break in all the details, components and assemblies of the two-wheel tractor. In addition, in this way the machine is better adapted to specific working conditions. Please note that during the running-in period, the oil and petrol levels in the engine must be checked regularly. The procedure includes several stages, consider the main ones:

  • Before starting the engine, check the amount of oil and fuel that has been filled in
  • The engine should idle for 40 minutes, and then you can gradually begin to check the performance of the product in tillage conditions. Thus, various types of work are allowed, including cultivation, plowing, mowing, planting root crops and other vegetable crops, cleaning areas, and transporting goods. In general, you can perform any task, but in this case the load on the walk behind tractor should be 50% of the maximum allowable load.
  • After 10-15 hours, the enema can be considered complete. After this procedure, it does not hurt to check the technical condition again and, if necessary, add oil and fuel.


In addition to the machine itself, the basic equipment of the Profi 1900 hand-held tractor includes rubber wheels, cultivator blades, a universal coupling, a running board, a tool set and operating instructions. As you can see, the base list isn’t particularly diverse, so it makes sense to take a closer look at the additional options. However, many owners do this immediately after purchasing the product. Because only thanks to different weights is it possible to assess the potential of a walk-behind tractor 100%.

So let’s name the most common attachments for the Profi 1900 model:

  • Hiller
  • plow
  • potato digger
  • potato planter
  • follower
  • seat adapter
  • water pump
  • traction
  • seeder
  • Additional cutters
  • metal wheels
  • rotary mower
Make support for wine

properties and engine

The Japanese AMS190F engine from Honda is responsible for the performance of the Profi 1900 hand-held tractor. The engine is a single-cylinder four-stroke engine with a working volume of 0.4 liters. Works with a mechanical four-speed box, in which three gears are responsible for forward travel. The power plant output is 18 hp.

Among other parameters we note the support of the 92nd gasoline. The dimensions of the walk-behind tractor are 1900x1400x900 mm, and the total mass of the device is 178 kg. The processing width can be between 800 and 1100 mm and the processing depth 300 mm.

fuel consumption

Motoblock Profi 1900 is equipped with a 6.5 liter fuel tank. Despite such an impressive volume, the device is quite economical even under full load. According to real owners, they gave an average consumption of around 1.3 liters per hour in their reviews. The time until the next refueling is 8-10 hours, which is a guideline.

Prices in Russia

The price of a new Profi 1900 walk-behind tractor can reach 90,000 rubles. How much does the basic kit cost? Additional mounted options increase the cost by 10-15 thousand rubles.

The considered model successfully competes with Caiman Vario 70S Plow TWK+, MasterYard Quattro Junior Diesel TWK+, Profi PR 1040E and other motoblocks.

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