Motoblocks Profi 1030. Review, characteristics, reviews

Review of the professional 1030 engine block. Technical features. Device. User Guide

The professional 1030 Motoblock was perfect in agricultural and agricultural industry. Professional is in demand among gardeners, summer residents and farmers.

The professional 1030 Motoblock can automate a wide range of land work: plowing, grinding, planting, etc. It is equipped with a petrol engine with a capacity of 8.5 hp and air cooling. Profi works with the fuel of the AI-92 or AI-95 brand.

The gasoline consumption in the average load is 2 liters per hour.

Technical characteristics

Manufacturer professional
Country of Manufacture Germany
Type of Motoblock
Engine type petrol
Number of programs 2 forward/1 before 1
Warranty period 24 (month)
Federal State New
Engine power 8.5 (p.)

Functions of the application

If you are the new owner of the Motobobka Prof 1030, you need to be required before its full use. At this point, the tractor of the walk behavior should train in a gentle mode with half of the maximum performance. This happens in such a way that the engine oil carefully lubricates all structural nodes of the engine and clearly enter the grooves.

Motoblock Profi 1030

The accuracy of the aggregation of the fastening equipment must be checked before each output. Wrong trailer coupling can cause the problem during operation and health of health.


  • The Motoblock Profi 1030 is equipped with a headlight, which means that the owners can also do the work in the dark.
  • Protective wings are installed via the cutter, which prevent the departure of dirt and dust under the cutter to the operator.
  • Thanks to an equipment gear with a differential, increased maneuverability and the possibility of processing hard areas, places are achieved.
  • With the professional 1030 motor block selection shaft you can control the speed of the fastening equipment.

User Guide

Before each departure, the owners must visually examine the condition of the professional 1030 software for the lack of oil leaks, the condition of the cabling and the presence of deformations.

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The operating instructions contain information on the sequence of the MontageProfi 1030, the purpose of levers and rules for the safe operation of the device.

Motoblock Profi 1030


The operating instructions also contain data on the maintenance of the professional institute.

  1. At the end of each output, it is necessary to remove the remains of dirt and dust out of the car to prevent the occurrence of corrosion varieties.
  2. Replacing the engine oil in the software of the professional 1030 should occur after 25 hours of work and the gearbox after 50 hours.
  3. Shift levers of the control point should be lubricated with waterproof once a month (they can use lititol-24 or solidol) once a month.

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Video review

Below you will find a video check of the floor of the floor by the professional 1030 Motoblock:

But the video overview of the process of oil oil in the engine of the Walk behavior tractor Pro 1030:

Reviews of the owners

Here is what the owners say about the immediate blocks of professionals in agrarfors:


“In general, I am satisfied with the han d-led tractor, I bought the car in 2015 and since then it has paid off more than once. Reliable and functional han d-led tractor. Plowing and milling it does it without any problems, calmly pulls a cart with up to half a ton of load. I don’t work much on it, so 8.5 horses are enough for me. Max worked on it 8 hours a day, it overheated, it has to be stopped to cool down. ”

Motor blocks Profi 1030. Overview, properties, owner reviews

Recommendation: 100%



Profi 1030 is a development from Shtenli, which specializes in the production of household and professional cars. With the help of this han d-led tractor, the driver can do all the work on the country, plow, cultivate, cultivate, weed removal, grass mowing and eggs. The plowing with this han d-led tractor takes place with a classic plow or other plow types. The selection of attachments for this model is very large.

Pruning grapes in the middle belt

Motoblock Profi 1030

Professional 1030 is equipped with a petrol engine. The engine is a fou r-stroke engine, the cooling is carried out by air bubbles. The recommended petrol variety for professional 1030 is AI-92, 93 or 95. The model is used for home use, the hand-led tractor can be used on an area of ​​up to 30 hectares. The engine power is 8.5 hp, which offers the operator the necessary productivity and long work.

Motoblock functions

  • the presence of differentials for easy turning, maneuverability;
  • Vibration damping system – increased operator security;
  • Gas outlet with comfortable exhaust air guide;
  • Wheels with a large diameter for stability and high stability in the field, wet soil with clay, snow;
  • PTO to convenient connection of attachments such as mower, snow blower, sprinkler, engine pump and others;
  • Headlights with halogen lamp for lighting at dusk or early morning;
  • smooth drying clutch;
  • Factory guarantee for the product 24 months.

Technical characteristics

The technical parameters of the han d-led Tractor Profi 1030 enable the device to be used in almost all weather conditions, both in summer and winter. Special protective wings protect the operator of the han d-led tractor from small stones or dirt when working on cutting plants and when driving on a washed out road.

The size of the wheels installed on the handleed tractor is 6.5-12. The device has also proven itself as a tractor – performance 8.5 hp. And the use of a trailer enables the professional 1030 to easily transport loads, including crops.

The control handle and the drive are well balanced, and the handle can be adjusted to the height of the owner of the han d-led tractor or moved to the required distance (a useful function when cultivating the country between the plant rows and already sprouted plants) .

The volume of the M1030 engine is 277 cm3. The han d-led tractor is started manually, speeds 3 – 2 forward, 1 reverse gear. The width of the tillage strip is 90 cm, the maximum depth when milling or plowing is 30 cm The weight of the han d-led tractor Profi 1030 is 140 kg.

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Added parts suitable for motoblock “professional” 1030:

  • Hiller,
  • Plow,
  • Senicidal mower,
  • mounted snow blower,
  • Potato excavator,
  • Potato planters,
  • Garlic planters,
  • Stollen.

Senicidal mower potato rotor plow Grousers

Professional 1030 can also be used in combination with an adapter (seat), a car and a trailer. The carrying capacity of the decreased elements can reach up to 400 kg. Most of the weapons, which are flattened by motor blocks of domestic production,, especially from technology similar to the weight (NEVA, Cascade, Salyut and others), are suitable for this model.

Characteristics of using a walk tractor

Rules for the application of Pro 1030 on land diagrams:

  • Do not tend to the wal k-in tractor in any direction and only control the direction without making efforts.
  • Carefully contact the clutch mechanism and carry out the start in accordance with the user’s instructions.
  • On inclined floors (more than 15 degrees) it should work by maintaining a walk diagonally.
  • Work in protective gloves (this reduces the effect of the vibration of the tractor of the walk behavior on your hands).

You can leave a link to the video of your Walk Tractor Profi 1030 or an overview of the characteristics of this kind of motorcycle technology in the comments on this article. This will help other owners of Motoblocks to know this model of the professional line better.


  • The term takes about 8 motorized hours, during this time the motorcycle equipment is carefully used, with half or a little more supplied with the maximum of electricity.
  • After the enema, the oil change changes in the transmission and in the engine, the walk-in tractor is seasoned with fresh fuel (recommended oil for the engine: SAE30 or SAE10 W40; for gear: 80W-90, 75W-90 gear oil from the brand manufacturer recommended);
  • After running in the tractor of the walk behavior, you can work in the usual mode and carry out the maintenance in good time.
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operation and maintenance

  • Keep the device into cleanliness, clean the grinding cutter using compressed air or dry fabric, clean the outer surfaces of the cutter and the device housing from the residues of the earth, grass, oil.
  • All 50 mothers change lubricants;
  • Check the condition of the spark plug, coupling cable, the condition of the carburetor and the oil and fuel filter.


Alexander, Pyatigorsk:

“Two years until my professional 1030. The purchase cost 30,000, during the company I was satisfied with everything, a property of 20 hectares – it works well, stable, without any information. My operation is neat, I am very on the coast, a tractor because I will not plan to buy a new one in the coming years. From the hinge I use a plow, a hip, I use cutter. During the season, working hours per day is about 8 hours. In addition, the amount of gasoline eaten per hour is about 2 liters.

Disadvantages: milling cutters quickly become dull, I pull it myself.

Advantages: high performance, sufficient engine power. “

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