Motoblocks professional. Overview of the model range, characteristics, reviews

Motoblocks professional. Overview of the model range, properties, attachments, instructions

Motoblocks Profi are products of the Shtenli company. The series of walk-behind tractors is a separate technical branch, in the model range of which there are many units of automobiles – all professional walk-behind tractors have different performance and certain technical characteristics.

Profi 1800

Profi is a separate direction of walk-behind tractors, they belong to the class of heavy motorcycles, but are not intended for professional use. Their purpose is domestic. They can be used for auxiliary work on the construction site, e.g. B. for transporting crops, collecting garbage, clearing snow.

Profi 1900

The Profi brand appeared after the Shtenli engine blocks entered the market in the SGN countries in the late 90s of the 20th century, due to the demand for universal medium-duty engine blocks, which made it possible to make such equipment more accessible to a wide spectrum of consumers.

Modifications by Motoblocks Profi

The following “Profi” models are currently available:

  • Profi 1800 – 14, hp, with PTO, 155 kg;
  • Profi 1800 – 18 hp, with PTO, 175 kg;
  • Profi 1900, low gear, PTO, 14 hp, 155 kg;
  • Profi 1900, low gear, without PTO, 14 hp, 155 kg;
  • Profi 1900, low gear, without PTO, 18 hp, 175 kg;
  • Profi 1900, low gear, with PTO, 18 hp, 175 kg;
  • Profi 1400, PTO, differentials, 14 hp (in some online stores you can find the Profi 1400 K2V marking), 178 kg;
  • Profi 1030 – large wheels, differential, PTO, 8.5 hp, 120 kg;
  • Profi G-185 – Diesel, PTO, 10.5 hp, 290 kg;
  • Profi G-192 – Diesel, PTO, 12 hp, 320 kg.

Profi 1400 Profi 1030 Profi G-185 Profi G-192

Gasoline trailers of this model line are equipped with the same engines: gasoline, four-stroke, air-cooled, with the difference that engine power is different for different modifications: from 8.5 to 18 hp. All these units are heavy, they are intended for domestic use. Diesel Pros are equipped with water-cooled four-stroke diesel engines.


Thanks to the universal coupling, the professional two-wheel tractors work together with various attachments. Next, we take a closer look at which attachments are suitable for professional two-wheel tractors and how they are used.


When purchasing a walk behind tractor, the owner receives cutters complete with the implement. Four cutters, if necessary you can use only two. Additional cutters can also be installed at the request of the owner. The assembly of the cutters is carried out after the assembly of the main parts of the walk-behind tractor. A set of tools from the package and special thick cloth gloves must be used for assembly to avoid injuries.

The scheme of the cutting device is shown in Figure 1.

Adapter, trailer and trolley

With the adapter, the singl e-axle tractor is converted into a loa d-bearing device. Usually there is a seat for those who drive the car on the adapters. It often happens that the word “adapter” means both a trailer and a trolley. However, the trailer is not equipped with one seat, as is the trolley. The maximum supply weight for devices with a weight of less than 200 kg is 300 kg. In the case of heavier han d-led tractors, the maximum loading weight is 500 kg.

Pendant TM-500 trailer TM-360 pendant TM-2550

For “professional” it is recommended to use the supporters TM-500, TM-360, TM-2550 (in which the load capacity is displayed in numbers).

For “professional”, the installation of an engine is allowed TS-1 bogie, as well as single-axle and two-axle moderate bogies.


Mowers of different types can be used with han d-guided tractors with a pf shaft as well as without a tap wave (connection via a strap). In any case, the use of a mower makes the Pro a really universal technology for a garden, a summer residence, a kit. A sickle mower of the dawn and segment mower is suitable for the professional, which are mounted on a circa, center, patriot or NEVA and nevic tractor.

Sickmower segment mower

Wheels and rails

Some owners modify their units, for example by attaching wheels with a larger diameter. The professional has wheels with sizes 6.5-12. This size is considered large, it enables the equipment to be stable, to maneuver well and get ready with of f-road driving, clay and mud. The owners rarely use the installation of wheels with a large diameter, this is more the exception than the rule.

If desired, the buyer can purchase an additional set of air wheels in the online shop. There are cases in which farmers convert handmade tractors with wheels of local cars, for example from Zhiguli.


Grousers are frequently used attachments that improve the grip of the wheels of a han d-led tractor. For example, in combination with a plow with a low device weight, they are used on light or mediu m-sized machines.

Experienced farmers are absolutely advisable to use tunnels on a virgin floor or complex, dense soils, also on heavy additives. Some suppliers sell kits for handmade tractors that contain eyelets together with a plow and tools for attaching this equipment.

A plow is another necessary attachment without plowing virgin soil. There are two types: with removable or non-removable plug-in, single or double body, rotating or simple as well as rotating and with several blades. An ordinary “Mole” plow is attached to the “professional” with a frame that is screwed on with screws and nuts.

Pflow “KROT” standard plow with clutch of tw o-shaped turning plows

It is advisable to use a simple plow on small areas, it is cheap and fulfills the same functions as professional attachments.

Snow mill and shovel

The dimensions of a standard blind for the professional are 100 cm (width). With the help of such a shovel, the operator of a han d-led tractor can free the site of the courtyard or personal areas from the snow, such devices are designed for a blanket height of up to 20 cm.

A snow blower is one of the most expensive attachments. Many farmers prefer to clear snow by hand, but modern snow throwers really make life easier in the home. For the “professional” you can use the marking snowblower SM-1 or any other model suitable for the walk-behind tractors “Farmer”, “Patriot”, “Cascade”.

Potato digger, potato planter

Potato digger – attachments for extracting potato tubers. Classic potato harvesters of the classic design are often used on farms on small and medium-duty two-wheel tractors. The use of screen and vibratory excavators is permitted.

Potato planter KSM-1 Potato harvester KKM-1

Potato planters for “professionals”: model KS12, KSN-1 and others.


A coupling for attaching attachments is included with the professional two-wheel tractor. With the help of a coupling, the device is connected to a trailer, cart and other work equipment. For motoblocks “Profi” it is recommended to use special couplings for devices with air-cooled engines.

A trailer hitch from Centaur, Zubr, Aurora is suitable for the professional.

operational recommendations

When purchasing a walk-behind tractor, the owner receives an operator’s manual. Read this document carefully, assemble and perform according to the points described in the instructions. Do not violate the recommendations so as not to damage the device. Next, we will tell you more about the basic rules for the maintenance and operation of professional walking tractors.


Choose oil and fuel according to the recommendations in the manual. If there are no recommendations, use high-quality synthetic or semi-synthetic oils of the SAE30 category from any manufacturer (Motul, Shell, TNK, Lukoil).

Gear oil TAD 17I machine oil SAE 10W30

For the gearbox, buy special gear oil 75W90, 80W90. Do not mix transmission oil and engine oil. These lubricants are filled into different reservoirs.

Gasoline for all walk behind tractors with 4-stroke engine and air cooling: AI95, AI92, AI93. If the walk behind tractor is diesel, use diesel fuel available in your area.

Start and drive in

Some models, e.g. B. Diesel “Profi” are ready for operation, ie filled with oil and run in, offered for sale. Check this information at the time of purchase.

Rules for the first run:

  • assemble and refuel the walk behind tractor;
  • handle the shifters and power button smoothly;
  • do not apply force to the clutch lever, squeeze it gently;
  • Do not run the walk behind tractor at 100% power;
  • Let the device idle for about 10 minutes.

The running-in period is 5-8 hours, after which the single-axle tractor is considered fully operational.

Troubleshooting walk behind tractors

In the event of a serious breakdown, if the walk behind tractor is still under warranty, contact the service center. You can fix minor faults yourself, but only if the owner of the walk behind tractor has the required basic technical training.

Table 1. List of main walk-behind tractor malfunctions, solutions


Victor, Zaporozhye:

“A practical walk-behind tractor per 1400. I am generally satisfied with my purchase, it has been working for me for more than two years, with its help I carry out: mounding, plowing. There are nuances in build quality, but based on the price, you probably won’t be able to get more.

Pluses of the model: easy to drive, not bulky, nimble at available speeds, looks attractive, easy to shift gears.

The disadvantages are: not very convenient differences, non-adjustable headlight – shines in one direction. “

Alexander, Biysk:

“The diesel engine block was my dream. He carried it out and bought a tractor professional and didn’t regret a single day about the acquisition. The instructions are simple. Despite the weight, the unit is quite manoeuvrable. I’ve been running it for a year. I drive a cart, carry goods and even help my neighbor on the site.

Pros: There were no outcrops in a year, only oil added. The engine is super brown. So far I am completely satisfied with them. According to my observations with such a wal k-tractor, the tractor is not needed at all. Easy, really easy start.

Cons: An unpleasant “surprise” was waiting for me after the purchase. The mountain broke off on his sniffer, he treated with welding. I assume there was a factory marriage. “

Checking the professional engine blocks. Instructions for instruction, maintenance and use

Motobobes pro belongs to strong professional class machines. Thanks to additional attachments, they can automate a wide range of agricultural work.

Professional engine blocks are successfully used in the sphere of agriculture, community, construction and landscape.

A feature of the pros’ motoblocks is resistance to temperature changes. You can do the work steadily in both summer time and winter.

  • Due to the special shape of the SD type, excellent cross body capability is achieved for any type of soil.
  • Profi engine blocks are equipped with a new patented anti-vibration system that significantly reduces the vibration transmitted to the steering rod.
  • Thanks to the Hotstart system, the engine starts easily despite the ambient temperature.
  • A differential on wheels is installed on all motoblocks of professionals, which allows you to expand the device on a small plot.

These machines are produced in Germany. The assembly is controlled at every stage of the production of professional engine blocks, which ultimately reveals the high level of technology.

Verification of installation and technical characteristics

gasoline engine block

professional 500

Motoblock Profi 500

This is the first and smallest motblock in the pro line. It weighs only 75 kg. It has a 7 hp engine. To improve the comfort of work, an extra wheel has been set up in front, which improves balance over hard work.

Professional 900

Motoblock Profi 900

This is already a representative of the middle traction class of motoblocks. On the Pro 900, an 8 hp motor is installed. It is powered with a hand cable. This model was developed to process medium-sized agricultural areas.

Pro 1030

Motoblock Profi 1030

Despite the small difference in power (only 0.5 hp only from 900), this model was highlighted separately, since it has a completely different design and location of the main structural nodes.

The manufacturer offers two models of this motblock: with and without it.

Professional 1100

Motoblock Profi 1100 Pro

This tractor for walking is equipped with a petrol engine with a capacity of 9 hp and air cooling. In the best way Pro 1100 manifests itself in the cultivation of the soil. Therefore, a set of milling cutters with a border width of up to 110 cm is supplied with the kit with the tractor of walking.

Professional 1800

This is one of the most popular software models among professionals. It is equipped with an 18 hp petrol engine and can cope equally well with both agricultural work and the transport of heavy goods.

Motoblock Profi 1800 Pro series

Due to the demand for this model, the manufacturer offers three modifications of the Motobobok Profi 1800:

  1. Without VOM;
  2. With VOM;
  3. With VOM and low transmission.

Since the Motoblock Pro 1800 has a high performance, you have to move around the device quickly during operation, and this is anything but always practical. For this reason, the quality of the work can suffer, since the tailors simply jump the floor, a low transmission can solve this problem.

The engine of the professional 1800 engine blocks is protected by a housing. The weight of this device is 175 kg.

Profi 1900

Pro 1900 1800 is very similar in its technical features. It weighs a little less – 155 kg. Due to the fact that there is no protective cover. The changes also influenced the steering rod, it is determined with a standard form.

Motoblock Profi 1900

Profi also offers 3 modifications of this walk behavior tractor: with from, without from and with the and low transmission.

Read more: Review of the Profi 1400 Pro series. Technical characteristics. Characteristics of application and birch

Swimming series of the diesel engine blocks Prof.

The diesel models of professional motoblocks have recently stood increasingly as needed. They are more reliable, have a larger work resource and consume less fuel.

Profi G-180

Motoblock Profi G-180

This tractor for a walk behavior is equipped with a diesel engine with a capacity of 8 HP and air cooling. The machine is driven with a hand starter. It’s great for agricultural work.

Profi G-185

Motoblock Profi G-185

This is a universal walk tractor with a diesel engine with a capacity of 10.5 hp. He can successfully cope with agricultural work, but also with the transport of goods.

Profi G-192

Motoblock Profi G-192

People call this model “tractor”. It has a large traction and can transport goods with a weight of more than 600 kg thanks to a diesel engine with a capacity of 12 hp.

Review of the attached devices

Now motor blocks have already become an integral part of the life of the residents of rural areas. They allow you to automate a large amount of work thanks to additional attachments. Every owner must be familiar with the range and skills of Hitch.

Motoblock Profi 1030


This is a standard powers that are delivered with most of the professional instant blocks.

With the mills you can turn and mix the upper layer of the floor, increasing the fertility of the soil.


This fastening equipment is installed on a wheel axle instead of standard pneumatic tires.

Some models of professional motor blocks can only work as cultivists.

This binding equipment is intended for the processing of virgin countries if Schneider cannot deliver normal ground cultivation.

Standard PM-1 plow

The connector manufacturers offer various options for their fastening devices. The most popular is a revolutionary plow that enables them to turn the floor on the Leme several times, break the blocks and only then throw the floor to the side.

Pitch and rake

Motoblocks professional are able to clean the territory of weeds and small shrubs.

The most popular option is the Rotary version of the mower, which cuts the grass with rotating knives. A characteristic of rotary network is the ability to process any type of soil with different inclination.

Rakes of the rings of the sun sun-2 r rotor dawn rotor dawn c1

If it is necessary to process the densely attached areas, you can use a segmented mower that moves the knives alternately during operation.

After the vegetation karme it dries and can be put together with the institute of professional and robbel.

Potato cake and potato dwellers

Potatoes are in demand in our whole country, but the work associated with it requires a lot of physical and time effort.

If you are the owner of a Pro Motoblock, it can do the most actions with the corresponding attachments.

The potato planter is a 30-liter tank in which potatoes are poured. From there it is supplied with a conveyor belt. A plow is installed at the front that makes a ditch, and a Hiller digs a ditch at the back.

Potato planter potato rolls for Motoblock KKM-1 potato rotor

The potato rotor absorbs a 20 cm deep layer of earth, then breaks the rock lumps with the help of a roar and leaves the potatoes on the surface, which are easy to collect.

Snow mill and shovel

When the winter period of the year comes, strong snowfalls are observed in our country. Pro motor blocks are characterized by an improved starting system and enable them to start the engine even at low temperatures.

Shovel-dump snowy

The snow blower absorbs snow with a 1 m wide shovel and then throws it to the side with the help of a rotor.

If it is necessary to clean a small adjacent area, you can use a conventional leaf blade.

Wheels, tunnels and rails

Motoblocks professional belong to the difficult class, which is able to carry out almost any kind of work. With increased load, however, the device can slip or dig into the soil. To prevent this, you can assemble tunnels instead of standard tires.

Grousers bikes

In the winter season, you can install a caterpillar module to improve of f-road capacity that increases the weight of the han d-led tractor and the contact area with the surface. Cryps are used most frequently when you drive a han d-led tractor over long distances in winter.


Professional traction properties have excellent traction properties and can transport loads of over half a ton. There are different types of followers and you have to choose the right freight from the transported freight:

  • The most popular is the version with universal dump truck, which enables unloading by simply lifting from the front;
  • If it is necessary to transport hay or other bulky freight, it is recommended to use a cart with high sides;
  • When transporting long log houses from trees or pipes, you should choose a trailer with 4 wheels.


In order to physically relieve the owner of the singl e-axle tractor and make working more comfortably, an adapter can be connected to it. This is a special attachment with a seat thanks to which you can control the device while sitting.


If you have a trailer, you can use it as an adapter if you drive long distances.

User Guide

The work of every new owner of the professional unachstractor should begin to read the operating instructions to understand the functional principle, the purpose of the lever, control, maintenance and secure operation.

Motoblock Profi 1400 Pro series

First commissioning and inlet

The entry with the singl e-axle tractor professional determines the duration of the troubl e-free operation.

The assembly must be carried out strictly after the order specified in the operating instructions.

At the end of the assembly, the on e-axle tractor professional cannot be fully utilized immediately. The manufacturer recommends working for the first 8 hours in the entry mode, which means that the machine is not fully utilized. You cannot plow deep plowing, milling or just driving with an empty trailer.

After the ru n-In you have to replace the engine oil.


The schedule for the maintenance of motor blocks of the professionals is clearly planned in the instructions for the company.

Read more: Review of the professional 1030 engine block. Technical features. Device. User Guide

Before each output, the condition of the vilok of the professionals should be checked: the presence of fuel and oil, the reliability of the attachment of the binding stand, the condition of the cables and the lack of oil leaks.

Motor oil should be replaced every 25 working hours. User manual recommends using 10W-40 to replace.

Litol-24 gear oil TAD-17i oil 10W-40

  • The gear oil should change after 50 hours. It is recommended to fill out the TAP-15V or TAD-17i.
  • If the gear shift is difficult, the lever must be greased with water billing fat

Litol-24 or Solidol.

Correction of the main disorders

Motobobes professionals are designed for longer operation, but sooner or later small problems occur that requires a solution:

If the engine does not start:
  • It is possible to separate the hig h-voltage cable from the spark plug (for this reason there is no spark when it is switched on).
  • Maybe the failure of the spark plug (you have to clean or replace it);
  • The fuel supply is blocked (put the dampers in an open position);
  • Lack of fuel or it is of low quality (share or use the engine);
  • Check the oil level (if necessary divide);
  • Croached fuel or air filter (clean, replace it if necessary);
If the Stanley Motoblock engine works, but does not spend the necessary power:
  • The contact with the spark plug extends (clearly connecting the cable).
  • The fuel or the air filter clogged (clean);
  • Incorrect coordination of the carburetor (furnishing);
  • If there was fuel in the tank for a long time, he gained moisture and became unusable, press it and pour a new one.

Video review

Here is a video review of the field of the Motobobki professional:

The next video check shows the process of ground ground by the professional motoblock:

But what is the refueling of the Velocod e-Sociller?

Reviews of the owners

In the following you will find several opinions on the experiences of the operation of motifs from the owners’ professionals:


“This tractor for a walk can be used for professional purposes. In the virgin countries, are steadily buried, do not bury and do not slip. It starts in winter by half a change. At the moment I use the cigns, mills and dumps-lopata. I took a plow from a neighbor to use the interest, it is easy, but it leaves big blocks, it is better to cultivate the soil.

Overview of chain power units of the manufacturer Energia
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