Motoblocks Patriot – reviews of models, description, reviews of owners

Overview of the Motoblocks Patriot. models and modifications. Attachments and Maintenance

The foundation of the Patriot brand is a classic story of business development from zero to large scale. It all started in 1973 when engineer Andy Johnson was left without a job and decided to establish his job.

The company acquired its name in honor of Johnson’s favorite football club – Patriots. Rapid development started immediately as the company’s garden equipment repair work and subsequent service was highly appreciated by farmers in the post-crisis area. Over time, the company began releasing lubricants under its own brand.

In 1976 an agreement was reached with a large Home Depot dealership network to implement lubricant and services. 1986 begins the production of consumables with Home Depot and then the development of New Engines models. Gradually, the product range expands and the production scale grows.

In 1997, in connection with the breakdown of partnerships with Home Depot, the company changed its name to Patriot. In order to make products cheap and cover an even larger market, some of the production capacity was transferred to China. The products entered the Russian market in 1999 and a separate trademark Patriot Garden was assigned, representing the soil processing units.

Currently, all of the company’s products are in great demand due to their quality and economy. A wide range of motoblocks presented on the market allows you to choose a suitable unit for each consumer. Among the manufactured models in the line are both gasoline and diesel units.

The preparation

The entire model range of Motoblocks Patriot is adapted for small areas in farms. They are not recommended for industrial use.

Motoblock Patriot Kama 7 Motoblock Patriot Arizona Motoblock Patriot Dallas 2

The kit provides pneumatic wheels, which are equipped with an additional transport wheel for the transport of a walk tractor, protective wings that prevent the land of the lands on the operator, mills, instructions and some models.

The price of units depends on the technical characteristics. A light model costs about 20 thousand rubles, and the price of a heavy hike can reach 50-60 thousand rubles. Typically, secondary market prices are much lower.

Below are photos and brief descriptions of the Motoblock line.

Motoblock Patriot Victory

This is a compact model, the assembly of which is carried out in Russia. The device is equipped with a petrol engine with a capacity of 7 hp. The fuel consumption is approx. 1.5 l/h. An attractive appearance, convenient switching of speeds, which made the model very popular and in demand in the Wandertraktor 3, as well as a reliable design.

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Motoblock patriot Pobeda

Motoblock Patriot Urals

The motblock patriot of the Urals is intended to process the soil with medium and increased complexity. Thanks to a powerful engine with 7.8 horses, the unit even confidently processes the virgin country. The motorcycle block can be described as a heavyweight because its mass is 87 kg. However, there are no difficulties during the transport of difficulties.

The gearbox has 2 speeds forward and 1 back and is subject to the use of low gears, the number of speeds increases and the operation becomes more effective with every load.

Motoblock Patriot Wolga

Motoblock Patriot Wolga is another serious representative because its mass is 89 kg. Adapted to work in a small farm. When using hinge devices, it can become a snowman, mow or use goods to transport goods. The engine power is 7 hp and the fuel consumption is 1.5-2 l/h.

Motoblock Patriot Wolga

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Motoblock Patriot Nevada

The Patriot Nevada Comfort Motoblock is equipped with a 7-PS engine. And refers to the middle class of agricultural technology. The tractor for a walk should be used in small areas up to 30 hectares. A reliable case, a strong design and the ability to adhere to the fastening equipment, make the device a successful option for working at farms.

Motoblock patriot Nevada

It is permissible to use potato cutting edges, seeders, mower, cultivation with grinding plants or as a snowman.

Motoblock Patriot Ontario

The petrol engine Patriot Ontario is perfect for a small agricultural economy because it is equipped with a engine with a capacity of 6.5 hp. The market is presented in two modifications. An improved version is called Patriot Ontario Pro and has a 7-PS engine. The approximate fuel consumption is 1.5-2 l/h. A standard transmission with 3 speeds.

Motoblock Patriot Ontario Pro

Motoblock Patriot Boston

Motoblock Patriot Boston is equipped with a diesel engine and is characterized by increased efficiency. There are 2 modifications on the market – Patriot Boston 6b and a more powerful Patriot Boston 9de, which differs in some characteristics, including engine power. In addition, Boston 9de has an electric starter with which the engine is started quickly and without difficulty. The rubber nozzle on the handle confused vibrations.

Motoblock patriot Boston

Motoblock Patriot Vegas

The Patriot Vegas Walk injury tractor is adapted to every complexity thanks to a powerful petrol engine with 7 HP. The cutters enable a width of up to 90 cm and a depth of up to 30 cm. A hand starter starts the engine on the first attempt. The number of gears is standard – 2 front and 1 back.

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Motoblock Patriot Vegas

The operation in the company is reached due to the rotary tax column and the ergonomic location of the line body.

Motoblock Patriot Chicago

Motoblock Patriot Chicago is a light but powerful unit that becomes a reliable assistant in a small farm. A petrol engine with a capacity of 7 hp. Cut easily with soil processing. When using additional fastening devices, the device turns into multifunctional and can use it to solve a number of agricultural problems.

Motoblock patriot chicago

Motoblock Patriot Montana

Motoblock Patriot Montana complements a number of heavy units because its weight is 98 kg. Nevertheless, his transport is not a complexity that manufacturers have met the ergonomic structure. Powerful petrol engine with 7 hp. Started manually. The gearbox has lower speeds, which means that the motorcycle block can effectively carry out the processing. You can fill out both 92 and 95 gasoline.

Motoblock patriot Montana

Motoblock Patriot MBP

The Motoblock Patriot MBP is also part of the heavyweight class because its mass is 95 kg. A petrol engine with 7 horses and a control point with 4 speeds forward and 2 to 2 not only enables you to get ready with the cultivation of the soil, but also with the transport of goods. The rubber nozzle on the handle confused vibrations.

Motoblock Patriot MBP

Motoblock Patriot Arizona

The tractor of the walk behavior has a weight of only 50 kg. And an engine with an output of 5 HP is therefore suitable for use in the country, in the garden or in the small personal property. This model can be connected by various hanging devices, which makes the device more functional. A sensor is installed in the Walk behavior tractor that blocks the start of the engine at low lubrication.

Motoblock patriot Arizona

Motoblock Patriot Dallas 2

Motoblock Patriot Dallas 2 is able to carry out different work, provided that the adhesive equipment is used. The power of the engine is 6.5 hp. Enough to remove snow from the area, plow the floor, collect potatoes or hurry the grass. The main advantage is the efficiency of fuel consumption, which is only 0.9 l/h.

Motoblock Patriot Dallas 2

Patriot Dakota per engine

This is a mi d-range unit. With the presence of a trailer assembly, you can connect the equipment of other manufacturers. This makes the unit more universal than other models. The rubber nozzle on the handle confused vibrations. The weight of the model is 78 kg.

Motoblock Patriot Dakota Pro

Motoblock Patriot Kama

The model has air cooling on a 4-stoke petrol engine that saves maintenance. The device is started manually, but for the first time. The power of the engine is 7 hp and the weight is only 64 kg. You can fill out both 92 and 95 gasoline.

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Motoblock Patriot Kama 7

Motoblock Patriot California 2

Motoblock Patriot California 2 is light and maneuverable, an excellent assistant will be on a small farm. The weight of the unit is only 67 kg, so transport is not difficult. Engine power 6.5 hp. It is enough to do a number of the most common tasks, such as: B. Cultivation, cleaning of the territory of snow, plowing, etc.

Motoblock Patriot California 2

Types of connected devices

For his walks, Patriot has developed a number of attachments that save the time and effort from the owner. Photos of some devices can be seen below. The most popular models are also shown below:

  • Soil surfaces are designed in such a way that they ensure improved liability on the ground when plowing, hill and cultivation.

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  • Claims of different types are used to put the furrows of plants;
  • Potato composite is used to facilitate the collection of potatoes. The device lifts the tubers and separates them from the floor;
  • Streeps are rotary or segment. They are used to mow grass and grain plants. After mowing, place the grass in the rows, which are then easily assembled;

Senicidal mower Patriot KKR-5

  • Cars or trailers are designed for the transport of goods.
  • The adapter is used to facilitate the process of working on a tractor.
  • The snowmobile prefix is ​​not installed on all motels, but thanks to it, the presence of the unit increases and the work is relieved.
  • With snow machines or a snow difference discriminator, you can effectively clean the area from the snow.
  • The clutch is used to connect additional devices.

Motoblock adapter

  • Water pump is used to supply water.
  • Light-off shovel is designed so that they clean snow, land and mass materials.
  • The plow facilitates the plow of the target.

Characteristics of using a walk tractor

All motoblocks are adapted to the use of AI petrol with an octane number of 92 or 95. The corresponding diesel models use every diesel fuel. It is recommended to use experts SAE 10W-40 or specific SAE 5W-30 as an engine for the engine and the Patriot Hypoid 80W85 transmission oil for the transmission.

Expert SAE 10W-40 Oil Hypoid 80W85 Oil-specific Sae 5W-30 Patriot Supreme HD SAE 30 4T

It is advisable to replace the oil every 100 hours of operation and in the gearbox every 50 hours in the engine. It is necessary to water as much as stated in the instructions. The short leaves threatens the engine by switching off, and the overflow will provoke an increased consumption of the lubricant.

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The regular maintenance extends the lifespan of the tractor for the walk behavior. Therefore, in addition to the daily inspection, correspond to the plan to guide those specified in the instructions.

Important! The implementation of the runnin g-up is mandatory before starting operation. This helps the details to extend and extend the lifespan of the Power unit.


Before the first start of the tractor for walking behavior, it is necessary to carry out the run, which does not take much time. However, compliance with the following actions must follow:

  1. Switch on the engine and let work for 30 minutes. He has to work smoothly and quietly, without foreign noise and interruptions.
  2. After 30 minutes, carry out a shor t-term Celtier.
  3. After completing the run, it is necessary to empty all used butter and water the new.
  4. Check the device for leaks.
  5. You can only use the Walk behavior tractor after 20 hours of operating operation if all parts are set sufficiently.

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The following work must be carried out before each use:
  • Clean dust and dirt;
  • Check the motorcycle block and identify possible leaks.
  • Make sure that the required amount of oil and fuel is available.
  • Make sure the air filter is clean.
  • Check the voltage of the drive belt;
  • Fix all screwed connections.

Preparation for lon g-term storage

To create a walk, the following actions must be carried out:

  1. Remove all of the dirt from the outer parts of the tractor of the walking behavior;
  2. Drain the gas and oil from the tanks and dry them. Or optionally completely with new fuel and fat to avoid corrosion.
  3. Wipe all painted elements with an oil moistened in oil to avoid corrosion.
  4. Carefully clean the air filters.

Patriot-Montana Patriot-Montana

The main disorders

  1. The engine does not start. The reasons can be different. To do this, check the fuel supply valve, the petrol level, the spark plug or the cable suitable for candles.
  2. Do not win dynamics. Check the contacts on the spark plug, the air filter and the carburetor requires a coordination or you have to replace the old gasoline with a new one.
  3. The cause of severe vibrations can be accelerated.
  4. An unstable motor operation is associated with air filter pollution.
  5. Clothes don’t turn. It is necessary to check whether they are blocked by foreign bodies. Set the clutch cable.
  6. The engine goes out. Fill new gasoline, check the air filter or spark plug.
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Video reviews

Below you will find a video rating of the manufacturer’s hand-led Pobeda tractor

Below you will find a video rating of the han d-led Patriot “Ural” tractor

Below you will find a video rating of the han d-led tractor Patriot Ontario Pro

Owner reviews

The owners agree that all Patriot brand is characterized by quality and reliability in the company. The advantage is low fuel consumption and the disadvantages are the high costs of consumption materials.


I bought the hand-led Pobeda tractor 2 years ago and so far I haven’t regretted it. It should only be used to use milling, but later bought other attachments. I would like to highlight the increase in work efficiency and the considerable time savings. Planting and harvesting potatoes, watering the garden, sowing and mowing have become much easier. The quality of the han d-led tractor was a pleasant surprise because the engine ran smoothly all the time and jumped immediately and the gears switched clean. It does not stop in the company, which is also gratifying.


I’ve been using Urals for 3 years now. The advantage of the model is a powerful engine and the presence of a reverse gear, thanks to which you can maneuver with sufficient ease. I want the model to be equipped with an electric starter, but it also jumps well with a manual. The gasoline consumption is an average of 2 l / h, which is regarded as an economic option. There were no global breakdowns, I only managed to change the oils and tighten the fastening elements.

Motoblocks Patriot – reviews of models, description, reviews of owners

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Our company “Motoblocks and other Agricultural Agrotechnics” is the largest in the world whose offices are located alongside Russia in the following countries: Germany, Poland, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, the United States (USA), Canada, Great Britain, Sweden, Belgium, Norway

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