Motoblocks Oka – Reviews of Models, Descriptions, Reviews by owners

Motoblock “Oka”: technical data

Motoblock of the Kaluga plant Kadvi of the OKA series are a really popular unit for a variety of agricultural and household work. The basic design has a good hourly supply. Oka is affordable for a large number of consumers. Motoblocks of this manufacturer and this series have been used since the 1980s and are known to the consumer.

In this article, the author tried to show the maximum strengths and weaknesses of the OKA using the example of the hand-led tractor MB-1D3. The article used material from the official documentation “Operating instructions” 005.45,0100 р1. I also tried to collect as much as possible the information published on the websites that deal with the sale of agricultural devices in order to uncover the proposed topic as much as possible by a number of published videos and user ratings used.

The history of a han d-led tractor

Oka Motoblocks is the consumer name for motoblocks, which were manufactured on the basis of the MB-1 manufactured in the 1980s, a compact device with a dry weight of up to 100 kg that can perform various agricultural work. This device can be useful both on a household property and on a small arable land. It can also be useful for the mechanization of labo r-intensive processes in certain areas of large agricultural companies. Comes with a few rubber wheels and four cutters.

For a short time, this model series managed to obtain several modifications. This is mainly due to the engine, it has become more powerful. Improvements also concerned the control system. Metal poles were replaced by cables. A weak point in the gearbox has been removed. All of these changes have fully affected the MB-1D3 published in 2010.

In addition to the model above, there are previous changes in implementation, and even on the official website, the information is sometimes contradictory and contain a number of inaccuracies. In this context, when choosing a model, you should read the attached technical documentation, which is created at the highest level, carefully to make the right choice.

Technical properties of Motoblock MB-1D3

The han d-led tractor is similar to most devices in this class. It is made on a metal frame so that it is possible to hang removable devices. At the same time, his own dry weight does not exceed 100 kg. Total dimensions 1500x600x1050. Floor clearance 140 mm. Transport track adjustable 310, 570 mm.

Train force 100 kgf. Can move in 2nd gear at a speed of 9 km / h. In the first gear – 3.6 km / h. The Wenderadius is 1.1 m, the width of the treated surface is no more than 1200 mm. Plow depth up to 320 mm.

Motoblock engine

This model is equipped with an engine from its own production KADVI DM-1M1 8-strong engine from local production. It is an average of 8 kg heavier than its counterparts made abroad, but at the same time the torque is higher and among the analogues that are presented in this series of OKA engine blocks, it is the strongest.

A few words about the structure and functional principle.

Cut or not cut? That is the question!


The engine is a four-stroke single-cylinder engine, air-cooled, the service life is 5 years. According to consumer characteristics, it belongs to inexpensive economical engines. In the course of production and operation, it underwent a number of modifications, previously it had a 6.5 hp engine, which put it at a disadvantage compared to domestic competitors.

The engine is equipped with a float carburetor. Plastic filters used in the carburetor make it easier to start the engine and provide throttle response and economy. A box-type muffler was developed for this engine model, which made it possible to reduce engine noise by a third. The use of connecting rod bearings of a new type made it possible to increase the engine resource by three times.

It should be noted that the ignition system is designed to make it easier to start the engine, regardless of climatic conditions. The documentation attached to the two-wheel tractor contains a number of recommendations for the operation of the engine. Not unimportant is the fact that the engine runs on fuels from AI76 to AI93.

Factory tests have shown that the engines of this model, when properly operated, can run 2000 hours without major repairs.

Motoblock reducer

Two-speed chain reduction gear with reverse at both speeds. The advantages include the ease of maintenance and reliability of gearboxes of this type, as well as the availability of spare parts in stock. Reducers of this type can be easily modified if necessary. The weak point of this type of gearboxes are needle bearings, but on models made after 2000 this is already history.

After purchase, the device is ready for operation, the gear is filled with gear oil. It should be remembered that the first 30 hours of operation of the purchased walking tractor is a running-in period. Therefore, in order to avoid failure of the device, you should not give maximum loads.

Regarding the gearbox, it is worth mentioning that with proper care it will work for up to 3500 hours without major repairs.



Performs the function of a torque transmission mechanism from the engine to the gearbox. Like many foreign and domestic counterparts, the clutch on this model is a V-belt. This is primarily due to the operational reliability of these aggregates in order to avoid damage to the transmission and/or engine. In addition, the use of this type of clutch reduces the cost and efficiency of repairing problems that arise with the clutch. To extend the life of the drive belts, the machine must be warmed up before starting active work.


Brief overview of the OKA models

Below is a table of modifications and characteristics of the engines used in them.

Next, consider attachments, which can be divided into several groups.

Attachments on the two-wheel tractor

Unfortunately, on the manufacturer’s website there are many inaccuracies in the description of both walk-behind tractors and attachments, the site is clearly not being developed. To clarify the relevance of this or that information presented on the site, you can contact the manager. When writing the article, a lot of information was taken from the websites of companies involved in the sale of these devices.

Spider mite on tomatoes

Attachments can be divided into several groups.

Active – equipment driven by a transmission pulley:

  • cultivator blade (included);
  • Cleats – to improve traction with the ground;
  • rubber wheels;
  • wheel weights.

Active equipment with V-belt clutch drive:

  • Mower;
  • snow removal;
  • The brush is active;
  • potat o-resident;
  • crusher of root crops;
  • branch of branches;
  • Pumps water.

Passive gear:

  • harrow and plow;
  • cigarettes;
  • Potat o-Capt.;
  • transport trolley;
  • engine block bucket.

Operation and reviews of tractor owners of walk behavior

Given the experience and a number of improvements, OKA MB-1D3 is a mining machine with low mechanization. The range of its application was described above, but separately I wanted to deal with the direct operation of the mechanism.

The purchased motoblock must be inspected before assembly. Make sure that all parts specified in the passport are available. Make sure that the guarantee coupon is correct. If everything is in order and using a detailed scheme, collect the device.

Before the first start, it is worth making sure that there is transmission and engine oil. It is recommended to replace the engine oil after the first 5 hours of operation. In the future, not so often, every 25 to 30 hours. Transmission oil replacement is performed every 100 hours of operation. Total overhauled 80 oil changes in the engine of 1000 l of gasoline. Transmission oil overhauled for the 35-speed transmission.

In one of the reviews about the walk-in tractor, the owner said that he used the old MB-1 series, which was produced at the Kaluga plant in the eighties. The body kit stayed with him. He took a modernized version of MB-1D3 and noticed that the new model has a modified gearbox, namely (replacing needle bearings with bearings according to GOST8338-75-bearing 306). I am pleasantly satisfied with the completion of the control system, now some operations can be performed without turning the walk behavior tractor itself, which was impossible on old models. Regarding the engine, a decrease in noise was noted.

A review was left in the online store where spare parts were stocked. The buyer expressed his thanks for the sale of the gearbox and was pleased with the fact that the new design gearboxes are now being sold.

In addition to positive reviews, you can often read or hear about the “cons” of the wedge head drive – belts are often torn. This is usually due to ignoring operational regulations.

One of the negative reviews was the review left about the transition plate on the imported engine. A video was applied to the recall showing the plate being torn in several places. You can supplement the above with the fact that a video was published showing an imported motor with high vibration.

A video was released detailing a number of refinements related to minor assembly imperfections such as thin wings, thick fenders and a delay when shifting into reverse.

Often there are improvements related to the weight of the unit to perform different operations. The video can be very useful to transfer the rear traction, or rather to transfer it under the right hand.

Motoblock MTZ: Overview of trendy and oriented equipment

One of the videos shows the use of a segment mowing from the Saluta Walk behavior tractor. The mower is remarkably suitable for all modifications of the eye.

Reviews are extremely positive, but, as always, consumables – candle belts, rare cracks in grinders. Basically, users are talking about processing areas up to 20 acres (no more), about haymaking and cleaning in animal rooms.

Several reviews of professionals, noting a dislike of decorative knots like wings, but wearing a resistant grinding of grinding reliability, with extreme cultivation of virgin lands and clogging with the construction of land garbage.

It was a few tips to take Kadwogra which is a technology receiver of OKA series. In response, negative reviews were received about an expensive body kit and, oddly enough, about hard adhesion.

As for the model with the control system in wires, it is noted that in some regions of Russia a problem can be obtained by replacing wires. Also, a throttle cable requires constant lubrication.

One of the reviews gives a recipe for eliminating the “stalls of the engine” problem. The description of the situation is this. After overheating, in hot weather, bricks were transported a long distance, the engine was systematically overheated, closing the oil sickness rings. The episode where the fuel filter was “thrown” with oil, the engine stalled after starting. They have the bay removed by the user through a hole for a kerosene dungeon and withstand within 12 hours.



The Kadwi Oka motor block series in general looks like a workhorse that is not without character. It occupies a strong segment of inexpensive multifunctional units for everyday use. A wide range of consumables and the ability to fill the unit makes it come true. On the Internet you can find a sufficient number of videos with different body kit, as well as with different angles and execution.

The owners of these motoblocks are in every way modernizing the existing units, which speaks not only about the ingenuity of our employees, but also that the designer still does not want to work on the consumer properties of the units. Somewhere something is unscrewed, loosened, disappears, cracks. At the same time, the inexpensive and exceptional working characteristics are faced with a difficult choice, often in favor of this series of motoblocks. Kadwi is engaged in the production and development of other models of motoblock, but the Oka line is the most popular.

Motoblock Kadwi Oka: review of popular models with technical characteristics and options for attachments


Motobobloks “Kadvy Oka” are designed to solve a wide range of agricultural, transportation and communal problems.

The equipment is actively used for personal actions, farms, in city organizations for snow drains, garbage and feathered sidewalks and lawns.

These are Russian universal machines that managed to gain popularity with their functionality and high performance.

The article will tell you what owns the motoblocks of the eye, whether the attachments can be used, which models above are best.

Motobobes of the eye

The first model of the walk-on tractor (MB-1) developed and released in 1991 OJSC “Kadwa”. The enterprise is located in the city of Kaluga and is now called PJSC “Kadwi”.

Motoblock Salute 5p 5.0 Robin Subaru EY-20. Review, Features

The manufacturer continues to be a leader in the Russian market, offering only high and reliable garden tools. He doesn’t stop there but keeps improving the cars.

The technique can be used for:

  • to plow land;
  • transportation of soil, household and construction waste;
  • Transportation of fertilizers and pesticides;
  • Clear the site from snow;
  • Harvest.

If you equip the device with hinge devices, the list of solved tasks will increase. The manufacturer also took care of the price of equipment, so that it was available to every gardener, farmer.


Top 7 rating of the best models

location Surname Price
Top 7 best motblocks of the eye
1 Kadvy Oka MB-1D1M10 25 000₽
2 Kadvy Oka MB-1D2M16 39 000₽
3 Kadvy Oka MB-1D1M7 43 000₽
4 Kadvy Oka MB-1D2M17 47 000₽
5 Kadvy Oka MB-1D2M14 40,000 ₽
6 Kadvy Oka MB-11M15 38,000 ₽
7 Kadvy Oka MB-11M11 25 000₽

The best motif for the eye

Kadvy Oka MB-1D1M10


A simple model that works on gasoline and is equipped with a power shaft. With this element you can install additional tools, but only this brand.

The tractor of the walk behavior is designed in such a way that it works on large country diagrams and in gardens of up to 60 acres.

Refers to the middle class.

It has characteristic features in the form of the presence of a progressive Lifan 168f-2A engine, 4 main speeds (2 forward with a maximum cover of 9 km per hour and 2).

Characteristics :

  • Plow width 72-113 cm;
  • Diameter of the grinding cutter – 36 cm;
  • Engine power – 6, 50 liters. With.;
  • Type of gears – mechanical, clutch – belt, drive – chain;
  • There is a reverse gear, a 3, 6 liter fuel tank;
  • Noise level – 92 dB;
  • Dimensions – 147x58x100 cm;
  • Weight – 100 kg.


  • Low noise of the engine during operation;
  • Motor reliability;
  • You can choose the required speed to solve a specific problem.
  • Solidity and dimensions cannot be felt while operating the equipment;
  • Minimum rotary radius;
  • does not require regular service.

Defects :

  • low quality of the drive belt;
  • There are vibrations on heavy soils.

Kadvy Oka MB-1D2M16


The model is equipped with the Chinese motor life LF270F-2 with a capacity of 9, 0 l. With . It has 2 front (9 km per hour) and 2 rear speeds, power selection wave.

The chain gear works with two speeds, requires up to 2 liters of gear oils.

The handle is easy to adjust for the growth of the owner.

Characteristics :

  • Diameter of the grinding cutter – 36 cm;
  • The engine type is gasoline, four stroke with 1 cylinder, with a volume of 270 cubic meters. cm;
  • There is a reverse belt coupling;
  • The volume of the fuel tank is 3, 7 liters.


  • Equipment with pneumatic bikes with a unique profile that represents a smooth movement on every earth;
  • 4 mills for loosening are delivered in the kit, but you can increase your number on request.
  • Performance is sufficient to process up to 50 hectares of soil.
  • Adjustable voucher.

Defects :

Kadvy Oka MB-1D1M7


A gasoline model with a mechanical gear, belt coupling, chain gear, power selection shaft and backward.

Review of Benzoko's shtil FS131 with a 4 mix engine. Technical characteristics, video and reviews

Equipped with the modern and high performance engine Briggs and Stratton Intek.

It enables the hiking loss tractor in any weather, regardless of the surrounding temperature.

Characteristics :

  • Diameter of the grinding cutter – 36 cm;
  • The engine type is four deletions with 1 cylinder with an output of 6, 53 liters. With.;
  • Max. The speed of movement forward is 9 km/h;
  • There are 2 front and 2 rear wheel;
  • Noise level – 92 db.


  • Fast soil processing;
  • the ability to improve the model using attachments;
  • the highest quality and reliability of the engine;
  • Resistance to negative effects;
  • A worthy price.


Kadvy Oka MB-1D2M17


The petrol engine block is equipped with all the necessary structural elements. The main feature is the presence of an advanced Lifean 177f engine with a capacity of 9 liters. With.

Thanks to the engine, the technology receives endurance, productivity and durability.

Characteristics :

  • Diameter of the grinding cutter – 36 cm;
  • There is a power shaft, an electric starter, a chain drive and backwards.
  • 4-stroke engine with 1 cylinder;
  • The volume of the fuel tank is 3, 7 l;
  • 2 front and 2 rear gears.


  • smooth start and movement;
  • a small radius of a curve;
  • powerful pneumatic bikes;
  • Fast plowing of the necessary territory;
  • Operational safety;
  • Does not require constant repairs.

Defects :

Kadvy Oka MB-1D2M14


Powerful petrol model of the middle class. Equipped with a powerful Subaru-Robin EX-21 engine. Has 3 main courses at max. Speed ​​9 km/h.

The equipment is suitable for processing large areas – 100 hectares and more.

Characteristics :

  • Motor type – 4-stroke, with 1 cylinder, 7 hp. With.;
  • Cup – straps, gear – chain, there is a reverse gear;
  • Air bicycles with a unique profile;
  • Dimensions – 150 x 60 x 105 cm;
  • Weight – 94 kg.


  • good maneuverability with minimal Wenderadius;
  • Excellent maneuverability, productivity;
  • High quality of the structural elements that do not require any additional interventions from craftsmen;
  • the possibility of equipping attachments;
  • attractive price.

Defects :

Kadvy Oka MB-11M15


A simple gasoline model that is equipped with a strap wave with a strap connection. It has 4 speeds, 2 of them forward and 2 reverse gears.

Max. The speed is 9 km/h.

Suitable for processing small garden parcels and vegetable gardens of 70 hectares.

Characteristics :

  • Cultivation width – 113 cm;
  • Diameter of the grinding cutter – 36 cm;
  • Motor type – fou r-stroke with 1 cylinder, 196 ccm. cm, with a capacity of 6.50 liters. With.;
  • There is a chain reducer and a reverse gear;
  • Noise level – 92 dB;
  • Tank volume for fuel – 3.6 l;
  • Dimensions – 147x58x100 cm;
  • Weight – 100 kg.


  • Wide air bikes with excellent of f-road capacity, endurance;
  • the ability to use additional tools to improve the properties of the equipment;
  • Comfortable operation – controls are on the handle;
  • Simple and quick plowing of the country;
  • affordable price according to quality.


Kadvy Oka MB-11M11


Petrol model with manual transmission, 4 main courses, PTO. Equipped with a powerful engine from the Briggs and Stratton Vanguard 6.0HP series.

The han d-led tractor is not afraid of intensive stress, negative effects, sudden temperature changes and weather conditions.

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