Motoblocks Oka: owner reviews, video reviews of models, specifications

Modifications and characteristics of Oka walk-behind tractors

“Oka”, one of the most popular models of OJSC “Kaluga Engine”. It is a heavy motorized machine for processing absolutely all types of soil, both virgin and previously cultivated. There are eight modifications in the Oka Motoblock line. Later in the review we will take a closer look at each of them.

Engine block MB-1D1M10


This is currently one of the most popular models, which has received a lot of positive reviews. MB-1D1M10 is equipped with Lifan engine (Lifan 168F-2A) made in China. The engine power is 6.5 hp, the tank capacity is 3.6 liters. This model has a metal fuel tank. The weight of the unit is 90 kg.

In a feature article on our site dedicated to MB-1D1M10, all the advantages of this modification are revealed in detail. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with this material in more detail by clicking on the link to the article Motoblocks Oka MB-1D1M10. Overview, features, instruction manual.

Advantages of MB-1D1M10:

  • high power and performance;
  • strong traction;
  • adjustable transport track;
  • chain reducer;
  • Factory warranty for 18 months.


  • great weight;
  • some difficulties when working with cutters (you need to get used to how the walk-behind tractor rides on the ground).

Engine block MB-1D2M13

Model MB-11M13

This model is characterized by a high-quality engine and its performance. An American Robin Subaru EX-17 engine with a capacity of 6 hp is installed in the MB-1D2M13 modification. This technique can be used to cultivate land of any density with attachments.

Advantages of MB-1D2M13:

  • powerful, reliable motor from the USA;
  • the ability to develop speeds of up to 9 km / h in second gear;
  • great traction;
  • reliability, durability;
  • 24 months factory warranty.


  • significant weight (90 kg);
  • The costs are above average.

Engine block MB-1D2M9

Motoblock MB-1D2M9

Another twist on the classic MB1. This modification is equipped with a Japanese-made Honda engine (HONDA GX200). The fuel tank is made of metal. The engine power is 6.5 hp.

Benefits of a walk behind tractor:

  • the ability to drive in second gear at a speed of 9 km / h;
  • reliable engine from a foreign manufacturer;
  • high build quality;
  • work with heavy soils;
  • chain reducer;
  • 18 months guarantee.


  • When you start using it, you have to get used to the heavy weight of the walk behind tractor.
  • not cheap.

Engine block MB-1D2M14

Motoblock MB-1D2M14

A popular model with a powerful engine Robin Subaru EX-21 (7 hp). Due to the high engine power, the walk-behind tractor is often used by farmers for transporting goods and even for trips in the holiday village. Like the previous modification, it can develop speeds of up to 9 km / h in second gear. In first gear, the speed reaches 3.6 km / h – at this speed you can work with cultivators. Manufacturer’s warranty – 24 months.

Besides the obvious pluses, only the massiveness of the walk-behind tractor and a rather high price can be called minuses.

Motor blocks MB-1D2M16 and MB-1D2M17

With the exception of the motorart, these models are almost identical. Lifan 177f (China) is installed on the M16 on the M17 – Lifan 177fD with an electric start. The weight of both models is 94 kg – even larger than the previous modifications. The power of the engines is the same and is 9 hp. A guarantee for both units – 18 months.

Myths about gardening.

Motoblock Oka MB-1D2M17 with Lifan engine

Motoblock Oka MB-1D1M6 with Mitsubishi engine

Motoblock MB-1D2M18

Another change in connection with new ones. It comes with the Robin Subaru Ex 27 Premium engine with 9.0 hp. The weight of the tractor of walking is 90 kg, works in two gear (one front, one behind). The guarantee period is 24 months.

Motoblock MB-1D2M18

Motoblock MB-11M19

The device is a little less power than its predecessors. Equipped with the Chinese motor life (Lifan 170f) for 7 hp. Weight 94 kg, the number of Gears-2. Each model in the MB-1 modification line can work in combination with the steered devices of different types and with excluded units, e.g. B. cart, trailer, adapter.

Motoblock MB-11M19

The most popular types of fastening devices for the entire line of the OKA Motoblods are: plow, hip, potato graves, cerebellum, snowman, braid.

Brand and manufacturer

The manufacturer of the MB-1 series engine blocks is the Kaluga company of the Kaluga engine OJSC in the Russian city of Kaluga in UL. Moskovskaya, 247. According to the manufacturer, there is also a service center in which maintenance and repair of motor blocks is carried out.

The service center network is very wide. The full list of addresses can be clarified by contacting the contact phone of the factory service.

The history of Kadwi’s appearance was created in 1966 – at that time a Kalug a-experienced motorized car was created. The Kadvy plant currently produces technical devices, not only motor vehicles, but also spare parts for large devices, parts and components of heavy industrial devices. The car columns produced by Kaluga are not only known in Russia, but also in the neighbors abroad, for example in Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus.

Distinguishing features of all motoblock combined by the Kadvy brand are reliability, high quality, stability, durability and the possibility of widespread use in agriculture and agriculture. The appendix for “Oka” is also suitable for “Ugra” motor blocks, some products can also be connected to cars from other manufacturers – Ukrainian, Belarusian, etc.

Overview of the Hiller and plows for the on e-axle tractor MTZ

Comparison of the motoblocks “Oka” and “Hoper”

Domestic units, including OKA, have just rightly deserved commercial characteristics. However, are they so good compared to foreign analogues?

For example, compared to the Hoper Motorn note produced in China and the Chinese factory copy of the OKA or other similar devices.

It should not be noted that even the appearance of these two motlock models is similar: the red case, approximately the same arrangement of the control handles, large wheels and of course weight.

Motoblock Hoper 900 MQ Motoblok MB-11M19

The plus of “hope”:

  • The width of the processed track can be set.
  • Good on solid soils and even frozen soil;
  • In addition to “Oka” it works with different attachments;
  • The mass is smaller than that of the OKA – 75 kg or more, while the weight of the MB1 modifications is an average of 90 or more kg;
  • Develops a good speed for the transport of goods (a maximum of 7 km / h);
  • “Hopens” are equipped with the same engines – an elevator, Honda, etc.;
  • 3 operating speeds;
  • Belt coupling, easy to wait.

Disadvantages of Khoper compared to OKA:

  • Higher costs (for comparison: MB1 can be bought on average for 30,000 rubles, while the average price of KHOPER is 33,000 rubles or more depending on the modification);
  • lower maximum movement speed;
  • Shorter inlet time (10-12 hours Khoper, 20 hours OKA).

Obviously, “Hoper” can actually be an alternative when choosing a han d-led tractor. Depending on the execution of certain tasks on the construction site, you can stop on the experience and feedback from other farmers with every modification of the OKA or pick up another han d-led tractor.

Comparison of the han d-led tractors “Oka” and “Ugra”

Motoblock Ugra NMB-1N1

Motoblocks “Ugra” are no less in demand and popular than “Oka”. In view of the fact that you have the same manufacturer, it is appropriate to find out what the fundamental difference between OKA and UGRA is.

Main knot Motoblock Oka Motoblock JUGRA
coupling V-belt transmission Disc clutch
Reducer Chain gear
Tap The load is removed from the pulley of the motor axis 2 wedge waves
Shipping weight, kg 87 61
transmission Mechanical 2 speeds (forward/backwards) 3 speeds forward, 1 – backwards
engine Motors of the same type from the world’s leading manufacturers Honda, Subaru, Lifan etc.

The manufacturer himself emphasizes such special features of “Ugra” compared to other model series:

  • Gearbox and reduction gears;
  • Cup material – ceramic slices with high reliability;
  • There are no drive vexions (which means that maintenance is simplified);
  • Vibration protection of the steering column;
  • Consistent of all UGRA motor blocks with European security standards;
  • the function of the “immediate stop” of the han d-led tractor;
  • In contrast to “Oka”, “UGRA” can carry out actions with additional equipment such as circular saws, drills, feedbreaker, pump;
  • Nine modifications enable you to choose exactly the model required for your site.
Motoblocks Lynx - Reviews of Models, Description, Reviews The Owner

Video reviews

Motoblock Oka with a plow

Motoblock Oka MB-1D2M13 with Subaru EX17 Premium engine

Motoblock Oka. Plow


Sergej, Kirow:

“I have been running my Oka for the eighth year, when I bought I paid 28,000 rubles for it, now it costs more, of course. I go directly to the engine and compare the Subaru Robin EX17D. The neighbor “Cascade” eats twice as much petrol as my Robin Subaru. I fill in 92 petrol, shell oil, it starts perfectly, even in cold weather. In the time when I have a han d-led tractor, I work on 40 hectares every year, with a cart we drive 20 km. It cannot be compared to the cascade because it drives more slowly and louder. With my Oka I only changed the straps once in forward gear because the belt dragged the limiter by false.

Anton, Susdal:

“First I used Ugra for three years, then I switched to Oka, I will explain why. On the UGRA I had to change the spark plug, change the oil completely and also tighten all nuts and screws with a new one. Only then did you have the feeling that the han d-led tractor worked. In 2013 I bought an Oka with a Honda engine. Of course there are stronger ones, but overall I am satisfied. There were no complaints about the engine for 4 years. I didn’t change straps. I bought a plow and a small cart, now we do not wear potatoes from the garden in our hands, but on a han d-led tractor. To be honest, I can’t imagine how the construction site was processed manually earlier: Now every work on the floor is joy with a singl e-axle tractor. ”

Motoblock Oka M B-1MM10 – Reviews

Review of Motoblock Oka MB-1MM10

Hello, reader of an echo! Many, especially those who live in rural areas, are now a hot time for the harvest. My family is no exception. We take the work in the garden as an appropriate fee for.

Good domestic apparatus.

Hello, dear reader! I recently started often, sentences like “How good it is to live in the village – everything is my own, everything is fresh, from my garden and without chemistry.” Especially when she became a mother and started.

Just great

I would like to share the experience of having an eye with the Lifan 6.5 l. With. An acquaintance known in captivity with this technology has been taking place for a long time. The engine block was bought in 2004 (I could be confused for a year). Motoblock went into the factory.

Snowman - which one to choose?

Great motlock and cultivator

An indispensable assistant in the country and in the garden. The main features: assembly Russia, the weight of the 94 kg device, the fou r-strok e-Lifan 6.5 hp engine, 2 gear forwards and 1 back, 92 petrol. The kit contains two wheels.

Motoblock Oko MB-1D1M indispensable assistant

The only negative found are belt. I think this problem of all motlocks, because in the spring period in shops they cannot be found

I looked around my grandfather in childhood, who had a walk tractor. He planted potatoes, hunted with him. And the work volume was very big (maybe at that time I had a children’s look at that time.


When I bought, I underestimated this tractor for walks. But when spring came, all neighbors already envied me. And not for nothing. The unit has many advantages. Functional. All types of equipment can be hung on the hiking loss tractor, whether it is a plow, a potato interrupt, a snow removal knife or a knife from the snow.

Great assistant in agriculture

Nice day. A year ago, my grandfather and grandfather had the first engine in our family. I write an engine because an engine block is not only used in the garden, but that the same thing is true, but that’s all.

serves loyalty and true

Hi. I would like to share my observations for using the Motobobok “Oka” MB-1MM10. I bought it ten years ago and took a new one out of the shop and with all the adhesive equipment. The motorcycle block has helped me for more than one season.

Good Russian equipment with a Chinese engine.

Hello, dear reader of the website “Ozzovik”. After plowing two gardens, it is time to write an assessment of my next acquisition. This is an eye of OKA MB-1MM10. You can do it in the Russian factory in Kaluga. The hiking loss tractor is difficult. Weighs 90 kilograms.


This is my first motoblock and I have nothing to compare, I selected it for reviews. He collected, flooded the oil, started on the first attempt. And went to the run. It is immediately clear that the technology is Russian. After an hour of operation.

The quality has fallen!

Dear Kadwi worker! Hello to your engineers, OTO and collectors! What would the hands suck for such a job? The sealant is practically not on the seam, the film crawled, you can say it there. Screws added to the circumference.

Overview of potato rolls and potato leafers for MTZ engine blocks

Hardworking worker

I inherited this unit from my father and myself as the agricultural engineer of the agricultural sector, whose main profile with the tractors first treated this apparatus very much. He stood with me somewhere for a few years.

Our house coat

This thing, we have had a walk tractor for a long time without it, reliable as it, you can put many units on it and plow and snails and snails and clean, it is really a very reliable assistant in.

Real working horse

I bought this device in 2013 when I was fed up with pulling a foo t-powered Hiller with two human powers (I pull, my father drives)). other.

The engine really works.

Cheap gearbox group, roles and straps are not aligned, constant reverse strap fractures. Big game of the belt slices and pressure rolls, bearings are centered with a conical disc. The printing roll consists of two thi n-walled point welded wrappets between them.

Great technology!

Sooner or later everyone will sorry to work with the shovel. And in our time we have little wages we have to do more and more agriculture. And at this stage, the question arises of buying an iron assistant. The selection in the shops is now large, of cheap.

Simple reliable unit

The on e-axis tractor was purchased to replace a very old on e-axle tractor from Cascade, which he plowed for more than 20 years and completely exhausted his resources. The choice fell on the OKA because in the design it is very similar to the old singl e-axle tractor, which I liked very much.

Good unit.

I have had it for 3 years. I only use it for personal use. There were no serious problems. Sometimes the belts come loose. I also advise you to build shields on the sides, there will be less dust. Very economical engine. The material of the milling cutters has the necessary hardness, such as bricks

Classic belt motor block, easy to use.

MB OKA was recently completed. The backward lever was moved to the engine. Reverse got better and softer to work. The attachment is suitable for all han d-led tractors of the OKA UGRA avan t-garde. You need more drive belts

Usually, inconspicuous

The oil sensor that parked the engine in the mountains. Due to the heavy body and the light motor, the han d-led tractor stops.

The summer of 2022 is connected to me. Very stubborn despite our careless attitude, our exploitation. We went fishing on it, the way there was not the best even in dry weather.

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