Motoblocks Neva MB 23. Owner’s review and ratings on Subaru and Honda engines

Motoblock Neva MB-23C Pro 9.0 hp With the Subaru EX27 engine

Neva MB-23C Pro is a Russian-made engine block and belongs to a heavy class. It is a powerful and productive device, suitable for work in different climatic zones. High strength and an improved design will provide years of reliable work. Motoblock is in high demand in the new and maintained market and has also established itself well in the CIS countries, including Russia.

General information, purposes and design features

The motoblock of the same name has several modifications. In our case, we will talk about a configuration available with two power plants to choose from – from Subaru and Honda. Both modifications almost do not differ in power and characteristics.

The Walk behavior’s tractor has a default layout scheme. Among the integral parts of the machine’s design, we pay attention to the mechanical transmission in the aluminum case. Transmission oil filled, transmission type. Its components have lubrication systems by spraying oil. Plain bearings or ball bearings are used to rotate the gears.

In any modification, the motblock is equipped with a three-story box with two front and one rear speed. The number of transmissions can be doubled (as a result, six speeds will fail) if you rearrange the drive belt on the driven and leading pulley.

As for the clutch, its design includes a stretch video, a wedge belt, a control lever (on the steering wheel). The force on the lever is controlled by a special video that creates the drive belt tension at a specific level.


Consider the standard equipment of the Neva Neva MB 23c Pro 9.0:

  • Pneumatic wheels are necessary to move the engine block off-road. Use them along with additional devices installed on the wheels themselves
  • Mills – With the minimum set of mill cuts you can connect the principle of attachments
  • Coupling – A means of connecting a trailer and other additional options
  • The limiter is designed to adjust the cultivation depth for a specific value. This option is mounted in the rear of the Walk behavior’s tractor, and its location depends on the height of the treated soil.

As you can see, also with a standard set of NEVA MB-23C Pro 9.0, a fully functional unit. However, the capabilities of the machine can be expanded even more, and for this you need to buy various options. However, true professionals and masters of their craft do.

Equipment not assembled

We draw your attention to the fact that each option has its own purpose, and therefore may vary depending on the complexity of the structure. Consider the most common options for NEVA MB-23C Pro 9.0:

  • The plow – provides lean and high-quality cultivation of the soil, retaining its fertile properties and microorganisms. The device even allows heavy soil, down to virgin soil. Unlike the cultivator, with the help of a walk-behaviour tractor, it is impossible to increase soil density.
  • Frases are the most popular equipment that is indispensable when working with large areas and various tasks. In addition to basic works, additional mills significantly increase the capabilities of the motorcycle block due to the installation. With users you can also set the width and other soil processing parameters. The depth of processing depends on the diameter of the milling, which means that you can work with small areas as well as with flower beds and with large beds. The manufacturer does not recommend using cultivation mills in areas with a large number of weeds. Otherwise you can provoke your accelerated growth.
  • Potato cake is a very common element in Russian business people. You can dig root plants and other vegetable plants. Its action principle is simple: the device dug the floor with potatoes and lifts, then the earth crumbles and the potatoes remain.
  • Potato – a means of planting potatoes in the ground that must be carefully processed before it. In addition, with the help of potato residents, you can close the floor or form a floor comb. Planting tubers with this equipment was a very simple task. In addition, the option can be configured between the planted tubers depending on the distance.
  • A mower is a rotating and knife type. It is recommended to use a rotary mower – it is more productive, but less canoeed. The knife mower is used to mow grass and shrubs.
  • With the magician – it enables you to sow different plants, including cabbage and beets. You can also cut the furrows and hill roots.
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In addition to the devices mentioned above, NEVA MB-23C Pro 9.0 can be equipped with floor hooks, a transport body, a weight agent, a shovel offline and frontal racks. These options can be combined with a rotary mower, a brush, a water pump and a snowman. We set the fact that the attachments for this walk behavio r-tract are recommended by such manufacturers: “Tool Academy”, “Kadwil”, “Mobile K”.


Before the full use of NEVA MB-23C Pro 9.0, like any other tractor of the running hour, is exposed to a run-in that lasts 15-20 hours. This procedure is mainly to check the performance of the main elements of the engine. During the run, the mass of the transported freight should not exceed 200 kg. In general, the maximum load on the tractor of the walk behavior in this case is up to 50% of the maximum value specified in the user manual.

During the run it is recommended to cultivate with four mills. Also, do not forget that it is forbidden to overload the tractor of the hood, especially in the processing of rocky and other heavy types of soils.

In addition, it is necessary to check the oil and benzine level regularly and add the liquid if necessary. The manufacturer recommends filling the TEP-15 oil, which is available for temperatures of 5 to +35 degrees and TM-5 (minus) 25 to 5 degrees. The capacity of the oil tank is 2.2 liters.

After you have checked the technical condition and replaced the ongoing consumables, this is considered to be completed. The next day you can continue with the full operation of the product.

Properties and engine

Consider the work properties of the walk-in tractors’ processing depth reaches 300 mm, the processing width is within 600-1200 mm. The base kit contains four tailors with 3600 mm each. The mass of the entire structure (Walk loss tractor) is 105 kg. The NEVA M B-23C Pro 9.0 Motoblock was equipped with only American engines in the pr e-stable and after the update they were replaced by Japanese units from Subaru and Honda. They are perfectly combined with a home gear. It is also worth mentioning, the excellent processing quality of all important nodes. All details are adapted to the Russian conditions. The maximum floor processing area for which the wal k-in tractor is designed is within 50 to 100 hectares.

Motor parameter EX27 9.0 Robin Subaru:

The work volume is 0.2 liters, the number of cylinders – 1, electricity – 9 hp. The engine is 4 tact with air cooling. There is support for the fuel AI-92 and AI-95.

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Motor parameter GX270 9.0 Honda:

The work volume is 0.3 liters, performance – 9 forces, torque – 195 N/M, the number of cylinders – 1. The engine is four stroke with air cooling. Supports gasoline from the AI ​​92 and AI 95 brands.

Fuel consumption

Both modifications spend the same performance and therefore almost do not differ in fuel consumption. On average, the tractor of Walk injuries consumes 1.8 liters per hour. The tank capacity is – 3.5 liters.

Prices in Russia

NEVA MB-23C Pro 9.0 is a popular tractor that successfully competes with foreign analogue, despite a fairly high price. The price of a new machine in the basic configuration is therefore in the range of 94-100 thousand rubles. On the secondary market, prices in the region range from 60 to 65 thousand rubles. Additional attachments increase the costs by 10-15,000 rubles.

The next analogue of the model considered include the UGRA NMB-1N15, Patriot Boston-9de and DDE V 900 II.

Review of NEVA MB-23 motor blocks with Subaru and Honda engines

Recommend: 67%


Motoblocks NEVA MB 23B-10.0

The NEVA Motoblock MB23B-10.0 is an agricultural unit that is intended for work on some basis, especially not processing. Belongs to devices for heavy loads.

The distinguishing features of this model are:

  • Hochpowerce transmission
  • the possibility of disturbing the wheels that make control easier;
  • 10.0 hp engine
  • High performance.


The design of the motoblock and the engine output is carried out by its technology, which can be used successfully for processing dense, heavy soil species and from virgin countries – previously not processed soil.

Type of the NEVA Motoboblock gear MB23B-10.0: gear cod, housing material aluminum. Thanks to the gearbox, the gearbox is possible to select a speed mode that is convenient for a certain type of agricultural work. Switching the gears on this model is carried out by transferring the belt to a tw o-chamber disc.

The maneuverability of the NEVA Motor note MB 23B-10.0 is very high. Such mobility is due to the separation of the bikes – if the left wheel is switched off, the motblock can be expanded. The device has a high performance, which is ensured by the presence of eight mills. The width of the country during work can reach 170 cm.

Professional purpose of the NEVA Motor note MB23B-10.0: Long-term work on soil processing, harvest from country in every season. When connecting a car or trailer, a tractor can be used for a walk as a vehicle and unit for cargo transport.

Available modification of the model: MB23B-10.0FS-A Walk-Hind-Hind tractor with an electric starter and headlight.


Brand of the engine Briggs & Stratton (USA)
engine I/C 10.0
Performance, PS (KW) 10.0 (7.4)
Weight (KG 105
Number of gears (2+1) X2
Fuel Pure petrol AI – 92, AI – 95
transmission Oi l-filled gear chain failure gear in the aluminum housing
Feature width, cm 86-170
Number of wave turns 23-42 (1st gear) 89-160 (2nd gear)
Processing depth, cm 20

Motoblocks NEVA MB23 S-9.0 Pro

Motoblock “Neva” MB 23c-9.0PRO is a device that was developed for highly intensive agricultural work on soils of all kinds.

The main advantages of this model are:

  • high maneuverability;
  • the possibility to install 8 milling cutters (the minimum number of milling is 4);
  • Gear chain power transmission;
  • 9-hp engine, which works efficiently even at low temperatures (up t o-30 °).


Gearbox type of the NEVA Motoblock MB 23c-9.0 Pro: gear chain. The gear shift is carried out by fitting the strap on a strap disk with two grooves. Thanks to the function for coupling the wheels, the han d-led tractor has a high maneuverability. For example, turning a han d-led tractor can be achieved with a minimal amplitude by turning the left bike off. The handling is simple and does not require great physical exertion.

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8 cutting devices can be installed on the hand-led NEVA tractor MB 23C-9.0PRO. At least 4 knives must be installed. The higher the number of knives or the contact surface, the more stable the on e-axle tractor in operation.

The most important types of agricultural work that you can carry out with NEVA MB 23c-9.0 Pro: preparation of the soil for the cultivation of plants, harvesting, transportation of goods, cleaning of the territory.

Available modifications of the model:

  • MB23S-9.0 Pro-F-hand-led tractor with headlights;
  • MB23S-9.0 Pro-F is a hand-led tractor that is equipped with an electric starter and a headlight.


Brand of the engine Subaru (Japan)
engine EX27
Performance, PS (KW) 9.0 (6.6)
Weight (KG 105
Number of gears (2+1) X2
Fuel Pure petrol AI – 92, AI – 95
transmission Oi l-filled gear chain failure gear in the aluminum housing
Feature width, cm 86-170
Number of wave turns 23-42 (1st gear) 89-160 (2nd gear)
Processing depth, cm 20

Motoblocks NEVA MB23-N9.0 Pro

Motoblock “Neva” MB2 3-H9.0 Pro agricultural machinery, which are part of the class of heavy, powerful units that are intended for the processing of floors with a high clay content and for the processing of new territory.

The main advantages of this han d-led tractor model are the following:

  • 9.0 PS Briggs & Stratton petrol engine;
  • Gears with high torque;
  • Fast and easy turning of the machine;
  • The maximum width of the floor lane during processing.


The engine of the NEVA Motoblock MB23-H9.0 Pro has a high performance. It is characterized by a quick start and reduced oil consumption. These technical parameters enable the han d-led tractor not to change the work intensity for a long time and ensure an even result in processing even the most difficult soils.

Gearbox of the NEVA single-axractor MB23-H9.0 Pro: gear chain, the gearbox is protected by an aluminum housing. With the two-stranded pulley, double the gear bandwidth, while the single-axle tractor initially provides 2 forward and 1 reverse gear. For different types of soil on the singl e-axle tractor, you can choose the desired speed.

With the function of wheel separation (separation of the left wheel), it allows you to turn the Walk-Fehind tractor to be treated directly onto the surface to be treated. The maximum width of the ground extension for NEVA MB23-H9.0 Pro is 170 cm. Such processing latitude is achieved by installing 8 grinders.

The main purpose of the NEVA engine block MB23-H9.0 Pro: cultivation of the soil of any type and level of processing (including virgin lands). By attaching devices, the device can perform the function of a mower, a hay collector. It is also possible to carry out cleaning work, cargo transport and irrigation.


Brand of the engine Honda (Japan)
engine GX270
Performance, PS (KW) 9.0 (6.6)
Weight (KG 105
Number of gears (2+1) X2
Working volume, CM3 243
Fuel Pure petrol AI – 92, AI – 95
transmission Oi l-filled gear chain failure gear in the aluminum housing
Feature width, cm 86-170
Number of wave turns 23-42 (1st gear) 89-160 (2nd gear)
Processing depth, cm 20

Equipment not assembled

Decrease Units for Neva Wal k-Abandoned Tracts

Togo Trailer (VRMZ) Trolley made of TPM Tart TSUAL TPM-M Taille Clotted contacted with APM adapter torodnaya trailer to adapter APM SME SMB “NEVA” bisrotor Schromes 1-knife engine block NNM nnm nnm nnm nm nmc nmc rotor krotor kp-0.5 ” Neva “wheels Kum 680 for Hilling Potato-Advent One-Rew discussion potato loader” Neva “load carrier Harrow BD 850 adapter APM

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Neva-Hing devices for engine blocks

Ground holding n for a tiller Ainer for a plow for a plow with a long potato tower from a Scharnel wheel, metal km for a plow wheel universal Kum 540 for hilling wheel universal Kum 540 with a long sleeve 16×6.50 motorcycle motblock general view “Neva” MB Compact set of the installation of the Zarya mower on the Neva Mb1 Mb1 Okhniki Disconnet Pie Bummer Hijacker Hingded Two-row pruning with hatched pushes-pushes ONDD STV NPD plow PNN-PUSHes

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Plow plug motoblock Neva MB-23

operation manual

First launch and game of NEVA MB-23 Motoboblock

The start of the walk-on tractor is carried out in the following order: after opening the petrol crane, the lever of the suction is installed in the “Start” position, the ignition is turned off, and then the manual starter is pumped 3-5 times, the ignition is turned on and the manual starter started.

First start and play MB-23

When the motorcycle block starts, the lever of the suction can be transferred to the working position. If the motoblock is equipped with an electric steamer, then the ignition can be turned on and “start” immediately, and the starter will pump gasoline into the carburetor. The take-off should only be carried out in a horizontal position.

The period of the engine block Neva MB 23, as well as modifications of NEVA MB 23C and MB 23N are considered the first 20 hours of their operation. During this period, the following rules must be observed:

  • Do not overload the motorcycle block;
  • Cultivation of the soil is carried out in several stages with 4 mills and in one pass, without leaving a depth of more than 10 cm;
  • Do not exceed the mass of transported cargo – you can transport no more than 200 kg.
  • Adjust the tension of the drive belt;
  • Check the oil level every day, make a valve if necessary.
  • Check and tighten the bolts and coupling of threaded connections.
  • Replace the oil after the first 20 working hours.

gear shift

To move, the engine must be converted into mode ½ maximum revolutions. Without switching off the clutch, the required gear should be switched on. A smooth clutch press leads to the tractor of walking, and it is possible to increase the engine speed and reach the desired speed of movement.

To change the gear, the engine block must be stopped. The clutch lever is published for this. Then you have to make sure that the gearbox stops turning and then changing the gear. Then you can resume the movement by pressing the clutch lever. In order to switch to the next gear, it is not necessary to make the equipment lever great effort – all manipulations must be carried out smoothly without jerking.

Maintenance and main misalignments MB-23

Drive strap, belt disk

In the course of the work of the walk tractor, there are sometimes problems with the work of wedg e-shaped transmission.

The work of the gearbox is carried out at the expense of a drive belt and two straps – wheels that drive past the movement of the drive belt.

One of the main misalignments according to the reviews of the owners of the NEVA MB23 and their modifications is an incomplete coupling. There can be several reasons for such a malfunction:

  • Belt voltage when the clutch is more than normal;
  • Belt voltage if the clutch is less than normal;
  • The layer of the belt occurred.
Hinges devices for engine blocks cascade

The method for removing excess or inadequate voltage is as follows: it is necessary to set the normal voltage of the belt when the clutch lever is pressed onto the middle part of the belt (5 kilograms).

If the belt is layered, the worn belt should be replaced by a new one.

If the functioning of the belt slices fails, it is necessary to adjust your setting. If the rotary axis does not match the axis of the subject, the belt slices are compensated for, the operation of the transmission is normalized.

Carburetor adjustment

It is advisable to maintain the factory adaptation during the entire operation of the walking engineer.

Caser adjustment sequence under operating conditions:

  • Immerse yourself for adjusting the full and small flass on the stop and then for 1.5 revolutions. Then start the engine for about 10 minutes.
  • Use the engine control lever for minimal curves while the engine cannot stop.
  • Set the minimum idle speed (with a stable engine);
  • The small gas screw sets the idle speed to the maximum value and then regulates the minimum idle speed.
  • The last two manipulations are repeated twice until the engine is stable and without errors.

After 100 hours of work of the walk tractor, you have to replace the oil in the gear.

Ignition, candles, spark

The reason for the ignition ceiling of the Motoblocks Neva MB23, MB23C, MB23N are common as follows:

  • Disorder of the ignition coil (magneto)
  • Violation of candles

The ignition on the walk is set as follows:

  • The engine swung wheel revolves to open the contacts in the Magneto.
  • The flywheel turns to compress the piston;
  • Checking the flywheel (before knocking – this is triggered by a total coupling);
  • Check the flywheel to the reverse brand (against clockwise)
  • The minimum distance between the shooting contact and the cam should be 0.25 mm and a maximum of 0.35 mm.
  • The fist is attached with a screw above.

The spark plugs flounder for such reasons:

  • oiled (it is necessary to remove the remaining oil);
  • Covered with soot (cleaning helps);
  • We failed (we need replacement, not cleaning).

Ideally, you have to change candles with every season change, i.e. at least twice a year (spring summer and autumn winter period).

If the engine does not start due to the lack of a spark, the reason can be either in the candle or in magneto. If the problem is the magneto (ignition system), it can help clean contacts and replace the capacitor and adapt the distance between the contacts. A faulty candle only has to be replaced. The reason for the lack of a spark may be that the fuel does not come from the carburetor (cleaning the fuel line and cleaning the candles before lubrication).

Reviews of owners about NEVA MB-23 Motblocks

With regard to the reviews of this model on the Internet, the forums have not seen any obvious criticism of this Walk behavior tractor, for the most part all reviews are positive.

You can also help other readers of our website with your reviews according to this model. If you are the owner of this model of a walk tractor, you can leave a rating about it or ask questions that you will be interested in in the interests below.

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