Motoblocks MTZ – how to choose? Evaluation ratings, characteristics and operating instructions

Motobes MTZ – technical characteristics, operating instructions, manufacturer

Motobes MTZ – technical characteristics, operating instructions, manufacturer

The lineup of MTZ motoblocks, the development and development of which was carried out at the Minsk Tractor Plant, is represented by the following models:

Engine power – 9 hp. Gear weight 176 kg.

Motor power 5 hp. Weight 135kg. Clutch disc gear transmission

Engine power – 5.5/11 hp. Gear weight 135-148 kg.

In 1978, work began on the company to implement small devices for personal ancillary plots. Soon the production of engine blocks MTZ-05, MTZ-06/12 began. The development of mass production of MTZ-05 occurred in 1990, as evidenced by information from the official website of the Minsk Tractor Plant. A logical continuation of this model was the release in 1992. Belarus-08n Motor Block/09n. The abbreviation of MTZ disappeared in the usual name. The reason for this change is the gradual translation of the Minsk light agricultural machinery factory into one of its branches of the Saz – the Smorgon Aggregat plant.

For 2015, the main models of Belarus-08n, 09n. Models with Japanese Honda engines are presented on the website of the manufacturer of the MTZ MotorBlocks. However, it is hinted that there are configurations with different engines from well-known companies, which gives customers confidence in the correctness of their choice.

The Minsk tractor plant gradually transfers the production of light agricultural machinery to its Saz branch – the Smorgon aggregate plant, apparently, the abbreviation of the MTZ gradually disappeared from the name.

Quality, reliability, price, post-war service and availability of spare parts, high technical and economic indicators, the reputation of the manufacturer are factors that contribute to the high popularity of these devices among consumers.

Qualitative execution, the use of a gearbox with a mechanical gearbox and a smooth multi-disc cloud that was constantly closed and working in an oil clutch confirms the professional affiliation of Belarus MTZ Motornels.

How is the soil mulched?

The manufacturer of the MTZ MTZ MTZ OJSC MTZ has proven the competitiveness of its products with a long representation in the markets of highly developed countries. Farmers of all countries of Belarus Motobobes are mainly attracted by their reliability in operation, ease of management, accessibility in maintenance and moderate prices.

The official website of the manufacturer of the engine blocks of the MTZ – (Minsk Tractor Plant OJSC)

Official website of the manufacturer of engine blocks Belarus 08 n-09 n-www.smorgo (OJSC Smorgon Aggregate Plant)

Technical characteristics of the engine blocks “Belarus” MTZ

Surname The device is measured. meaning
MTZ-05 MTZ-06 MTZ-12 Belarus-08n Belarus-09n
engine UD-15 SK-6 SK-12 GX240K1se Honda GX270SE Honda
perfomance KW (L.S.) 3.7 (5) 4.05 (5.5) 8.1 (11) 5.9 (8) 6.6 (9)
Rated crankshaft rotation frequency mi n-1 3000 3600
VOM rotation frequency (power selection shaft) mi n-1 1000 1200
Dimensions: Length Width Height мм 1800 850 1070 1800 860 1070 1885 850 1100 1780 846 1070
weight kg. 135 135 148 176 (mass in a broadcast condition from the facility)
track mm. 450,600,700
Soil mm. 300 295
The smallest Wenderadius with a track width of 450 mm, no longer м 1
operating temperatur ºС -10 to +30 -20 to +30
Towed overall weight of the trailer (on paved and unpaved roads) kg. 650
Driving speeds a) forward: 1-speed 2-speed 3-speed 4-speed c) Backward 1-speed 2-speed km/h

You can familiarize yourself with the properties of the MTZ Belarus engine blocks by downloading the operating instructions from our website:

Motoblocks MTZ – how to choose? Evaluation ratings, characteristics and operating instructions

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Our company “Motoblocks and other Agricultural Agrotechnics” is the largest in the world whose offices are located alongside Russia in the following countries: Germany, Poland, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, the United States (USA), Canada, Great Britain, Sweden, Belgium, Norway

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