Motoblocks motor. Overview, properties, attachments

Motoblock motor: reviews and specifications

Agricultural activity and private sector require modern conditions and aids. Otherwise, every soil treatment process is accompanied by the necessity that a person has to spend a lot of time and physical exertion.

Some modern landowners prefer cultivators to handle tractors, but they can only perform one task. Yes, and attachments in connection with them cannot be used. What can you not say about full y-fledged han d-led tractors, which you can set many tasks and which you can do without additional efforts because you can work with a han d-led tractor while you are comfortable on the seat.


Motoblock motor

Watch the gallery The most popular means of transportation in the village is the tractor today. However, their use is sometimes impossible, especially in small areas in which it is quite difficult to turn around without destroying the previously done work. Yes, and soil processing with a tractor is economically inefficient.

That is why today the most used singl e-axle tractor, which many manufacturers offered for sale. Among other things, motor should be emphasized. In order to select a specific model, you not only have to familiarize yourself with reviews, but also with technical properties.

Appendix information

Attachments can also be claimed. Most of the time, this applies to the factory cutter, which is characterized by a small detection width. This indicates that working with such a device requires high fuel consumption. The factory cutter still grinds the floor quite fine, and this is undesirable when growing some plants. Some hobby gardeners are also expressed on the quality of spare parts for devices.

Motoblock motor MB

Technical data of the diesel model

Motoblock price

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The diesel engine block “motor” is a modern solution that is an economical and reliable engine. The model is assembled within the factory walls and is an answer to the Chinese equipment that has flooded the market today.

As the practice shows, the answer proved to be very worthy, since for a long time it was thought about technical solutions for the creation of devices that enabled high quality. This model is the first in the manufacturer’s han d-led diesel tractors. The device works with a six-horsepower engine, has a high ground clearance and a tap wave.

Additional functions of the model

Motoblock motor MB 8

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In the device there is a differential lock and a majority gear. This diesel engine block “motor” can move at a speed of 16 km / h, among other things, and also has two rear speeds. If necessary, you can drive backwards at a speed of 4 km / h.

The track width can vary, but this is not a complete list of the positive properties that this device has. Also worth mentioning is the electrical starter with which you can start the device with a key or with just one handle.

Feedback on the functions of the company

Motoblock motor reviews

The engine, motor block, the reviews of which can be read before buying, is sold in can shape. Therefore, consumers recommend that they familiarize themselves with the rules for preparing the equipment before commissioning. To do this, the steering column must be installed, the gearbox columns, as well as the screws of the differential lock modes. For successful operation, consumers are recommended to familiarize themselves with which oil is best used for the engine.

After reading the instructions, you can understand that the best types of oil are:

However, if you use it, some problems can arise when operating the clutch. The construction is quite reliable, it fulfills its function and does not accuse any complaints, but the clutch discs can stick to the desired gear for a long time of the device. Therefore, consumers are recommended to use imported oils instead of the recommended. This property is due to the fact that their quality is much higher than the domestic. When using such oils, the slices almost never stick together and there are no problems when switching.

Overview of the protective equipment for the greeting bridge of the greeting

Technical properties of the petrol model of the Motoblock MB-4.05

Motoblock reviews

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This hand-led tractor of motor has a four-stroke single engine with an output of 5.5 liters. With. The mass of the equipment is 217 kg and the speed reaches 380 per minute. The ground clearance is 24 cm, the working tool can immerse yourself up to 20 cm deep into the floor and the track width can be set as in the above case.

The operator has the option of locking the differential. As you can see, this model is an analogue of the diesel version, but it is equipped with a petrol engine. Therefore, when choosing the equipment, you should concentrate on the fuel that is more profitable for you.

Motoblock “motor mb-13e”

The device is equipped with an air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke petrol engine. Starting can be done manually or with an electric starter. To improve driving behavior, it has a differential lock.

Technical characteristics:

  • Engine power – 13 liters. With.;
  • Tank content – 6 l;
  • Number of tap wave revolutions – 1000 rpm;
  • The maximum setting value for the extension is 71 cm;
  • Department of tillage – 30 cm;
  • Size – 1700 * 975 * 1150;
  • Weight – 235 kg.

Technical properties of the motoblock brand “MB-8 (e)”

Motoblock diesel

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If you opt for a hand-led tractor of motor, you may prefer the MB-8 (e) model, which is a complete analogue of the MB-8 option. The headlights and starter are the additions. This equipment weighs 260 kg and plunges into the ground by 20 cm.

Motoblock “motor itself” “” MB 8 (e) “is powered by an eight-horsepower petrol engine and the speed is 380 per minute. Do not assume that the device described is market leaders. But this product is a success in your country.

It can be argued that the model is superior to many samples provided by China in terms of reliability. The brand is of great importance, among other things, because the compan y-old history of the company, which has extensive experience in the manufacture of aircraft engines, does its job. Several owners are satisfied with the purchases and leave positive feedback.

Review of the positive and negative properties

Motor Sich single-axle diesel tractors have a number of advantages. For example, the engine is unpretentious in operation, and if you follow the rules of operation, you can work on an oil change all season. Among other things, such devices have a high speed of movement. Among the advantages, it is worth highlighting the adjustable steering column and conveniently located control levers.

Diesel Motoblocks Motor itself

Motor Sich is a walk-behind tractor (diesel), which also has negative sides. For example, such devices have a fairly impressive turning angle, and if you have to work on small areas, cultivating the land becomes quite difficult. There are many complaints about the noise level of walk behind tractors. Some models are equipped with Chinese-made engines, so in this case the problem has been partially solved.

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However, the Motor Sich MB walk behind tractor has a manufacturer engine that emits a high level of noise during operation. The impressive weight of the equipment can be seen as both an advantage and a disadvantage. For tillage, this is a definite plus, but when transport is required, this feature causes some inconvenience.

Reviews about the model of the motoblock “MB-6”

Moto block attachments

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If you are interested in Motor Sich products, a walk behind tractor, reviews of which you can find below, is worth considering. In this case, it is the MB-6 model, which is used to mechanize tillage and other agricultural work.

You can use this device in the conditions of private homes, gardens and garden plots. According to the buyer, the device is suitable for use in municipal utilities. You can use the equipment when transporting goods. Among the main positive qualities, buyers distinguish:

  • adjustable track width;
  • a large number of gears;
  • impressive ground clearance;
  • Flange mounting of motor to gearbox;
  • trailers and attachments; PTO shaft.

The range offers modern products for sale. The hand-guided tractor, whose attachments can be supplied as a set, also has a lockable differential. In this case we are talking about the MB-6 model, for which attachments can be used:

  • kits for harvesting and planting potatoes;
  • turning mechanism;
  • Hiller;
  • Harrow;
  • small potato harvester;
  • hinged universal frame;
  • ripper;
  • Adapter.

In their reviews, consumers often mention the power, which in this case is 4.05 or 5.5 liters. With. The gearbox in the device is a gearbox, and the power is transmitted through the differential. DSTU 4839 or AI-92 gasoline can be used as fuel. The device can move forward at a speed of 2.2-16 km/h, while the maximum reverse speed is only 4.5 km/h. It is also important to take into account the mass, which is 217 kg, while the overall dimensions are 1700 x 975 x 1150 mm.

Motoblocks “Motor Sich”: characteristics and specifications

Private farming involves the use of auxiliary equipment that facilitates physical labor and saves time. Therefore, many farmers and owners of summer cottages buy walk-behind tractors.

This technique is presented in a huge range on the market, but Motor Sich mechanized units deserve special attention. They are characterized by high performance, versatility and long service life.

advantages and disadvantages

Motoblock “motor yourself” is a simplified modification of a small tractor. It differs from other models with versatility and mobility. This device is ideal for small private sections and large farms.

The main advantages of this walk are:

  • powerful engine (it can be diesel or petrol);
  • The manufacturer carries out the hig h-quality assembly of the structure before the sale.
  • High working properties;
  • Large selection of fastening devices;
  • Fast repairs, since spare parts are always available for this type of devices;
  • high performance (from 6 to 13 hp);
  • Reliability in the company;
  • Multifunctionality;
  • affordable price.

With regard to the shortcomings of the “motor” motor blocks, they have a large angle angle, so it is problematic to process the soil in small areas. In addition, some models have too loud motor.

Another disadvantage is the great weight of the unit that causes inconvenience during its transport. However, this is a doub t-free plus when processing land countries.

There are also complaints about the dimensions of factory mills: their detection width is low. Therefore, great fuel consumption is observed during soil processing. It is not recommended to use mills from the manufacturer, and when growing plants such as sunflower, corn: they grind the floor finely.

Models and their technical properties

So far you will find several changes to the engine for sale. Each of them differs not only in design, but also from technical features. The following models are listed below, which have received positive reviews from users and have proven themselves with high performance.

  • “Engine MB-8.” This unit weighs 260 kg, has an eigh t-lubricating petrol engine and can deal with up to 20 cm. The device can deal with different types and volumes of economic work from soil processing and the end of the freight transport, the area cleaning from garbage and snow. The wheel of walking is large, with a high profile. Since the design contains an adjustable column with a comfortable control system, it is convenient to carry out work with such a technology. The maximum speed of the unit is 16 km/h.
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  • “Mot MB-6d.” This is a multifunctional model that is ideal for the implementation of all work on small and large land plots. It can also be used in supply companies to clean the territory and transport mediu m-sized loads. The positive properties of such a walk tractor include a large number of gears, the possibility of adapting the width of the route, a large road release on wheels, a strong attachment between the engine and the transmission from the flange. The weight of the devices without hanging devices is 217 kg, the manufacturer produces this unit with a 6-liter petrol engine. With. The dimensions of the hiking loss are large – 1700 × 975 × 1150 mm; The minimum speed is 2.2 km/h, maximum – 16 km/h.

  • “MB-9DE”. The device is equipped with a 4-stroke diesel engine with a capacity of 9 liters. With. The device includes an electric starter and a 1 5-volt loading battery. The number of revolutions of the is 1 thousand O/m, the maximum indicator for adapting the ground impression during cultivation reaches 80 cm, whereby the standard processing – 20 cm. . There are also two speeds in this model.
  • “Motor Sich Mb-13e.” An engine block is available with a single cylinder gasoline engine, an additionally equipped air cooling system. This device can be started both with an electric starter and manually. In addition, the manufacturer supplemented this model with differential locking, which significantly improves its handling. The capacity of the gas tank in the tractor of walking is 6 liters, the engine power is 13 liters. C, the soil depth reaches 30 cm, when cultivated – 71 cm. The size of the power unit is large – 1700 × 975 × 1150 mm.

equipment and additional equipment

Moto r-Drich engine blocks are considered universal devices, since various types of attachments can be installed, increasing their functionality. A hinge is suitable for almost all types of modifications with a capacity of 6 liters. C and above.

Most often, motoblocks are supplemented with the following equipment.

  • Cutter. They are provided by the manufacturer in the configuration with the device itself. The cutters are installed by the owner independently of the instructions attached to the device. Installation is carried out on the axis of the device instead of wheels. Before installing the cutter cutter, they are removed, while depending on the type of work, not all knives can be mounted, but only part. Thus, the width of the processed piece of land is adjusted.
  • Adapter. For motor blocks, Motor Sich recommends purchasing adapters from Ad-2V and AD-3V models. They differ in carrying capacity, the first type is designed for 320 kg, and the second – 350 kg. Such carts are also equipped with a comfortable soft seat.

Some models ensure the protection of the transported cargo, in them the adapter has sides. Such a device is indispensable for both household and municipal cargo transportation.

  • Mower. This equipment is made of three types: KA-1V (productivity 0.16 ha/h, detection width 0.8 m), KA-3C (productivity 0.2 ha/h, detection width 1 thousand m) and a simpler model, which is intended for small land plots. The technical indicators for this mower practically do not differ from the previous types, but they are usually used for harvesting hay from small volumes.

Mitch is ideal not only for blowing livestock feeds but also for other garden and utility uses.

  • mas s-spaces. They are metal nozzles that look like wings. They are mounted on the axis of the Walk behavior tractor and are used for plowing all sections, especially they are useful when processing virgin lands.
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  • Plow. There are two types of plows: revolutionary and ordinary. The Post model models are suitable for the “Motor Sich” engine blocks. Their capture width is 22 cm, a productivity of 0.04 ha/h, and the depth of char is 20 cm. What amounts to the usual plow, the PN-1B model is usually selected for walk-on engines. In addition, plows are sold configured with small manual ploughs. You can process the soil if you need to deepen from 2 to 13 cm.
  • The cigarette butt. The productivity of this machine is between 0.18 and 0.28 ha/h and the tillage width between rows is between 45 and 70 cm. Usually the cakes are used in preparation for crafting and fertilizers.

  • Harrow. The design of Motor Sich motor blocks offers a special way of attachment: fixing with a hook, so a harrow can be easily installed on any model. It is designed to process small areas. The productivity is up to 0.48 ha/h and the width of the cover is between 60 and 120 cm.
  • shovels. They are made in widths of 60, 80, 90 and 100 cm. Their mass does not exceed 75 kg, the range of release is 3.5 m.
  • Equipment for planting and cleaning potatoes. Potato residents have a rather voluminous bunker, designed for 0.15 m3. They consist of a durable body and a cumber. Potato Taders are characterized by a good performance of 0.04 ha/h.

Choice of chips

Before buying the engine block “Motor Sich” it is necessary to carefully study all the technical characteristics of the models. It is worth noting that the design of the device remains unchanged in all changes. The only thing they can differentiate is the engine. The manufacturer produces motor blocks “MB-6” and “MB-8” in a configuration with “own” engines, while on other models it installs Weistr-Engine. Gasoline engines weigh 230 kg and 250 kg on a diesel engine. Since the installation provides a guarantee for both the engine and the body at the same time, you can safely choose any model of a tractor for walks.

In addition, you should also pay attention to the fact that technical indicators are the same in almost all changes. When processing soil 20 cm, the minimum capture width is 50 cm, and the maximum is 80 cm.

High pressure laundering helps to keep the garden clean

If you give a specific model, you need to clarify the following points:

  • number of programs;
  • the ability to adjust the width of the track;
  • Type of rotation mechanism.

Since the manufacturer produces not only motoblocks for them, but also all kinds of tracked and connected devices, this nuance should be taken into account when purchasing the device and bought immediately in full configuration. The minimum set of additional equipment should consist of mowing, cigarette and harrow, cultivators, reverse plow and devices for planting and cleaning potatoes.

In addition, it is also necessary to take care of the presence of an adapter, without which it is impossible to transport cargo. An important point is the choice of models in the size of the wheels. It is advisable to give preference to engine blocks, where the road crack is large, up to 240 mm.

operation and maintenance

Motoblocks “Motor Sich” are easy to assemble and use. Installation and maintenance of equipment must be carried out according to the manufacturer’s requirements. Instructions are taken in the configuration with the device. It is described in detail when you need to change spare parts, butter, fixing the plow and pouring fuel. Before turning on the engine for the first time, it is necessary to assemble the design (there is a special circuit for this), fix the differential, bevel gear and oil with gasoline or diesel fuel in the specified brand (depending on the engine model ).

The engine normally uses SG oil, 30 API SF or SAE 10W for the gearbox Ta d-17i, TEP-15 or TSL-14.

All types of oil must be changed depending on the operating volume of the device. Typically this occurs every 50-100 hours of operation.

In addition, it is important to carry out engine maintenance and diagnostics once a season. Before you start the walk tractor, you need to make sure that the speed lever is in a neutral position. During the operation of the device one cannot attach and press any strength influences – you can only set and direct movements. It is best to exit in first or second gear.

Before you interrupt the operation of the device, it must be idle for at least 5 minutes. The fuel valve is then closed. This must be done at least in the first 25 hours during operation of the singl e-axle tractor. Gearbox and engine then adapt to the load. At the end of the season, the device has to be sent to the winter camp: contaminants are cleaned, oil and gasoline are drained and placed on a stand in a dry place.

If you adhere to all the above recommendations, the han d-led tractor will serve reliably for a long time and become an indispensable helper in the household.

In addition, the right choice of the model helps to extend the lifespan. Unstaired models cannot withstand severe loads.


To date, the hand-led motor tractor is considered the most popular technology at owners of suburbs and farmers. Users estimated the versatility of this device. Therefore, the han d-led tractor received many positive reviews.

One of the main advantages of the equipment included the owners the convenience of soil processing, harvesting and freight transport. In addition, most of the supply companies buy such handmade tractors for garbage and snow removal.

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