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Motoblock petrol lynx mbr 7-10 7 hp

Average of the motor block petrol lynx mbr 7-10 7 h p-4.55 a total of 20 reviews via the walk-in tractor petrol-lynx-MBR 7-10 7 hp.

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Reviews of Motoblock Petrol Lynx MBR 7-10 7 PS.

Advantages: The ratio of price and quality, the technology is reliable, strong, I really hope that I will take more than a dozen years. Pulls well.

Disadvantages: No, I like everything so far

Comment: I bought a walk tractor in spring, the model liked the model very much due to the costs and properties. The assembly and preparation for the work lasted 20-25 minutes, the set contains clear instructions, devices in full set. Easy to start, it’s nice to work, the steering wheel is comfortable, traction. Large width, which is a good indicator among such models. The earth after heating becomes loose, it is easy to work with it lands. The tractor of the walk behavior is comfortable, goes slightly forward and backwards and simply in management.

Disadvantages: not a large factory marriage.

Comment: I have just collected so far, I wasn’t at work. The packaging is normal. In general, the assembly is without problems, but. The holes for attaching the front voucher are not drilled symmetrically, so it is not possible to repair something before the fix. I will overshadow. I took a photo.

Advantages: good apparatus

Disadvantages: The device is very bad keys, no screws are not enough. Very not responsible.

Advantages: performance price assembly

Comment: Good impressions were developed for the year about the tractor of the walking behavior. It is my first, so it was pleasant that a detailed and understandable instruction was included in the kit. There are no complaints about the device, I am satisfied with everything.

Advantages: A good motoblock as it works – I like it, the price within the framework of an appropriate limits does not cause any problems for me at least for the time being. I will not say that the assembly is ideal, but for me not a critical moment, the main thing is that I do my work.

Advantages: Comfortable location of the clutch handle

Disadvantages: S O-Assembly

Comment: The device is relatively cheap, I bought a discount. It works properly. Yes, I saw the devices and more powerful, but that is enough for the parents to work in your garden.

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Disadvantages: loud engine, vibration during operation

Comment: I wanted something powerful from the start like this motoblock. Comraders assured that in mine

You can take a little more and cheaper and cheaper, but I stopped at the MBR 7-10 and don’t regret it. I recommend!

Advantages: powerful, maneuverable.

Disadvantages: gasoline flows under the tank cover during operation. No assembly instructions. After 8 hours of work, a platform for a voucher collapses.

Comment: Dear manufacturer, make metal and weld seams better on your product.

Advantages: The car is reliable and inexpensive, although the spouse every time it takes out of the workshop, she grumbles how it could be made better for such money. He knows better, the man is how. And with regard to the work done, this motor cultivator fits me – and how it works, I mean the process itself and the result of the quality of the work already done. I recommend the purchase and then let them all think about their needs.

Advantages: comfortable, powerful, inexpensive

Disadvantages: difficult enough

Comment: I bought a motorcycle block this year and potatoes for missing, plowing, moderately consumption, working easily

Advantages: It is completely inexpensive, it is easy in management, powerful, fuel consumption is small, generally a good assembly.

Disadvantages: No, it seems.

Comment: This thing was bought in the early spring this year, they processed a garden, they went through the front yard – a very convenient thing is actually and even there is not much space if it is idle in the garage.

Advantages: First of all, I liked the motoblock especially with design, configuration, price. In his work he was seen later and in principle did not annoy him. It processes the soil well to go and repeat or end it. It can easily withstand two hours with ease and should no longer take place according to the instructions. Who is interested in the opinion of the owner of this animal – I recommend.

Advantages: It is relatively inexpensive and its quality is simply excellent.

Disadvantages: At the moment I don’t see a single one.

Comment: As for me, so this tractor is the most suitable option for me. He pulls as it should, consumes a little fuel and the handling is simple. I am glad that I selected this special model.

Advantages: soil processing for 5 points, sufficient performance, protection against overheating, spacious fuel tank, by the way, moderate fuel consumption, generally a good price for a tractor for a walking behavior, a fairly strong case, a fairly strong case

Comment: Compact Motoblock, on a liter of fuel that has excavated the garden

Advantages: only served, conveniently work, cos t-effective costs

Disadvantages: The work speed is still low, even if you turn on second gear

Comment: enough for my page from 12 tomorrow this monster. I particularly want to highlight and praise the low consumption of fuel and lubricant, simple maintenance, as I wrote above, and stabilize stable curves. Motoblock fits me.

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Advantages: Big apparatus

Disadvantages: There was a problem with the petrol item under the cover.

Comment: Users who cry that they are not satisfied with something. You have selected this device yourself. This is your choice if you want to buy a Honda and then find mistakes. In general, that grew from the right place of a very bad force is the engine. With the gasoline flow under the lid, it is solved by its analysis and gluing with a sealant.

Advantages: maneuverability, simple control, continuous work for up to 2 hours, this is even more than enough for a small garden in a summer house

Comment: I have rarely used the tractor of the walk behavior, although I have had it for more than a year, but with their help to cultivate the earth is much easier than without it. He eats a little fuel, it works perfectly, it is also not difficult to clean it after work. So I recommend it.

Advantages: assembly quality, low fuel consumption, excellent working properties.

Disadvantages: not one.

Comment: I do not regret the acquisition of a walk tractor, it is definitely worth my money. It works as expected, powerful and has compact dimensions in itself, so that this assistant fits me completely.

Advantages: The tractor of the walk behavior is very reliable, it is written in the instructions that it is not suitable for virgin countries, it also digs in real life, it consumes little fuel (the entire policeman and garden, the 1 liter is dug). Comfortable that 2 gear is back before 1

Disadvantages: Only start enriching, even if I am not (I don’t just know myself or you are all like that), it is very impractical a clutch (if you have to keep the grip on the handle), it is impractical. In order to change the mills on the wheels and vice versa, the help of the second person is needed and warms the engine very strongly (work with a 2 5-degree temperature If the engine runs for a length of 2 meters, I just need a smoke break , while he cools down, and then continued. Probably the ru n-and stops warming up.

Comment: And it is just a horror to collect mills, the keys are in the set of terrible quality with him and the keys there 16 and 18. He dismantled and collected both mills from 6 times. Until I understand how it should be right. Well, in general, the impressions of such an assistant are very good, it helps great.

Overview of the model area of ​​Motoblocks Luchs. Features, reviews

The official developer of garden technology, including cultivating and motoblocks, is the Belarusian company Nikkey. In Russia and neighboring countries, products with partner companies are sold. During the entire period, the company produced more than five hundred of the elements of tools, components and consumables.

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Motoblock Lynx MBR-7 Motoblock Lynx MBR-16

A wide equipment is aligned on the manufacturer’s website: including chainsaws, cultivating, min i-actractors, engine blocks, chainsaws, snow systems, garden cutting, hot air guns and heaters.

Nikkey’s activities for the delivery of motoblocks, motor types and other types of home and garden have been taking place for more than 7 years.

Motoblocks lynx prove a separate niche, as taking into account the characteristics of climate and temperature conditions that are suitable for work under weather conditions in the Russian Federation and neighboring countries. The goods are certified, which is confirmed by relevant documents and declarations of conformity.


Lynx in Belarus is concerned with the production of go through the East opto cars, the company’s main office is also here. There are representative offices in Latvia and regional centers in Russia.
  • Lynx models are presented in a number of heavy engine blocks:
  • Motoblock Lynx MBR-7;
  • Motoblock Lynx MBR-8;
  • Motoblock Luchs MBR-9;
  • Motoblock Luchs MBR-15;

Motoblock Luchs MBR-16.

 “Got my Lynx as a birthday present. There is both good and bad. There are even more benefits to look forward to. So, the pros: true gas mileage really “eats” a bit, about 1.5 liters per hour when running at full power. The optics are handsome, imposing weight, with cleats it just tears up the ground. The knives are good but they need to be cleaned every time, they still clog with soil. Motor 9 horses, for me it's great for gifting. Disadvantages: high vibration, gloves required and noisy motor.”

All models presented in the installation are equipped with four petrol engines with a capacity of 7 to 16 hp. Each of them is designed for working with soils, every density and even for virgin work.

The weight of the devices in this list is between 92 and 150 kg. Due to the heavy weight, the technology has a high cross-sectional capacity, it is durable and functional. With wide wheels, the device cannot be linked in the ground.

The hinged devices for these motblocks are not supplied in the kit (except for clothes) so any desired components must be purchased separately.
  • With the help of a walk tractor, a lynx can be performed through the following works:
  • land treatment with plow;
  • Cut the lawn;
  • Garbage removal or plant transport (when connecting a cart);
  • hilling plants;
  • planting root crops;
  • cultivation;

spreading fertilizer.

Equipment not assembled

With additional attachments it is possible to increase the functionality of your unit.

The plow is used to cultivate land after harvest or before sowing.

standard plow plough

There are standard plows and flip. While working with the walk tractor even make the first bed, then put a wheel in that fist and continue plowing. This will greatly facilitate the work.


Saber – superseded knives of the “Goosefoot” cutter

If the plow does not handle, and it works with harsh virgin lands, where a large number of weeds and solid objects are found, it is better to use grinders to mix the soil. They are saber-protective and in the form of “goose legs”.


Dis c-Hip by Mist

Hellets will help grow potatoes. They can be disk, rotary or made in the form of a plough.


Rotor braid segment mower

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Pitch (rotor and segment) cleans the areas of weeds and small shrubs.


Shovel Ottal Snowler SM-0.6

With a slight modernization of the unit, it can be transformed into a snowball player. As a cheaper option, you can simply attach a shovel-off sheet of steel, which will effectively push through snow and other bulk materials if necessary.

Motoblock Lynx MBR-8

mas s-spaces

When working with heavy soils, attaching equipment often jumps and makes up the unprocessed areas of the earth. You can replace ordinary wheels with soil.

Bars for Motoblock Lynx


The second solution to this problem can be an increase in the weight of the structure. They use special weights for this. In the factory version, these are steel pancakes attached to the wheels, but you can use improvised means.

Weights for Motoblock Lynx


During winter work, the main problem is the clutch with the surface. Therefore, to enhance the effect, you can replace pneumatic tires with caterpillars. When choosing caterpillars, you need to pay attention to their width. The larger it is, the better the clutch with the surface.

Caterpillar attachment for Motobok Lynx


The main proximity for the operator during work is the fact that it is necessary to manage the standing equipment. If you use an adapter, you can make room for the driver. Adapters are a medium connection between the coupling of the wandering loss tractor and a hitch.


Universal adapter for Motoblock Lynx

In addition, you can install more powerful wide wheels on the lynx. The factory assembly provides for the installation of a wheel on the device with dimensions from 4.00 to 10.

In the range of attachment devices produced by modern companies, you can find models that are suitable for engine blocks. In some online stores you can find models of attachment equipment suitable not only for motoblocks Luchs, but also for other heavy motblocks such as Neva, Ugra

Harrow-Potato-Schnx-Grox KM-1 Potateliye Plug Wiplug Dvort Plow P1-20 Universal Copping SC001 0-15
  • Motoblock Trim: Lynx:
  • Motoblock in package;
  • Set of Mills and Fixtures;
  • Pneumatic Wheels (2 PCs);

Instructions for assembly and operation.

operation manual

The rules of operation of the device are similar to the rules for using gasoline motblocks with a four-stroke engine. An important period of operation is the running inin, which is preceded by the assembly of the machine and its first start. The assembly is made according to the instructions included in the kit.


The enema takes about 20-25 hours. During this period, all node connections of the device, as well as the engine and gearbox, undergo S O-called production. During this time you can not overload the car.

Important! Regardless of the length of time the tractor has been walking, start using the device only after the engine has warmed up.

Before each start, check the fuel and oil levels in the transmission and engine. The ru n-i n-in will be considered completed after 8 motorized hours. At the end of the run, you should drain the remaining oil and fuel and freshly season the unit.

Motoboglok maintenance

5 steps to the perfect perennial bed

Wheels 4.00-10 for Motoblock Lynx

For example, 10W30 (when the air temperature is above 5 degrees Celsius) is recommended at low temperatures with high class oils for gasoline engines, for example, at low temperatures, a high class synthetic oil, for example 5W40, from a well-known manufacturer.

Suitable oil for the gearbox: 85W90 or similar in viscosity. Fuel: Local brand high octane petrol.
  • The main malfunctions and their elimination:
  • The engine does not start (the fuel and oil levels, the position of the fuel cock and the engine switch should be checked).
  • The spark plug does not work (adjust the gaps or replace the plug).
  • Missing noises are heard during the work of the walk, noise (adjusting the carburetor).
Gary’s thick smoke appears (check the quality of the fuel, whether there are oil leaks, whether there are oil stains in the gearbox – if so, contact the service).
  • Basic rules for caring for a walk tractor:
  • Follow operating rules and inspect the Wanderloss tractor for minor damage before any work.
  • Clean the outer surface of the engine and the ribs of the cylinder from dirt, plant debris.
  • Clean the grinders regularly after cultivation.

At each scheduled technical inspection (after 50 motorized hours and the next 50), add the oil to the engine and gearbox, change the air and fuel filters.

Important! If unit is left for winter storage, drain all fuel and oil.

It is necessary to store such devices in the room with plus temperature. Only use high quality oils and fuel so the engine lasts longer without breakdowns.

Video review

Verification of the work of the walk behavior tractor Lynx MBR16

Reviews of the owners

You can find many reviews of these motblocks on the forums. Owners note their power, low fuel consumption and high weight. However, there are tiny: noise, strong vibrations and low-quality spare parts.

Victor, Penza:

“I have an MBR-8. I use it directly for work on the construction site: all kinds of work and plowing and tilling and hay mowing, in general this walk-behind tractor does everything. The cost at the time of purchase was 30,000 rubles. Even more so with equipment. I want to buy grenade hooks and relieve my neighbors in the village of work – to work new territory. The quality of the spare parts did not convince me, a weak description, instructions are nowhere to be found, there is nothing at all on the Internet, if I did not understand it myself, I do not even know where to turn. On average, he can overcome 20 hectares a day, if he tries hard, he processes 25 hectares.

Nikolay, Ustyug:

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