Motoblocks Krotof. Overview of the model range, properties, test reports

Motoblocks Krotof: models, construction and operating rules

Nowadays, many landowners want to simplify the task of tillage as far as possible and therefore prefer handl e-based tractors. The modern agricultural machinery market offers a large selection of handmade tractors and digging. Many companies offer products of excellent quality and at very attractive prices. Today, it is worth considering handmade tractors from the Krotof company, which are popular due to their reliability, practicality and usability of the equipment.

It is worth taking into account the design and functional principle as well as the rules of use in detail.

Properties and purpose

Krotof handled tractors are ideal for different works in the country because they can perform a variety of actions, from plowing the floor to snow spaces. In order to simplify working in your garden as far as possible, the manufacturer offers a huge selection of attachments. The hand-held crotof tractors are produced in China or all parts are made there. But the actual process of assembly of the equipment already takes place in Russia. This approach in the manufacture of agricultural machinery has had a favorable impact on the production costs.

Motoblocks from Krotof have a compact size, which does not interfere with many tasks. With this equipment you can fold, loosen, weed, pave, ditch and much more. And if you use more attachments, the work area increases significantly. Some models already contain a few attachments as standard.

Due to the following advantages, Krotof handled tractors are ideal for working in a summer house:

  • excellent operating parameters;
  • Compact size that does not affect the power of the device;
  • increased maneuverability due to small size;
  • the possibility to use additional devices.

With regard to the weaknesses of the hand-held crotof tractors, it should be noted that the control of most models is only manually. The operator should be careful during the company because the device reacts quite quickly.


Krotof offers a large selection of models to meet the needs of all customers. All units can be divided into petrol and diesel. It is worth taking the characteristics of each type into account in certain models. Below you will find the most popular options for han d-guided tractors from Krotof.

WG 901

Among the gasoline options, the han d-led tractor WG 901 is the strongest because its performance is 13 liters. With. This device is suitable for professional use because it easily copes with large areas. The advantages of this model include:

  • convenient and simple starting system;
  • Gear gear that is characterized by reliability and long lifespan;
  • The gearbox house consists of cast iron, which gives the equipment an increased strength;
  • If desired, you can use additional devices with a wave.
  • Due to an improved coupling, the device can be supplemented with a body, a voucher or plow.
  • The presence of hexagonal axes guarantees reliable fixation of bikes, floor surfaces or mills.

This model is equipped with an OHV petro l-qua d-strok e-stroke engine that is not inferior to Honda analogue. It is characterized by efficiency and reliability and also has the upper place of the valves. The tractor for walking behavior has a gear at three speeds: 1 back and 2 front. This model is characterized by a small fuel consumption and a spacious gas tank (6 liters), so that you can work for a long time without refueling.

With this tractor with walking, the floor can be treated with a width of 80 to 120 cm, while the depth is 30 cm. The weight of the device is 120 kg, which enables the use of a plow without weighting. The KIT already contains 24 mills, side windows, front support and enlarged wheels for comfortable transport.

WG 352

This model is a representative of diesel engine blocks. This unit is high demand for experts, since it is characterized by high performance, efficiency, weight and acceptable price. The WG 352 model is equipped with an electric starter, so that the engine begins very easily and promptly. This equipment works perfectly even at low speeds and is more economical compared to gasoline analoga. The diesel is safer because the fuel is bad in ignorance and less volatility.

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The weight of the equipment is 125 kg. The wheels have a diameter of 12 inches, so that we can talk about excellent means of transport. The volume of the fuel tank is 3.5 liters and the performance of the fou r-stable engine is 6.0 liters. With. This model is equipped with three gears: two front and one back. The engine has an air cooling system. The floor depth can be reached 32 cm and the width is 110 cm. The device is equipped with mill mills, pneumatic wheels, a couch, a front support and protective wings.

WG 711

This model is a striking example of petrol engine blocks. Its strength is 7 liters. With. With this device you can process areas of medium size. The WG 711 model is characterized by increased performance, reliability and use r-friendliness. The volume of the fuel tank is 3.6 liters, so that you can work for some time without refueling. The manufacturer grants a guarantee of 1 year, which indicates the reliability of the devices.

The WG 711 engine block is equipped with a fou r-stroke engine of 170f/p, which has an air cooling system. The start of the walk is carried out manually because it is equipped with a mechanical starter. The maximum soil processing in width is 90 cm at a depth of 32 cm and the minimum width 60 cm. The device has three gears while two in front and one back. The weight is 85 kg and the diameter of the wheels 10 cm.

The standard package includes mills, pneumatic wheels, protective wing, coupling, front supports.

Design and operating principle

In order to better understand the principle of the work of the tractor of the walk behavior, it is first worth taking into account its design. The aggregate frame contains two half rams that are attached to the gear with screws. In the rear area there are the control handles of the tube control and a special bracket with which additional devices can be attached if necessary. The control of the device is on the handles.

At the weekend of the waves, mills can be displayed that enable floor plowing, weeds or wheels. The engine, which is connected to the transmission with the gear input shaft, is located under the frame. There is a fuel tank in the upper part of the frame. The lever wheels are used to roll the hiking facilities, and they must either be removed or raised during operation.

It is worth paying attention to the carburetor of the Walk behavior, since it is simply indispensable because it fulfills the control of the air and fuel flows. With its help, the functioning of the engine is optimized when the load is constant. Since the engine cannot ignite without oxygen supply, the presence of a carburetor remains unchanged.

The air purifier is also one of the main components of the tractor of the walk behavior because it carries out the cleaning of the air into the carburetor. If the air filter is clogged with dust and various dirt, the fuel is impoverished, which leads to problems in engine operation.

Now more about the operation principle of the Kroto f-Motoblocks. The rotating movement generated by the engine goes through the V-belt to the gear and is then transferred to the starting waves. When the operator switches on the device, the clutch is triggered while the belt is pulled and the gear shaft is started accordingly. It is worth noting that the device works inactive when the clutch is separated. On the shafts of the gear are tailors that are equipped with knives.

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Chips to choose

In order to select the right model of the Krotof Motoblock, you should not only build on the ratings of the owners of this equipment, but also take into account the size of the location and work that this unit will do. You can buy engine blocks with a light power to process a small area. Usually models with 6–7 liters. With. enough. However, it should be appropriate for working in large areas and power, so it is worth taking models from 9 or 10 liters into account. With.

And the buyer should also decide which type of fuel is more suitable for him to make a choice between diesel and gasoline options. After you have determined with a specific model, you can already select additional devices so that the device can perform as many functions as possible.

Optional equipment

If we look at the Krotof motor block without hanging devices, it is characterized by a small number of functions. It is the possibility to operate additional nozzles with which you can make it a functional device. Kroto f-Motoblocks can be equipped with several nozzles.

  • Cutter. They are used for grinding and swelling of the earth and saturated with oxygen. You can be in the form of the s o-called goose legs or saber legs.
  • Caterpillar module. There is an increased ability to cross the engine, every weather is not terrible and also offers the best liability on the ground.
  • Pneumatism wheels. They are used for the transport of devices and for working with a mow, trailer or snow).
  • Ground wheels. Usually used instead of pneumatic bikes or cultivating ones because they are attached to the same wave. They are indispensable for field work, but they are forbidden to use for solid coatings.
  • Overpers. They are used to eliminate weeds, hilling plants and floor ventilation. They are shown in two ways: simple and hard drive.
  • Harrow. They are used to level already plowed land, as they allow you to break up large clods of soil, get rid of garbage and the remains of the tops before crossing over.
  • Pump. Used for watering plants or pumping groundwater.

operating rules

With the Runnin g-in you can check the tractor’s Walk behavior before work. Make sure that all moving parts of the engine and chassis are in good condition. It will increase the resource of the unit. It usually occurs for five hours. To run the runaway, you should adhere to the following rules:

  • Fuel should be poured into the engine;
  • Both crankcase and gearbox should be filled with oil.
  • Check the bolt fastening for reliability of work.
  • Start the engine as shown in the instructions for the equipment;
  • a little warm the engine;
  • include in the “tender” mode;
  • For five hours it is worth checking how mechanisms and levers behave.
  • After completing the process, it is worth draining the oil and filling the new one.

Features of care

It is worth adhering to such stages when caring for a walk tractor:

  • Oil replacement: Every 100 hours you need to change the oil for the gearbox and 25 hours of operation for the engine.
  • Before operation, it is worth checking all liquids for the presence, bolted fasteners – for strength and pressure of the wheels;
  • After work it is necessary to clean the device, then wash it, dry it and do not forget to lubricate it.
  • If the motorized car is not planned to be operated in the near future, then all working fluids should be drained, as well as clean and lubricate the main elements.

Possible problems and their reasons

Very often, when the engine does not work with the tractor of Walk injuries, in this case the engine may start for the following reasons:

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Motobobe’s Krotof. Checking the list, properties, attachments, instructions

Motobobes are used by rural residents to treat soil and transport goods. In a relatively short time, the Kroto f-Chinese engine blocks appeared on the market. These devices come at a slight price in its market segment since the company is relatively young and trying to attract its customers.

Krotof engine blocks are presented in both petrol and diesel versions.

Krotof WG251

This Krotof engine block will install a YL170F/P four-stroke gasoline cylinder engine with a capacity of 7 hp.

Motoblock Krotof WG251

  • The maximum grinding width is 105 cm and the depth of its immersion is adjustable from 18 to 39 cm.
  • The average speed of the motobobe crotoff is 0.27-0.45 meters per second.
  • This model is equipped with 4.00-8 size pneumatic tires.
  • Weigh the Motoblock MROTOFF VG251 – 85 kg.

Krotof WG353

Krotoff 353 is a diesel model. It has a WM186F engine with a capacity of 9 hp. The engine of the Motoboce Croff WG353 is powered by an electric starter.

Motoblock Krotof WG353

The volume of the tank is designed for 5.5 liters of diesel fuel. The width of cultivation is up to 110 cm, and the depth is up to 30 cm.

The transmission of the engine block Krotof WG353 is designed for 3 positions: 2 forward and one back.

Krotof WG522

Motoblock Krotof WG522

A gasoline engine with a capacity of 7 hp is installed on this device.

  • The gear has 3 steps: 2 forward and one reverse.
  • The WG522 processing width is adjustable in the range of 80 to 120 cm and the sinking depth is 15 to 30 cm.
  • The speed of the WG522 engine block with attachments averages from 0.27 to 0.45 meters per second, depending on the ground and the work being carried out.
  • Size 4.00-10 pneumatic wheels help the device move along the floor.
  • The weight of the Krotof WG522 engine block is 85 kg.

Krotof WG901

This model has a petrol engine with a power of 9 hp. The engine is powered by a manual starter.

The gearbox of the Krotoff WG901 motoblock has 3 stages.

This Krotoff model weighs 125 kg.

Due to the increased weight, wider tires in sizes 5.0-12 are installed.

Motoblock Krotof WG901 Motoblock Krotof WG912

Krotoff WG912

This walk behind tractor is an improved version of the 901 model with electric start.


Motoblocks Krotoff gained great popularity due to a wide range of applications. In areas of small and medium size, they can replace a full-fledged tractor. At the same time, the advantages of its operation are obvious: it is smaller, more economical, cheaper and cheaper parts for it. And the working spectrum gives exactly the same thing.


This attachment is considered basic and is sold with most Krotof walk-behind tractors. The knives mix the top layer of soil and thus increase the yield.

Cultivator cutter Houndstooth cutter

The manufacturer offers saber cutters, but these have recently given way to crow’s feet. They are also fitted in place of standard pneumatic wheels but have a different design. Steel rods are welded to the metal shaft, at the end of which triangular plates are attached. In appearance, these cutters resemble exactly “crow’s feet”.

If there is a need to work with virgin land, then the first processing is best done with a plow. This attachment is known to our great-grandfathers. Now it has simply taken on a different appearance and instead of a horse, a Krotof two-wheel tractor is used.

Plow Reversible plow with two shares

With reversible plows you can break up large blocks of earth and only then throw the layer of earth to the side.


The lush growth of grass in summer means a lot of effort when cleaning. Krotoff walk behind tractors along with mower decks can help with this.

The most commonly used rotation options. They cut grass thanks to rotating blades. These models can handle medium-sized young grass and small shrubs.

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Segment mower rotary mower

Segment mowers can deal with dense weeds in untouched areas. They are capable of trimming even large weeds and medium sized shrubs. Sectional mowers cut grass with two rows of triangular blades that move towards each other.

Mowers with walk-behind tractors from Krotof are used not only in rural areas, but also in municipal works.

Potato digger Potato planter

Motoblocks Krotoff can make agricultural work with potatoes easier.

Potato planters are designed for planting fruit in the ground. Most often they work on the following principle: the plow makes a ditch, then fruits are fed from the tank and planted at an equal distance, and two hillers at the end bury the ditch. Potato planters are actively used when planting potatoes on medium or large areas.

Potato digger Potato planter

After the root crops are ripe, they should be dug up. For this purpose, a potato harvester is attached to the Krotoff two-wheel tractor. The simplest option takes the form of a plow with welded steel bars (they are popularly called sieves). During movement, the plow raises the lower layer of soil along with the potatoes, and the bars break large blocks, leaving only fruit on the surface.

Snow blower and blade shovel

In heavy snowfall, Krotoff walk-behind tractors with special attachments can help clear snow.

Professional snow breakdowns are used in cases where a large number of precipitation falls or a large area of ​​the floor must be removed. They absorb a layer of snow and throw them through the gutter.

Snowman for an engine blockpflugman

If it is necessary to only remove your website and the snow cover does not increase over 20 cm. In winter you can use an ordinary blade blade instead of snowball players. Your direct purpose is to compensate for sand grains during the construction, but in winter you can finish snow cleaning.

Wheels, floor and caterpillars

In the standard configuration, the Krotoff mot blocks are equipped with pneumatic bikes with a wide profile. You can deliver devices to the location for the operation or transport of goods. However, a problem with inadequate coupling with the surface often occurs during work.

Grunzacups Caterpillar module Wheel 4×10

Soil rooms can solve this shade. They are metal slices on which steel plates are welded along the contour in the form of letter V. When driving, enter the floor and help to move forward.

Another problem occurs in the winter season. Fixed ice is formed under a layer of snow. And the ceremonies don’t help here. Instead, you can install caterpillars. They not only increase the clutch with the surface, but also the contact area.

Adapter and trailer

The owners are very tired while operating the Motoblok mroff with elevated loads or in large areas. Adapter can partially reduce the operator’s load. This is a special prefix with a seat with which you can manage sitting.

Pendants are used during the transport of goods by the Krotof Motoblock. The manufacturer offers sel f-specific options that can make the discharge process easier.


A special feature of Motobog Mrotof is the fact that you have a universal coupling with which you can use attachments from other manufacturers (NEVA, cascade, MTZ, etc.).

Clusting Cargoes Universal Double


If it is necessary to increase the clutch of the Walk behavior tractor with the surface, but there is no desire to install floor or caterpillars, weight can be used. Factory models are made in the form of pancakes and hung on a wheel axle. Alternative you can use any heavy object that is at hand.

operation and maintenance

The new owners of the Motobobok Crotoff must examine the operating instructions. There is the main data of the manufacturer for the properties of the device, its device, the sequence of the assembly and running, the operating nuances and the schedule of the preventive work.

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This video check shows the process of compilation of factory mills:


Before you start using, you should definitely familiarize yourself with the user administration. After assembling the Krotof motor block, be sure to pay attention to fuel and petrol. Many owners forget it and immediately hear a strange sound from the engine.

After that it is necessary to run. With this procedure, the motor details can clearly stand in the right grooves and enter into each other, since there are necessarily small mistakes in the factory assembly.

According to the user manual, the run should occur within 5 mothers.

At this point it is necessary to use a tractor at low speed and with minimal loads. Riding with an empty trailer or plowing in a minimal depth of soft soil is considered ideal.


So that the motoblock crotoff serves as long as possible, it is necessary to carry out preventive work in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

  • Replacing the engine oil should occur every 25 hours after operating the device. The operating management recommends using 10W-40 or 10W-30.
  • The transmission oil should be changed less frequently after 100 hours of operation. TAD-17i or TAP-15V are considered ideal replacement options.
  • Control levers should be treated regularly with waterproof lubricant to reduce the friction on them and prevent rust and jamming. The motoblock crotoff is unpretentious in this regard and you can use litol-24 or solidol.
  • For gasoline models, it is necessary to use AI 92 fuel with a high octane.

The main disorders

Every owner of the Krotof Motoblock must know the possibilities to eliminate the main disorders.

If the engine does not start:

  • Check the presence of fuel in the tank;
  • Perhaps the Benzocran accidentally closed;
  • Maybe dirt and dust fell into the fuel system;
  • Check the condition of the spark plugs and the termination of the terminals to you;
  • Check whether gasoline flows out of the carburetor.
  • Maybe the air damper falls asleep in the carburetor.

If disorders have been found in the ignition system, the main reasons are below:

  • The feeling was formed on the candles;
  • The wrong gap on the candles is exhibited;
  • The foot button is sunk;
  • The tip of the spark plug has become unusable;
  • The gap has changed between the starter and the shoes, although the spark is not reached.

The next video check shows the order of the correct start of the engine:


In the forum, say the following about Motobloks Krotoff:


“An excellent device for its price. There are small nuances, but generally satisfied. The speeds are determined so that it is quite difficult to choose the right one, and either you have to run or hardly go after the walk tractor. With a weight of 110 kg, it becomes very difficult and even switched off regularly in light countries.

Advantages: Large selection of the problem, price

Disadvantages: The steering wheel is not taken aside (it is not very convenient to plow), there are only a few gearboxes, the assembly is not very, it seems crystal. “


“At first I thought that there were no differences between motor blocks, and above all, these are the properties. Oh how wrong I was. After I started it, it seemed to me that the engine worked loudly, but when I went into the field after entering the field, I found that it was still calm. He roars like a wounded lion on the battlefield. After an hour of work, the belt broke (although I used it far away from all strength). I had to change. The mills in the kit are plus, but they break very quickly – minus. The carburetor didn’t even serve the season, went to river. Fortunately, the guarantee was exchanged, but if you decide, take a look at another manufacturer.

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