Motoblocks Kayman – Reviews of Models, Description, Reviews The Owner

Motoblocks Kaiman: technical features, advantages, reviews of the owners

Today, a slightly motor block Kaiman occupies a leading position in the agricultural machinery of this class. Despite the rather high price, the Caiman Vario 60s TWK Motoblock is very popular with farmers and supply companies. Such demand is due to the unique technical properties of the unit, the incredible performance and multifunctionality. In the development of the product, innovative technologies were used, the highest quality and the wear materials were used. The Kaiman 340 Motoblock was designed in France and his meeting is carried out in China under the control of Caiman and Subaru specialists. Thanks to the mult i-level system to check the quality of the finished products, the likelihood of marriage is minimal. The owner of this technology may not worry about where he finds spare parts because the breakdowns are practically excluded.

General description of the engine blocks

Light agricultural machines from the Kaiman brand have a number of characteristics that distinguish them from analogue. The main difference between unit is the gear. The use of the variator made it possible to design the transmission process more smoothly and light. This solution was very useful for a walk tractor. According to the owners, the work with equipment is simple and comfortable, since there is no idiots and errors when changing the engine speed. The power plant has no overload due to the smooth transmission of the rotation torque.

Caiman Vario 60s TWK motoblock

The engine is launched manually with a starter with a repayment mechanism. As a rule, the engine begins for the first time. The fist mechanism is only wear and only after a few years of the reinforced operation of the unit. It is not difficult to find the necessary spare parts: you are in every Subaru service center. It is advisable to install an electronic starter in cases where the owner of the tractor in trade has difficulties in manual start.

Motoblocks of the Kayman brand are equipped with 2 universal brackets in front of and at the back of the housing. Units do not require the current maintenance or repair. Everything that is necessary is to clean them with dirt, regularly change the spark plugs and oil. It is not necessary to preserve the tractor of the walk behavior.

Type: August 25th - 31st

Technical characteristics

Kayman Vario enters the packaging container in the traffic points of the motorcycle block. The installation and checking of the performance takes place after the goods are received. Then it is offered for sale with a guarantee by the manufacturer.

Kayman Vario 60s has the following technical properties:

  • Motor – Subaru EP 17 OHC (Japan);
  • Motor type petrol, one cylinder, fou r-stoke;
  • Cooling – air;
  • Engine power – 6.0 hp. with a volume of 169 cm³;
  • Start the engine – manual with the possibility to install an electronic starter;
  • Gearbox – a chain gear with a belt drive;
  • Programs – 2 front (straight and lowered) and vice versa;
  • Tank capacity of 3.5 l (petrol AI-92);
  • Fuel consumption – 1.3 l/h;
  • Dimensions (length/height/width) – 820 x 810 x 620 mm;
  • Weight with full fuel and oil – 74 kg;
  • Wheels – pneumatic 30×12 cm with a deep profile.

A unique combination of power and advanced transmission enables soil loosening to a depth of 32 cm. The wheelbase can be extended to 90 cm using axle extensions.

In the basic configuration, mills, plows and ground hooks attach to the Caiman 320 product. At the request of the buyer, consumables, spare parts and additional equipment are purchased. The manufacturer offers its own products for the production company – an adapter, an adapter, belts and spark plugs. When purchasing an electronic starter, a powerful compact battery is attached to it. The price of the unit varies from 60,000-75,000 rubles, depending on the region of the country. The high cost is offset by no less high quality and a 36-month warranty from the manufacturer.

In order to turn the Caiman 330 Walk injury tractor into a complete multi-functional machine, it helps the followers and hingers to get the walker motor devices.

Options for the migratory caiman

Most land allotment owners use a motor cultivator. However, this type of agricultural machinery has a narrow specialization – loosening the soil and weed ailments. The Caiman 340 motblock with a set of additional equipment turns into a full wheeled tractor that can treat the soil, perform landing and cleaning work, clean the territory and solve many household problems.

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Such domestic and foreign means of production can be connected at the tractor of Walk behavior:

  • plows. Depending on the type of soil, the Caiman Vario 70S TWK can block with 1 piece or devices with multiple blades. It is convenient to use a single body plow for laying trenches and developing the soil under the foundation pit for the foundation.
  • Pigtails. The presence of brackets and a current selection shaft makes it possible to use devices of various configurations. To mow grass, the optimal solution is to use a rotary haymaker with 2 blades. It is convenient to cut the lawns with a trimmer and a rotary device with 1 blade.
  • snow scribe. Fresh snow is removed with the front dump and spinning brushes. To clear the courtyard from heavy snow, it is better to use the Rotary Snowman with the ability to snow to 5 m. Thanks to the thoughtful design of the power plant, it can be easily started even with heavy frosts.
  • Helper. The rear hook allows to use double and single of slices and dart cakes. The cigns not only give the desired shape the beds, but also remove weeds from the soil, improving its permeability to air.
  • Sets of seedlings and harvest. This operation can be mechanized with potato adhesions and potatoes. These products allow you to plant tubers to a depth of 25 cm. The harvest is made in a strip 30 cm wide.
  • Devices to increase patency. The improvement in grip with ground is achieved by installing wheeled weight vehicles or ground hooks on the axle. For driving off-road or snow, an adapter and a set of caterpillars are used.
  • Practitioner. The Kaiman 320 Motoblock with the Subaru engine can pull off 450 kg at a speed of up to 10 km/h. Cargo trailers and passenger cars are attached to the rear hitch. The legacy devices can be equipped with brackets for hinge devices.

Reviews about the Kaiman paths show that these units are successfully used as inpatient energy source. Water pumps, electrical producers and machines for the work of wood work from the power supply. The crusher helps to get rid of tops and branches.

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The advantages of the walk tractor

In the engine of the Subaru EP 17 OHC, the sleeve consists of cast iron and the cylinder is vertical. This contributes to the even distribution of the lubrication and prevent the cylinder deformation. The cooling of the engine is forced, which prevents prolonged work even under the conditions of longer work. A special approval of the user deserves a low level of motor vibration. The power plant is manufactured with high accuracy and well stated.

All moving parts and bearings are covered with housings and sealed seals. Dust and water met them completely excluded. The unit can work under conditions of heavy dust, rain and snow. Knotes and units are made of stainless steel, they are not threatened with corrosion, even if they are stored under conditions with high humidity. The gearbox consists of hardened steel steel. It does not extend and has an almost unlimited operational resource. The drive belt is guaranteed for 1 year. His replacement is made independent.

Motoblock is compact and has a low weight. 1 person is easy with him. In folded form, the device is placed freely in the trunk or a small box on a small balcony. Kayman owners and his ergonomics are noted. The handle is regulated by 3 measurements for growth and the complexion of the employee. All control levers are at hand. An increase in the stability and functionality of the device is achieved by using axis extensions.

The product meets all security requirements. The moving parts are reliably protected by strong wings, hoods and skins. Special slices are defined on the axes, protecting the plants from stones and earth. The regulatory cables of the cables are hidden in strong boxes and channels. The seals and hoses consist of innovative materials that prevents the leak from fuel and oil. Factory lubricants do not have to be updated throughout the life of at least 5 years.

Reviews of the owners

There are many positive reviews under the reviews for the Kaiman Motor block with the Subaru engine. The configuration includes mills with patented technology with which you can plow all floors, including virgin soil. With proper use, the motor blocks of this company offer a high plowing of the earth. The owners find that it is more effective to go through only two mills, and then share a complete set of 6. This allows the engine to work with maximum power and avoid excess load.

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The owners also find that the adjustable position of the steering handle makes the work much easier. The device can be configured for any growth of the operator, and the rotation of the handle on the horizontal level enables you to walk along the still unnecessary floor from the side of the walking behavior.

You can work smoothly with a practical gang shift. They can be vice versa from each gear, since the gear is between 1 and 2.

Excellent engine operation, a minimum of vibrations. Subaru produces hig h-quality engines where breakdowns are practically excluded. In order to extend the lifespan, the oil and spark plugs must be changed regularly.

Some owners found that engine block parts are expensive. Only branded spare parts are suitable for them, which is a guarantee of long service life. In addition, this company’s motboblocks have a high-quality assembly that protects the devices from breakdowns due to kickbacks, etc.

On some models there is no current selection shaft, which does not allow the use of some fastening devices. In addition, some owners say that the capacities of Kaiman’s engine blocks are often insufficient for certain jobs, and also recommend no more than 3 acres for use in the area.

Most users are satisfied with the models of Kaiman engine blocks and use them as cultivators, mowers and snowball players.

Reviews on engine blocks and cultivators Caiman

Caiman Vario 60h

Low vibration and noise. High energy. Two programs ahead, neutral and one behind, which is very useful. I go to the place on 1st then second place. The auto-enlarged revolutions are also enjoyable when sticking to the hard range.

He is a disadvantage and his dignity is weight. For work, this is an advantage to transport a disadvantage. However, if it is easier, then this is a completely different device. Read all reviews

Caiman Nano 40k

Caiman Nano 40k

Small, light, strong, convenient for carrying.


It works in two small garden diagrams, I often transfer a car into the trunk of a folded state. Very light and manoeuvrable. First he cultivated himself, and then “tamed” the mother-in-law to process his flower beds. The Japanese 4-stroke Kavasaki gas engine consumes a little, does not choke under load. For a few years it hasn’t mattered at all. Read all reviews

Review of the Walk behavio r-tracto r-Keimgt 732 SK. Technical features, functions of operation, video and reviews

Cayman 320

Cayman 320

Pros – huge pneumatic crusts and locking differentials solve all dirt problems. By adjusting control knobs, you can adapt to any growth.

Minus – Native coups only allow you to install customized attachments. When installing a non-standard plow, I had to resort to Kulibinsky Masters.


Powerful machine. Pretty economical for its size and volume, just read all the reviews

Cayman Turbo 1000

Cayman Turbo 1000


Immediately I had to take it for repairs to read all the reviews

Caiman Neo 50s C3

Caiman Neo 50s C3

1. No need to work yourself


A very necessary technique for a personal plot. I bought myself less to wave a shovel at the mother lute in the country. He showed my mom how to start, now she’s done it herself. The little man turn s-For this reason he does not stomp in one place. Read all reviews

Caiman Terro 50s C2

Caiman Terro 50s C2

+ Lightness – 50 kg + Plowing depth – 32 cm + Maximum processing area – 1500 m² + Subaru was repeatedly heard about the reliability of the Japanese engine.

During the use of the shortcomings, I did not read all the reviews

Caiman Elite 60s D2

Caiman Elite 60s D2

1. Reverses a very necessary thing 2. Changing the speed by changing the frequency of rotation with a milling cutter (gas) 3. The average bottom is not a goat, it starts out very dry. 4. Acceptable vibration (I work in old dem i-season gloves) 5. Passing the service (oil replacement and these candles) 6. Fuel a i-92 I tank on the way to a separate canister 7. Dimension s-I translate in the trunk of the Sid SB with no problems 8. You. Read all reviews

Caiman Eco 45R C2

Caiman Eco 45R C2

working aid. Gasoline of Gasoline

The drives’ cables wear out over time. Manually redone the wheels weakly fixed on the stumps.


He has worked this contraption for himself and this guy a hundred times. With such a horrible process. Read all reviews

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