Motoblocks Hooper – reviews of models, description, reviews of owners

Motoblock Hoper and its features: review of the best models and attachments to reviews of devices + owners

Working in the garden and in the garden always requires a certain physical strength.

To facilitate the work of gardeners, small motblocks of small size from.

They are used in ploughing, harvesting and even harvesting.

The company began manufacturing engine blocks and other farm equipment in the 2000s.

From that moment on, Hoper’s engine blocks appeared on the market, and already in 2010 they became one of the rather popular among consumers.

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manufacturer and characteristics

“Hooper” is a manufacturer of garden equipment. The story began in 1991, the company began buying agricultural products and then selling them through a network of small stalls.

Today, the equipment is sold not only in our country, but also in neighboring countries.

However, in a short period of existence, motoblocks produced under this brand have become very popular and recognizable. They collect equipment in Russian industries in Voronezh, Perm and other cities.

Both foreign and domestic details are used in production. Gasoline and diesel engines are used in motoblocks.

The latter are equipped with a system of air and water cooling and gasoline only air.

The main features of the Hoper technique can be attributed to:

  • smal l-size;
  • functionality;
  • Equipment with grinder and plow (some models);
  • Fential equipment (some modifications);
  • continuous work for 4-6 hours;
  • Original, recognizable design;
  • Convenient location of all key elements;
  • Big resource engines.

These motoblocks can be used for:

  • soil solution;
  • digging fruit;
  • grass and shrubs;
  • hilling;
  • transportation of small goods;
  • Lead the territory.

Overview of the Hoper model range

Hooper allows for various farming jobs, most notably lumping up potatoes using an engine block or other method. In terms of characteristics, the lineup is similar to other options from domestic manufacturers, but there are a number of features:

  • compactness combined with functionality;
  • Each model weighs KG in a different way, depending on the configuration and its class, which allows you to choose the device in the required dimensions and weight category.
  • A number of models have a headlight for working in the dark;
  • Cast iron cylinder sleeve is often installed, which increases the duration of engine operation.
  • the design of an attractive type and a special external design;
  • The works can be done within 4 to 6 hours without interruption because of the high quality cooling system.

Important! All key items such as neck and motor mounts are in a convenient configuration that facilitates service. This moment is common for all brand models.

In this video we look at the diesel engin e-Hoper:

Each model also has its own description and instructions, in which not only characteristics are laid out, but also all the requirements for operation and maintenance. Regardless of the technology class and the selected option, all the rules of operation must be observed, since in the opposite case malfunctions and problems are possible. This is due to the fact that each model develops its own service system, which does not allow details and important elements to quickly wear out.

1000u 7b

Motoblock Hooper 1000U 7B refers to popular petrol options and has a capacity of 7 hp. The standard size of the processed area is 1 ha. The technique belongs to the middle class and has 4 speeds, including one awe. Main features:

  • easy maneuverability;
  • the presence of wide wings to protect against dirt and dust;
  • setting the depth of the bottom;
  • with a powerful engine, fairly economical consumption;
  • There is convenient management.

Important! The model is not provided for hard work. For example, it is not used in the form of a mini tractor to transport significant goods. Motoblock goes exactly like a middle class and does not differ much in capabilities from analogues.

All the main characteristics of the model range are observed, that is, the assembly is quite strong, and the duration of work of an uninterrupted nature is increased in relation to competitors.

1100 9ds

Khoper 1100 9 DS has a Lifean 177F type engine and is considered to be one of the most powerful diesel options for the model range. A feature is the ability to use both in agriculture and in construction. Advantages:

  • low noise level in the work process;
  • The presence of a crane covering the fuel supply. It is necessary for comfortable transportation;
  • A cast sleeve is used to increase durability.
  • The standard power is 9 hp;
  • Cooling was noted, which significantly exceeds the quality of the competitive system.
  • The model’s petrol analogue is 1100 9B, which has a more capacious fuel tank.
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The usual cost of the diesel option in the standard configuration does not exceed 40,000 rubles, but with additional attachments the price can vary greatly. Despite the fact that the model range belongs to the budget class, some modifications are the same with competitors.

Important! The model is considered full for creating a mini-actor and is used for work of any type, given both the required power and the ability to hide with additional equipment.

First, the diesel option gained fame due to overall reliability and economy with increased functionality.

series of motoblocks

To date, the manufacturer offers several episodes of floor processing:

  1. Khoper 900 – A range of engine blocks with petrol engines. The maximum speed of such machines is 8 km/h, the depth of processing is 15-30 cm, and the width is up to 120 cm. The models in this series are quite compact and weigh relatively little (75-90 kg).
  2. Hooper 1000 – This series is more advanced and new versions of the 900 series models. Such units can operate in areas up to 70 acres. In almost all modifications installed Lifan gasoline engines.
  3. Khoper 1050 – Even better than the previous ones, these motblocks allow you to work in areas up to 90 acres. However, their cost from the models of the 1000 series practically does not differ.
  4. Khoper 1100 – walk-behind tractors of this series are among the most powerful. You can see both diesel and petrol options. The Lifan engines installed in the units are characterized by excellent endurance and a large high resource.
  5. Khoper MT – this series is a walk behind diesel tractor. They are of the professional type, they are characterized by high performance and rather impressive dimensions.


Before operating a new two-wheel tractor or a tractor that has been in service but has not been used for a long time, it is recommended that you complete the bedding-in course to prolong the life of the unit. This applies to both diesel and petrol engines. The whole procedure will not take long.

  1. Check the oil and fuel levels and top up if necessary.
  2. The engine starts and is run at medium speed for about an hour.
  3. By regularly changing gears, you not only test the system, you also ensure that the oil is distributed evenly. Subsequently, the technique can be used at work, but without any load.
  4. The prerequisite is the oil and fuel change after running in the two-wheel tractor.

Motoblock Khoper 1000 in use:

Rating TOP-3 of the best models

location Surname Price
TOP 3 of the best models from Motoblocks Khoper
1 HÖPER 1050 C 26 000₽
2 HOPER 1000U 7B 23 000₽
3 HOPER 900 PRO 25 000₽

The best models from Motoblocks Khoper

We suggest to consider the most popular among consumers models of walk-behind tractors from the manufacturer Khoper.

HÖPER 1050 C

This walk behind tractor is a great helper for those who need to work small areas up to 1 ha. The comfortable grip makes it easy and effortless to operate the machine.

The processing depth is 15 to 30 cm, the row width is adjustable. With the Hopper 1050 C you can process both narrow and fairly wide beds.

Also, the model is equipped with a manual gearbox with three gears – two forward and one reverse. This increases the maneuverability of the device and allows a quick return to the missed section.

The Chinese-made Lifan 168MT engine is quite powerful and air-cooled.

Characteristics :

  1. Displacement – 196 cubic meters. cm.
  2. The volume of the fuel tank is 3.6 liters.
  3. Engine power – 6.50 liters. With.
  4. clutch – belt.

Advantages :

  • multifunctionality;
  • compact dimensions;
  • large pneumatic wheels;
  • comfortable steering wheel;
  • Maneuverability.

Defects :

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  • Drive belts wear out quickly.

HOPER 1000U 7B

This model is powered by a 7 hp 4-stroke petrol engine. With . This version is perfect for working areas up to one hectare.

The manual transmission is equipped with four gears – three forward and one reverse, which allows tilling the soil even in the most inaccessible places.

Comfortable steering wheel and swivel mechanism allow the operator to maneuver effortlessly. With the relief protection, you can also move the walk-behind tractor over rough terrain and off-road.

In addition, this model differs in that you can adjust the depth of tillage, which increases its functionality.

Characteristics :

  1. The volume of the fuel tank is 3.9 liters.
  2. Engine power – 7 liters. With.
  3. clutch – belt.
  4. Weight – 78 kg.

Advantages :

  • economical fuel consumption;
  • powerful engine;
  • comfortable pneumatic wheels;
  • convenient management;
  • User friendliness.
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  • Low maximum weight of the transported goods.


This model is equipped with a powerful Chinese Lifan 168f-2 engine with a displacement of 196 ccm. cm. They are ideal for the cultivation of all kinds of soil, including virgin soil.

In addition, the singl e-axis tractor is equipped with a metal holder that makes it easier to transport devices. The protective cover protects the operator from earth and stones that fly out under the wheels.

This model has excellent functionality because different attachments can be installed.

Characteristics :

  1. The volume of the fuel tank is 3.9 liters.
  2. Engine power – 6.5 liters. With.
  3. clutch – belt.
  4. Weight – 85 kg.

Advantages :

  • relatively low weight;
  • calm work;
  • long uninterrupted work;
  • Large motor resource;
  • Many types of attachments.

Defects :

  • Too bulky protective shield.


Many owners of these han d-led tractors notice the quiet run of the engine and the simple operation, but complain about inferior rubber, which quickly wears out when it is heavy, which leads to a stake in the ground.


“The most pleasant impressions of the purchase of the KHOPER 1000U 5D. At first I had to get used to the line, but after half an hour there was no trace of inconvenience. It gets along well with a light floor, but it was disappointing with thick ground because plowing was difficult. To achieve the required depth, you have to develop a job several times. After 2 years of troubl e-free use, the silent button flew off and the engine started to work much louder. If you have any questions about the operation of the models presented or want to share your impressions about the handled tractor, you can leave your comments on our website.


With attachments, you can significantly expand the functionality of the han d-led tractor of Khoper. The most important devices of this kind are:

  1. Mower. With the motor blocks produced by Khoper, mower of brands such as Belarus, Yarilo, MT3, Volodar etc. can be used.
  2. Adapter. With this device you can transform a han d-led tractor into a vehicle. A trailer with a seat, both ready and sel f-made, can also take over the function of an adapter.
  3. Grouser. With these devices you can loosen the earth. You can buy them both individually and in the set with other attachments.
  4. A plow is another common cultivation device. With the Hopper singl e-axle tractors, you can use devices of all manufacturers.
  5. Snow mill. Snow blades of size 1-1.5 meters are suitable for these hand-led tractors, both made of metal and with rubberization on the floor.
  6. Potato rolls and potato planters. Without these devices, the planting of potatoes and the subsequent harvesting is quite labo r-intensive. The same equipment can save a lot of time and effort.

Grubber petrol khoper 1000U 7b MQ, 7 l. With.


A motor cultivator is a relatively compact and inexpensive device that has recently been widespread in summer houses and in rural areas for plowing and cultivating land. The possibility of selecting additional attachments enables you to transform a seemingly simple device into a min i-tractor with the functions of a snow blower, a cleaner, a water pump, a mower and other useful and diverse functions. It will be much easier and faster for a summer resident to blow up a garden bed with an Hoper-Nachstractor or dig out potatoes than with the previous “grandfather” methods.

Modifications and properties of the Hopper engine blocks

Recommend: 67%



The young but successfully developing Voronezh company Hope has Russian roots. His successful start started in 2010 and since then the positions on the garden equipment market have only been strengthened. All capacities are located in China and there they also produce the necessary components, and detailed details are collected in Russia. For this reason, the low product costs are reached.

It should be noted that many models are copied by wel l-known devices from Zirka and Kadwi companies. Despite the fact that the costs of hope are much lower, the models are not inferior to the known brands in terms of quality. The KHOPER product line is represented by several motor block and cultivating with diesel and petrol engine. All models are characterized by reliability, assembly quality and a long service life.

Motoblock Hope 900 Pro

Motoblock Hope 900 Pro is a model of the basic series that is supposed to be small areas with medium and low dense soil. KHOPER 900 is equipped with wings to protect the current unit from dirt. The grip of the rotary mechanism simplifies maneuvering with the device.

The transmission with 3 front speeds and 1 behind. The petrol engine has an output of 6.5 hp. Petrol consumes in the amount of 1.5 l/h.

Minitor Rusich T 12 - description and properties

Cooper Clop 900 Pro Motoblok KHOPER 900 Pro Pro Coper 900 MQ

Motoblock Hope 900 MQ

The engine block is a 900 million million – refers to the basic series, but has improved properties. Developed for the soil with high density. The performance of the petrol engine is 7 hp. Small sizes make transport easier, and the quality of the assembly enables you to work for a long time without additional technical intervention. The gearbox has 3 speeds, including the rear. The start must be carried out manually.

Motoblock Hooper 1000 U

Motoblock Hope 1000 U – The model is characterized by increased maneuverability and designed for processing thick soil. The aggressive profile on wide pneumatic wheels also ensures from outside of the street. It is easy to control the tractor with the Gehg with a rotary mechanism on the handle.

A 4-stroke engine is installed, a gasoline with a capacity of 6.5 hp. In addition, the consumption is 1.5 l/h.

Motoblock Hooper 1000 at 5D

Motoblock Hooper 1000 in 5D is considered the most economical model because it is equipped with a diesel engine with a work capacity of 5 hp.

Among the advantages, the established cultivation depth, wide bikes with a convex profile, the convenience of control and the quality of high quality can be distinguished.

The gear is standard for this line and has 3 speeds. The consumption will delight every owner – 0.8 l/h.

Motoblock Hooper 1000 6D

Motoblock Hoper 1000 6d/ Hoper 1000 6DS – fills a series with diesel engines. These models are equipped with motors with a work capacity of 6 hp. And they only differ in the starting system – in one it is manual, and in the other an electrical one is added. The fuel consumption in 5D is not significantly larger than that of feters 1000 and is 0.9-1 l/h.

Hooper 1000 6DS Hooper 1000 6D

Motoblock Hooper 1050 C

Motoblock Khoper 1050 C is the best option for owners of small areas, as it has a petrol engine with a capacity of 6.5 hp despite its small dimensions. The main advantage of the tractor of walk behavior is ease and lightness of management.

A three-speed gearbox is provided with 1 rear and 2 front speeds. A set of tiller attachments included is required for cultivating work, saving the purchase of additional equipment. The ability to configure the depth and breadth of cultivation significantly increases the functionality of the unit.

Motoblock Hope 1100

Motoblock Hope 1100 – is considered a popular unit, since it is equipped with a gasoline engine with a working capacity of 9 hp. And low noise. It is designed to handle large areas of dense soil. The benefits include almost all additional equipment. A gearbox is provided with 3 speeds including 1 at the rear. The average fuel consumption varies between 2.1 and 2.3 l/h.

Motoblock Hoper 1100 9DS MQ Model 1100 9B MQ Motoblok Hoper 1100 6Ds

Motoblock Khoper 1100 9d/ Hoper 1100 9Ds – are one of the most popular models, since they work on a diesel engine and consume only 1.5 l/ h, although the engine capacity is 9 hp. The difference between the models is the presence of 1100 9ds electric starter, thanks to which it starts quickly and easily.

Reducing the clutch does not require additional technical intervention, since it differs in quality and reliability. Large wheels provide good passage in off-road conditions. The width of the processing of one row is 135 cm, and the depth is up to 30 cm, which allows you to process areas of any complexity.

Diesel Motoblocks Hopper MT

Motoblock Hoper MT 80E Motoblock Hooper Mt 100e Motoblock Hope MT-120E

  • Motoblock Hoper MT-80 E is characterized by power and large sizes, since it is designed to handle large areas with dense soil. Penny-farthings with a relief step will also perish on the viscous soil. The model is equipped with a headlight, as it can work or carry cargo even at dusk. The power of the diesel engine is 9 hp and the consumption is approximately 1.6 l/h. The undoubted superiority over other models can be considered a gearbox that has 6 front speeds and 2 rear.
  • The MotorBlock MT-100 E-Can easily replaces the tractor, as it is equipped with a 4-stroke diesel engine that has a capacity of 10 hp, although fuel consumption is only 1.6 l/h. The belt clutch is easy to maintain and reliable. Maneuverability when controlling the tractor’s walking is achieved due to the gearbox with 6 front and 2 rear gears. The presence of the headlight allows you to use the device even at night.
  • Motoblock Khoper MT-120 E Flagship model of a line of large motblocks, equipped with a powerful 12 HP engine. Despite this, the unit is very economical as it uses diesel fuel and consumes around 1.9 l/h. On the Gehund’s tractor it is easy to process large areas of dense soil. Large capacity and large wheels allow you to pass even an off-road complex. Among the advantages, an electric start, the presence of headlights and a 6-speed gearbox, in which 4 front and 2 rear are distinguished.
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All models of the presented brand are easy to use, and the designs are adapted to connect the attachment devices, which allow to significantly expand the functionality of the motblocks.

Below are the most popular attachment devices and their description:

  • The braid is for mowing herbal vegetation in the fields, personal sections, on street managers and slopes. Suitable for the harvest of grain.
  • The adapter is used to transport goods and transport the collected harvest.
  • The grinding cutter is designed in such a way that they carry out hig h-quality plows of the earth of the upper layer and are also used to combat weeds.

Below you will find photos and videos on which the tailors are assembled and how all elements are properly assembled. During the assembly, it is important not to forget that the cutting part is installed in the direction of movement.

Scheme of mill assembly

  • The wheels are contained in the basic package of all models and equipped with a deep, pronounced profile that ensures a unhindered passage on each floor.
  • Soil rooms are offered in several species and installed on a wal k-in tractor instead of bikes if the cros s-country ability is difficult due to blurred soil.
  • In some models in the basic configuration, the plow is delivered to the harrowing soil by deepening itself.
  • Snowman, dumplings. Fightingly fights with cleaning the area of ​​snow, garbage, etc.
  • Potat o-captalk/soot. Models are in different types and differ in shape. A furrow is created with the device to facilitate the planting of potatoes. During the harvest of root plants, it makes digging easier.

User Guide

Family familiarize yourself with the Lifan Engine operating instructions that are configured with almost all models of the Hoper brand by clicking on the link.

The first thing that should be checked before switching on the engine is the oil level in the tank. The use of high quality oil is an important factor that ensures the lon g-term operation of the engine. The manufacturer recommends using the SAE 30-year-old SAE 10W-30 all season. It should be taken into account that its density depends on the temperature conditions of the company.

ATTENTION! It is strictly forbidden to start the engine with full absence or insufficient amount of oil.

If the model is equipped with a gearbox, check the oil level there. The transmission also uses oil as for the engine.

It is very important to operate a motor with a clean air filter. Otherwise, the engine has a quick wear and, as a result, a reduction in the lifespan.

The fuel for each model is selected individually depending on the properties declared by the manufacturer. If the engine is gasoline, the octane number should be more than 86.


An important point for extending the lifespan of the tractor of walking is the ascent. This process does not take much time, but has a positive effect on engine operation. It consists in several phases:

  1. Check the oil and fuel level. If required.
  2. Perform the engine and let yourself work at medium speeds.
  3. Do not increase speed in the next hour.
  4. Switch the gears to test the tractor of the walk behavior.
  5. Start work without exceeding the load of the engine by more than 65 % of the maximum.
  6. Replace the oil after completing the processing process.

Motoblock Hope 900 meters at work:

Causes and elimination of errors

There are some reasons why the work of the tractor of the walking behavior has an impact. Below you will find the most important and methods for eliminating problems.

The engine power has fallen.

This often happens that a work motor that had previously had no problems loses the power supply and does not work in full force. To do this, check the following options:

  • There was a basolin pump.
  • The crankcase bowl has lost its function.
  • The appearance of soot on the cylinder or silencer.
  • The air filter failed.
  • Lack of compression. To remove this problem, you have to change the piston rings, the cylinder and the piston.

Motor does not react to start

  • The han d-led tractor stands on a slope.
  • Check fuel supply.
  • Check the quality of the air filter.
  • Constipation of the outlet in the fuel cap.
  • Check the spark plugs and cable connections.
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The engine is unstable and goes out

  • The engine has gotten a little warm.
  • The lifespan of the candles has expired.
  • Missing contact or poor seat of the wires on the candle.
  • Magnetic errors.

The failure of the gearbox occurs for several reasons, the most fundamental lubrication or the occurrence of a defect in the belt occurs if a belt transmission is installed. It also happens that the gear teeth are deformed due to excessive stress.

Cup and gear. The most common repair of the gearbox of the hand-led KHOPER tractor is to adjust the coupling. In cases where the clutch “leads”, ie when the lever is pressed to the end, the device tries to move forward, then the adjustment screw should be screwed out. If the clutch slips (when the lever is released, the singl e-axle tractor remains on the spot or makes a small speed), the adjustment screw must be attracted to the stop. After completing the setting work, the screw should be locked to maintain your position. Often, however, the setting does not help and you have to disassemble the clutch for repair.

The clutch disassembled takes place in the following order:

  1. Leave the old oil out of the housing. After you have separated the engine and the flange from the gear;
  2. Disconnect the spring from the pressure plate with a wire hook and remove it;
  3. Remove clutch fungus and all panes;
  4. With a screwdriver, remove the safety disc;
  5. Fix the position of the drum so that it does not rotate and screw the mother off the drum. An important factor is that the thread in this device is lef t-wing. Please note this when disassembling;
  6. Separate the drum.

The assembly should take place in reverse order.

Important! Check the functionality of the mechanisms and smear all parts and assemblies before the start of the field season. If thir d-party noises occur during operation, switch off the han d-led tractor immediately.

Owner reviews

A large number of ratings in the forums that deal with han d-guided tractors from Khoper agree that the equipment is reliable and can serve for many years when operating and regular maintenance. Sometimes, however, failures occur in the form of blocking the mute button. We invite you to read the ratings of the owners:


“Motoblock Khoper MT 100 E was bought 2 years ago and has not yet revealed any defects. I am glad that the car practically drives on its own, only sometimes it requires directional adjustments. In the beginning it was difficult to get used to the control, but after a while I got used to it. I think the presence of a headlight is an important plus that saves a lot in the dark. I was concerned about how much the repair of the device could cost, but so far it is not broken and the costs only fall for oil and fuel.


“We have never regretted buying a Khoper 900 Motoblock as it has become much easier and faster to plow our small area. Our device was bought 3 years ago and during this time only the mute button broke. The model is very economical, consuming only 20 liters of petrol per 10 hectares, although we fill 92 as indicated in the technical sheet. If someone thinks that this is a lot and that you can reduce consumption, then the only option is to plow by hand.”


“I bought a Hopper 900 MQ 2 years ago. Among the advantages I select a reliable and powerful engine that did not break down and economical fuel consumption. But he revealed the shortcomings in the form of a quickly erasable profile on the wheels. So they had to be replaced by others. Doesn’t do well in dense ground, so sections have to be passed several times.”


“Basically, I am satisfied with the purchase of the Khoper 1000U 5D. In the beginning it was difficult to get used to the management, but after a while I got used to it. It does well in light soil but was disappointing in dense soil as plowing was difficult. I had to go back and forth several times, but I can say that the reverse gear works! It worked fine for 2 years, but then the mute button broke and the motor started to work much louder. ”

If you have not yet decided on the choice of a suitable model and have questions, you can ask them here. If you already own the Khoper Motoblock, leave your feedback on our website.

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