Motoblocks Garden Scout, video review, specifications, owner reviews

Motoblock’s GardenScout

Garden Scout can be said to be one of the most famous brands in China. In addition, the brand’s equipment completely breaks with the created negative stereotypes about Chinese garden tools.

The company makes a variety of tools, many designed for use in harsh environments and cleaning large areas of land. During assembly, not only parts from local production are used, but also European ones.

Among the variety of equipment, Garden Scout walk-behind tractors are especially in demand, which can perform a wide variety of tasks and serve for more than a year. To understand the characteristics of this group of gardening helpers, you need to get acquainted with the most popular models.

Motoblock Scout GS15DE

Motoblock Scout GS 15 DE

The Garden Scout heavy diesel walk-behind tractor can be safely called the most productive device in the manufacturer’s model range. The machine is equipped with a 15 hp engine. with., electric starter and thermosiphon water cooling.

The option is suitable for work on construction sites up to 2 hectares. With the use of various attachments and appropriate care, the two-wheel tractor can be operated all year round. The possibility of attaching a trailer weighing up to 1500 kg is not excluded.

Technical characteristics:

  • tank capacity – 8 l;
  • weight – 310 kg;
  • cylinder diameter – 95 mm;
  • ground clearance – 20 cm;
  • Attachment width – 1000 mm.

Garden Scout will also cope with the heavy and loamy soil of the virgin plan. According to the reviews of the owners, you can work with the machine literally all day without breaks and refueling.

Motoblock Scout 81 UK

Motoblock Scout 81 DE

The device has three power take-offs, which allow it to perform a large number of different operations: belt, spline and stern gear for mounting attachments. The engine is durable and unpretentious.

Drawing of the Walk behavio r-tractor scout 81 de

Thanks to the assembly features, the walk-behind tractor can be started in a few seconds, and the parts are characterized by durability and longevity. In addition to the electric starter, the model is equipped with an internal generator that easily recharges the battery.

Technical characteristics:

  • ground clearance – 20 cm;
  • Wheels – 6” – 12′;
  • Power – 8 liters. With.;
  • trailer weight – 700 kg;
  • Cylinder diameter – 80 mm.
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The increased and reduced number of gears are shifted in a separate lane behind the stage. This property is complemented by a high-quality assembly of an automatic plan and guarantees a long service life of the Garden Scout device.

MotoblockScout 105G

The model is one of the most popular garden tools in the Garden Scout line. No wonder, because the unit is equipped with a 168FB engine, which impresses with a quick start, overhead valves and economical fuel consumption even in severe frost.

Drawing of the walk tractor scout 105g

The design, consisting of a reduction gear with a disc clutch (in an oil bath), is the most reliable and proven. 10W40 oil and special semi-synthetic gear oils are recommended.

Technical characteristics:

  • Engine power – 6.5 liters. With.;
  • tank capacity – 3.6 l;
  • piston stroke – 54 mm;
  • number of gears – 2×1;
  • Weight – 110 kg.

It is important to properly test the purchase after purchase and delivery. After three hours of operation, it is advisable to change the oil in the engine and transmission once a year.

Motoblock Scout 101 EN

Motoblock Scout 101 DE

Garden Scout diesel walk behind tractor belongs to the class of professional units. With a capacity of 11 liters. With. it consumes only 278 g diesel fuel per kilowatt load. The engine is placed horizontally and has fairly compact dimensions: 740x400x560 mm.

Drawing of the Walk behavio r-tractor scout 101 de

The loading weight can reach 700 kg, but 500 kg is considered optimal. The sump contains 5 liters, so for long and productive work you need to choose only products from well-known brands that monitor the quality of the oil.

Technical characteristics:

  • piston stroke – 90 mm;
  • engine weight – 107 kg;
  • speed – 2300 rpm;
  • processing width – 100 cm;
  • The clutch is a single disc clutch.

Proper assembly of Garden Scout guarantees a long service life, but in case of problems it will not be difficult to replace failed elements. You can use the instructions and buy components, which are often in the public domain.

Motoblock Scout 135DE

Motoblock Scout 135de

Garden Scout’s diesel technology is complemented by an air-cooled 186FE engine. The engine has an increased engine resource (up to 300 hours), which allows you to work with the device for more than a year and enjoy the high-quality performance of operations of another plan.

Sign: October 1st to 5th

Drawing of the walk tractor spy 135de

The model is famous for the proposed variety of attachments. The pump, trailer, hiller and other components are ready to turn an ordinary walk behind tractor into an engineer with any plan. Pneumatic wheels with a diameter of 12 inches guarantee excellent off-road mobility and manoeuvrability.

Technical characteristics:

  • weight – 140 kg;
  • Power – 9 liters. With.;
  • piston stroke – 70 mm;
  • Tank capacity – 5.5 l;
  • Lighting system – headlights.

Along with the Garden Scout walk-behind tractor itself, the potential owner will receive an instruction manual (presented in electronic form on our website), a set of wrenches, an active tiller and other documents.

Motoblock Scout GS12DE

Motoblock Scout GS12DE

The device is famous for its horizontal position of the engine, water cooling, electric starter and impressive weight (290 kg), thanks to which the device does not slip, but perfectly copes with patency even on virgin and loamy soils with a soft plan . The functional flexibility allows you to adapt the model to any operation.

Drawing of the walking tractor Scout GS12DE

The power of the machine allows it to be used on areas up to 5 hectares. The traction properties must also be taken into account, since a trailer weighing up to 1 ton can be attached to the device and actively operated. The engine of the Garden Scout GS12DE has proven itself and is one of the best on the market.

Technical characteristics:

  • Displacement – 815 cm3;
  • clutch – single disc;
  • ground clearance – 210 mm;
  • Start – electric starter;
  • Cooling – condenser.

With a reach of 1000 mm you can cover an impressive area quickly and efficiently. All parts used are manufactured to current standards, so with proper care the walk behind tractor will last a long time.

Motoblock Scout 81 D

Motoblock Scout 81 D.

The Land Assistant is one of the most affordable and convenient gadgets for home use. It is suitable for processing areas of up to 3 hectares. Power of 9 liters. With. allows you to perform a variety of tasks with ease and relatively quickly.

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Thanks to various attachments, the Garden Scout singl e-handed tractor can be transformed into a wood splitter, hay maker, snow blower, potato rotad, transport device, etc. The basic difference to other modifications is a particularly advantageous number of gears – 3 + 1 * 2.

Technical characteristics:

  • Trace – 850 mm;
  • Light system – far / close (headlights);
  • Cooling water;
  • Starter – manual;
  • Tank content – 6 liters.

A separate differential lock for each wheel guarantees maximum safety and excellent requirements for comfortable operation. Other pleasant moments are noise, vibrations and fuel consumption.

All han d-guided tractors from Garden Scout have many satisfied reviews and excellent functionality, so that many fans prefer affordable quality products of this specific brand.

Motoblocks Garden Scout, video review, specifications, owner reviews

From year to year, the market expands the selection of cheap small devices for garden, vegetable garden and small private households. Therefore, landowners are now facing a difficult decision: Which equipment should be bought for your own location so that it is inexpensive, but is also up to its tasks. Today we will talk about the Scout series of heavy diesel axractors-a kind of alternative to a mini-tractor.

Block engine

Scout motor blocks are equipped with water-cooled single-cylinder diesel engines. This is characterized in the title with the English letter D. The engine power depends on the model.

  • The Scout 15de is equipped with a 15 hp R195-T. With.
  • The Scout 101 DE is equipped with the R190an with 11 hp. With.
  • And with the cheapest model Scout 81 DE, the R180an with a capacity of 9 liters is installed. With.

The letter E in the name of the models indicates the presence of an electric starter and a battery. At Scout 15DE they are standard, at 101d (e) and 81 D (e) they are optionally installed – the customer has the option of rejecting a secondary function for him and reducing the costs.

ADVICE. If you want to use a singl e-axle tractor with a hand start in winter, for example to clear the snow surface with a sign, then start some lubricating oil into the inflow pipe or water into the cooler beforehand. This warms it up and makes the start easier.

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Technical characteristics

The torque from the engine to the gear is transmitted via two V-belts. The belt drive is a simple and inexpensive solution for repair and maintenance. Speed: (3+1) x 2.

  • The separate unlocking of the differential for every wheel facilitates maneuvering a heavy machine in a confined space. The reversal takes place on the spot!
  • The track width can be adjusted for all models from 60 to 75 cm. Since the singl e-axle tractor has only two wheels, it is important to choose the track widely suitable for work – the stability of the machine depends.
  • In models with an electric starter there is a mechanical amperemeter, a mass switch and an ignition switch on the dashboard.
  • Brake system of a rin g-shaped type with internal coverings.
  • Invision coupling, drying type, permanent coupling, friction type.
  • Standard wheels are 6.12 “-12”. Floor clearance 20 cm.

Installation devices for motoblock scout

Now let’s talk about what the equipment is almost useless without the equipment. It was developed by engineers especially for the Scout Bloc, and without brand information devices, it is impossible to completely uncover the potential of these machines. Bad setting equipment is the key to working with low efficiency and quick wear of devices.

Active SoiloFrez are included with all the motlocks of the scout. It carries out the surface treatment of the soil. On the expression “heavy motoblock” you could think that it is difficult and impractical for them. But on the contrary, the harder the car, the easier they are. There is also the possibility to connect the seat adapter attached from behind.

The functioning organs of the soil sellers are metal knives that are attached to rotating hubs and are closed by a protective cover and a fender. The drive of the soil graders goes through a gear shaft of the power selection. The fender protects the operator from dirt and small stones. A support wheel is installed at the back. Thanks to him, you can regulate the depth of cultivation. The turning frequency of the tailor wave depends on the revolutions of the engine motor.

Motoblock Garden King. Review of the list, properties

Plug Scout PL-15 Hyd. The shape was taken from the old horse plow and completed. It is regulated in all aircraft and even plows even the virgin country.

ADVICE. Be careful when buying Chinese plows from other manufacturers. They often acquire them because of a low price, but then they don’t know what to do-do not work for their purpose and are therefore useless.

The PH-2 Potato Gunner Scout is produced in Ukraine. It is driven by a colored ship on the clutch disc of a walks. Two eccentrics drive a knife and roar.

The corporate adapter Scout PL-35 turns a walk-in tractor into a small mini drive. The adapter duplicates the simple-moved suspension of a mini drive to which the PL-1400 or PL-3600 Scout Rake, a double PL-225 plow, PL 50 potato cards, a few Cummen top cummer and all remaining ones Trailer devices for which no drive of the selection shaft power is required. The adapter has the option of increasing a single point suspension, but not through hydraulics such as on a tractor, but by pressing the pedal or by lifting a lever with its hand.

The RM-1 rotary mower is installed on the tractor for the walking. This popular model is also located on NEVA. The mower drives the drive from the front blocks selection shaft.

In winter you can clean the territory with a dump and take out snow on the trailer. All attachments are located in the model area of ​​the scout.

So we found that the motorcycle block is generally a simple and rather unpretentious machine. Nevertheless, you need adequate care after any other technology. It is necessary to systematically carry out maintenance and only use brands and materials. You can find all of this information and many useful tips in detailed instructions in Russian contained in all the scouts.

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