Motoblocks Forza – reviews of models, descriptions, reviews of owners

Moto blocks Forza. Overview of the model range, properties, attachments, instructions

Forza walk behind tractors are in high demand among farm workers. These devices have an engine power of 6.5 hp and a weight of 76 to 115 kg, which makes them easy to handle and stable in operation.

Motoblocks Forza are manufactured at the UralBenzoTech company in Perm. The first walk behind tractor rolled off the assembly line 7 years ago and during that time they have consistently demonstrated a high level of reliability, performance and simplicity of design.

Various engines are used in the manufacture of Forza: Subaru-Robin, Briggs & Stratton, Lifan.

Robin Subaru EX17 Briggs & Stratton OHV 6.5 (5.5) engine Lifan 168F-2 engine

Let’s get acquainted with the main models of Perm Motoblocks Forza.

FZ series

This series of walk-behind tractors is a representative of the middle class and is designed for a wide range of agricultural work: cultivating, hoeing soil, weeding, ploughing, mountaining, mowing grass, transporting goods, etc.

Motoblocks Forza FZ are designed to operate on small areas up to 1 ha. Therefore, the model series only has small capacities:

  • FZ-01-6.5F (engine power 6.5 hp, manual starter, narrow herringbone tires);
  • FZ-01-6.5FE (engine power 6.5 hp, electric start, narrow herringbone tires);
  • FZ-02-6.5F (engine power 6.5 hp, manual starter, wide tires);
  • FZ-02-6.5FE (engine power 6.5 hp, electric starter, wide tires);
  • FZ-01-9.0FE (engine power 9.0 hp, electric start, narrow herringbone tires);
  • FZ-02-9.0FE (engine power 9.0 hp, electric starter, wide tires).

Forza FZ-01-65F Forza FZ-02-6.5F Forza FZ-01-9.0FE

MB series

These walk-behind tractors already have a PTO (to set the required speed for a specific job) and an oil level sensor, which does not allow starting the device without it.

These walk behind tractors are designed to work plots of 20 acres and larger.

  • MB-105/7.0 (equipped with a 7 hp engine)
  • MB-105/9.0 (motor 9 hp)
  • MB-105M (7 hp, upgraded gearbox model).

Forza MB-105M Forza MB-105/9.0 Forza MB-105/7.0

Forza MBD-105

These walk behind tractors are equipped with a diesel engine that can significantly extend the machine’s engine life. Motoblocks Forza MBD are designed for processing virgin land, harvesting and mowing grass, as well as for transporting goods.

Forza MBD-105

They have a power of 9 hp. The MBD model range includes two options for a walk-behind tractor: with an electric starter (MBD-105 / 9.0E) and with a manual starter (MBD-105 / 9.0).

Forza MBN-02-9.0E

These devices are equipped with a wheel differential. This gives Forza MBN walk behind tractors greater maneuverability and makes it easier to control the machine.

Forza MBN-02-9.0e

Large wheels 19-7 × 8 allow using the machine even in conditions of high humidity. The Forza 177FD engine with a capacity of 9 hp. Allows you to perform work with virgin lands.

Forsza mbe

This is an economical version of the tractor in walk behavior, which saves money on the purchase. But at the same time, the functionality of the machine was not affected.

Form MBE FZ-02-6.5 f

Forza MBE has a manual launcher.

The engine power and the size of the wheel can choose when buying.

Equipment not assembled

Motobobes themselves have no value. Their operational properties are manifested in connection with appendages.


This is a basic hitch used to loosen the top fertile layer of the earth.

Mills are installed instead of standard wheels.

The most popular are saber mills. Their blades are made in the form of a saber. The assembly is to combine 2 parts with screws and tighten. Next, the collected cutter is installed on a metal axis. This technology has been used for many years.

Cultivator of the Meal Cutter “Goosepaw”

The “goose legs” are considered a newer option for the side hog block cutters. They are a tube on which metal pins are welded and triangular plates are installed at their end.

This option is capable of cultivating any type of land at a depth of 25 cm. At the same time, wear resistance suffers as the pins often fly off in a collision with a large rock or other large hard object.

And here is a video about grinding the soil with a tiller cutter:

This is a universal device, the most popular when working with the Forsu Motoblock. The main task of this attachment equipment is plowing.

For the optimal work of plowing, it is necessary to make a shallow first ditch, then put a wheel in a pair of glasses, lower the plow and continue to work. When the second ditch is made, the first is buried.

It is also convenient to use the plow when planting agricultural crops, when a ditch is made, and then crops sit there and dig.


Forza engine blocks can help mowing grass with mowers. This can clear the existing site of weeds or virgin lands before plowing. Mitch is often used to make hay for the winter or for shading grass for livestock.

Segmented mower rotor – Gehrer

Rotor braids work due to rotating knives that rotate and expand under the influence of centrifugal force. These models can work with low grass on any surface.

Segmented mowers cut grass through two paintings with knives moving alternately towards each other. With this model you can also cut small shrubs. However, due to their design, segmented mowers can only be used on a flat field.

Potato and Potato Cap

The most voluminous work in the gardens is associated with planting and digging potatoes. For the automation of this process, an Outhoog Walk behavior tractor with suitable attachment equipment is suitable.

The potato dweller has the following principle of operation: the plow is in front, then after a certain period of time, the conveyor belt delivers potatoes from the tank, and two cigns are buried behind.

The most common potatoes

Potato resident engine block KSMB potato switch KKM-1

Ekopalka is a roar. It works according to the following principle: The active knife at the front cuts the floor together with the tubers, then it falls on the roar (stee l-vibrating rods), where the earth is broken and the potatoes remain on the surface.

Snowman and shovel depression

In the winter season, the Forz Motoblock can help with special fastening equipment.

The snowman is a console with a pulley that selects snow. Then it comes to the rotating rotor, where the snow goes into the channel and led to the side. The snow area is about 10 meters.

The video shows the work of a snow track with a tractor for walks:

If there is no way to buy a full snowman, you can use the usual dump of a lopata. This device is a sheet of metal curvature and is located at an angle. If you work with a dumplings for a walk-in overhead line, you can also perform sand grains.


The Forsz Motoblock can help with a trailer.

A seat is installed in front of the trailer with which the owner can conveniently control the device.

Sel f-Real supporters are good in that you can unload the trailer with a simple climb.

Forza 2m trailer

If you have to transport firewood or metal pipes, you can use long trailers on 4 wheels.

When choosing a trailer, pay attention to the maximum traction of walking behavior and the hook of the trailer.


Working with the walk across the Forz is physically very exhausted because it is necessary to walk on foot around the walk and steer it. For this reason, a quick tiredness occurs.

Adapter behind

Adapter help to make this work easier. They let the walk have a walk. At the bottom of the adapter there are stands for the legs and manual brakes.

Wheels and caterpillars

The permanent wave invites its customers to choose the size of pneumatic tires: 4 × 10 (“Christmas tree”), 4 × 10 (highway) or 19-7 × 8.

Everyone has a high profile that makes movement uphill or on damp soil.

Problems occur in winter when it is necessary to move in the snow. It is therefore better to use caterpillars instead of pneumatic bikes. They increase the clutch area with the surface.

Cryps are ideal for transporting goods in the snow.

Mas s-rooms

In summer it makes no sense to use caterpillars because they will loved the earth. Therefore, you can use special floor surfaces instead of pneumatic tires.

This device is a metal edge. Instead of a profile, use metal plates that were built by a Christmas tree.

When moving the tractor of walking, soil are included in the floor and continue to press the car.


If there is no desire to deal with primers, you can simply give an additional weight for the Forza Motor note. Then its weight becomes more stable and the handle with the floor increases.

Factory weights are generated in the form of pancakes and hung on a wheel axle.

User Guide


So that the boots of the walk behavior have as much time as possible, it must be used correctly and waited.

  • It is necessary to use an engine block only for its intended purpose.
  • You cannot change the factory settings or execute a R e-Beeters equipment yourself.
  • It is forbidden to be close to the rotating parts of the Forz or Naval equipment for the fort.
  • Before the maintenance begins, the device must have cooled.
  • Only official attachments should be used, otherwise the fur coat can fail.
  • Visually, check the details of the machine for wear or its unnatural position before each output.
  • After every work, it is necessary to clean the tractor of the grass, leaves and dirt to prevent the fire when the engine heats up.
  • The contact of the device with water is prohibited because the jamming of mechanisms, especially for control buttons, can occur.
  • After a walk, replace the engine oil every 20 hours after the operation. It is necessary to use lubricant from the 10W-30 series.
  • The gear oil should be changed every 100 hours. It is recommended to use TAP-15V, TAD-17i or their analogues.
  • After 300 operating hours, air filters must be replaced, check the condition of the spark plugs and set the coupling cable.


The main thing is to use the Forza motor block correctly. Another power of the device depends on the assembly and the first motorized operating hours.

The assembly should be clearly in accordance with the instructions for use.

Immediately after the assembly, the use of walking behavior is not allowed at full power, since the oil has not yet driven through the entire system and the motor details have run in. This is a procedure if the Forz Motoblock is used in half of the maximum performance. It is an ideal option to drive with an empty trailer if the engine motor is slightly loaded.

Then you can start operating with half the maximum performance. If, for example, the plow can be dipped into the ground by 18 cm, only 9 should be included when running.

The main disorders

How carefully the owners did not treat the Forsz Motoblocks, they regularly fail due to different circumstances. Therefore, you need to know how to eliminate simple malfunctions.

If the engine does not start, these are the main reasons and opportunities to solve the problem:
  • Check the presence of fuel;
  • Configure the position of the water;
  • Check the light of the ignition and wires to see if there is a spark.
  • The air filter blocked;
  • Water came in gasoline;
  • Garbage climbed into the fuel tank;
  • Configure the right mix in the carburetor.
Motoblock Forza has started badly:
  • Adjust the position of the water;
  • Clean the air filter;
  • The light of the ignition is unusable or in contact with it;
  • A bad fuel was used.
The engine is very hot:
  • Inadequate oil or its low level;
  • Ventilation or engine was contaminated;
  • A foreign object fell into the silencer.

Comparison of Forz and Neva

These two motoblock models are about a price segment. Their properties are similar.

Forza FZ-01-65F Motoblock “Neva” MB2 GX-200

  1. NEVA has a model with the Honda GX-220 engine. Forza doesn’t have it.
  2. The weight of the devices in different models is approximately the same, based on the engine output.
  3. Street freedom and track width are the same.
  4. In the NEVA, the gearbox for 6 supplies and for Forsza is mainly designed for 3.
  5. They work with identical attachments associated with a universal trailer coupling.
  6. Based on the reviews, a better meeting of the NEVA.


There are many reviews of Overza Motoblocks in the network. The owners determine simplicity in management, the gearbox of high quality, unit flow and minor fuel consumption.

Artem writes:

“I used a tractor for walks in the third year. During this time he replaced about 4-5 belts and also changed oils (I use Lukoil 10W-40). In winter, at minus 30 ° C, it starts from the third time.

Advantages: great power, reliability, simple maintenance (2 keys are sufficient to disassemble the entire tractor of walking)

Disadvantages: The belts are sometimes summarized at the worst moment. “

Maxim writes such a review:

“This model has an improved gear that extends the lifespan of the tractor of the walk behavior. It was important to me because I bought a device for constant use. In a year and a half I can draw the following conclusions:

Professionals: It starts easy, consumes little fuel, not “glass”, does a large amount of work, now I can’t imagine it without it.

Disadvantages: There was a collapse for everything and then my guilt, cast butter and did not notice it. “

Motoblock Forza (9 PS): Reviews of the owner

Motoblock Forza (9 HP): Owner reviews

Motoblocks of the Forza brand – products from the Perm production company Uralbenzotech, Perm. This company puts together benzo and diesel tools: motoblocks and chainsaws from components of Chinese production; Sell ​​tracks and attachments, spare parts to you. The company has been collecting and selling motor blocks under the Forza brand since 2010. Various engine production engines are used in the production of these motor blocks, including: Subaru-Robin, Briggs & Stratton, Lifan.

In the current price list of the company 42 models from Overza engine blocks for the VOM and 15 models of overza engine blocks with cunelar transmission. They differ in the engine output (in the range from 6.5 to 15 hp), wheels, mass species, type of starter (electrical electrios or manual), the presence or absence of differential.

In the belt motor, the torque for active sound devices from the engine is transmitted using the wedge interest. In a walk tractor with the (power selection wave), the drive mechanism of the fastening equipment is connected to the gear using a slot shaft. Of course, this increases the reliability of work and durability when operating both the most important agricultural protection and the additional devices for this. But motoblocks are also worthwhile as a belt.

The guarantee that the manufacturer provides for these products is 12 months from buying a tractor for walks. It is only provided for the main product module (motorcycle unit). It does not appl y-for interchangeable, quickly significant devices for this product and for information that occurred due to the improper operation of the walk.

Forza engine blocks with a capacity of nine horsepower are shown in the MB series (FZ (petrol) under WOM). MBE / MBN (petrol, belt, business class) and MBD (diesel).

Forz MB / FZ

This is a number of mi d-range petrol engine, in which 9 strong engines are the most powerful (6.5 and 7 are also shown strongly). Motoblocks are equipped with a power selection wave to determine the required number of revolutions for certain work. As well as oil level sensors that do not allow the agricultural gentleman. These motoblocks are designed in such a way that they work with areas of 20 acres.

Forza MB/FZ

  • MB ECO LD 105 9.0 – with wheels 5*10, power selection, manual starter, gear, disc coupling, differential, gas tank of 3.6 liters with a weight of 121 kg. Number of speeds: 2 – forward, 1 – back. Val Frasing: Hexagon S32. Width / depth of processing: 800-1350 / 150-300 mm.
  • There are also options for this model with more powerful bikes 5*12, 19*7*8, and they are more expensive. And another change
  • MB ECO LD 105 9.0 – What will cost the buyer cheaper with wheels 4*10.
  • MB Forza 105m 9.0-has similar equipment and properties, with three exceptions-a six-liter petrol tank, no differential and cutting wave: S24-sign. This model is also on the market with different wheel sizes. There is also an option with a 3.6-liter gast tank: MB Forza 105 9.0.
  • MB ECO 105 9.0 is a simpler and cheaper version of the MB ECO LD 105 9.0 model, without differential, but with a 6-liter petrol tank instead of 3.6 liters. Also available with three different wheel sizes.

Forza MBE / MBN

Forza MBE / MBN

This is a variant of the MB / FZ series, the hand-led tractors of the Economy class with V-belt transmission, without a tap wave and without an oil level sensor. Below models of hand-led tractors are equipped with a 9-horsepower 177FD petrol engine and are presented in the following versions:

  • MBE FZ-01-9.0 FE-with 4 * 10 wheels, milling, a headlight, a 6-liter gast tank, an electric and manual starter with a weight of 115 kg. Reducer: chain drive. Cup: V-belt transmission. Width/depth of processing: 720-1200/300 mm. Number of speeds: two – forward, two – back. Cycle axle: socket 30 mm.
  • MBE FZ-02-9.0 FE-has similar technical properties, differs only in the size of the wheels: 19 * 7 * 8.
  • MBN FZ-01-9.0 FE-with 4 * 10 wheels, similar technical properties, but also with differential.
  • MBN FZ-02-9.0 FE-with wheels 19 * 7 * 8, similar technical properties and the presence of a differential.

About the Motor Forza FZ 177 FD

The Chinese petrol engine Forza FZ 177 FD is an air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engine with hanging valves and a work volume of 270 cm³. Its total dimensions are: Length: 515 mm × width 420 mm × height 470 mm. This is an engine with a third-party horizontal crankshaft, with a transistor magic termination system and with a mechanical speed controller. 9 HP is its maximum output at 3600 rpm. The maximum torque is achieved at 3000 rpm.

About the Motor Forza FZ 177 FD

The cylinder diameter is 77 mm. The piston stroke is 58 mm. Shaft diameter: 25 mm. Ignition: magnetic, electronic. Compression: 8.2: 1. The engine can be started both by hand and electrical stars. The minimum consumption is 374 g of petrol/kWh. The actual fuel consumption in the company is 2.5 to 2.9 liters of gasoline per hour. The weight of the Forza FZ 177 FD engine is 26.5 kilograms. The engine is lubricated with motor oil qualities SAE 10W-30, 20W, 30W. The noise level during engine operation is 80 dB (A). Forza FZ 177 FD engines are also used for motor pumps, culprit, lawnmowers and generators. From a constructive point of view, this engine is an exact copy of another Chinese engine for han d-led tractors – Lifan 177 FD, a fairly reliable and proven option for compact petrol vehicles.

Forza MBD

This is a number of han d-led tractors with diesel engines that have an extended work resource compared to gasoline engines.

MBD ECO 105 9.0-with 4 * 10 wheels, a tap wave, a hand starter, a reduction gear, a disc coupling, a 3.5-liter guest tank with a weight of 121 kg. Number of speeds: 2 – forward, 1 – back. Knife wave: S32 hexagon. Width / depth of processing: 800-1350 / 150-300 mm.

Forza MBD

There are more expensive variants of this model: equipped with an electrical starter, 5 * 12 wheels.

The manufacturer does not provide any information about the brand of the diesel engine and its detailed technical properties.

Motoblocks Forza (9 HP): Operating experience

In general, inexpensive and multifunctional Chinese Forza tractors of the Permic Assembly were generally received positively by the majority of their buyers – rural residents and summer residents. With rather low metal quality, these agricultural devices nevertheless perform well and reliability in seasonal use on small plots. The hard and tiring work of soil processing before sowing is much easier and faster, without annoying failures and downtime. The design is classic, tested and verified, the assembly of high quality, the versatility high.

9-strong hand-led Forza tractors can be easily aggregated with drawn and assembled agricultural devices from different types. These are tunnels, potato planters on tunnels, cutting grass tits of different types, potato roters with trailer coupling, hill and jätmaschinen, plows, eggs, carts, mower. It is possible to equip them with adapters that almost raise the han d-led tractor to the level of a min i-tractor. After all, you don’t have to run after him and go in the right direction with the muscle strength of the technology, while the lower back and the back are heavily loaded.

Motoblocks Forza (9 HP): Operating experience

Motoblock Forza is equipped with a fairly strong, resistant to mechanical stress and damage to the handlebar, which bears the controls. It can be folded together for easy transport and has two different positions to facilitate your workflow. The han d-led tractor is equipped with a forward clutch stopper, which is supplemented with stretch marks for a simple setting; Protection against cutter knives (additional protective wing). The speed is changed simply with a tilting switch between the handles.

The operating experience clearly shows that the han d-led tractors from Forza have a complete interchangeability of all parts and assemblies with the common, common han d-led tractors from Kaskad and Oka. This refers to the parts of the gear (chain, shaft, chain wheels) and the parts of the coupling (straps, straps, levers). Frame and gearbox have a high degree of versatility-here, if necessary, any other single-cylinder engine for single-axle tractors can be installed.

Motoblocks Forza (9 HP): Operating experience

The engine oil volume in the crankcase is 0.6 liters. The engine oil has to be changed: the first time – after 20 hours of operation, then – every 100 hours of operating hours of the singl e-axle tractor. The volume of the gear oil pan is 1.7 liters. The oil recommended for this device must be 80W90. It is recommended to change the oil every 100 operating hours of the singl e-axle tractor.

Motoblocks Forza are equipped with two types of air filters: a “wet” filter (in an oil bath) or a paper filter. In order to prevent the carburetor malfunctions, it is necessary to regularly clean the air filter. The paper filter should be cleaned every ten operating hours and replaced every 50 hours of operation. The “wet” air filter (oil change in the glass) must be cleaned every 20 hours of operation. Do not start the engine without air filters: This significantly accelerates the wear process.

Motoblocks Forza (9 HP): Operating experience-02

There are many statements and ratings from Forza owners on the net with a power of nine horsepower. All owners notice the simple operation, a hig h-quality reinforced gearbox and a low fuel consumption of a han d-led tractor. Each of the models presented starts well even in cold weather. Of course, there are more problems with cheaper straps and they occur more often. According to one of the users, he exchanged the straps 4 or 5 times during the three operating sites. The hand-led Forza tractor can be combined easily and easily with a complete set of drawn (snow-sore growing devices, sickle mowers, trough dumpers) and attachments (stollen, plows, hiller, potato rotoders, cutting devices)-both from Uralbenzotech, and hand-led tractors from other brands . He does so much work that he quickly becomes an integral part of her farm.

The cost of Forza engine blocks with an output of 9 hp

In the official online shop of the company “Uralbenzotech”-“Forza Market”, the following sales prices for hand-led Forza tractors with 9-horsepower engines are given: MBE FZ-01-9.0 FE-37,873 rubles. MBE FZ-02-9.0 FE-40,157 rubles. MBN FZ-01-9.0 FE-39,144 rubles. MBN FZ-02-9.0 FE-40.663 rubles. MB ECO LD 105 9.0 – 43.805 rubles. (with wheels 4*10); Grate 45 001. (with wheels 5*10); Rub 46.002 (with wheels 5*12); Rub 46.428 (with wheels 19*7*8). MB Forza 105m 9.0 – 32.864 Ruble. (with wheels 4*10); Rub 33,715 (with wheels 19*7*8). MB ECO 105 9.0 – 32,791 Rubel. (with wheels 4*10); 34 342 rub. (with wheels 19*7*8); RUB 33.713 (with wheels 5*10); Rub 34.421 (with wheels 5*12). MBD ECO 105 9.0 – 43.489 Rubel. (with wheels 4*10); RUB 51.053 (with wheels 4*10 and electrical starter); RUB 52.249 (with wheels 5*10 and electrical starter); RUB 53.251 (with wheels 5*12 and electrical starter); Rub 46.112 (with wheels 19*7*8); Rub 53.676 (with bikes 19*7*8 and electrical starter).

In general, the han d-guided tractors of Forza are characterized by their affordability, reliability, advanced design, hig h-quality workmanship and simple operation. An extensive range of attachments helps to transform motor blocks of this Forza brand into multifunctional agricultural units.

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