Motoblocks Forz Mk 75 F. Review, characteristics, reviews

Motoblocks Forz Mk 75 F. Review, characteristics, reviews of the owners

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Motoblocks from Forz Mk 75 F are manufactured in the Uralbenzotech Enterprise, the products of which are marked by high assembly and a low price.

Technical characteristics

Engine: Forza 168f-2
Perfomance: 6.5 hp / 4.8 kW
Starter: Manual
Reducer: Chain equipment
Cup type: Brishmous equipment
The dimensions of the packaging (DHSHHV): 580x405x740 mm
Width/depth of processing: 850/350 mm
Tank content: 3.6 L
Weight: 52 kg
Number of speeds: 1 forward, before 1 before 1
Val Frasing: Sleeve d = 30 mm

Functions of the application

Motoblocks of the Forz Mk 75 F are designed for operation with a soft floor in a range of up to 1 ha.

Thanks to the sound devices, you can automate a wide range of agricultural work:

  • Plow,
  • Grind,
  • Extension,
  • shaken and hilling,
  • Grab, plant potatoes.

Video evaluation of the trench potatoes with a wal k-behavio r-Schock Forz Mk 75 f:


The Forza 75 F block has a wedg e-protected transmission program.

A device is started with a hand starter.

The motor cultivator is equipped with a 4-stroke petrol engine with air cooling with a capacity of 6.5 hp.

Forza Mk 75 F

The weight of the device without hanging devices is approximately 71 kg.

All control levers are carried out on the control handle so that you can configure the Forsa MK 75 F directly during operation.

User Guide

Before you start using the Forza MK 75 f-Wal k-Wal k-Schweierchung engineer, you should examine the instructions for use. The leadership describes: Assembly sequence, drawings, rules of the first start, execution and service, security precautions, etc.

The electronic version of the document is available on the link.


The Forza Mk 80 F Motoblock is unpretentious in maintenance. Below you will find the basic rules for the care of this device:

  • Before the start of the work, it is necessary to warm up the engine and a visual check of the motor cultivator.
  • It is impossible to operate the fur layer with adhering dry leaves, grass or the remains of the lubricant on the engine. This can lead to fire;
  • All hinges with cutting elements should be stored cleanly.
  • It is necessary to carry out preventive work in accordance with the recommendations of the operating instructions.
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Video reviews

An example of potatoes by the Forza Motor cultivator:

Description of the plowing process:


In the following you will find reviews of the Wal k-Hinge Breast of Forz 75 F. You pay attention to the performance of the unit, the quality of the assembly and the low fuel consumption.


“An ideal assistant for my country side. I often translate the goods with this device, it is not bad, but it often enables the rain. You have to use soil and rooms, then excellent.

Advantages: small fuel consumption, low weight and excellent performance.

Description of the Motobobobe Forz MK-75. Motor type, model functions, purpose

Forza MK-75 is a universal unit for the implementation of garden, land, land, land and field work in small and medium-sized areas. The device is designed in such a way that land allocations are treated with an area of ​​up to 60 acres.

Motoblock Forza MK-75

If the operation is properly operated, the tractor for the hike can carry out all soil processing work:

  • Plow;
  • Cultivation;
  • Hilling;
  • Loosening;
  • Now;
  • Mulchen;
  • Sowing;
  • Harvest work;
  • Irrigation;
  • Ditch;
  • The grass for harvesting hay or cutting weeds.

Forza MK-75 can not only be operated by owners in the household in the warm season. In winter, this unit can also be operated to clean snow. The snow crazy is used for snow removal, a shovel or a snowman. The device is equipped with a functional powerful engine, there is an electronic ignition function.

Motoblock Forza Mk 75 F

The parameters of the Forz MK-75: one-cylinder-four-racket piston group. The engine power is 7 hp. Reinforced neck of a bar. The unit releases a low noise level and can be used in city parks by owners in residential areas in kindergartens, summer huts, for example for cutting lawns in combination with a rotary mower. Farmers show reviews that the wal k-in tractor has a high motorcycle tour and that it can work without switching off to 3 hours.

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Technical features of the Forz MK-75

The most important technical features of the Forza MK-75 motorcycle lock:

  • Pachot depth 28 cm;
  • Cultivation distance 80 cm;
  • There is no power wave;
  • Si x-peculiar axles for attaching wheels, mills or soi l-bearing;
  • Motor volume 212 cm cubes;
  • Chain gears, belt rhesion, a fuel tank with 3.6 liters;
  • The noise level of 96 dB output;
  • Motor block weight 75 kg;
  • Number of programs: 2/1;
  • The guarantee period is 12 months.

Functions of the application

Forza MK-75 engine block equipment:

  • Wheels 4×8 (2 PCs);
  • Cleaned cutters, set – when installing a complete sentence, it is possible to expand the cultivation width to 90 cm.
  • Fastening elements in the kit;
  • Instructions for the engine;
  • Instructions for the tractor of the walk behavior;
  • The handle is removable;
  • Protective wing.

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Features of the Forz MK-75 model:
  • Extended gear, aluminum housing of the gear;
  • Hexic wave for the comfortable and close installation of grinding or wheels;
  • Camp with a longer lifespan;
  • The traction of the chain 175 kgf;
  • a large selection of hinge devices (plow, cummer, cart, shovel, Harrow, mowing, rake, voroshilka and others);
  • Universal coupling for the assembly of attachments before the hiking loss tractor;
  • The back of the P-Line, reinforced, withstands the weight of the invited trailer (the capacity of up to 350 kg);
  • Reinforced attached frame of a walk behavior;
  • compact units;
  • Oil type for the engine: Sae 30;
  • Oil for the gearbox: gearbox TAD-15, slippers 17.
The frequency of the engine block service:
  • Maintenance after running (after 20 to 25 mothers);
  • once a season before the start;
  • Before winter camp;
  • Daily inspection of damage and malfunctions.

Video check of the work of the Motobobok Forz MK-75

Video about planting potatoes with the Forz MK-75 Walk-Hinde tractor

Reviews of the owners

Eugene, Perm:

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“I bought such a forz two years ago, I don’t regret it, invested funds.

Of the shortcomings: of improper surgery by my guilt, the belt was freaked out very quickly. The knowledgeable people prompted and completely free, as you remember, helped repair it.

Advantages: Very compact dimensions for the garden – what is needed, I fill it with normal gasoline, that for the generator.

Now, two years later, I know my walk tractor, I know how I can handle it properly, because before buying I was not particularly friends with garden equipment. I plan to buy another Rotary mower to cut lawns. So far we have been reset to the services of a gardener in our country village with our neighbors, but if I buy a mitch, I will take care of the garden myself. I don’t need it for special agricultural zada, but after I found out what happened, it was easier to take care of plants in the garden. I made an excellent assessment of the Forz MK-75 model! I hope the evaluation will be useful for such summer residents as me! “

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