Motoblocks Foreman – reviews of models, descriptions, reviews of owners

Should I buy a Prorab walk-behind tractor: owner reviews, types, equipment

Motoblock Foreman (Prorab) is suitable for work in summer cottages, in the fields and in gardens. This product of the brand of the same name is distinguished by the ratio between price and quality, as evidenced by the reviews of the owners. Users note that advanced technologies are used in walk-behind tractors, most of which are automated. Before hand-held tractors are released for sale, manufacturers test them carefully.

Technical characteristics of the Foreman walk behind tractor

Motoblock from the Prorab company consists of such elements as:

  • Transmission;
  • Engine;
  • framework;
  • Wheels;
  • reducer.

Consider the technical characteristics of the Foreman walk behind tractor. The gearbox of the cultivator is composed of high-quality parts and has several speeds.

For sale are both a diesel walk-behind tractor Prorab and a petrol tractor, which differ in power and performance.

The gearbox has a body thickness of 2 mm, which is 0.5 mm more than other brands of multi-cultivators.

The drive belt is made of parts from the Japanese company Fuji, which guarantees long-term operation and high performance of the equipment.

Milling cutters are made of resilient steel with a high blade thickness that allows you to work on any soil.

The walk-behind tractor is equipped with an electric start system, it is possible to use attachments. The cultivator has a compact size, which makes it easy to work in various field and garden conditions. A heavy machine will not handle many areas of the field, especially where trees grow. To solve such problems, a lightweight compact walk-behind tractor Prorab was developed, which can be used year-round in areas with different coverage. Thanks to the large wheels and practical design, the device moves perfectly on loose ground, stones and hard ground.

Motoblocks are sold with a large number of additional parts included in the basic package. Attachments, which the company produces for multi-cultivators, are represented by:

  • Plow;
  • Cutter;
  • Armchair;
  • extra wheel.

There are also other attachments for sale:

  • Stollen;
  • Hiller;
  • Potato diggers;
  • Harrow;
  • double or triple plow;
  • Follower;
  • Cutter;
  • Steel snow plow.

These parts are purchased separately by the user when it becomes necessary to carry out specific work on the construction site or in the garden. A feature of the equipment is that parts are manufactured by the Prorab company. This means every part is of high quality, high performance and superb assembly.

Types of walk behind tractors Foreman

The company produces several types of cultivators for gardening and field work, differing in power, power and other characteristics. Among the popular models in demand among buyers, it is worth noting:

    The motor block Prorab GT 80 RDK is a universal multigrubber with a diesel engine. The device is equipped with an 8-speed gear, 2 of which are forward and 6 forward. This allows the user to set the optimal speed that is 12-17 km/h. The basic equipment wheels have a diameter of 660 mm, there is a halogen lamp, a reduction gear. The parameters of the han d-led tractor are very compact: height 1250 mm, width 890 mm, length 2180 mm, weight 230 kg. The Motoblock Prorab GT 80 RDK is not difficult, it moves slightly on the floor. This is made possible by the buil t-in fou r-stroke engine, which has water cooling. The engine runs with diesel fuel. The engine output is 8 hp, the tank contents 5.5 liters.

Pruning grapes in the middle belt

PRORAB GT 80 RDK engine

Engine block Prorab GT 709 SK

Engine block Prorab GT 732 SK

Engine block Prorab GT 701 SK

Engine block Prorab GT 750

The package includes:

  • Protective wing;
  • pneumatic bikes;
  • Schar;
  • Missing milling mounds.

The manufacturers use parts from the Newa to clutch of multigrubberns. There are models with larger engines. The han d-led tractor foreman is, for example, 13 l or 10 l, so that you can work for a long time without refueling. The prices for Grubber vary. The costs depend on the performance and configuration as well as the availability of attachments.

Owner reviews

Inexpensive and reliable agricultural machinery from the Prorab brand are very popular with Russian summer residents and farmers. Numerous owners’ reviews in the forums as well as photo and video reviews will help you get a complete picture of these handled tractors.

Consider the positive and negative customer reviews of several models from Prorab-Benzingrubbern separately.

  1. Foreman GT 709 SK – The model has proven itself in summer residents and gardeners who notice its reliability, simple operation and economy (the device consumes about 1.5 liters of gasoline per hour of operation). You can buy a new hand-led tractor for 21-25,000 rubles, which is more than acceptable. The minus points of a motor cultivator include: Fast wear of the local air bikes, inferior body metal and the impossibility of plowing new ground without using bike weights.
  2. The Foreman GT 712 SK is an inexpensive and powerful singl e-axis stracer that leaves a positive impression. According to the owners, it is manoeuvrable and quite easy to handle, and the weight of 95 kg enables the plowing of new ground with the help of an cultivation plow. Another advantage of this moto r-grubber is the compatibility with attachments from other brands (OKA, Cascade or Neva). The disadvantages of the model include defective assembly (all cables are not set, the screws are not tightly dressed) and the frequent appearance of oil leaks in the cast iron gear.
  3. The Foreman GT 750 is a multifunctional heavy device that is characterized on small farms. With its help, they successfully “raise” virgin ground, cultivate the soil and cultivate beds and fields with vegetable cultures, plants and harvesting potatoes and drive a loaded cart over rough terrain. The model is reliable and economical after the ratings, it starts quickly, the vibration on the steering wheel is practically not felt. The han d-led tractor is compact and fits the trunk of a car (e.g. Lada Kalina Kombi). The disadvantage of the car is that the owners look at its rather great weight, so that only a strong man can handle it.
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Do you use a han d-guided tractor from Prorab? Share your opinion about the work of your model in the comments.

Overview of the series of han d-led tractors foreman. Description, properties. Types of attachments

Prorab brand on the market in 2005. The company is part of the A-class holding. More than a thousand types of equipment are produced under the Prorab brand – construction and power tools, various agricultural equipment, walk-behind tractors, cultivators, mini-tractors, trimmers.

Prorab devices are an amateur class category, widely known and in great demand in private, small operations, characterized by an optimal combination of price and quality.

Description of the model series

The design of the Foreman engine blocks is characterized by reasonable simplicity, inexpensive maintenance and reliable operation. The devices are adapted to different operating conditions throughout the year. Prorab cultivators and walk-behind tractors are represented by units with a power of 2.2 hp. up to 13 hp

  • In the Prorab family of cultivators and walk-behind tractors there are modifications with gasoline, diesel and electric engines, characterized by high engine power.
  • High-quality gears offer a wide range of options for the speed ranges of machines.
  • A convincing feature is the gearbox: the thickness of the case walls is 2mm (typically 1.5mm for other manufacturers), high-quality components and assembly.
  • Electric start models are available.
  • Drive belts from Fuji (Japan) are used for the drive transmission in many models of Prorab walk behind tractors.
  • Soil cutters are made of high quality spring steel.
  • Motoblocks Prorab is available aggregated with a wide range of attachments.
  • Thanks to large pneumatic wheels, good stability of the machines is ensured, the ability to move on difficult surfaces.
  • Compact dimensions allow the devices to work successfully in limited spaces in the garden, in greenhouses and on difficult terrain.

petrol models

The equipment with petrol engines is represented by engine cultivators with a narrow profile and different capacities and universal Prorab engine blocks, which are sensibly combined with additional attachments.

Cultivator foreman

The line is represented by light and medium modifications. Motor cultivators Prorab GT 22 have a small mass of 14-15 kg, power 2.2 hp, are designed for light surface preparation with a working width of 38 cm, mounting attachments on cultivators is not provided.

The middle group of cultivators includes the GT 40T and GT 55T models with an output of 4-5.5 hp, as well as the Prorab GT 65 BT motorized cultivator with an engine output of 6.5 hp. These units are more productive, they can work soils with a working width of 38 cm to 85 cm to a depth of 20-33 cm and are equipped with a gearbox with 1 forward speed and 1 reverse speed.

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Series 700 7 hp

This group includes several models of Prorab walk-behind tractors: GT 701 SK, 705, 709, 710, 715, 718, 721, 750. The machines have a power of 7 hp, a gearbox with gears 2 forward / 1 reverse (e.g. the GT 750 SK modification – 4/2), are equipped with six-piece cutterbars with 4 knives and large pneumatic wheels with an agricultural profile.

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The modifications differ in some technical features: motor brand (Briggs & Stratton, Longcin, Subaru, Prorab) and tillage parameters: depth of soil in the range of 10-30 cm, width of the edited soil 80-100 cm These hand-led tractors from Prorab are for processing Complex floors designed on surfaces of 20 to 40 hectares and optimally aggregated with various attachments.

Motoblock Foreman GT-709 SK Motoblock Foreman GT701 SK Motoblock Prorab GT-710 SK

Singl e-axle tractors with heavy gasoline

Motoblocks Prorab GT 732 SK, GT 742 SK belong to the heavy class, equipped with a thre e-speed gear 2/1, designed for operation on large areas of up to 2 hectares.

Comparative features of the models are shown in the table:

Model, indicators Prorab GT 732sk Prorab GT 742SK
Horsepower 9 13
Processing depth, cm 10 30
Processing width, cm 105 135
Fuel consumption, l/h 2.1-2.2 2.8-3.0
Weight (KG

Diesel and axle tractor Prorab

The han d-led diesel tractors foreman GT 80 RDK, 100 RDK, 120 RDK belong to heavy professional modifications that are designed for the processing of large properties up to 2 hectares and the transport of goods. The units can be equipped with hand and electrical stars.

The Superintendent GT 904 VDKE is equipped with a tap wave and an electric starter. Thanks to the unique device, the slat coupling and the extended engine life, this han d-led diesel tractor easily turns into a snow plow or a transport unit.

Engine block HRT 904 VDKE

Comparative features of the models are shown in the table:

Model, indicators 80rdk 100rdk 120rdk 904 VDKE
Horsepower 8 10 12 9
Speeds forward/backward 6/2 6/2 6/2 2/1
Processing depth, cm 25 29.5 30 32
Processing width, cm 75-100 60-80 80-100 110
Fuel tank, L 5,5 6 6 5,5
Weight (KG 230 230 240 140
Fuel consumption, l/h 0.65-0.7 0.8-0.9 1.0-1.1 1.2-1.3

Electrical culprit

The series of electric models comprises machines with a low output of 0.75 to 1.4 kW. The units are designed for operation in a confined space – greenhouses, greenhouses. Despite the low weight and the modest dimensions, Grubber can process a 30-40 cm wide strip, which is the most acceptable solution when processing certain crops and some plants.

Builded equipment for Motoblocks Foreman

The foreman family of hand-led tractors stands out from identical machines from other brands through an extended basic package: bonnet, plow, spare wheel, driver’s seat, operating instructions for hand-guided tractor and guarantee card with certificates.

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Okuchnik cutter crow’s feet vegetable socker SVT-2 (2-row)

Sickmower Grousers Motoblock Water Pump

Depending on the type of cultivated crops and the needs of a certain company, it is optionally possible to acquire a wide range of additional original growing devices:

  • Hillers – Due to the production of hig h-strength steel, they can be used for hilling plants and for cultivation between the ranks.
  • Egge – is used to process various floors.
  • “Crow’s feet” – loosen the floor as they shred and mix weeds.
  • Plowing – twice and triple plowing the floor, the working width is 40 cm or 60 cm with a work depth of 18-25 cm.
  • Potato rotoder – to dig potatoes.
  • Seeder – A device for sowing different cultures.
  • Circular mower – mowing from grass.
  • Metal tunnels – are used in some modifications of prora b-axractors and serve better grip.
  • Motopopa – offers water that pumps for the irrigation of agricultural cultures.
  • Shovel open consumption to clean snow.
  • Sitting adapter – makes the operator’s work easier.
  • Pendants, carts – are designed for the transport of different goods.


Motoblock of the foreman are produced on modern devices with a high tech. Machines are exposed to mandatory tests and checks. With a wide range of service, you can quickly solve problems with repair and maintenance.

With rather affordable costs, the wal k-in motors are obtained in many technical features and simple maintenance compared to similar units of other brands.

The advantages of Prora b-Motoblocks are undeniable:
  • Multifunctionality due to rational aggregation with additional devices from almost every purpose.
  • High performance, efficiency, quality of the devices in combination with simple management and minimal maintenance.
  • The ability to work in the dark in the dark due to the presence of halogen headlights.
  • Economic fuel consumption.
  • High equipment security due to the installation of a fire protection system.

Ru n-In, first start

The ru n-In the Walk behavio r-tract is designed in such a way that components and mechanisms grind the calibration of the work gap, for the effective lon g-term operation of the device. One feature is that running for the new technology and the device that has not been operated for a long time is necessary and important.

In the first stage, the fuel in the Prorab motor block (AI-92, AI-95 and diesel fuel petrol), butter, will switch on the machine and give the opportunity to work for a few minutes. Then start operating in a gentle mode – not more than 50% of the maximum engine power, since overcharge is undesirable during this period.

During this time, the reliability of fastening elements and steps, the functionality of the steering and braking system is tested. The procedure takes about 8-10 hours, at the end of the run is drained off, drained off and replaced by fresh. The Prorab Walk coincide tractor is then operated with full capacity.

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Basic malfunctions, repair of motor blocks of the foreman

The only significant disadvantage of motoblocks is the difficulty when purchasing original spare parts. The owners are able to repair a simple repair of the units themselves without using service services. Pay attention to important points, whereby compliance does not cause any special difficulties, but will definitely help to avoid the breakdowns and malfunctions of the Prorab motor block:

  • In detail, study the manufacturing of the Walk behavior.
  • Check the area served before work and clean it from foreign bodies – stones, stumps, hooks.
  • In the necessary cases, an emergency room of the engine should be mastered in the necessary cases.
  • Do not operate the Prorab hiking tractor on the slopes – this can lead to the unit that has been overturned with injuries.
  • You cannot pour fuel via the recommended brand because the fuel is possible.
  • Do not start a walk in closed rooms, exhaust gas and gas emissions are very toxic.
  • Do not save the Prorab motor block in rooms where explosive, flammable substances are stored or the risk of being triggered.
  • Systematically check the reliability of fastening elements and screwed compounds after operation.

Oil change

An important component of the competent operation of the walks is a systematic control of the level and quality of the oil in the engine. The manufacturer recommends using the brand of oil recommended in the instructions or high-quality analogues. Usually this is SAE 10W30. Check the oil level before each engine start.

With insufficient amount or absence of oil waste in the engine, they are inevitable. If the oil has changed color during operation, flakes or foreign impurities appear, spoiled and immediately replace the fresh one.

SAE 10W30 machine oil gear oil TAP-15V gear oil TAD-17I

Storage of a walk tractor

Before long-term storage of equipment, a number of mandatory procedures should be performed:

  • Drain oil and fuel.
  • Thoroughly wash the equipment from dirt and wipe it with a rag.
  • Lubricate the metal surfaces with water-repellent-universal lubricant.
  • Close the valves.
  • Store the car in a dry cool room.

You can familiarize yourself with the factory instructions for operating the Walk Behavior tractor through links:

Video review

Unpacking and assembly of a walk tract

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Owner reviews


“Motoblock GT 100 RDKE is a truly powerful diesel engine cultivator. That’s why I work with him when I just feel like cultivating land in farms for order. The capacity of the machine is 10 hp, 8 gears, diesel consumption is moderate – there is enough tank on the working day. Though a heavy unit, but rather manoeuvrable. The device is excellent: electric start, there is a generator, headlights. Reliable, not failed. “

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