Motoblocks Fermer FM 907 Pro-S. Overview, properties, reviews

Overview of the engine blocks Fermer FM 907 Pro-S. Overview, properties, application features

Fermer FM 907 Pro-S is a medium-sized device, a fairly popular model in the farmer series of hand-led tractors, which has decent technical properties. Fermer FM 907 Pro-S can be used in soft floors that have been processed before, or in sandy, loose soils.

This device is intended for use on small areas, for example from 6 to 10 hectares. Under the analogue of the model range, this han d-led tractor is characterized by large wheels and good handling.

Motoblock Fermmer FM 907 Pro-S

The main purpose of Fermer FM 907 Pro-S:

  • Work on personal property;
  • Plowing, cultivation (all work in vegetable gardens, in greenhouses);
  • Irrigation;
  • Cleaning the territory (with a folding brush);
  • Cut the grass;
  • Skinked weeds (special equipment is used – weeds, chopper);
  • Plants of minced fruits;
  • Digrate chop fruits;
  • Sow seeds.

With the help of a small car, the han d-led tractor can be transformed into a practical harvest van. Such a wide range of applications offers the device with a pfwelle.

The Fermmer FM 907 Pro-S has a four-stroke petrol engine with 9 HP. The displacement is 270 cm3. The singl e-axle tractor consumes an average of about 1.8 liters of gasoline per hour with a tank content of 6 liters. The oil filling volume in the transmission is 1.9 liters, the oil volume in the crankcase 1.1 liters.

Motoblock Fermmer FM 907 Pro-S

Technical data Fermer FM 907 Pro-S

The technical properties of the Fermer FM 907 Pro-S are similar to those of other models on this line. The floor processing width can be adjusted from 85 to 105 cm, the milling depth of 15 to 30 cm The number of speeds of the speeds is three, one of which is behind. The han d-led tractor develops a tillage speed of up to 12 m/min, its maximum driving speed is 10 km/h.

Farmer FM 907 Pro-S

Fermer FM 907 Pro-S is equipped with large bikes (size 6.00-12). Equipped with a gear gear and a 32 mm signal wave. Machine dimensions: 1350 x 1020 x 1250 mm, weight 131 kg.

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The coupling available on the device is universal, so that you can connect various devices to the han d-led tractor for gardening. Depending on the purpose and tasks, all attachments are grown directly on the tap shaft or lifting plant.

Functions and device

Characteristics of the hand-led tractor Fermer FM 907 Pro-S:

  • Comfortable handles, no n-slip;
  • Average noise level;
  • Adjustment of the handles of the administration when the operator is growing;
  • Large bikes for good grip and high terrain suitability;
  • good cultivation quality (steel knife with hig h-quality cut);
  • an engine with enough power to carry out all kinds of work with the floor;
  • Good equipment that includes milling cutters, housings, assembly kit and tools for the assembly of a han d-led tractor.

Farmer FM 907 Pro-S

In the scope of delivery of the Fermer FM 907 Pro-S, an understandable guide in Russian, a guarantee card is included. The guarantee period for various hand-led tractors farmers is 12-24 months depending on the model. Our article also contains a video that shows the assembly of the hand-led tractor Fermer FM 907 Pro-S.

operation and maintenance

After unpacking the tractor for the walk, examine the operating instructions carefully. This document contains all the necessary information about the care, maintenance and fuel materials that are suitable for maintaining the uninterrupted motor function.

Important! Do not use cheap fuel materials, this can lead to faster engine wear.

Recommended oil for the engine: 15W-40, 10W-40 for the geartail-17 or other similar properties. Petrol for refueling: AI 92, 96.

Oil 15W-40 motor oil 10W-40 gear oil TAD-17i

Reterminate a technical inspection of the device (every 50 and after 100 hours). Follow the maintenance function of the main node of the device, replace the oil in good time and twist all screwed connections.

Do not leave the farmer for storage in the rehearsal room, if the machine is idle, let off all combustible liquids and replace wooden rods or brick under the engine block so that the wheels are weight. Check the pressure in the tires before starting the company and if necessary.

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Fermer FM 907 Pro-S Video Review

Video with the assembly process of a walk tractor can be seen further

Reviews of the owners

Nikolai, Grodno region:

“The tractor farm of this model of this model has only used one season. For this season I was satisfied with everything, soon again with the Sown, I will see what and how. The only thing that is really true about these motoblocks is for small areas. In my opinion, my maximum is 6-10 acres. There is no longer any sense, the technology will simply not pull the load that ends the resource before you have time to understand what is. And so the tractor of the walk behavior is normal, it works without errors, I used it to plow and cultivation. “

Victor, Gomel:

“We can buy motorhouses from a farmer almost anywhere, they sell them for a long time and buy people. I believe that it is better to accept money for a mini contract lawyer. If you need an assistant now and do not allow finances to buy expensive devices, take a farmer with you.

I also have a little experience with using it. First, about the good.

Advantages: The first impression is good, I haven’t tested for a long time as in the long run – I don’t know. Comfortable, not difficult (but it may not be a dignity for someone).

Disadvantages: After the first year of operation (from the neighbors’ words), the camps are scattered.

I will add myself – every technique loves to deal carefully. If you don’t regret and start pouring everything in a row, cheap oil, every gasoline, then no motoblock can withstand. “

Fermer FM-907 Pro-S engine

Gears with 2 speeds forward and 1 back. Constantly closed, friction, lon g-term clutch in the oil bath.

Reduction gears

Reduction gears

Fermer FM-907 Pro-S engine


  • Power 9 PS (6.6 kW)
  • Pto
  • With Universal Bracket (coupling) you can use almost every assembly device
  • Teleskoper footboard
  • Cutting width 105 cm
  • Wheels 6.00-12
  • Interdemol distance 60 cm
  • Saccon acts
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Technical characteristics

Engine type 4-stroke, gasoline
Engine power, L.S. (KW) 9.0 (6.6)
Engine volume, cm 3 270
Pto There is
Universal holder There is
Number of speeds 2 forward / 1 before 1
Type of gearbox gear
The width of the border of the grinding, mm 850-1050
The depth of cultivation, mm 150-300
Cultivation speed, m/min 6-12
Fuel tank capacity, L 6
Fuel consumption, l/h 1,8
The oil volume in the engine, L 1,1
The oil volume in the gearbox, L 1,9
Oil type in the engine Vehicle engine oil SAE 10W40, 15W40 or equivalent class not lower than SF
Gear oil type Gear oil SAE 80W90, 85W90, TAD 17 or similar
Bike dimension 6.00-12
Fair diameter, mm 32 (Hex)
Dimensions in the assembled state (LXBXH), mm 1700 x 970 x 1250
Net weight / kg 131


  • Wheels 6.00-12
  • cutter
  • Crowd
  • Protective discs
  • Protection covers
  • Set for fastening elements
  • Toolbox
  • Handbook in Russian

Assembly video of the hand-led tractor Fermer FM-907 Pro-S

10.0 PS 270.0 cm 3 2 front / 1 rear swivel axes 32 mm six-cantaks wheels 6.50-12

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Motoblock Brado BD-850

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13.0 PS 389.0 cm3 Low gear 4 forward / 2 backward passage cross axle differential with a positive lock PTO wheels 6.00-12

Constitutional device configurator for Fermer FM-907 Pro-S

Plowing, couplings, hiller, potato rotor, trailer and adapter, eyelet, engines, engine pumps and high-pressure cleaner for Fermer FM-907 Pro-S

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