Motoblocks Fermer FM 901 Pro. Review, characteristics, reviews

Motoblocks Fermer FM 901 Pro. Review, characteristics, reviews of the owners

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The tractor of the walk is equipped with a gasoline engine of 9 hp.

Motoblock Fermer FM 901 PRO with cutterbar

Thanks to the capacity selection wave, various attachments can be connected. This will help to significantly expand the scope of the unit.

Technical characteristics

Engine type 4-stroke, gasoline
The power of the DVMITER 9.0 PS (6.6 kW)
The width of processing Up to 850-1050 mm
The depth of processing Up to 150-300 mm
The speed of cultivation 6-12 m/min
Number of programs 2 forward, before 1 before 1
The volume of the gas tank 6 л
consumption 1.8 l/h
Fair diameter, mm 32 (hexagonal)
Wheel size 4.00-8
Pto There is
Dimensions of the box, D x W X V, mm 890 x 580 x 770
Collected dimensions, D x W X V, mm 1350 x 1000 x 1150
The weight 124 kg without fuel

Functions of the application

Due to its characteristics, the motor blocks of FER FM 901 per engine can be successfully used in medium-sized areas with sound and virgin floors.

The wal k-behavio r-Tractorauer 901 is not only able to carry out work in connection with the soil, but also to act as a motorcycle or hig h-pressure cleaner.

Here is an example of the work of the Walk behavio r-tractor farmers 901 with a plow:


From the system of the engine Block Fermer FM 901 Pro is sold in a disassembled state. It is therefore necessary to assemble it properly in accordance with the operating instructions. The KIT contains a number of tools that are required.

The headlight is installed in front of the Fermer FM 901 Pro so that you can do work in the evening.

A telescopic floor was also installed that helps the operator to conveniently carry out repair work that interviews the tractor for the walk.

The main thing is to correctly put together a walk tractor. The video presented will help you:

User Guide

Before using the FER FM 901 Pro Motoblock, you should familiarize yourself with the instructions for use. It describes the process of proper assembly, the nuances of the ongoing, technical features and other useful information. The electronic version of the operating instructions can be found here.


In order to extend the lifespan of the farm hike tractor, planned technical work should be carried out in accordance with the 12th section of the instructions for use.

  • It is necessary to check the oil and benzine level in front of each output.
  • Oil is recommended to use half-synthetic 10W-40 or mineral 15W-40.
  • Petrol must be used by AI-92 or AI-95.
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The network has ambiguous reviews of this unit. Some users are happy about the universality of the FMER FM 901 per engine block, others are emphasized in its low force.


“I bought a walk, so I approached the choice. Holded at Fermmer FM 901 Pro. Since it had an excellent ratio of price and properties. I’m not mistaken in my choice. It runs nimble, he does not eat gasoline, it grows normally with soil.

Overview of engine blocks and motor cultivators fermer. Models and modifications. Attachments and maintenance

Fermer manufacturer

The manufacturer of Motoblocks and Motor Worfers Farmer is the Fermer plant in China. The company produces spare parts for these units as well as attachments and various garden tools, components for the garden and agricultural work.

Fermer FM 902 Pro-S

The characteristic features of the manufacturer Fermmer are a large equipment of devices and an extensive model range of motoblocks and cultivating. All devices manufactured take place when adjusting, checking and checking the system. The motoblock assembly is carried out in workshops, according to which the finished products are entered in export countries. Such countries are Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, Estonia. Fermer also has a license for the production of Fermer technology in Cyprus.

FM-1511 U

This is a powerful motor cultivator that is completed with the treatment of all kinds of soil and virgin. Due to the large weight, high performance and the enlarged wheels, it is convenient to control the device and it is stable during operation. Due to the rotary eyelashes, the technology can be used by 180 °. The handle is tailored to the growth of the user.

The size of the area in which the FM-1511 MX can be processed is up to 5 hectares.

Technical indicators for this model:

  • increased power supply due to the cylinder (volume 0.5 l);
  • The degree of compression is reduced, which means that you can carry out the devices under all temperature conditions.
  • Gear shift;
  • Light turns back;
  • Handles with ant i-slip coating;
  • Thanks to the wheelbase, slipping and an additional load of the engine motor are excluded.

Available changes and modifications

There is currently a technique of different weight class in the lin e-up, especially the island and petrol engine blocks and petrol breeders.

The power of the devices ranges from 7 to 15 hp. Motor types: Fou r-Stroke and Diesel Fou r-Stroke.

The most popular motlock models are: the FDE 1001 per diesel farmer, the FM 901 per petrol builder.

Motoblock Fermmer FM 901 Pro

Motoblock Fermmer FDE 1001 Pro

Practical accessories for garden equipment. What should be on hand - in spring?

Popular motor breeders: 909 MSL farmers with a reduced gear (powerful cultivator for working with any kind), FM 653 m farmer (small model for small areas as well as for greenhouses, huts and personal plots).

In total, more than 20 options for agricultural devices that make the farmers’ work easier can be distinguished in the lin e-up. In addition, some models are reproduced by the manufacturer, the equipment becomes more perfect, the quality quality is therefore increasing, which is why the ratings about the Fermmer brand improve.

FM-1011 MX

The unit was published in 2006. You can work on it both in the summer and in the winter season.

This is a petrol walk tractor with 10 hp. It has the following technical indicators:

Floor processing width, M Up to 1.15
Floor plow depth, M 0,3
engine Fou r-Stroke
The number of cylinders 1
Front wheel 2
Rear wheel 1
Turning back Да
The volume of the fuel tank, L 6
Mass, kg 135
The dimensions of the bikes 12-6.5
Type of bikes Pneumatic

A gear gear and a mechanical gear are installed here. The rotation direction of the meal is direct.

A universal bracket enables the fastening equipment of different manufacturers to join.

The management is carried out thanks to 2 handles that are regulated to the human height, the design itself is balanced.

A distinction can be made between the advantages of this model:

  • Differential for a rotation without slipping;
  • the presence of a high tire profile;
  • Folding support that makes storage of the device convenient;
  • The presence of reinforced sickle mills.

Distinguishing features of motoblocks and farmers

  • All devices have the function of setting the track of the track (from 80 to 135 cm).
  • According to the characteristics, the farmer has long achieved the functionality of all the famous stetteny.
  • The external design is similar to the Greenfield technique, which in terms of functionality and technical parameters is approximately the same as the Farmer technique (the same range of power, there are light cultivators and heavy motblocks).
  • Some modifications are equipped with the “Differential on the steering wheel” function.
  • hubs for a canoeable turn;
  • Medium and high power engines that allow you to perform any agricultural and agricultural work;
  • comfortable holders covered with a slip composition;
  • Some models have a headlight for more convenient work in the evening.
  • In all models there is an adjustment of the control handle in height;
  • Standard/Wide Tires, Rubber, Pneumatic;
  • good indicators of endurance and productivity;
  • positive reviews of the owners;
  • the opportunities to improve and modernize (install a bigger wheel, etc.);
  • moderate noise and fuel consumption;
  • Complete equipment from the facility (mills, instructions, captins, shields, footboard, hitch);
  • Guarantee 24 months!
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Motoblock Fermer FM 907 Pro-S

FM-1303 Pro-S

This is a universal technique that allows you to process a plot with an area of ​​u200bu200b5 hectares.

The Walk behavior tractor is equipped with the size of wheels, which allows to work in off-road conditions. Ergonomic handles, made of rubber, are adjusted under the growth of the user. The design features a power shaft.

The power of the installed engine 13L With.
The volume of the fuel tank, l 6
Width and depth of the processed area, m 0.9 and 0.25
Starter Guide Да
Number of front gears 2
reversal 1
Mass, kg 121
Working speed, m/min 12
wheel dimensions 6-12

Of the advantages you can highlight:

  • low noise during operation;
  • Easy start;
  • the opportunity to work in the winter period;
  • The weight of the unit allows you to work on heavy soils.
  • Thanks to the universal bracket, additional equipment can be attached to the Walk behavior’s tractor.
  • The device is unpretentious in maintenance (A-92 gasoline and any machine oil are used);
  • Increased capture by cutters.

Instructions on operation, maintenance, major malfunctions and their elimination

Learn the operator’s manual before you start a Walk tractor. The instructions contain important information about the assembly, starting, running the device, as well as the most common problems, their causes and methods of elimination.

Technical service

The main nuances of maintenance in a stably functioning walk tract: This is oil and fuel replacement. It is recommended to choose oil for the engine according to its type (diesel, gasoline). This is typically 10W-40, 15W-40 category oil. Gear oil from each manufacturer is selected for the gearbox. Contemporary replaces/add-in lubricants and lubricants are also important. So the engine lasts a long time and without failure.

Engine oil 10W-40 Oil 85W-90 Oil 10W-40

We carry out the first start and run ou t-in.

The first start and run is done immediately after assembling the device to work out the parts of the engine and add the device to the load. Playing can last from 5 to 15 moms. After the ru n-i n-in, you can gradually introduce a tractor to work for a walk, load it at 60% of the power supply, gradually increasing the load.

If the Fermmer does not start, check whether fuel is in the tank, whether oil is in the crankcase, whether the spark plug is in order.

The main disorders of han d-led tractors farmers

The main disorders of han d-led tractors and Grubbern Farmer are listed in the following table. If your device is under guarantee, do not try to carry out complex repairs yourself, but contact a specialized repair center with a problem. The owner can fix smaller disorders, if the engine runs out or the couplings are incorrectly set: Adjust the carburetor and ignition system.

Small-sized tractor Kentavr T 18 - description and properties


The hand-led Fermer tractor alone is useless, it only works if attachments are connected.


Dense grass growth in summer is a big problem. However, the hand-led farmer tractor with assembled mower helps to automate the cleaning process. This device can also be useful when preparing hay for winter.

Mower Farmer FM-1010

Mower Fermer FM-7001

There are two types of mowers: sickle mower and segment mower.

Rotatio n-cut grass thanks to rotating knives. And segmented, thanks to the knives that move in a horizontal level.

Circular mower are only intended for cutting young, low grass, while segment mower can cut thick grass and small shrubs.


Miss F-105 for Fermer

All Motoblocks and Motorgrubber from Fermmer are delivered with a milling device. The assembly process is shown in the operating instructions.

The advantage of factory cutters is that they come from an official factory and were specially developed for this equipment. They are made in the form of sabers that are classic.

If you have heavy floors and the power of the milling cutter is not sufficient, you can use a conventional plow to mix the topsoil. For light models, however, it is necessary to complain the structure.

This is how plowing works with the help of a plug with a farmer singl e-axle tractor:

Potato rolls and potato planters

The hand-led Fermer tractor and special attachments help with planting and harvesting potatoes. Thanks to it, you can save a lot of time and energy in agricultural work in connection with potatoes and their accumulation.

Potato rotor fermer FA-PT060 for heavy hand-led tractors potato rotor ferm-1004

You can also plant and dig potatoes and dig with the help of a plow and a hand-led farmer tractor. However, the result will be a little worse because the plow cuts a large amount of potatoes.


The greater the performance of the han d-led tractor, the more bikes are approaching. This achieves high navigability even on the hardest floors. When working on wet and loamy soils, a high tread plays a crucial role.


If your farmer slides slopper when milling on the surface of the earth or the transport of goods, you can replace conventional bikes with metal tunnels. Instead of a tread, you have steel plates and significantly improve the traction during the movement. You can buy them or do it yourself.

Minitor Centaur T 24. Review, characteristics, instructions

Universal Steg kit for Fermer

Air bicycles for Fermer

Farmer FM-2008 trailer coupling


If your han d-guided tractor slips, you can attach weights instead of buying eyelets. Factory options are made in the form of pancakes and hung on a chassis. However, you can also use improvised means to complain in the form of slag blocks.

trailer hitch

An important nuance when choosing attachments is the hitch, since many manufacturers offer special options that can only be connected to a walk-behind tractor. In Fermer devices, it is universal and can be used with a wide range of attachments.

snow blowers and plows

For many walk-behind tractor owners, the farmer stands still during the winter. But in vain, because he can help clear snow with the help of snow blowers. Its pulley picks up snow and directs it to the rotor, which throws it 7-10 meters aside with a special chute.

This video shows the operation of the Farmer walk behind tractor during snowfall:

If you do not want to buy a snow blower, you can use an ordinary shovel – a blade that is much simpler and more reliable in design, but cleans no worse.


The major disadvantage of walk behind tractors and power cultivators is that you have to walk behind the machine. And this is inconvenient and requires a lot of effort. Special adapters are available to simplify this situation. Thanks to them, you can control the machine while sitting, thereby increasing the speed of work.

And here are homemade harrow and adapter options:

Ultra light devices

Scope of application – small garden plots, flower beds, flower beds, etc., designed for plowing the soil no more than 8 cm. Their advantage is very low weight – up to 15 kg, mobility, small cutting width – 30–40 cm. Cultivator for older, young women for whom operating a heavy vibratory machine is an undue burden.

Design features of the hitch on the two-wheel tractor

Homemade centrifugal clutch

The hitch for a walk-behind tractor, like any other agricultural implement, consists of the following parts:

  • direct control node. The trigger lever is connected to the pressure plate via a foot switch and rods;
  • host node. The bearing reduces friction, during rotation around its axis the levers do not touch;
  • driven components. The spring returns all mechanisms to their original position. The stratification is pushed away from the levers to the distance required to shut down the device.

The clutch design is not very complicated, so if necessary, you can fix the glitches yourself.

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