Motoblocks Fermer FM 1311 MX. Review, characteristics, reviews

Motoblocks Fermer FM 1311 MX. Review, characteristics, reviews of the owners

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The Fermer FM 1311 MX Motoblock is a powerful unit that is equipped with extremely heavy soils.

It is equipped with an engine with a capacity of 13 hp, which can easily be finished with stony country countries.

Fermer FM 1311 MX

The average cultivation rate is 6 to 12 m/s and the width of taking the milling is 82 to 135 cm.

Technical characteristics

Engine type 4-stroke, gasoline
Engine power, L.S. (KW) 13 (9.5)
Engine volume, cm 3 389
Pto no
Universal holder There is
Number of speeds 2 forward / 1 before 1
Type of drive gear
The width of the border of the grinding, mm 850-1350
The depth of cultivation, mm 150-300
Cultivation speed, m/min 6-12
Fuel tank capacity, L 6
The oil volume in the engine, L 1,1
Fair diameter, mm 32 (hexagonal)
The dimension of the bikes 6.50-12
Dimensions of the box (DXSHXV), mm 1030x840x570
Weight (KG 145

Functions of the application

The Fermer FM 1311 MX Motoblock is intended for use in heavy countries. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to run a run before starting the full work so that all details are injured and steal in the grooves.

In addition, it is necessary to connect the tailors with screws so that a collision with a stone does not fail.


Fermer FM 1311 MX comes in a disassembled state. Thanks to the operating instructions, the assembly is not problems. The KIT also contains a sentence of all necessary tools.

Motoblock Fermmer FM 1311 MX with milling cutter Fermer FM 1311 MX

The plant of the 1311 MX trimmer is equipped with rubber pneumatism wheels with a wide profile of 6.5-12, which supplements the continuousness even in the heaviest floors.

User Guide

First, you should examine the instructions for the operation of the FMER FM 1311 MX Motor note. It clearly describes the rules of assembly, running, Öler set and other services of the device.

Fall spraying of fruit trees is all you need to know

The electronic version is available under this link.


The key to the lon g-term use of the FMER FM 1311 MX Motor note lies before the start of full use.

Be sure to pay attention to the oil before starting the engine! The factory configuration is missing. Oil must be used from the 10W-40 series. After completing the curren t-in, be sure to pay attention.

The exchange should correspond to the operating instructions.

Here is a video in which an example of the operation of the FER FM 1311 MX Motor note is presented:


Basically, the owners of this unit are satisfied with his work. In the forums, the unit is praised for their strength and functionality. Here is an example of reviews about the FER FM 1311MX Walkover.


“I mainly use it to work with potatoes or the transport of goods. Now I have started building, so this problem is very relevant. I successfully help my neighbors.

Despite the Chinese meeting, I am satisfied with quality. Big cultivator. The force is sufficient with the head and successfully pulls both the plow and the car with sand. Simple management, quickly mastered.

Checking the engine blocks Fermer FM 1311MX. Review, characteristics, application features

The Fermer FM 1311MX is a powerful representative of the model line of Chinese Fermer walk-behind tractors. The device is designed to automate the farmer’s work and has already received numerous positive reviews from owners.

The presence of a gear drive makes the machine universal, because in combination with attachments (for example, a hill wagon, a plow, a potato planter), the device becomes truly indispensable.

Fermer FM 1311MX

The Farmer FM 1311MX has a 13 hp petrol engine. The engine is a single-cylinder four-stroke engine. The volume of the fuel tank of the walk behind tractor is 6 liters. The displacement of this model is 389 cm3. Motoblock Farmer has proven excellent in all agricultural work on land.

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Automation of work increases productivity, and also has a positive effect on the amount of crops and soil conditions, since with the help of attachments, land cultivation is better carried out.

The recommended area for working with a walk behind tractor is up to 15 acres. Remember that this machine belongs to household appliances and is not intended for large plots.

If you work in the field, you prefer heavier equipment, such as a tractor or mini tractor from Farmer.

Purpose of the Fermer FM 1311MX:
  • cultivation;
  • Plow;
  • hills;
  • Transportation of grain, cargo;
  • cleaning the territory in winter;
  • planting root crops;
  • picking potatoes with a potato harvester;
  • sowing seeds and garlic;
  • work with gears;
  • harrow work;
  • Pouring or spraying fertilizers;
  • chopping weeds;
  • mowing grass (with a rotary mower);
  • hay collection;
  • loosening of the soil.

Specifications Fermer FM 1311MX

The Farmer FM 1311MX has a significant advantage over analogues and brothers in the model line. For example, it is equipped with differential hubs that allow the 1311mx operator to turn the walk behind tractor without slipping. The device works with a gear drive. The processing width can be large or standard according to your needs – it is adjustable from 85 to 115 cm.

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Fermer FM 1311MX

The wheel-to-wheel distance is 60 cm. At the same time, the plow can capture a plot of soil with a width of 19-21 cm. The weight of the walk behind tractor is 145 kg without a full tank. This weight allows you not to load the device when working with a plow. The wheel size of the Fermer FM 1311MX is 6-12. These are large wheels by default, but there is also the technical possibility of fitting larger wheels.

For example, you can install wheels from size 7.00-12. The wide tread improves traction with the ground, the two-wheel tractor drives smoothly and does not roll to the side.

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features and device

Features of the Fermer FM 1311MX:

  • it is completed with sickle-shaped knives with high quality sharpening for the most productive cultivation;
  • universal mount for a variety of attachments;
  • foldable footrest for support and easy storage;
  • easy assembly, easy run;
  • If necessary, the device is simply dismantled, it can be stored assembled;
  • wide wings to protect against dirt when cultivating or plowing;
  • compact dimensions, therefore easy transport;
  • 24 months warranty;
  • a wide range of attachments for this model and other engine blocks Farmer;
  • excellent ratio of price and functional properties;
  • high performance engine;
  • good traction performance;
  • rotary knob with adjustment;
  • Tillage in mode from 6 to 12 meters per minute;
  • a petrol engine with moderate noise level;
  • NO T-SLIP coating handles;
  • A simple start even in winter, a simple start with a round of the handle;
  • An engine that can work without overload is an exact copy of the MTZ 132 engine (you can work on the virgin countries without fear of overheating).

Fermer FM 1311MX

The layout of the knots is classic, open. Access to the fuel and oil house is free. Wide pneumatic bikes are recommended to pump every season onto the print standard. Read the instructions for the tractor for walking behavior with high quality and lon g-term operation without any information. Use the instructions before assembly in accordance with the recommendations for the run and preparation of the device for lon g-term operation in the season.

Operation and maintenance Fermmer FM 1311MX

So that your technology works without any information, note the requirements for fuel and oil for your motorcycle model. Recommended fuel gasoline 95. or 92., oil-SAE 30. All fuel materials should be of high quality. Do not save on you, otherwise there is a high probability of a quick wear of the engine and a fuel or oil filter.

Follow these operating rules of farmer 1311MX:

  • Do not overload the device, take technological breaks every 2 hours.
  • Let combatable liquids drain in the winter memory.
  • Do not smoke near a work unit.
  • Work in special closed shoes, closed clothing;
  • Use gloves, protective plastic glasses during land work;
  • Store a motor block in a dry room in winter.
  • If you are kept in summer, leave the technology under the cover, the hit of the direct sunlight on the experienced unit is unacceptable.
  • Control tire pressure;
  • Then set the seasonal before the start of work (early spring and late autumn before the winter season).
How to adapt a garden tractor for winter?

Video evaluation of the work

Checking an engine block 1311MX from the owner. The video is made after the device has leaked, the tractor of the walk is operated in a private summer house.

Reviews of the owners

Igor, Rivne:

“The farmer bought a walk to build potatoes (harvest, landing), but it turned out that he bought an assistant without whom the entire land work became hard work. I translated it, sometimes I even help my neighbor on the website. The walk tractor is excellent, everything suits me.

Advantages: very easy to manage, quite difficult, can pull both plow and a charged car. He used it as auxiliary equipment on a construction site: he clung to a small trailer and drove brick, cement, sand. I did everything perfectly!

Disadvantages: not yet discovered.

I advise everyone to buy a farmer! A good motblock and the price justify yourself, a very wide range of properties. “

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