Motoblocks Fermer FM 1307 Pro-S. Review, features, reviews

Motoblocks Fermer FM 1307 Pro-S. Review, characteristics, reviews of the owners

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This model is equipped with a powerful motor (13 hp) and a power selector shaft.

The attachment equipment is thanks to this device with almost all the problems associated with a universal towbar.

Motoblock Fermer FM 1307 PRO-S

A telescopic footboard is installed in front of the FM 1307 Pro-S walk-in tractor.

The mills for an entry are treated 135 cm of ground.

Technical characteristics

engine type 4 stroke, petrol
engine power 13 hp (9.6 kW)
Engine Volume, CM3 389
number of speeds 2 forward / 1 before 1
Fuel consumption, l/h 1,8
Oil crank capacity, l 1,1
Fuel tank, container, l 6
drive unit gear
cultivation speed, m/min 6-12
The width of the border of the grind, MM 850-1350
The depth of cultivation, mm 150-300
shaft diameter, mm 32 (hexagonal)
cutter There is
PTO There is
rubber wheels 6.00-12.00
Noise level, DBA 103 + 3
Vibration level, M/S10-2 1.5 + 0.1
net weight / kg 132

Features of the application

The Fer FM 1307 Pro-S motorcycle unit is designed for use in medium-sized agricultural areas. Thanks to the engine power of 13 hp, he successfully buys with soft soil and virgin land.

Below is an official video from the manufacturer regarding the order of the correct assembly FMER FM 905 Pro-S:


When purchasing an FM 1307 Pro-S engine block from the manufacturer, the kit includes:

  • Engine;
  • Frame;
  • handles and crossbars;
  • pair of wheels 6.00-12;
  • soilline;
  • soshnik;
  • protective wings and discs;
  • A set of tools required for assembly;
  • Set of fasteners.

User Guide

Before starting the operation, be sure to use the instructions for use. The duration of the correct operation of FERMER FM 1307 PRO-S depends on the correct start and understanding of the technical device.


The main factors for maintenance are the choice of oil and gasoline for the FM 1307 Pro-S farmer walk-in tractor.

For the engine, 10W-40 or 15W-40 oils should be used, with operational properties in the API not lower than SF. For transmission, TAD-17I, TAP-15V or another analogue of the 80W-90 or 85W-90 class is suitable.

After the end of the work, it is necessary to clean the FerMer FM 1307 Pro-S motor block from dirt and dust residues in order to prevent corrosion.

How to adapt a garden tractor for winter?


There are many positive reviews from owners about the work of the FM 905 Pro-S walk-on tractor. They emphasize low fuel consumption, engine quality and universality of the device.

Ivan writes:

I am satisfied with the MB purchase. I do different jobs with him every weekend. The plus is its versatility. The range of connected devices is simply huge. There have never been problems in spare parts, everything is always in accessibility. Big wheels and high clearance.

Review of engine blocks Fermer FM 1307 Pro-S. Review, features, application features

Fermer FM 1307 Pro-S is one of the most powerful models in the line of engine blocks from the Farmer factory. This petrol unit is focused on use in small farms and rural operations. Its domestic purpose is the cultivation of land plots up to 8 hectares. With proper use in technological breaks, Fer FM 1307 Pro-S can also be used in large areas.

Motoblock Fermer FM 1307 PRO-S

The Fermmer FM 1307 Pro-S has a four-stroke petrol engine with an output of 13 hp. The capacity of the gas tank is 6 liters, the gasoline consumption per hour is 1.8 liters. The displacement is 389 cm3. This on e-axle tractor has established itself as a reliable device with a strong motor.

The PTO gives the machine additional functionality – it significantly expands the range of devices that can be used in combination with the aggregate.

The traction of this model enables you to easily transport goods on a small car, for example a harvested potato harvest to your storage location. All hand-guided farmer tractors are assembled, tested and checked for work quality. The products are delivered to the buyer packed in a box.

Motoblock Fermer FM 1307 PRO-S

The complete set of the singl e-axle tractor includes the following components:

  • Wheels;
  • Cutter;
  • Protective wing;
  • Operating and assembly instructions;
  • Assembly tool;
  • Warranty card

It is recommended to use the hand-led farmer tractor for the following purposes:

  • Plow;
  • Cultivation;
  • shocking;
  • Cut the grass;
  • Grab potatoes;
  • Plants of minced fruits;
  • Hills;
  • Work between rows of planted crops;
  • Pour seedlings (when connected to an engine pump).
Plants that change their color

Technical characteristics

Fermer FM 1307 Pro-S is equipped with a gear drive. The device can expand the speed of 6 to 12 m/min over the course of cultivation. The available immersion depth of the milling in the floor is 15 cm to 30 cm The rubber wheels of the single-axle tract are large, size 6.00-12.

During operation, the machine releases noise of 103 DBA. The weight of the singl e-axle tractor is 132 kg.

Functions and device

It is recommended to use Fermer FM 1307 Pro-S on soft soils without exceeding its technological skills and tiring through overwhelming tasks. For example, virgin floors can only be cultivated with this equipment if the country is sandy or soft, for example black earth. You can familiarize yourself with the assembly process of the hand-led tractor Fermer FM 1307 Pro-S in the video published below in the article.

Characteristics from Fermer FM 905 Pro-S are as follows:

  • Equipped with an opener and a universal holder for hinges, various devices can be connected to it thanks to this clutch, including a trolley;
  • Strong framework to support the main structure;
  • adjustable steering wheel;
  • Wings that protect the operator from it to get into the ground when the han d-led tractor moves;
  • recognizable design, hig h-quality design and painting of components;
  • Classic layout of engine, tank and transmission – top location, without cladding;
  • Connection elements and tools for assembly are included;
  • The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the devices (12 month guarantee).


operation and maintenance

In the scope of delivery of the han d-led tractor, an operating instructions are included – this document helps the user find out how the device is used correctly. Basic requirements: This is a regular oil change and hig h-quality fuel filling. Hig h-quality combustible materials ensure reliable operation of the most important unit of the han d-led tractor – the engine. Recommended gasoline AI 92 and 96. Recommended oil 15W-40, for the gear-TAD-17i, TAP-15V.

Minitor Kentavr T 220. Review, characteristics, instructions
Operation Fermer FM 905 Pro-S:
  • to maintain the quality of the outer coating after each use, clean the singl e-axle tractors with an air purifier or a dry rag of adhering dirt;
  • Make sure that the color on the surface does not replace, spread scratches to avoid corrosion;
  • Use the Farmer walk-behind tractor according to the instructions, take a technological break every hour of active work without turning off the engine (so that the engine cools down);
  • Change the engine oil after 50 hours and then every 100 hours.

Video review of work

The video shows the assembly process of a walk behind tractor

owner reviews

Andrei Ivanovich, Minsk:

“I bought a Farmer two-wheel tractor of this model because the price and quality are right. Yes, there are more expensive analogues, but in terms of functionality, this technique is quite suitable for a garden or a summer residence. And, of course, the price is quite bearable, you can afford it, especially if you get fed up from your location in winter. A tractor is certainly needed for large farms, the same walk-behind tractor will easily cope in a small garden. I use it with a plow, a cutter.

Maxim, Homel:

“The farmer is a good walk behind tractor, reliable, it has not let me down on the job.

Cons: It leans to the left when plowing, you have to steer it, it doesn’t go perfectly straight, maybe it’s just me until I figure out what’s wrong.

Pros: Powerful motor. The walk-behind tractor itself is universal, many attachments fit on it, eyes widen.

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