Motoblocks Fermer FM 1303 Pro-S. Review, characteristics, reviews

Motoblocks Fermer FM 1303 Pro-S. Review, characteristics, reviews of the owners

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This model is a representative of a strong professional class of motoblock. Weigh Fermer Fer FM 1303 Pro 150 kg. At the same time, it will not be difficult to master it, both an experienced farmer and a lover of a summer resident.

Motoblock Fermmer FM 1303 Pro-S

For improved metabolic traffic rivers, wide tires are equipped with a high profile. The petrol engine is 13 hp. Not only enables to process a surface, but also to transport heavy loads without any problems.

Technical characteristics

Engine type 4 clock, gasoline
Engine model H188F
Engine power 13 PS (9.6 kW)
Engine volume, cm3 389
The width of the border of the grinding, mm 850-1050
The depth of cultivation, mm 150-300
Cultivation speed m/min 6/12
Number of speeds 2 forward / 1 before 1
Type of transmission gear
Fuel tank, container, L 6
Gearbox, oil filling, L 1,9
Motor, oil filling, L 1,1
Pto There is
Wheel size 6.00-12
Fair diameter, mm 32 (hexagonal)
Collected dimensions, D x W X V, mm 1350 x 1020 x 1250
Net weight / kg 121

Functions of the application

The FMER FM 1303 Pro-S motorcycle lock is successfully used for medium-sized farmers with an area of ​​5 hectares or more. Thanks to a special cooling system, it is sufficient for it to bring a break every 2 hours after work within 10 minutes.

The width of the land extension can be adjusted from 85 to 110 cm.

The maximum plowing depth can reach 30 cm.


The steering rod FMER FM 1303 Pro-S can be set in height, which enables the most convenient treatment of the operator of every growth.

This farmer is a powerful petrol engine Hwasdan H188f.

A telescopic floor is installed at the front, with which you can easily carry out the repair work or set up the Motor note FER FM 1303 Pro-S.

User Guide

After the purchase, it is necessary to put together the device, since the farmer is sold in the factory configuration of the Walk behavior tractor in a disassembled state.

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In order not to have any problems with it, read the operating instructions. It clearly describes the sequence of the correct assembly, the rules of the first start, the execution and settings, technical properties, the main encryption and the possibility to solve them. In the event of a paper loss, we present an electronic version of the operating instructions.


The key to the long-term operation of the FMER FM 1303 Pro-S motor block is the proper maintenance of the device and carries out regular technical inspections.

  • The engine card is designed for 1.1 liters of oil. It is recommended to use 10W-40 or 15W-40, with the classification according to API via SF.
  • You can use Soviet Tad-17i oil or its more modern analogues with a viscosity of 80 or 85W-90 for the gearbox.
  • Petrol must be poured at least 92 stamps.

In the 12th section of the instructions for use, a list of preventive work and the frequency of their implementation is given.

The main problem after buying a walk tractor farmer is his meeting. How is it correctly presented in the video:


There are many reviews of this unit in the network. The owners emphasize its functionality and simple administration.


This motoblock was purchased last year. Since then he has done almost all the work in the garden. Loosen and plow perfectly. In addition, I bought the Cigns and the plow. Despite the fact that my land is clay, the farmer is without problems. It uses no petrol. The handles are made of plastic, but convenient, the engine start and stop button are located on the steering wheel. I also bought differences, thanks to which it became easier to unfold.

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Fermer FM 1303 Pro-S is a representative of the Fermer manufacturer of heavy engine blocks. The weight of this model is 150 kg, which allows you to grind the machine even on dense and clay.

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Motoblock Fermmer FM 1303 Pro-S

The power resource is enough for processing charts up to 10 hectares. Controlling the Walk behavior’s tractor is easy, the layout of the key nodes is classic. Access to the main resource elements of the device, thanks to this, is not a protective shell in the engine and fuel tank.

The FM 1303Pro farmer, which goes around the H188F petrol four-stroke engine, is installed, the power of which is 13 hp. With FerMer FM 1303 Pro-S you can do all the gardening and transport goods on small carts. The capacity of the fuel tank of the machine is 6 liters. The reducer oil crank contains 1.9 liters of oil, engine – 1.1 liters.

Appointment Fermer FM 1303 Pro-S

  • Plow;
  • loosening (cultivation);
  • Shipment;
  • collection of root plants;
  • planting root crops;
  • fertilizer distribution;
  • irrigation (when using a pump);
  • hilling;
  • Sowing cultures (for example, garlic with garlic cake).

Due to the significant weight, FerMer FM 1303Pro can work with both chernozem and clay soils. It is also used for plowing virgin land, alternating periods of continuous work with technological breaks (for engine cooling). This method of operation extends the life of the motor and allows the device to work for many years after the warranty has expired.

Motoblock Fermmer FM 1303 Pro-S

Technical characteristics

The FM 1303 Pro-S cultivator, like other representatives of the model class, has a regulated bottom width.

  • The dimensions range from 85 to 105 cm, with the depth of immersion of the tiller cutters during cultivating being 15-30 cm with a high speed range of 6 m/min. up to 12 m/min.
  • Working speeds of Walk behavior tractor builders 1303pro 3: two front, one rear.
  • The dimension of the wheels, as in most analogues from the lineup – the standard, 6.00-12.00.
  • The dimensions of the motoblock – 1350x1020x1250 mm.
  • Transmission.

Motoblock Fermmer FM 1303 Pro-S

features and device

  • It is equipped with cutter;
  • A special cooling system – you can quickly return to work after a tractor has worked for a walk for 2 hours without a break.
  • adjustable handlebar;
  • powerful four-stroke HWasdan H188F engine;
  • stability for stability;
  • Hard universal sexton boost for all types of rattles;
  • understandable instruction manual (in Russian);
  • 24 months warranty;
  • factory assembly;
  • Convenient layout of key units;
  • Easy and quick access to fuel tank and oil map.
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The device of the Bauer-Pro-S Farmer Pro-S Farmer is simple: the classic location of the engine and transmission with the fuel tank is in the upper part of the structure. With an elevated road clearance, you can also work on a floor formed by large pieces of land. The control handle includes a button for power and shifts.

The Fermer FM 1303Pro motblock is easy to control and during its operation is practically not the weight of the structure.

operation and maintenance

After buying Fer FM 1303 Pro-S, it must be assembled in accordance with the instructions. It is necessary to examine the instructions without failure. In this way you can use the device correctly. If you do not pour oil with low quality or less viscosity oil or less in the oil compartments than in the instructions – this can provoke the poor operation of the engine and its rapid wear.

  1. Recommended oils for the engine: 10W-40 and 15W-40 (every manufacturer).
  2. For the oil gear: TAD-17 and 85W-90.
  3. Fuel: gasoline 92 or 96.

In the basic configuration, the buyer not only receives the FM 1303 Pro-S cooling unit itself, but also the following components:

  • Rampart for grinding plants;
  • Soshnik with bracket;
  • Signs for fastening over the wheels;
  • Set of tools for assembly;
  • a number of brackets for the connecting parts (steering wheel, shields);
  • Warranty;
  • Manual.

Motoblock Fermmer FM 1303 Pro-S

Do not promise against the operating rules of Fermer FM 1303 Pro-S, namely:
  • Follow the maintenance of walking behavior;
  • Do not switch on the device without a complete assembly and fixed key parts.
  • Working in closed shoes, protective transparent points;
  • Use Berushi to reduce the negative effects of noise on the ear.
  • On the slope of the website more than 10 degrees is not recommended to use a tractor of walking (if they are used on the slopes, direct the car along the vertical to the deposit).
  • Do not smoke near a wal k-in tractor with flammable liquids (gasoline, oil);
  • Observe the conditions of the planned at that time and then of fuel fluids;
  • Use lubricant for moving parts.
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Fermer FM 1303 Pro-S Video Review

The following video shows the assembly of the Wal k-Fehind tractor 1303 and the cultivation farmer 903.

Reviews of the owners

If you are the owner of this model of the FM 1303Pro farmer, leave a review of the work of your equipment in the comments in this article.

Gennady Vasilievich, Kharkov:

“I bought Fermer FM 1303Pro last year to work in the garden. Lubrication and plowing – I bought for that. There are also cigns for a singl e-box plow.

Disadvantages: I want rubberized, no plastic handles.

Advantages: Comfortable location of the start button, normal gasoline consumption, good performance for the areas of smaller and medium. “

Andrey, Shostosta:

“In my area with toning floor, this model works without any problems! The FM 1303 Pro-S Farmer Walkover is really good. They control and feel strength, even dense soil for him. Advantages: Low costs, you can order on the Internet, you are available in almost all shops. Very simple control and broad functionality. A great car for the price! “

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